Thursday, November 23, 2006


giving thanks-x3

In America today, we give THANKS.

This year the day connected with traditions and abundance is truly mirrored by the stars.

The Moon is traveling through the sign Capricorn. That placement is very much associated with history. Old things. The past. What out lasts the current flavor of the month. Capricorn is also one of the parental symbols, as its ruling planet is Saturn- Father- or Father time if you prefer. It's the elder. Sometimes the Father of the family is Mother when one is born with Moon in Capricorn. Or it can be reversed and the Father figure takes on the Mother role.

Astrology is an art form because we can mix many colors out of the primary ones. ITS not at all black and white.

When the Moon is in Capricorn we tend to look back. We might look back at Mimma's ( a Southern term for Grandmother) handwritten recipe for stuffing. And as we prepare it we remember how it felt to be held by her long long ago. And how much time has changed things in the world, except that recipe for stuffing still works, and so by GOD we are having it again ! Capricorn energy is interested in the blue chip. What may not be flashy, but is QUALITY. What is tried and true matters this Thanks-GIVING.

We have movement in the sky that reflects the FLASHY if we are hankering for it. Today JUPITER moves into SAGITTARIUS. Its home sign- the shoes fit, and we can spend the next 12 months making sure we cover some ground with this placement. Sag likes to cover ground. But today is Thanks -GIVING day in America- so the ground we cover is likely to be all those dishes filled with delight on the dining room table.

Jupiter also represents the GURU. A guru isn't always a person. Guru is whoever/whatever leads us to the truth. Today happens to be my Guru's 81st birthday. How fitting it is that the day of thanks falls on the day of Jupiter's movement into Sag on my beloved teacher's birthday.


So I GIVE THANKS for those that have come before and secured the knowledge (sag) which is for all of mankind- "WE ARE ALL ONE"- and with four planets now in vast Sag energy - we can understand that if we want. We may even reach out and understand that as we consume some of our least favor foods- it all goes to the same place- the center, and so we blend a little of what we love ( desert) with a little of what we are trying to love- (doing dishes).

So while you enjoy your food- remember what feeds YOUR soul, and give THANKS.

That's the reason its called SOULFOOD.

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