Friday, October 05, 2018



Times are going to get stranger.

Venus in Scorpio turned retrograde this am. She's going inward for forty-days and Forty nights. When the love planet is in the passionate sign- that loves secrets, exotic times, and is very resourceful at finding the soul -we can have hope for Senator Collins who just sold out for money. She has time now to reflect on how she turned her back on Women.  Venus is retrograde- so the key word can be: BETRAYAL.  And the discovery of what you actually desire at all cost. And what it will cost you.

The #MeToo movement has just begun. It will go underground and gain strength. One thing that can't be dis-guarded is the women who will find their voice, and go to the polls, become a name on the ballot, and try to lift the energy of the miserable toxic male to a higher state of awareness. To lift humanity to remember that LOVE- DEEP REAL LOVE- is the destiny, not gold. Not lust. Not power. Sometimes you have to seek all those things to realize how empty they really are. They will never lead you to the path of oneness. Only more separation and more craving. Junk food is addictive.

Venus also rules resources. So during its retrograde be sure to guard yours. Discover what it is that truly has DEEP meaning for you. Be brave and touch on truths that give you steel-iron- strength. Face loss head on. Grieve full throttle, and know that this time in your life and in history will change like a stream to a river and make you stronger and taller than you ever thought possible.

Many people (not just women) are looking inward to their wounds to forge a tool of power. To become the maverick you were destined to become sometimes you have to dive into bottomless emotional waters to reclaim your essence. Sometimes it gets ugly and seems to have no light. But the light is there. Waiting for you. You will arrive.

Use this Venus in Scorpio energy to create something from the ashes. Scorpio isn't interested in shades of gray, so use the remains of your awakened but changed heart to manifest a distinct unmistakable statement. To carve a new authentic path.

Retrograde periods always bring elements from the PAST to the front door.  Look before you open. Secure your stance. Be prepared to dissolve from your old ways. Melt- down into a new you. This isn't easy, but can be trans-formative and give you a view/vision you never had before.

During this phase the markets will be a bit crazy. Prepare your psyche. Tune in to your ALL-KNOWING-SELF. Its inside.

Venus will be in Scorpio until  Noon on  HALLOWEEN.   That day she's re-enters back to Libra.  She will remain in Libra until Dec 2nd.  So during the Libra phase it will be a bit lighter in energy. More intellectual towards love and values.  Costumes will be both dark, and Cinderella, depending on which energy (Scorpio or Libra) you link with....or for fun combine them both!

Nov 16th the she planet will turn Direct.  All plans get the green light now.

We are going to see some very strong female energy in the next three months. Like never before. It will be a force to be reckoned with.  Words will not satisfy- only ACTIONS.

This is a challenging time for the rights of women. But I have no doubt who will be standing (and sitting) at the end of it all.  And any seat confirmations that occur now -will be subject to upheaval in the future.  Better eat fast if you sit at a unwelcome dinner table- because you will be ousted the second your bad table manners show.

Venus is also in a tense relationship with Mars in Aquarius all of October. Men and Women will have grave difficulty seeing eye to eye. This aspect stokes the "passion" and attractions will be based on lust and also dislike. Taming of the Shrewd comes to mind. But she won't be tamed.  It is odd how you can feel disdain and sexual attraction at the same time- but you can. War in the bedrooms will be sometime "play-acting" other times- real.

Its interesting that as this aspect perfects- this is playing out in all over our world. What is horse-play vs rape?  When is it not a game anymore but an intrusion? The seat conformation of Kavanaugh is completely mirroring this aspect. 100 percent! Venus in Scorpio is VASTLY stronger than Mars in Aquarius. You can come to your own conclusions how this chess game will end.

On the 8th there is a New Moon at 16 Libra. Try to make some harmony in your world. Team up with like-minded souls. Spend time in joy. See where you do agree and focus on that. Its far to easy right now to just see differences. Seek out the win-win situations in your world.

