Saturday, April 04, 2015


its a circus out there!~ have a twirl

Today is the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE!  The degree is 15 Libra. (rounded off).....its ALL about compromise- and sharing with others the joy of life, while also being true to yourself. We need each other. Its said that Divine separated from himself (created man/woman) in order to experience himself. We are mirrors for each other- when we 'feel' in love.......we are literally loving ourselves. The mirror of 'other' is most helpful to go deep. Without it, yes, you can love yourself- but you will have a very different growth experience. Not everyone is meant to have a domestic partner- but we all need other people in our lives! There are lots and lots of ways that we 'partner'........ life is meant to be a shared event.

This eclipse is also about the JOY of shared love. Libra is ruled by Venus. And currently Venus is in TAURUS- who just loves to love! (I hear Donna Summer's singing in the background- 'Love to love you Baby!).......... Funny thing about Lunar Eclipses is- that they are full moons- shedding light, except there are sun glasses on, defusing that light a bit. Maybe even BLOCKING what you don't really wish to see.

 What's gotten out of balance in your partnerships? Where are you feeling more like you are just rowing the boat by yourself and your 'other' is enjoying but not fully "there"?  Maybe you have a nice balance going on and you are able to share the give and take- then this eclipse will deepen the love! Otherwise, there will be some adjustments that must be made (compromises) or maybe even time to face up to the mirror and see you do not see/feel the love- and how you must let go and cut some ties in order to experience joint partnership with some marvelous being waiting for you to cross their path. Maybe your business partner has gone and spent all the reserve, maybe you realize that your partnership at work is about being taken for granted, and you need to speak up.  Partnerships of EVERY KIND can change very FAST during an eclipse period.........up to six months we will see re-arrangements happening.

What we mustn' do - is sit on needs. Everyone has a need that sometimes doesn't get met. I'm not talking about that- Eclipses have us do a LONG OVER the long overview- what is going on with you and everyone else that makes up your life? How can you find the path to joint needs being met? The world would be very boring if we were all 'the same'.......this is an excellent time to do a course correction in the direction that your life is going and how you 'relate' (or don't) to ALL the areas of your life that have felt STUCK.

Life IS a circus. WATCH the show! It can be funny and filled with humor if we search for the humor! Jupiter is the planet in charge of helping us laugh~~ and Jupiter is moving in forward direction on April 8th! Do I hear an "AMEN".......SAY IT.....LOUDER!  Jupiter will help us see the blessings we have........the biggest blessing is - that when we find ourselves at an uncomfortable cross road (as March was a humdinger of a month!) that we can count at least ONE or TWO things that have graced our difficult time. Maybe we developed a greater understanding of the troubles that others have, when we go through a rough patch ourselves......You lose your job, then suddenly you have a great insight that - well, yes, that's gone- but........hey I can learn to grow my own food! Or- losing your job puts you on a new path you wouldn't of considered without being pushed.  I do suggest seeing lots of comedies while we get through this period of major shifts- that MANY are feeling.

Jupiter also makes a great tie with the Lunar Eclipse today. Its really is about JOYFUL OPEN HEART. Jupiter is currently in Leo- and that is very much about the heart. An open heart will guide you to the path that is yours!  Sometimes we have to experience what we don't want to KNOW what we do! And to discover that is to:  CELEBRATE!!!!!!  IF you don't know what you want or need - how on earth are you ever going to allow it to manifest?  Don't block your own path!


VENUS will enter into the sign of Gemini on the 11th of April.  How do I LOVE thee? Let me count the ways! Add to your library- or start your own book. Write a day blog on things to be HAPPY ABOUT. Share your ideas with many. Move the mind toward what CAN be done, not what isn't happening. Learn to juggle not only colorful balls in the air, but also your negative mindset. Move past the 'no's to the 'yes'..........try new things in the month of April. Don't let the headlines of the world's suffering close your heart. Start writing your own news- that of what you want to create in your life= NOW!

