Wednesday, April 05, 2017


shadow gazing

Saturn stations retrograde at 10:06 pm PDT tonight.

He'll be doing the back stroke for several months.

Time to 'shadow gaze'.

What does that mean?

Look at what gives you a sense of being, knowing that you exist no matter what. BUT what exist? What is hidden from your sight? The light has to be way way bright for you to actually see your shadow...your 'out line' that falls on the earth.  What 'outlines' do you create in the day to day that aren't always seen? What boundaries do you never let yourself go outside of, because you are unsure.... Are they helpful to you? Do these 'rules' guide you to keep a firm foundation in reality? Or do they hold you back because you fear the unknown or someone told you LONG ago- "don't go there"...."you can't go there, you aren't......(fill in the blank) ........enough".

Saturn is always about structure. Also it represents 'authority'..... the first 'authority' that we come under is usually our parents. Some people NEVER let go of trying to gain the parental approval....they can be 50, 60 even 90 and still be searching for that secure feeling that Mom and Pop have granted the seal of 'love via accomplishment.  Or in someway desperate for 'other's' stamp of "you're OK"...."you're accepted".... "you have arrived"....

  This takes some deep looking  INSIDE  your beliefs to uncover patterns that MAY be holding you back.  Even the desire to have NO BOUNDARIES can be a way of  seeking approval..."I will show them! I will break all the rules, and do it my way, and then they will see- I am right and worthy!".   Since Saturn rules structure- sometimes we rebel against it, to have our own defined rules and guidelines. That is a good thing- unless its just a hidden way of setting our self up for failure because of the hidden shadow - seeking the A+ -from others...and not from the SELF first.  Seeking to fail unconsciously, to prove them right, that hey, really I am not able to be Saturn (mature) after all.

When we KNOW THYSELF....deeply, we realize the only person we need to have the nod from, is the higher self. The rest of society may never 'get, or support you'.... but if you know you are following the path that YOU wish for all the rest melts away. Self determination leads in a very healthy way.

So- spend the next four months making choices that work for you- and your goals. To do that you have to sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself what those goals are. What you wish to achieve and what has held you back. IF that applies.

Its also- the time to review- teeth (care) bones (strengthen) posture....are you bending correctly at the knees when you pick up heavy items...... Saturn rules all these areas. What are you 'backbones' in life? (church, family, etc) you need to review your participation in these organizations, is it time to LEAD in some of them?

WHAT role do you wish for GOVERNMENT to play in your life? Are you HAPPY with your governments actions? IF not, well then- time to look at the Shadow!  Why don't you speak up for your rights?

You see where I am going. This is good use of Saturn in retrograde mode. Make the most of it.

We also have this month VENUS stationing DIRECT on April 15th!  She'll be at 27 Pisces in a tight square to Saturn retrograde....are you getting all the loving you want? IF not, time to move forward in love giving and figure out how to 'set that up'.... its not magical with this combo- it takes effort.

Creative enterprises will also demand more of you........with what seems little reward...but that will pass as Venus moves into Aries (again) and the instant attraction comes around on the merry go.... (April 28th). Venus will then stay in Aries until the first week of we have a chance to take these (projects, relationships, etc) to the next step.

Mercury also goes retrograde this month- for 3 weeks.. on April 9th- May 3rd.... at the degree of 5 Taurus..... where's the money disappearing to? How can I hide it? And should I dig out that idea for making money that I had oh, so long ago? (yes). Taurus is earth energy- so work with the earth!  Dig not into JUST  how to make money, but how to have your resources grow....take classes, get out and meet new contacts, research new avenues for not just money's sake but pleasure.....sign up for a wood carving class.........redo the cabinets in the kitchen or spend some time planning the over due remodel job on the house. Paint a new color to your life and YOUR abode.

Pluto  ALSO will be doing a backward move on April 20th.  Government will be going undercover.
Power is within.

On the 21st Mars enters the sign of the twins- Gemini. Gift of the gab will be everyone's great trait. During this period Mercury and Mars will be in whats called- Mutual Reception...what that means is the power of the WORD, and contracts become a major force to be reckoned with. WHO SAID WHAT and WHEN will matter...and the mighty pen is a sword until May 15th. The press is going to go crazy. Get out in nature and out of your head if you can. Things will speed up to a lightening level. If you are writing- this will be a very prolific period for you.