On the 9th Mercury stalks into Scorpio. Sherlock is on it.

Jupiter is in Scorpio for just one more month. Scorpios you must SEIZE the moment! It will not return for twelve years! What way do you wish to relate differently? What shore do you need to swim to now? Get busy plotting towards it- time is flying! Invest in yourself-in your higher self.

There is no mountain that can't be climbed when you have one pointed focus.

As the truth of - "wherever you go, there you are" rings out, determine for yourself to reach the highest view possible!

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Life as Roses

Somehow, it's the end of August already! Summer has sped past so fast, I didn't even notice that I missed posting in July. Perhaps it was the three eclipses tying up my energy. July and early August were choked full of needed change, creative surplus, and redefining goals. I hope that the last two months have been fruitful.

The eclipse season has passed, but its never over! Those three eclipses- (20 degrees Cancer-solar, 5 degrees Aquarius-lunar, and 19 degrees Leo- Solar) will be activated at various times throughout the year, bringing to you change, if they triggered your birth map. They will continue to affect the USA in varied of ways, mainly our leadership and issues of housing and food supplies that aren't contaminated with pesticides. Continue to shore up your family relations (not always birth!), and make choices that give you security. Flourish your every day with some playtime, and explore your creative energy. Be kind to yourself and others. We are all children of the source. The sun gives to all (if you live in southern California all year!).

So, here we are on the day of a GRAND TRINE IN EARTH! The energy is practical and innovative at the same time. Even though the aspect is exact today, you can use this steadfast plow for the rest of the summer season. The time is RIPE for planting a new garden, one that can produce a sweet scent, have longevity, AND be a bit experimental to you. Strengthen your resume with some new elements. Walk down an unknown path and see what you discover along the way. Feed not just your body, but your soul too. Make decisions that support improvements in your life. The Sun in Virgo wants to make you the best you can be, and will shine a light on the areas that can be worked on now. So wherever Virgo is in your chart,  focus on that house and the opposing one.

On the 26th we have a full moon in Pisces at 4 degrees. This is a time to balance both reality and imagination. Don't stay in a fantasy world  and especially if none of the dreams are coming true! It is time to be honest with yourself about "wishful thinking". Yes, its true that every single thought must find a target, but make sure the aim is in your eyesight at best, and even possible at least. Use the full moon to rid  blocks in the way of your desires and dreams. If you want to paint, and you don't have access to paint supplies, then how do you expect to get your work in a gallery? That is what I am talking about, don't keep empty dreams. Learn to work with what is at hand and manifest bit by bit. Why is it that everyone thinks they will "sell the screenplay for millions" but they never try to just put on a production at the local community theatre first? Grand is only great when the steps are solid. Build those steps!

And the cosmos will help you concentrate on what actions come first for you- starting on the 27th. The planet that rules how we go about getting things done, (Mars) will station direct on that date. It will march forward in Capricorn, and soon re-enter Aquarius. The months it has been retrograde have given much space for contemplation of where and what you need to progress in life. Often a stroll down memory lane helps us understand who we once were, and what we NOW want to be.

As Mars moves direct it will square Venus (on the 8th of Sept) and mismatched desires could take place within partnerships and also in the area of authoritarian people in your life. Venus wants harmony, and often at all costs, but the asking price might be a bit too much on this day! Boxing match could take place and the odds are on either winning! Both Venus in Libra, and Mars in Capricorn are super strong placements.... If you have to do battle, come prepared.

A few days before (on the 6th) Saturn will station direct and having a full force understanding of "the laws" (universal or legal) will give you an advantage. Those that think that they can sneak around them will be sorely disappointed. It is always better to take the high road and play fair, because at one point dishonesty or covert behavior WILL be found out. That's a given with Saturn in Capricorn.