So here's to lots of 'twirling' !

photo-  "Columbina" taking a twirl c. parker mcphinney

Wednesday, March 04, 2015



In honor of today's Venus conjunction to Uranus in Aries........(sudden awareness of the many NEW ways one can express creative energy and LOVE)........we are going to have a VISUAL astrology blog for March.

Because, THIS is a month that will shift the floor under you..crack open your heart...there is NO place that will not be 'touched'  by the winds of change~ and the best place of shelter is the cosmic heart.

Hopefully, you have lots of faith, trust and good family members,(our fur family counts) to share the amazing stories that will unfold. Some will be super endings, so that the new life can begin.......what cross you have to bear or carry, do so with inner strength and the knowledge that all that is going down or up, is part of a shift that is bigger than you ever thought. Bigger than you, and me. So, if at times you feel you aren't even the toenail of an ant, then know-you are right with the energy. Masterpieces and true love will manifest but first...................moving...moving...moving...

 Can you relate to this?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE..........

And then the Solar Eclipse of March 29 degrees Pisces.....

it could be this......

or this.........

The next few weeks will be intense......but once we've cracked the safe.........the real gems are discovered within..........

Friday, February 06, 2015


Year of the GOAT! (go at ~ it )


February's first eleven days are with Mercury in continued retrograde, and thus still a great time to review your goals, clean out closets, revisit long term goals and wishes. Explore how they might be revised, dropped or just kept on the back burning for now. That doesn't mean we are without movement. Sometimes just 'watching' is to gather strength and center oneself.

Life is what you forge for yourself, balanced with what the Universe plants in your path. THAT means you need to become familiar with the tools which will help you implement your dreams and goals for 2015 and beyond. Without tools we are left helpless to just keep the dreams in the head.  What are the best tools?   IMAGINATION! You have to dream it up,  SEE IT, BELIEVE IT, and ALLOW IT, (accept that you deserve it) before there is any possibility of it becoming a reality. Away with the thoughts that something is impossible.

 You think OBAMA thought that way? No. He did not. That's why he's in his second term as the first 'person of color' leading the United States of America. His color is - COURAGE!  Next tool: FORTITUDE. Without this tool, you'll still be talking about what you'd do given the chance. It is UP to you to carve out that chance by working toward it. Research is an excellent friend. And its so easy now, with the internet. Unless you don't know how to read, and don't have fingers you have no HUGE barriers. 

Research is also a great use of mercury retrograde periods!  So use the first two weeks of this month to further your data bank with the hows, whats and wheres of your dream list.

Old friends might just pop in to assist! Networking is also another great tool in your box of creative manifestation. The "power of many" rule. Bounce ideas off of the people in your world that you trust to have keen eyesight. 

 Mercury will station direct on the 11th. Wait a few days until you sign on the dotted line... Let Mercury get the car in gear before you zoom to your destination.

We have a lot of Pisces energy in the sky right now. Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron are all hanging out together until the 3rd week. 
This quartet gets on well. Especially in the area of imagination. So fuel the visions that you have with your own originality, be like the 2.00 bill.....(yes, they are still around, got one in the mail today!) set yourself apart from the masses!! BE TRUE TO THY OWN SELF.......LOVE YOURSELF!!!! 

Healing is attributed to Chiron and so with love (Venus) plus action (Mars) and  Grace (Neptune) past doubts and wounds CAN be made 'useful' instead of just needing a thicker band-aid. Sometimes the deepest events in our lives can actually be turning points. This is not to say its not hard. Just knowing that there is SOME purpose for them, can give a philosophical perspective. Romantic love can be as healing as any kind of love, so don't shun it, if you are lucky enough to have it in your life. LOVE is a healer in all forms. But, try to put a bit of boundary on the expectation that it be 'given' in such in such way, thus you will side step disappointment.