All of April is about making peace with the shadow, befriending it, and what fun shadow dancing can be by a campfire! Positive and Negative are needed for a wholistic view. Sometimes we have to dive into the darkness to see the light.

Photo image- death valley shadows c.2017 p mcphinney

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Fearful America in Crisis


where is the balance?  where is the Justice?  How will we manage?

Most of us in America, do not want to turn away the rest of the world in fear.  But that is exactly what is happening. FEAR is the one thing that is an inside job that must be controlled and held at bay, for anyone or any country to expand and grow. To grow in fear is to have cancer.  America has a very dangerous cancer growing.

Tonight the sitting president (from now on to be referred as tsp) will address the congress. This takes place at 9pm in Washington.  Here's the chart. 

I will give a layman's term with some astrology references.... Basic message will be: "No, one loves America more than me." (it always starts and ends with tsp).  The love of defense and guns, more power and being the biggest bully on the playground is what this message is all about. Its also about making sure everyone is fearful. Very fearful. From the unknown. From all those 'others' that want to cause us harm. The irony is, right now IN AMERICA, from within- we have a crisis in our Jewish communities being threaten by the extreme nut cases of the right wing. tsp isn't addressing that. Nor is he addressing the two hard working Indian engineers (who have worked and lived here for a decade)  who were gunned down last Wed, in Kansas by a white homegrown terrorist. tsp hasn't addressed or even mentioned that. Or offered condoles to one man's widow.  This is our cancer. Its within our own- homegrown- and being fueled by the lack of any counter from the tsp. Its shameful and alarming when its at the top. He will talk about jobs, jobs, jobs... it has yet to be seen if he has a concrete plan (other than the wall) of how jobs will come to Americans in need. Coal is promised, and since they just passed a law allowing coal companies to dump chemicals in streams, that might come, but at the cost of polluting our air and water. America is in Crisis to be sure.


We won't for a while. Mars (aggression/military/lets get this done!) is in Aries (my pov is the only pov) has just locked up with Uranus (sudden, explosive, and the brotherhood)... this lock happened on Oscar night  (hence the bomb-ending surprise) ... its being triggered (more fuel on the raging fire) by Jupiter ( law, study, how one relates and expands, other countries, cultures) in retrograde -in the sign of Libra...the balance is lost, hidden from view right now. It is only within that you will find it.  Laws being pushed through are creating more aggravation towards our country. A clear message being sent is- to come here- to USA- you must not be different from us, you must have the same faith, you must not be dark-skinned, you must not have ever traveled to any country we consider an enemy....(pretty much that list is growing to include the entire world outside of our borders).... its sends a message of intolerance for multi-multiculturalism that we were built its self-destructive. Wed, the day after the talk on why we need a zillion dollars for boarders, and weapons, to keep 'the bad guys out' ...the moon will trigger that Mars- Uranus opposition to Jupiter.  THIS IS MAJOR EARTHQUAKE ENERGY.

Earthquakes come in many forms.  They shake us up! Get ready for one big steamroller and fiery ride. The stage is being set for a battle, and if we allow tsp's rhetoric to go on unchecked we will draw (war)  to our  country. Because one of the laws of the Universe is- what you focus on- comes into being.

So, we must do the opposite...we must focus on unity, peace, faith in others' goodness. We must be united in peaceful warrior mode. To pretend that action won't be needed to counter the fear mongering is folly.

America's crisis- is growing deep. It is centered around greed, fear, and not EVER having 'enough'. It is 'us vs them' mentality.

Not all Americas feel this way. But that is the message being pushed from the WhiteHouse.  Venus will turn retrograde on March 4th- and stay in retrograde mode until  April 15th..... tax day in AMERICA!  Do you think its odd that tsp doesn't want the people who voted for him to know how much he is worth? We already know he never pays taxes (and is proud of it). But his worth? Um.... questionable.

While Venus is in retro mode we review what LOVE is. We review what brings us love. Sometimes we get involved in ill thought out partnerships- that 'seem' to be 'love' but turn out to be zapping our love, devoid of generosity, and not very caring. What's in it for me partnerships. I suggest that you attempt NEW ways of being loving- during this retrograde period. In fact we will see many a couple/business 'giving it a second chance' during this time frame. We also will see 'calling it quits' behind the scenes- later to be announced.  Some endings will be premature due to immaturity. This is not the time to let go of anything that has tremulous value to you. Give it space. Give yourself space. Learn to be loving to yourself. There are worse things than being alone! This is an excellent time to rework old art pieces...of any kind. Especially working in metal or any of the arts that use- fire...(blown glass, red pigment, torch work, etc).