There is a lovey and refreshing New Moon on the 9th in Virgo  at 17 degrees, which is all powerful because of its relationship to both Jupiter (where CAN I travel now?) and Pluto (how transformed I have become!). It favors you truly embracing a stronger, broader, and STABLE path. This is a time when the vision can clearly be seen and the drive is there to structure your life in a way that until now hasn't seen the light of day.  This is the start of my life as "a bed of roses" can seem in reach!

Maybe you've been struggling with something and the solution finally presents itself. Or perhaps the support system is in place and your skills are ready to be put to test. One thing can lead to another and so I say do not be shy, extend your fences, even knock them down!

On the 9th Venus will enter mysterious Scorpio, so be adventurous in love. This year Venus will go retrograde in Scorpio in October, so love's going to take a tantalizing ride if you allow it. Venus in Scorpio is always ready to go where  no angels tread......and certainly she's not one for dual love, (casual) so make your intentions CLEAR at this start of any new 'relations'. This is also an excellent time to do research.  Let's hope it's not hiring a private detective kind!

Yes, life can be a bed of roses, just make sure the thorns are gone before you lay down.

Friday, June 22, 2018


Unraveling America

Seems as if life in America is unraveling.  We are now in Summer, and the lazy carefree days of this season do not quite fit that description. We just entered the zodiac sign Cancer for the next month. The benefits of cancer energy are a more caring country. Currently, babies and young children are being held in prisons in the hot desert of Texas. What crime did they commit? They came with their parents to pursue a better life.  Having escaped one horror to find another. Seeking asylum is not a crime in this country unless you are uneducated about our constitution.  The sitting president is. I doubt if he has ever even read it.

So, as our country's leader insults our allies, makes friends with a murderous dictator,  attempts to start a trade war, makes his main goal profiteering from his position in office, leaves the UN human rights council, the unraveling of how we are viewed by the world is seen everywhere and felt everywhere. What on earth is going on?

Astrologically, we are in a tense Venus opposition to Mars and the nodes are involved. The nodes are not planets, they are points that show the crossroads in the sky. The North node shows what we are to reach for. The south node shows the past. The north node is in the same sign as Venus, the south node the same as Mars.  So 'acting out' as we always have with force is happening. Only this time it is being met with HUGE resistance. America is also in her Nodal RETURN. This sets the tone for the next 18.5 years of how we need to grow in leadership.


We, as a country, have an opportunity to outgrow bad habits. To replace fear with trust. Action is manifested in the chart by Mars. It shows 'how' we go about getting things done. Mars is currently in Aquarius and will be all summer long. It turns retrograde on the 26th of June until  Aug. Time to  'redo' our ways of keeping safe, getting a job done, expressing our strengths, and showing our 'yang' side. We can do it in a more compassionate, brotherly love way. Both personally and as a country. The current climate isn't going to change unless hearts change. You can not force people to care, but you can through outreach, bring people in touch with other cultures, other races so that they learn like little children- that we are all human- all loved by divine.

There is nothing "CHRISTIAN" about keeping babies in camps.

This is a distortion of Neptune. Neptune is also retrograde- so do a check up on how you are walking your  talk. Look for spots of denial. Are you acting out of truth or fear, or even FEAR OF THE TRUTH. There is a lot of screaming about 'fake news'....but I see a lot of  denial about what is happening. Its looking like Germany 1930 in America 2018.

This is the time to really look in the mirror and see what you support. And get active with grassroots groups and the collective energy to stop this downward spiral before its too late.

Yes, AMERICA is divided. Pick up the threads and make a blanket of comfort.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Basketball in the Lemon tree

Been feeling a bit on edge?  You are not alone. Things not quite landing where you intended them? You are not alone. Not sure which direction to go in?  Hold tight, soon the path will be lit up in techno color Dali style. Symbolism will take on new meanings. Color never looked so wild and abstract art makes a comeback....why?