Rescue an animal if you need some lovin' and no human is around on Valentine's day. Fur love is actually sometimes the most loyal.  And those eyes! Everyone knows the look of a dog towards his master.....most people won't allow themselves to surrender to that level of devotional love, much less be expressive with it! But a dog? You'll get that LOVE LOOK every time you walk in the door, even if you've only been gone to take out the trash.. the wag of the tail......the glee......."OH, YOUR BACK, I SO MISSED YOU THESE FEW MINUTES! You know it makes your heart shine to be greeted with unedited love.

Your enemies.........fear, faithless friends, and painful memories of failure- (they come in masquerade, rip that MASK away!) What is a faithless friend? One acts behind your back, instead of HAVING YOUR BACK.  Fear? - its  imagination used backwards- conjuring up the negative and believing it to be true, BEFORE you take action. And everyone has a bank load of assorted painful events that have happened. Let go of these useless stumbling blocks! YOU DON'T HAVE TIME for them!  Because when Mars and Venus get to Aries its going to be the start of the RACE!

Mars enters Aries (OH, HE LOVES THAT PLACEMENT- War drums/passion -fast and fury) on the 19th-  just after the New Moon on the 18th. NEW STARTS... And also on the 19th- We celebrate the Chinese New YEAR--- YEAR OF THE GOAT.....(they will eat anything, but YOU should not!)  Then Venus and Mars hold hands on the 21st, as Venus rushes to meet her yang counter part....its going to be a very "PASSIONATE" at first say the least. Give expression to the steam,(take an art class with fire involved- live dangerously- express your love!)  as otherwise it could turn into anger or frustration. WORK OUT! And WORK IT OUT!  Venus and Mars in Aries means - new love, new starts.....this can mean you and your beloved reach a new level of love, or you can't, (anything that you can walk away from without giving it your all, likely didn't mean much to you in the first place)-and if  "working" isn't- check for greener pastures. THEY ARE IN ABUNDANCE this month and in March too!

I expect with this line up of Aries energy- the Oscars are going to be all about- "AMERICAN SNIPER"......With the USA chart having a very active Mars (that's why we are always instigating war as a solution) this film is very much tied to our 'gun supporting country'.  Live by the sword and die by it. He did. Interestingly, Chris Kyle was a sun sign Aries.

The month will end with grounding Saturn fueling our urge to build a foundation which we can rely on. One that gives us a renew hope; Be it a home, belief, or partnership.  This month will set in motion new roadways cleared by the inner goat that has tirelessly worked to remove the shrub blocking the glorious view.

Sunday, January 04, 2015


intention vs flowing


Just having returned from my 11th pilgrimage to the sacred land of India, I am recharged.

2015 starts out with a major new astrological configuration.

Its STRUCTURE vs SPIRIT.....and or could be said- RULES vs INTUITIVE......or even better yet, Mountain of fire, vs body of water......Which path better suits you? No one path fits all. In life there are many ways to live. Some people are happy with being told what to do, and follow gladly. Others HAVE to lead, and that's that! At best, when we learn a bit about all paths, we are more balanced. Learning to follow when you'd rather lead, makes one humble. Learning to lead with you'd rather not be bothered with making choices gives one courage. In 2015 we will witness the power of both of these paths.

Saturn has entered Sagittarius.  That sign represents - religious orders, (all of them) education, the justice system, laws, athletic strength.

The planet Saturn is the 'play-pin' that keeps the baby safe. Its also- mountains, the rules, authority, father, leadership at its best. The hard earned raise. reaching THE TOP. It also has ruler-ship over dictators. Mean-ass people. Those who are ruthless in their quest for power. Earth energy.

The other major player this year is NEPTUNE in PISCES.

Neptune is otherworldly, spirit, the unseen world. Imagination. Addiction. It can represent confusion and deception. Sometimes its just a fog.

Pisces - that's represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Its a water sign prone to sensitive energy. Very much about compassion. When its plugged into its lower energy its all about being 'the victim = helpless"......