How do we get back to center when there is a sinkhole there?

You go around it.

And this is what millions of Americans will be doing to keep the meaning of our statue of liberty alive. We will go around giving love, hope, and a welcomed feeling to all those that are being pushed and shoved aside as if they were ants with no purpose.

America's shadow of hate, and fear is not going to grow as long as we throw flashlight, sunlight, and inner divine light on it. It hasn't a chance against LOVE.  So keep the love in your heart flowing. Keep the activities up that give you a sense of belonging to humanity in its entirety and in a holistic way. Go out of your way to be kind to those that are different! Invite those of different faiths into your circle. Support one another by looking out for each other. Do not let anyone be BULLIED or threatened in your presence!

The press is not the enemy, a closed mind is. So read, share articles (fact ck them) support the independent papers as well as mainstream press. They are needed more than ever! When a country's leader attacks the free press, no good comes of it, for anyone! This is one of the steps in dictatorship. HISTORY has shown this time and again.

On March 9th- Mars moves into Taurus.  So how we spend and HOW we SAVE and invest- will be the focus. Look to NDPL to get a big push with help in cutting off investments towards the North Dakota Pipeline. That fight isn't over. Everyone needs clean water! 

Romance also will be in the air...(but remember Venus is retrograde!).... Plant flowers, food, and seeds of goodwill.

Let it be YOU and ME who brings balance back and Justice to the forefront by our everyday actions.

A crisis can be a good thing in the long run. It allows one (and a country) to do a checks and balance and get back to the basics. Do this in your own life. What is your priority? Where is your focus? Stay centered this month in what brings you to the heart- because if you cut off the blood circulation- you surely will die.

So let us LIVE!

Circulate- Celebrate-Come together... Jessie Colon Young sings it well........

Let's come together!

Monday, January 30, 2017



We rolled into the call for waking up with the Chinese New Year.  Not just at dawn, but FOR LIFE!  Time to WAKE UP!  The times call for it, and life is far more interesting with a broad perspective. When you "wake up" you find the ONENESS.  And that oneness is how you manage to keep the smile on your face.

HOW to wake up?  By looking inside, asking the 'why am I here' sort of questions, internal investigation, and divine's grace.

We need to be awake more  than ever. Especially in America.

Mars has just moved into Aries where it is very much at home. Mars is the warrior. Aries energy is straight forward- youthful- and all about ACTION- NOW.  So we are going to see lots of act first, think later energy out there from people who have not learned to harness the discipline element of Mars.  It is especially important to THINK before you act- not just how your actions create change for the now, but also the future. Aries doesn't like to think too much past the moment- but it is very important that you do. So plan out your action- contemplate possible 'reactions' to your action. Don't let your anger RULE you. This is very important- because when we act from passion/anger- we aren't clear headed....and w/o clarity you find foolishness. There is enough of that in the world - don't add to it.

This Mars energy is great for physical action that requires courage.  Metal work. And working out.

By the 3rd of Feb Venus will also be in Aries.  Love at first flame. (and it burns out quickly).

So much fire energy going on in Feb, that you'll need to cool off with deep breathing, good humor, and a bit of luck.

We enter into the ECLIPSE energy - now.  First a lunar one on the 10th, at 23 degree Leo.

I AM QUEEN HEAR ME ROAR....this has just begun. Heads of state will roll.  Leadership is going to change- and the female leaders are certainly going to be playing a chess game. All bets are off on how this flows...except- I will say- the woman's voice is going to get way louder. Statue of Liberty is pretty pissed off right now. Justice will be done, especially because Jupiter will support this eclipse- yet, by the time it comes around- Jupiter will be retrograde (on the 5th Jupiter reverses direction) and so a lot of balancing will be going on behind the scenes. ANY confirmations of a supreme justice for USA highest court will go through the ringer. Delay? You bet.

By the ends month- 26th Feb, we have the second eclipse- at 9 Pisces- conjunct Neptune.... perfect for the Oscars... but otherwise can make fuzzy thinking a major issue-because we just can't seem to get ALL THE FACTS.  Fake news will be an issue. Compassion needs to be front and center in your heart.

The next four weeks are going to be surreal.  Put on your special glasses and learn to breath deep.