We are on the verge of Uranus, the way shower, flying into the sign of Taurus for the first time in eighty-four years!  This will take place on the 15th of May, @ 8:16:40 AM PDT.  Uranus entering the Bull sign, will mean that bitcoin is here for much longer than you think because Taurus rules money, and Uranus is 'different' so a new currency entering into our system is appropriate. Taurus also reigns over art, and what sells will be changing. Taurus by its nature is a conservative sign. A loyal sign, that doesn't particularly embrace change. Uranus is never sitting still, so change is its M.O. and the more outside the box the better. Travel on new paths, new airways says Uranus. So when the conservative sign enters a non-conformist planet, things get out there but with structures intact.  For example, you get married, but don't live in the same house. Make traditional art but sell it online. Plant a garden of exotic shapes and colors. Date someone vastly different from you.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus, Hitler was coming to power. Take note. Take a stand against even the most remote vibration of this! Speak out now while you can. Yes, history can repeat itself, lets make sure it doesn't.

Uranus rules 'freedom' and it will be redefined in the next seven years. It also rules earthquakes, and Taurus is an earth sign- the earth will move and shake a lot in the next few months, and up to seven years when the hard aspects come up. We have one coming up right as it enters Taurus.....on the 16th of May, Mars will square Uranus!  This week of May 14th is loaded with energy to change your world. Mars and Uranus square off- as tensions build with Iran.  Not a good thing. The placement of Mars is in Aquarius, in of itself indicates quakes can increase when it squares the earthquake planet the odds build. There are many many ways that a 'quake' can enter your world. This is the vibe I am speaking of that gives us a pent-up feeling that change is coming but we aren't sure which direction it's going to come from. Bolt yourself down to what grounds you. Working with the earth - is a good thing to do now. Back up your computer and techno devices. Cyber war fare is as real as gun fire. Banking will be especially prone to scams and cyber attacks while Uranus is in Taurus. In Nov. we will get another blast of Uranus in Aries (during the retrograde phase). This will last until Spring of 2019. Then Uranus will once again enter the sign of Taurus. People born with Taurus at the early degrees of 0-3 will have a preview of just how changing life can be! A dress rehearsal of sorts.

Friendship in love is favored. Take your time. Real doesn't have to rush, yet, plenty people will. I'd spend much time in the garden and wait and see if the seeds are really going to germinate into flowers. Share meals. Gourmet. Go to the Opera. See Art. Share cultural events together. Give it time to turn to sparkle that has no burnout.

Things might not land where you think they were, or should. Maybe that's ok. Blessings come in strange designs if you open your mind.

There is a new moon on the 15th and its at 25 Taurus. Another layer of let's start new and let it be real. This new moon is trine (easy support) to Pluto. The deeper you dig, the longer the roots and a long life is promised. It's more important to do something slow, and with quality now.

On May 25th a wondrous trine between expanded Jupiter and dreamy Neptune in the water signs. This is surely magical thinking. Make music, write poetry, create anything that brings you to the zone of peace and upliftment. Jupiter is in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces so you could find comfort in 'the art of the masters'- so visit your local museum and throw some money at them in support. This combo also is about prayer, meditation, and positive belief. So do some of that too!

The ARTS stay alive as long as we support them and make it know that they hold a high place in our values. Life without color, music, film, dance, etc would be dreary. So get about and take a class or just get your body moving to the higher realms of consciousness. The world needs this now.

Please take note of the photo above and be forewarned about the folly and fun of landing where you thought you wouldn't.

Sunday, April 01, 2018


Cosmic Eyes

Venus has entered Taurus!  She loves being there. Such a way with expressing love she has in this sign.  The earth mother really comes out in all of us if we allow it to. Taurus likes the finer things in life, such as silk, comforts of good RICH foods, and fab art, and a golden voice. So we can invite into our lives, a bit of pleasure in the joys of indulgence for a few weeks.

Affection, blowing kisses, and romantic love; the eyes will be looking for it!  Venus lined up with Uranus on the 28th of March, and that is a love at first bite aspect. The climate is ripe for sudden falling in to smittenville.......That line up happened in the last degrees of Aries...and the new moon on April 15th will be at that same degree! This means a promise to research further ~love possibilities.