 Saturn and Neptune will face off in a battle this year. A 90 degree angle- a square..... which planet is strongest in your chart let's you know which path you'll be PRONE to take. Lessons come with honoring both Saturn and Neptune. Finding the compromise between giving and getting. sharing and receiving. demanding vs allowing. Are you too open? (feeling like a doormat?) then you need to create boundaries. They aren't bad. They are helpful. If the water is overflowing in the tub- TURN IT OFF! There is no point it letting it FLOW all over the house! How is that useful. The "OFF" button is there for a reason: YOU HAVE A CHOICE! are living the Neptune life and have completely given away your free will. Then you flow with the river. But be forewarned~ that doesn't mean the path is any easier. Flowing with the river means ACCEPTING EVERYTHING that DIVINE puts n your path - or doesn't! Sometimes THAT path is much much harder. Ask any monk. When you take a vow to surrender your life to Divine- you are saying- "if food comes, then I eat. If it doesn't I don't".......easy to say, until you haven't eaten for three days!

So which will you honor more in 2015 - the path of intention or the path of going with what is OFFERED.

I suggest you try both.  So that you can understand the middle way.

In the 'world' we will see this square between Saturn and Neptune play out  - via  THE CHURCH (or TEMPLE) vs SPIRIT ( The ATMA-or Christ Consciousness).  Formal education vs Self-taught.  Earth vs Water. (fire/quakes vs floods)........which is most powerful? They BOTH have their place!

  It also will play out as the resources of some, verse the NEED of the entire planet. Global networking will become even more dynamic. Strength of the masses will reach a level unheard of. The world will unite in a common cause that hasn't been seen- EVER.  But it will take time. All things that LAST are slow in coming.  Keep that in mind as you pursue your goals for 2015- be they spiritual or mundane. far as Athletic compensation - that will change. Some of the insane pay checks that sports figures make will get a reality check. Less tolerated will be 'bad behavior on the court, field, pool, etc.  Sports in the Universities will go through a system change. If you don't make the 'grade' you might not get to 'play'- will be stronger. We want our young people to be SMART - as in well rounded- not just am to put a ball in a basket twenty feet away. Fines will be imposed on CHEATERS.

That goes for ALL OF US.

The balance of the Supreme Court in America will change. WHAT IS FAIR? 

Also- what exactly are your beliefs? And do you live by them? Do they need to be revised by the life you have experienced so far? What you believed at age twenty might not apply at four-five. Adjust and grow! Don't be 'afraid to think more broad-minded'- its a sign of having 'traveled'...not just by plane, but by what 'information' you allow in! Being "right" all the time- just makes one very BORING.

And we don't want to be bored with Saturn in Sag! We want to have an adventure that gives us a new ladder to view the world by!

In the month of January we will have MANY planets traveling through the sign of Aquarius. That is the "humanitarian sign"  ~ so its an excellent time to reach out and make new friends. Join new groups. See where you can serve others a bit. Even if its just picking up the trash left on the mountain you are hiking. We can help each other in the small ways. If everyone did ONE good deed a week- wow- think what kind of smiles that would generate!

As 2015 begins- make it your intention to be a better person, even if your only promise to the self is to think of all the good in your life instead of what isn't there that you "want".

This is how we change ourselves and THE WORLD. You are the world. And the only way to change it - is by changing your own behavior. The planets are all pointing towards the revolution/revelation that can happen INSIDE OF YOU.

I'll leave you with what I learned on this 11th pilgrimage-





So, dear reader if you want to climb the mountain, do so with conviction, and if you let the river guide you - wear the life jacket- of FAITH!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Christmas wishes

Greetings from INDIA.

Wishing for everyone a HAPPY HOLY HOLIDAY *LIFE*.....

There's nothing like a few weeks of continual praying with thousands of people to help you find the love within. And isn't that what the holiday season is about? It is if you are in India on a pilgrimage.