And don't sit on your anger- ACT OUT! SPEAK OUT! WORK OUT! SHAKE IT UP BABY!

Don't expect for the political theater to end (in America) the show has just like I said- TIME TO WAKE UP!

 credit to the above image from a blog I found online-

c. Danger Dog Blog

Friday, December 30, 2016


0ne with the heart

It's the last blog of 2016!

I am writing this blog from a small village in India.

I've  just  flown clear across the Earth to spend time in mediation- in a temple that opens its gates to all~
no matter what faith, no matter what gender, no matter what race, no matter what country you come from- because we all come from the source, and return to the source at one point on this journey. And the teachings of this- is we are all one. We are all humans on a journey back to the source! In between it- we are either helping others along the way or we aren't. Be the former!

I've made this journey to study in a temple in India, many many times....and each time I return with greater understanding of what it means to be living a truthful and loving life. Its the simple things that build a great life.  Enough Food, Shelter, Health, and LOVE.

As  I sit in temple- while Mars (action) is in Pisces (the sign of the compassionate one) and is moving to hold hands with Neptune (our spiritual life) also in Pisces....I can't help but ponder the banner I see way high- the theme of this just past Christmas program (we celebrate Christmas here too! In a Hindu Temple that welcomes all).... LOVE= LIVING OUR VALUES EVERYDAY.

YES...! That is living in love!  And with Mars and Pisces conjunct Neptune- on the LAST day of the Year- (Dec 31st 2016) it is a perfect message-to take in. AND LIVE in the New Year! Instead of getting drunk on some kind of drink, how about getting drunk on BLISS! HOW? (and no hangover).

Live your truth. Find out what it is. Open your heart and listen to what brings you peace, what brings you joy, what helps you on this cobble road called life, with all its missing stones and turns and curves and sometimes broken steps. LIVE IN LOVE.

Everyone wants to be loved. What we put out there comes back to us ten fold- so live in love.

Uranus just stationed direct - on 29th of Dec.  This movement forward will create some good will as Uranus makes happy with Saturn- (structure) and Jupiter (expanding faith). Uranus has a quirky view - the goal is to be true to your difference song. If we were all the same the world would be a very boring place!  I am here to tell you- splash it up a bit- in your creative life and in your goals- even in how you approach love and faith.

As we reflect on the last 12 months- and oh what a year it has been.....let us ask- not just where we are going and what the future brings- but also - How have I grown in 2016?  What can I take with me into the New Year to make my life smoother? Have I helped to make someone's life easier? Have I lessened the suffering of anyone?

Saturn rules structures and limits. And as this planet does a dance with Uranus- we all have a chance to soften our rules a bit- and allow for some thinking  from the 'other'  person's perspective. This isn't always easy- but it is how we learn to get along.  We don't have to agree- but we can still be polite. Shake it up on a new level...try being friends with those that are stuck in the mud....(Saturn likes to keep things as they are- Uranus is VERY fond of the unexpected) by bringing to the table a new dish. Top it off with some traditional presentation- but make the dish inside fab different! Do the same with your may LOOK the same outside- but change the inside....see what happens! Change the reactions that dictate your life.

Jupiter is staring at Uranus - they are the see-saw right now... and that means luck and relating come by trying something NEW in relationships. Focus on friendship and how humor is a great tool ....laughter and friendship makes the heart smile....a good belly laugh will lift you out of the blues faster than a pill, and not with any side try to watch comedies  and or become one! We all need more smile time while on planet earth.

So- as I close out the last of 12 blogs done in 2016- I am left with the realization that happiness is a choice. The world is always going to have a cycle of up/down, good/bad, having/having not. This is the nature of duality. You can not know the joy of happiness without ever having experience sadness...but YOU CAN choose to make the most of your life by remembering that the love and happiness comes from within your own heart; so have a firm hold on how you love, what your values are, and living them each and everyday!


HAVE a SAFE and LOVE FILLED NEW YEAR'S EVE....and in 2017 all year!

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Fear not; get busy!

What to say?..... "She did win the popular vote"...... Repeat after me..."SHE DID WIN the popular vote, fear not..... get busy."

It has taken me a long while to write this blog.

To form a clear and useful blog without cuss words took about two weeks of meditation and some serious sleeping time. I was sleeping while I worked. I was sleeping while I ate. I have been sleep walking for the last two weeks. But now Neptune has stationed direct- (as of Sat. Nov 19th)  So... I too, much clear the fog in my vision. Wipe away the tears, and get busy.

