Thursday, November 23, 2006


giving thanks-x3

In America today, we give THANKS.

This year the day connected with traditions and abundance is truly mirrored by the stars.

The Moon is traveling through the sign Capricorn. That placement is very much associated with history. Old things. The past. What out lasts the current flavor of the month. Capricorn is also one of the parental symbols, as its ruling planet is Saturn- Father- or Father time if you prefer. It's the elder. Sometimes the Father of the family is Mother when one is born with Moon in Capricorn. Or it can be reversed and the Father figure takes on the Mother role.

Astrology is an art form because we can mix many colors out of the primary ones. ITS not at all black and white.

When the Moon is in Capricorn we tend to look back. We might look back at Mimma's ( a Southern term for Grandmother) handwritten recipe for stuffing. And as we prepare it we remember how it felt to be held by her long long ago. And how much time has changed things in the world, except that recipe for stuffing still works, and so by GOD we are having it again ! Capricorn energy is interested in the blue chip. What may not be flashy, but is QUALITY. What is tried and true matters this Thanks-GIVING.

We have movement in the sky that reflects the FLASHY if we are hankering for it. Today JUPITER moves into SAGITTARIUS. Its home sign- the shoes fit, and we can spend the next 12 months making sure we cover some ground with this placement. Sag likes to cover ground. But today is Thanks -GIVING day in America- so the ground we cover is likely to be all those dishes filled with delight on the dining room table.

Jupiter also represents the GURU. A guru isn't always a person. Guru is whoever/whatever leads us to the truth. Today happens to be my Guru's 81st birthday. How fitting it is that the day of thanks falls on the day of Jupiter's movement into Sag on my beloved teacher's birthday.


So I GIVE THANKS for those that have come before and secured the knowledge (sag) which is for all of mankind- "WE ARE ALL ONE"- and with four planets now in vast Sag energy - we can understand that if we want. We may even reach out and understand that as we consume some of our least favor foods- it all goes to the same place- the center, and so we blend a little of what we love ( desert) with a little of what we are trying to love- (doing dishes).

So while you enjoy your food- remember what feeds YOUR soul, and give THANKS.

That's the reason its called SOULFOOD.

Monday, November 06, 2006


the turning point

Many people have been asking me what the astrology looks like for election day. Will the Dems take back the house?

"A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks."

That's the sabian symbol for 7 ยบ Libra, the degree that Juno (marriage asteroid) is transiting. Its in the 11th house of the Sunrise chart for Washington on election day. The eleventh house rules the House and Senate.


What else does the Chart show? Duality and Deception, DECEPTION, DECEPTION. Does that mean Democrats cheat to win? No, that means that they will struggle to show deception has taken place. Not just in this election, but ever since Bush and his gang of thieves have been in office.

The moon is in Gemini, in the 8th house of corporations- and the hidden. Taxes, death, SEX, all that stuff you keep private in our society. That moon also shows the mood of our nation. The American people are likely sick of the money grabbers, sex scandals, corruption within corporations, and lies, lies, and more lies of the last six years. The last aspect that the moon makes is to PLUTO. It is an opposition. Remove the powers that be- change of guard.

The telling sabian symbol for Pluto is:

"A flag-bearer in a battle."

The bottom line for this election is the war. And things have not been going well, no matter how many times the emperor with no clothes on yells out how "we are making progress". Sure, if your goal is to destroy Iraq, you're close to the finish line, george.

But I am voting for another finish line- one that puts you out of power.

Looking at Saturn at the top of the election chart (10th house- commander in chief) and its relationship to the Pisces north node- an inconjunct aspect- an adjustment is in order. North node shows what we are striving for- and in this case we need reality (Saturn) and compassion (Pisces) instead of the fantasy bubble that bush has been living in.

Help bust him out of his bubble.


Friday, November 03, 2006


shag me pink and orange baby!

Never underestimate the fun Venus trine Uranus can be. EVER. In the back of my mind is the astrology- always working- painting pictures of how to best use the energy. Uranus is about the unexpected. The lightening bolt of creative genius, the zap of knowing. The instant love vibe I call it, when Venus joins Uranus on the dance floor. This pair will get A LOT of attention; Mostly smiles, sometimes disapprovingly from those that can no longer allow themselves to be outrageous.

I was outrageous today.

The flash of knowing came when I decided to cruise past my favorite vintage shop. I am in need of a new bigger purse. One that will actually close. As I turned the corner and glanced into the shop, there it was. INSTANT. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I couldn't park the car fast enough.

Once in the doorway, there was no doubt, THIS IS THE ONE.

I don't know how long it will last, I do tend to fall in love every other second, but something about that pink and orange shag thread- draped all over just made me giggle with delight. It looks like something out of an Austin Powers film. IT just makes you want to scream- "SHAG ME BABY!"

So I bought it on the spot.

Gone is my earth tone cloth buddha bag. Replaced by a 'rug-purse' that is style extraordinary. I am sure to get many raised eyebrows carrying on with such a bright and unconventional thing. But that's Venus and Uranus for you.

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