This month is full of changes and chances to find the love by sharing your time, energy, good will with ANYONE who needs it. Today the 4th Mars moves into Aquarius. It will trigger the Solar Eclipse point of Nov 23rd- which means that some opening that you may or may not want is coming. Mars in Aquarius deals with air traffic, frozen water, fast wind, and expect some of the unexpected. Crazy weather- earthquake action- is to be expected!!!  ESPECIALLY THIS WEEK.

On the 8th of Dec - Jupiter turns retrograde- so I am of the thought that going INWARD really is the best gift to give to the self.....bringing compassion and goodwill to others instead of wanting more STUFF.

There's nothing wrong with having the desire for objects; after all it gives people jobs.......but keep it in balance this year!  What can you give that can help open a heart? Where can you share a smile? Who needs some understanding? And most of all- LOVE YOURSELF!!! Jupiter is in LEO- so take care of your heart- and also expand it. If you are not happy, then try to figure out why. Some inner exploration is great while Jupiter is retrograde. Go out and meet NEW FRIENDS.... Jupiter's back tracking will make happy with Uranus in a few weeks. So use this time to 'explore the world within".

The Winter Solstice is on the 21st. ALSO on that day its a New Moon (not always so) AND Uranus is stationing Direct (aka- first gear -all systems GO).... So its powerful time to find your back bone of blue chip virtues. How can you stand TALLER? I am not talking about in achievements- I mean in being a person of integrity. Walking the talk. Telling the truth. Discovering what your principals are and living by them- no matter what the cost. Are you willing to work a bit harder to make someone's life a little easier- just for a day?  That's living TALL. Can we bring more unity to the Christmas table by not just passing the food, but passing on the mis-understandings that often come up during the Christmas season. Expectations can be so high during this time. Expect nothing and give everything- you will be happier!!!!  Try it for a day.

Venus moves into Capricorn on the 16th and so quality over quantity is the name of the game. REAL DEAL LOVE RULES.  DUTY. (yes!- it can be very rewarding). Long lasting partnerships can be formed that WILL make it through the storms of life.

On the 23rd Saturn moves into Sag. THIS shift is a big one in an ironic way.  Saturn is restrictions. and Sag is about expanding beyond the Universe. Maybe Santa goes on Strike and forces everyone to share. Learn the meaning of true wealth.~ a wish to help each other on the journey of life. A desire to be the best human you can. Strong tolerance for those of a different view, or faith; after all if we all thought the same- think how boring the world would be. Diversity makes life interesting. You can become a forever student when you keep your MIND and HEART open.

Wishing for you bright lights and a full heart today and always!


 with love from India!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


at the crossroads

WHEN you find yourself at the crossroads, as many people are these days, I hope there's a place to sit for a spell to enjoy the view, before you move forward. Be it left or right or (which ever path calls you) take stock of what is right in front of you~ NOW. All to often in life we don't really SEE what IS until we look behind. And then the view is very different, or gone completely. Like a passing cloud.

Neptune stations direct on the 15th of Nov. The veil of maya (means temporary-think of it as changing sets on the stage) is about to be lifted. No more re-runs.  What you see, will be what you deserve. It all depends on the view finder,and the color of lens that you've been looking through since last June. Have you been walking around in a confused daze? Have you been in denial? Have you reverted back to childhood memories that weren't really great, but better than the current now? Or have old black and white movies taken you to a place that never was, or could be, but you LONG for it anyway? Fear not, Neptune turning direct will help you make your OWN color-loaded musical..............and OH WHAT FUN IT WILL BE!  Because the only movie we really can be super thrilled about is the one we make based in the truth of what kind of life we want. Granted, sometimes the Universe can throw you curve balls that you'd swear you never ASKED for. And then there's the HOME RUN that you are VERY SURE YOU ASKED FOR!!!! 