Having yet ANOTHER old, white man as president wasn't how I saw the transiting Uranus sextile to America's natal moon play out.

Where is the 'new' in that?

Well, The T. (as I can only bare to write that much-)  as I will refer to him- hasn't got one ounce of experience in government- so I guess that is the big shocker of Uranus sextile our Moon.  But somehow- I think we've got something more in store.....

Shake up did happen- in Washington- and that is a good thing.  Shake up is going to happen with the Electoral College... THAT is clear... as Mercury the trickiest of them all turns retrograde the very day that the EC votes!!!!!  (Mercury retrograde- Dec 19th- Jan 8th).

Perhaps The T. won't get all the EC votes he thinks he has.  Maybe a shock of a shift happens.

Even  if it does, I don't see Secretary Hillary Clinton being sworn in.  There might be some back and forth- tug of words and votes.... another message sent to Washington- "End the EC".  A strong message is going to be sent.

Jupiter is in Libra.  That's justice.

Pluto is in Capricorn. That's Government.

They are going to be in an exact square to each other on Nov 25th.  And then twice more... in the Spring (March) and in Summer (Aug).    Finding a 'compromise' won't be easy.  Peaceful Protest will be raging for the entire year.

Big Daddy isn't going to save us. Neither is Big Momma. (Remember, that's why our founders left England!). Its our collective shadow that has drawn the T. to the oval office. IF we wish to grow as a country we have to check out that mirror. Ugly warts and all. This is how we grow. We will grow. It will be painful. To see the hate in our hearts... is to see our humanness, that must become divine the iron to gold. Lots of pounding out what is covering shining bright. We all have it- to some degree- no matter who you voted for.

The effort to listen (not to the haters) to the equal minded ones who wanted change is needed. How can we come together as a country?  I am not so sure we will. We might just continue to be a dysfunctional family that ignores the relatives you can't relate to. Meanwhile in order to survive we will have to sit at the dinner table together..... and have a bit of a food fight.

Bring in humor. (Jupiter loves to have a belly laugh).

The T. isn't going to be laughing much though. He's going to hate this job. His freedoms are going to be curbed big time.  Saturn is sitting on his Moon. RESTRICTIONS. This won't sit well with him. But he's learning the big lesson..."better be careful of what you ask for...."

I am not so sure he will be in office for the entire year- much less four.

There is a Total Solar Eclipse sitting on his Mars and Ascendant in Aug.  This is no small matter. Solar E's to the Asc. traditionally change your view- and your body's needs.  New view, new body. Heart issues? Back issues? Likely. Carrying the weight of the entire United States of America is not a reality TV show. But there will be ratings. Plus, its a 24/7 job.  There is no vacation- ever. Good thing he realizes he won't be having one.

 As early as mid Dec 2016 that point will be triggered.  RIGHT when the Electoral College votes!

Maybe they fire him before he is on the job.

Ok, maybe I am having a fantasy?

Let's move on....

Saturn will trine Uranus in Dec.on Christmas EVE as matter of fact! .... Saturn and Uranus flowing together is the patent of the new invention. Its Santa coming but not leaving 'the same old same old-STUFF' its leaving 'beliefs' and leaving you the vision of a future that gives hope and goodwill.

Its protection that gives freedom. Its commitment that doesn't squeeze the blood out of you. Its a combo of feeling secure and experimental at the same time. Its having best of both worlds. So harness some of that. Express yourself in new ways- with old traditions. Live the words GOODWILL TO ALL ring out. This is also -Grassroots power- !

Maybe if we can let go of "fear" we can make more room for peaceful change.  Make room for a movement that really says- "lets not waste food, especially by throwing it at each other, let's come together as a diverse and beautiful world...let's prove that there are more lovers in the world than haters".

We can start this now- this week of Thanksgiving in America. We don't have to wait for the Dec. Saturn trine Uranus. We can agree to disagree....and yet- still break bread together. They do it in Washington all the time.

Finding the philosopher's stone is the tone for the next few weeks. Don't fear what's hiding it. Don't fear what the T. will or won't do. WE are America. You and I. WE can hold up mirrors of love, compassion, kindness, helpfulness. The very opposite of the campaign to the WhiteHouse.  This is the campaign to our inner home.