But it's not limited to love, Venus and Uranus together throw open the door of "out there" and progressive creative energy. Even though the aspect happened the last week in March, the New Moon in April is the trigger date. So pay attention to what comes to you mid- April. Don't fret about taxes - as at least Mercury will be direct by their due date!  The messenger turns direct on the 15th too! (taxes are due by the 17th - I'd wait until the 17th!)

Other exciting news in April is that on the 2nd, Mars in Capricorn will lock up with Saturn! NO SMALL DEAL.  Heels get dug in.  Saturn rules - RULES, and Mars just runs over everything in its way, so some rebel energy is happening in America.  By the 22nd Mars will be hanging with Pluto. I'd like to keep it positive- but Mars and Pluto usually mean - WAR.  Let's hope that some of the higher vibrations are manifested - and the war is done within the self, digging out the bad stuff - such as power trips, and ego over load.

Saturn turns retrograde on April 17th- so we will likely see the General (Kelly) leave Washington. As a matter of fact, there might not be anyone left there by the end of the month!  Or at least the shake up will continue. More drama.

We have a blend of  Aries and Earth energy for most of April- that is good for building a fire that keeps you warm.  Best way to do that is to ground yourself in reality.  What is the truth about your life right now that you are happy with?  Add to that. Look around and find the goodness that is there. Plant a garden. Go out in nature and listen to the birds. Sometimes the simple things in life are forgotten and they are really what helps us through strange unbalanced times.

You have to train the mind to find the inner light. This light only is noticed in silence. So give yourself the gift of LISTENING to the inner voice, then, you will manage no matter what the astrological weather is. This inner voice is sometimes called the "cosmic eye". It's seeing what isn't seen with the iris. Its the eye between your brows, that is the REAL seeing. Times like we are in, require that you see with this eye. Its the all knowing energy that makes the life full and happy in spite of troubles. WE all have karma to pay off, but by triggering open your cosmic eye- you'll find where the green lights are and fly forward!

Meditation is a great form to develop the inner eye. So is any discipline that requires undiluted focus.  Spend some time researching this for yourself while Mercury is still retrograde. Discover for  yourself if it is true or not.

Mid- Month when Mercury turns direct, all systems will be saying- GO!  NOW!.... and it will be time to certainly experiment with new path, new ways of seeing, and a make over for yourself.

So, look around and find the joy, look inside and find your wisdom. Look everywhere !  Leave no sight unseen or untried this month. Its a month that screams- EXPLORE!  But do so with firm footing.

Be like the child that is forever curious.

 The Universe awaits your searching.  All eyes are on you!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Pisces - finding the waterfall of peace

Pisces. Water. LOTS of water. Mystical knowledge, that which can't be seen or really spoken about, but is felt. Divine voice of a whisper, that engulfs the soul, where you feel only oneness.

That is one aspect of Pisces energy. It is offered to all, and many THINK they have found it- in drink or mind altering drugs....but the true waterfall of peace comes via grace and you have to be very aware to open the door in your super mind (beyond the chatty mind-the no thought space) to allow it in.  It doesn't give a calling card, or notice when it will arrive. One second it is not there, and then, it is, and once you've tasted it, nothing- NOTHING is as blissful.  It can arrive in odd ways...and for me the experience of a "waterfall of peace" came in an ashram in Southern India, and it was sheer grace. I will never forget the washing of oneness that came without even asking. It is like none other. It is not attached to anyone, or anything, it is our true nature.

This man speaks of it:

His talk reminded me of my own "waterfall of peace"...... I wish everyone to know this feeling of divine freedom and pure joy.

Right now we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chrion and Neptune all hanging out in Pisces. Seems like a good time to write about divine bliss. It can visit when you get real close to your very self, and listen to that higher voice. Sometimes it descends upon you~ because divine does what it wants!