What it boils down to is this-  Mars is triggering the Lunar Eclipse of Oct 2014, and that's going to makes some people scream- 'let's get the show on the road!' (literally).........and others will be scream- "time to strike the set, this baby's gone bust'.......... so when you find your self ready to move onwards, just pause for a moment-and take a deep breath because the future just got a slice of sunshine- and it came about because YOU grasped the doorknob, got on the bus, plane, train, and said -time for a new view! Neptune is how we dream. - it rules our imagination. It rules Spiritual paths. It also represents the swamp land in Florida someone wants to sell you..... but ..... because Neptune is having lots of support from Scorpio planets right now it is very helpful in RESEARCHING THAT LAND before you buy. AND having a good time even if you decide not to sign on the dotted line. You never know what things await you until you LIVE YOUR DREAMS, INSTEAD OF DREAMING THEM IN YOUR HEAD.

So, dream a bit,journey a lot, trust yourself, and jump in the deep end..(of a new adventure)......because there are more things to life than paying the rent. There are places to see, new people to meet, and most of all COMPASSION to be developed. This is done in the fast lane, when you move out of your comfort zone, and into the thrill of the unknown.

VERY SOON (SUNDAY) Venus moves into Sag. This placement is all about travel, higher education, the clergy, lawyers....and FREEDOM to explore LOVE.  And how to love fully with every breath.

So, stop reading and go book your flight, hug your beloved, give thanks for all that is.....and remember to say a thought for those who don't have- food, clothing, shelter, or PEACE. 

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers.......I'm off on my own love-adventure......wishing you the best ever Holiday Season!

Monday, October 06, 2014


great wing of the sphenoid

SOMETIMES in life you have to look behind the words, and pay witness to actions. This week, and all of October would be a good time to exercise your penetrating eyesight. To observe. Be still and watch the show. But do peek behind the curtain and try to glimpse what words match the actions, and which ones do not. The show is going to get very interesting. It won't go as planned in some cases. We are in 'stirring the soup' time. The short of it is: Mercury retrograde (backwards) in Scorpio, then in Libra (see the news this morning on same sex marriages?)~ a Lunar Eclipse (Full moon with sunglasses on) in the sign of ARIES, followed by a Solar Eclipse in SCORPIO at zero degree hanging with Venus at the same point.  The venue is a packed show of "Now you see me, Now you don't" "Guess who's coming to Dinner" and " I love you truly, madly, deeply".... !

All bets are off on who will sit where at the dinner party. Musical chairs would be a good half time event. Keep it interesting, don't bore the guests; or trouble will start.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio for now, but on Oct 10th its retro movement enters back into the sign of Libra. So use the Scorpio period to investigate what motivates you to love, how to love more deeply and when its soulful and when its just selfishness. CLARIFY.  Mercury in Scorpio at the zero degree is REAL IMPORTANT. (Oct 9th 10th). It will 'pick up' energy from the UPCOMING Solar Eclipse at zero Scorpio (OCT 23rd). What goes on around the 9th and 10th should be made note of. It will become a footnote. Sign contacts at your own risks. Hidden clauses...... remember- my opening line.

What people DO when they think you aren't watching TELLS YOU everything about them. EVERYTHING.

Knowledge is protection. Prayer too. Faith in right action.  No one gets 'away' with anything on planet Earth (or any other planet).  The universe never sleeps, and certainly not this month!!!!  One eye is always OPEN. The INNER ONE.

If your actions have been less than noble, you haven't fooled anyone, just yourself. But there is always a redeeming element in being human. Keep the heart open, start with the correct foot of action and all will be well.