THE OM HOME.  The Universal heart.

click here:


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ RUMI

Sunday, October 16, 2016


The family that LAUGHS together..has more fun

 Before I start writing about the next few weeks- (the last little bit before the Election in America!)  Go to the link below....

Venus moves into Sag~ 

 The air has been filled with lots of SERIOUSNESS. It will continue to be so. Especially, as Mars in Capricorn meets up with Pluto in Capricorn on the 19th of Oct.  That also happens to be the last of three debates between Secretary Clinton and Trump.  I tell you- I am sure someone is consulting an astrologer.

This combo of Mars conjunct Pluto- will prove to be the real boxing match.

So we all need some comic relief!  Hence the video.  But all fairness, we are in serious times. Yet, when push comes to shove, we will have the same supreme creator whoever is placing a hand on the bible and taking an oath in Jan 2017.  So try to lighten up a bit. Venus will enter into the sign of Sagittarius on the 18th of Oct, one minute past midnight- PDT.

Comedy is most certainly a Sag/ Jupiter affair.  And the love planet will be in that sign until Nov 11th.

Venus in sag will also have us look at the cost of education, foreign affairs, our ties to whatever we consider 'bigger than us' in terms of divine- or who is really running the show behind the curtain..... .. you didn't think YOU were did you?

This is a good question to ask yourself right now.  Who runs my life?  Me?  Divine?  Co creating with divine?  Where do you think your ideas come from? The vast universe of 'ideas' or from your heart? Does divine plant those ideas there and then see what you will show up and do with them? (or not). How open is my heart?

In essence while Venus is traveling through the open minded sign of fire- sag-  ASK.  and   YOU SHALL RECEIVE.  (an answer).

But keep your humor if you can.  Its way more useful than holding on to the tight castrol oil face/attitude.  And be willing to hear something you might not of THOUGHT keeps life way more interesting.

The goodwill that Venus can bring might actually be triggered after some GLOBAL event that is ushered in by the Mars conj. Pluto line up. (FOR SURE EARTHQUAKE ENERGY)  This is BIG ACTION- I kid you not. Its a cannon of sorts. Best used to BUILD SOMETHING that you wish to last- be a creative work, a house, a new government party. It also is classic 'coup' does wonder about Thailand's king just crossing- how things may be a bit unstable over there.

What can one do with people who want to start wars?  People who are ruthless about acquiring power at all cost............ again it boils down to - this-  not only WHO runs your life- but who runs your attitude about life?  Who is trying to 'run you over with their misuse of power'?   Find out- dig it out- and get rid of any bad habits and or bad associations that do you no good. My advice:  Hang with Happy.

When you are feeling down, confused, frustrated..... click on the link below:

Hang with HAPPY

Remember to think of what you DO have.

Happiness is an inside job, but this month, Venus in sag will give you the gift of discovering what helps you move toward the heart center via a belly laugh.

Wishing you much laughter.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


faith in divine AND tie up your camel!

A lot of common sense will go very far in the next four weeks!

The landscape is shifting and if you don't want to become confused, lost and down right like a spinning wind vane, then plant your feet FIRMLY on solid intention.

Promises will be made. It is very unlikely that they will stay in the form that they are uttered. Desperation can color the canvas a shade that later is deem "out of stock".

Over optimist attitude is a great feeling, but when the cookie crumbles makes sure you have the broom close by. All that sweetness isn't lost, its called a learning curve.  Jupiter just entered Libra (Sept 9th in the wee hours).... and if you are a sensitive type you might of felt a sugar rush. Its contagious and we all need some 'sugar in our bowl' (thank you Nina Simone!) ....  Here's a small interlude to get my point across if you are more the intellectual type and need it sung out: 

Sugar in my bowl

Jupiter in Libra WANTS THAT SUGAR! 

For the next 12 months we will be seeking to understand love. Lots of great pairings will happen. Love's door opens when your heart meets your head. Libra is an intellectual air sign. It has to 'look good' 'taste good'  have a little spunk to it, (opposite sign is Aries) and by all means flowers, chocolate, dream dates and CULTURE all will flourish. I personal believe that Hilary as Madame president will FUND the arts once again! We will see "Art" prices go up up up.  So invest in art. Local will do, not everyone can go bid at

But like anything in life- moderation must rule, otherwise we'll all become diabetics and the big pharm companies will make it expensive to right too much of a good thing.  Soooooooooo.....

the rule is - Balance ----  MODERATION.  Don't let your sensibilities go awol.