The world is in much need of healing now.  And what better way, than to fly within to your center of being and connect to the divine freedom of gliding ....... in music, art, dance, or on the ocean, or climbing a mountain, or staring at a colorful fireplace keeping you warm inside and out. Each and every time we invest in getting quiet with the self, and have a dialogue with our best friend, that never leaves- (YOU) then when you have that kind of relationship with yourself, you can make space for choices that lead to the path of peace.

America needs some rest, peace and comfort.  We are in the middle of a learning curve, and many will not get or join the shift. But if you wish to graduate beyond school shootings, forever shopping, and closed minds...Pisces is calling you....... get centered, and make a pack to discover what will take you to the waterfall of peace. I know one thing, sometimes you can't really say what will bring it or when, but you can check off what ISN'T inviting it and eliminating that from your life.  That is a good starting point. In India we say- "Neti, Neti".... (not this, not this).

Another great thing Pisces is about- is compassion.

So- if you feel inclined- you can send a card to Stoneman Douglas High School, and support our brave teenagers, and teachers, who have been through a war zone.

Ms. Wolk-Rogers
Stoneman Douglas High School
5901 Pine Island Road
Parkland, Fla. 33076

I am sorry to say, that it looks like the battle of the AR-15 is going to continue, deep into Summer.

Mars rules guns, and this year, Mars goes retrograde this summer for several months. The retrograde period will begin in June-26- @ 9 degrees Aquarius. It will last until late August @ 28 Capricorn.
Retrograde means REVIEW.

America's women are going to be a force to be reckoned with. I mentioned this in the last blog.

The gun laws will change, but the heart has to change too. A country that loves a killing machine more than its citizens is in deep trouble. Hence, the best thing you can do-for yourself and your country, is reach that place inside that speaks to you of peace, and share it.

May Peace be upon you.

photo credit: parker mcphinney ©2017

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


LOVE and Eclipse Season

Credit were credit is due: Artwork: Tessla Queen.

Leo Full Moon- which happens to be a Total Lunar Eclipse and wow wow wow, bloody red, if you saw it in the early wee hours this am on the west coast.  I didn't ... it woke me, at the hour of bird song, but I only managed to look half -hearted for it out the front door (instead of the back, where it'd be).... and then returned to the warmth of my covers. Said my internal prayers and found it within.

That's what we have to do, now that its over..........(its never over~ just not 'seen').... we have to gather its juice promised, and forge forward with this pumping blood heart of our own.

Eclipses stir the pot.  They conjure up dreams and hope and wishes, and they release worn out stuff. Or they 'allow' for the release to happen. You can hang on to a thought, idea, person, place, job, etc. until your dying day, but the eclipse's job is to help you see where you've out worn your stay...when they are total lunar ones.  They speak the language of - 'what's new?'  'what have outgrown?'  'where do you need to move forward?' and most important- "WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?"........Full moons by nature always ask that we let go of something. Some 'light' is shed on what we didn't 'see' before. Now, its in clear we can decide. You see, the planets and lights- don't make things happen, PEOPLE do. But they can give details, and shower you with a feeling that maybe it is time to ACT. They encourage you to look in places you've ignore. They help you to see what needs to go to make space for what might have more meaning to you now. Or where an adjustment needs to take place in your behavior. Sometimes, its just a tiny seed that you see. You have to water it, feed it, tend to it, and watch it grow into a bountiful tree or flower giving off  a food or scent. other times for various reasons, it doesn't take root. You still have the effort you made as a learning experience, that can be added to your resume and lead you down another path. Nothing the universe gives us is in vain, and all is very complex if you desire to dig deep enough; ECLIPSES INCLUDED.

Every eclipse is followed by another one... full moon (lunar) is followed by new moon (solar). This year we have FIVE. In the Summer we will have a series of three. Solar, lunar, Solar.

Today, we are just going to explore the two that right upon us.