Personally, I think its going to be a bit of "Comedy of Errors" with this Mercury retrograde. Secrets will come out, and some will be hilarious! Its ok to laugh at yourself now and then!  As my friend says:  "MY BAD!"  (I screwed up~SORRY). Then you get to kiss and make-up.... which brings us to Mars in Sag.... Mars is still in Sagittarius.  Horse around. Gamble a bit with your heart, but go light on the butter. (all this Scorpio energy will keep the surgeons busy). Mars in Sag is expansive energy, it loves to cover lots of uncharted ground. Its in a great relationship with the Sun right now, and also with Jupiter and soon with Venus! This takes the edge off of all the "changing and uncertain" energy out there. Makes use of it in a positive way. We see so much shifting of positions these days (not talking yoga, talking pov) its hard to know what's real, secure and lasting. With the Sun/MARS/Venus/Jupiter energy- having an adventure you can remember for a long time would be good use of this combo. Take that class that you have not one clue how you are going to pay for,or trip, or go on that date with the 'very much not my type' person---- it could just open an avenue that you'd NEVER thought you'd be on!!  This energy is about exploring; LOVE, ACTION, BEING!  This window of 'risk taking' is blown open between Oct 6th-25th). GO! FOR! IT!

Now, we will discuss the Eclipses. 1995.  What manifested for you at the middle of '95-into '96?

We are building on that cycle. (that's the last time the Lunar Eclipse was at 15 Aries, and the Solar Eclipse was at 0 Scorpio).

Can you build on top of that foundation, or do you need to clean slate? What 'drove' you then?  How does is it useful to what you are focused on now? Did you LEARN ANYTHING THAT YEAR of GREAT VALUE? And, are you repeating choices that are good or bad?

I think that often we are living in our past without even realizing it. Old patterns get logged into the computer brain. Some aren't useful. Time to clean the hard drive and make sure not one virus is causing things to go array. If you really do want peace and happiness then every action has to be made to LIVE peace and happiness. We all *know* if our behavior is healthy or not. If our head/heart is in the right place or not. But do you *know* that YOUR time here is limited? The bell will RING. Don't make the mistake of thinking the school of Earth will *wait* for you to do your homework and still let you pass the class. Sometimes you just get expelled; especially if you slept though the lecture. NEXT LIFE!

When eclipses happen- big headlines will show the passing of the torch. I am looking at England for a big change in leadership. BIG.  The Solar Eclipse of OCT 23rd will active the Queen's Sun, and Charles Moon. EXACT.  Power and LOVE. Soulful choices.

But first.......

Lunar Eclipse date- Oct 8th 3:51am PDT. (TOTAL). DAMN IMPORTANT Moment!  Long reaching effect. 

STRONG FEMALE energy is coming to your town.  Across the world. This is the ARIES Lunar Eclipse energy. Moon in a fire sign of a Mars force. No more passive, submissive, I can only make babies kind of women out there. No. Making babies is great. Fantastic. But "she" is soooooooooooooooooooooooo  much more that a birth machine. Watch her move and shake and change the world. Its already made the headlines in fact. Did you see the photo of the WOMEN in INDIA who worked on the Mars Mission?  Here's the story:


 The Scorpio Eclipse is conjunct with Venus. DEEP LOVE. REAL DEAL OR FORGET IT.  Triangles? At your own risk. If you've not grown up (emotionally) enough to be able to go deep into something, then maybe you do need to have more than one partner at a time.
If you are easily bored, then you are likely also boring and thus do need several options to keep alert and interested.
A focus that is split does far less than one that is held steady to the goal. The shallow pond is build for those who are afraid of deep waters. We all learn at different speeds. However, when a Solar Eclipse with Venus in the line up happens- it is soul mate time. They will be showing up. PAY ATTENTION.  We will see many a united front that will move mountains with their love. It will be a love that most people on earth never experience because they never allow it. They don't believe its possible because they've never stuck with love long enough to discover the gold of a deep, powerful, loyal love that sees your soul, not your body, not your mind, but who you REALLY ARE.  THE ATMA!

 It feeds the soul this love, and moves you toward your very own self. In truth, soulful love is divine love.

So as you navigate the next month, take to heart to these words:

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

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