Today, Sept 10 2016 is the last pass of  Saturn sq to Neptune - there have been three- to date.

Nov 2015
June 2015
Sept 2016

First time the aspect was exact-  introducing to you a new concept of stable vs fluid, and or reality at odds with imagination. There can be a 'challenge' to bring your hopes/wishes/dreams to the plane of your 3D life.
So the first link asks- WHY? HOW? WHAT? (can I do).

Second pass- TEST YOU. How's that game plan going? Is it? Revisions needed? Frustrations abound!

Third pass- (now) - So where did you grow ? Have you managed to - get your project off the ground? Did you get more disciplined? Did you  LEARN something about your hopes wishes dreams? And what exactly has MEANING for you in the very long haul of your life? Is fame what you want? What do you think it will TAKE from you? (no one asks that).... Saturn in Sag is about the global duty on a higher how can you use your muscle to make life easier for those suffering? Its also represents LAND (Saturn) LEGAL RIGHTS (SAG).  Neptune in Pisces is about oil, race, water,  spirit of oneness, the music world........ 

What is in the news this last exact aspect? 

Indian Tribes defend Water Sacred land VS BIG OIL

As above so below.

We have to address the continual denial of the need for CLEAN WATER and GOOD SOIL to LIVE. 

As I read in some marvelous post- "you can't drink oil." "and you can't grow food on contaminated soil" .

Greed has taken over the world to such an extent that........we as human have lost our way. (well, SOME corporations and government has gone into the m.o. of  "all we need is MORE money").........

THIS will continue to be an issue even though the exact aspect is one last time today.

It ain't going away- this issue of -  oil vs land clean water,  race and police abuse, refugees that need a place to call home, Big Pharm being the biggest drug lord /peddler of them all,  legend rock stars leaving earth for astro plane nine.  These are the themes that were ushered in with Saturn square Neptune.

What's the common man to do?

Fight the good fight.  DO NOT SIT BACK AND LET SOMEONE ELSE DEAL WITH IT!!!!  Do your  part! Don't be lazy. If these issues of  how we are to be-as a global family- speak to you - then do something! Pick your cause~  there are so many areas that need healing and understanding now. And they will touch everyone at one point in their life. If you don't think so, then you have been asleep. Social activism is great seva.

Now, on to the final -line up- of the three eclipse that began in Aug 2016....

Sept 16th will bring a Lunar Eclipse at  24' Pisces 20" at 12:05 pm PDT.  (full moon with sunglasses on).

It will be visible from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

 Those countries will see big shifts in the next six months.

Here's some info for data junkies:

Lunar Eclipse of Sept 16 2016 25 degrees Pisces

What about ME?  you ask...........

Well, where the Pisces / Virgo axis falls in your chart- is the area that will bring some doors open/ doors close.  If you have planets around the 21-28 degree in Pisces, Sag, Virgo, or Gemini...(espcially personal ones- Sun-Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) well then.......get ready to rock and roll.

And repeat after me:  CHANGE IS A GOOD THING.

If your birthday is around this date:




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Mercury will continue to allow you to review, rewrite, clean out the closets, and fix all that car stuff until the 22nd of Sept. (or at least figure out how much its going to cost).

On Sept 26th Pluto stations direct. 

Look out.........the election just got insane...and wowowowowowow is big government using its weight.

For you?  - Full steam ahead on all that has meaning.

On Sept 27th Mars enters Capricorn. This is a match made in - "let's get this DONE" heaven.

Mars so loves to be in Capricorn. The wheels of action are fueled with purpose and integrity and just watch how amazingly easy it is to be productive. Focus is at an all time high...... until mars gets close to Jupiter (1st week in Oct)  and then OVER focus will be an issue.......we aren't all super athletics from Avalon,  so keep it real. Back room deals over the election will be happening about now.

So what's all this got to do with the Camel?  And God ?

We are all playing a role here on earth. Sometimes we get a bit carried away with our part and we think that its all about our tiny bit part  that appears to be a super bit part. We sometimes get so very excited with the openings that appear in life, that we throw away all common sense. "Oh, god will protect me"...... Yes, divine is looking out for your highest good. But like my guru told me - (and 5 million other people) "When the pick- pocketer prays to divine for help, divine must too answer his prayers."

And if you don't want to lose your camel, at least keep an eye on her!

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