This Total Lunar Eclipse fell on the degree of 12 Leo. Where this falls in your birth chart holds key to where you can expand and contradict. The axis of Leo/Aquarius is one in which the ME vs Humanity is at play. What is your role in the entire play of the big production that is called- "your life"~?

How involved are you in your staring role? Have you given much thought to it? Or do you lazily go about your job, not much interested in how it effects the other players? You see, this is a give and take sort of combo. Aquarius is very much about the social masses and Leo is about- well- ME.  But without the masses - there is no paying attention to ME!  The audience is a needed part of the production. Ignore it at your peril.

 Soooooo, do you play to the audience, or do you try to win it over, or do you just go solo and sing in the shower? How much of you do you give to the we?  Its never going to be a 50/50 thing. That's in  some book or 1950's movie, but it's not in real world relationships.

 Sometimes you give 60 sometimes you get 80. Its always changing. What the eclipse needs from you - is review and reassessment. Adjustment to the relationships that help make up your life. All of them. The most important one is how you relate to you. Every one that follows, will be a mirror of that.

Of course, everyone is born with certain karma's that will and must be met. Karma is not good or bad. Its your attitude that makes it so. But no one likes to struggle, and the universe wants you to be the best you can be- TO BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE.

  So along comes the eclipses to push you a bit further, and have you reach for that which is slightly out of reach!  And if you make the effort, it rewards you. The reward that it is best known for is- "SELF-CONFIDENCE"... and then we get into the realm of Aquarius...which is what to do when you've grown-?  One option is helping others grow! So we all end up growing !!!!  It doesn't matter what you grow, but whatever it is, do it with heart.

This is the point of relationship. To help each other grow.

LOVE= learning to expand and giving space for others to do so.

Friendship is a main quality of Aquarius. I've always felt that the best relationships must have a component of friendship in them to have a long shelf life. This includes nations.

The Leo lunar eclipse has Venus right next to the Sun. So love is playing a huge role in how we shine these days. The ties that do not have the thread of love pulsing through will not flourish. And change they will and must.  This could be going to a job you hate, and finally, saying -not going to to this one day more! Or it could be waking up to what humanity needs and volunteering to help achieve that goal. The main factor is what has heart for us in the day in day out of our lives. Where is the love in your life? How to GIVE more to that! (did you notice I did not say- how to GET).  The Leo energy wants the love, but the love will come by giving.

In 1999 we had an eclipse in this exact degree.  Reflect back on that time period, what revelations you came to then, and if they still have value to you now. Can you build on something? Is a next stage appropriate? Did a cautionary tale happen back then? Did you learn ? Don't repeat a bad situation- change it. If a cross road is about to happen, use the time to make a healthy choice.

In two weeks we will have a Solar Eclipse at 27 Aquarius. The 15th of February. Day after Valentine's day. Ummmmm.... love day.

Is it over?  Has it just begun?

Perhaps its in a new phase and is thirty years strong!

The Solar Eclipse falls on America's Moon- EXACTLY.

The "female" is rising to a new level of opportunity. Do not even think to standing in her way, as to do so, is to stand in your own way. As she grows, you grow. Everyone has a female side, even the males in our world. Yin and Yang are interwoven. To deny one or the other is to not embrace wholeness. We are stronger as a community, as a world, when we share both.

Solar Eclipse is -  A NEW MOON.... what needs to begin ? How can I invite ALL into my circle? What groups do I wish to join ? What group do I wish to START?????

As of late-  we have seen much - 'us vs them'.... there is no room for that. And it will be dissolving. You can either come aboard the mighty ship of humanity, or you can sing solo on a wooden plank in the middle of the ocean- ALONE.  I think the party of all is where its at. And within the new group- there will always arise a leader..... and we start the process all over again, but with a new view, one of:

Individuality AND Humanity.

With them both- if you seek to share/find love, you have found the humanity in the individual, and the individual has love for humanity.

Then the world heart is pumping love.

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