Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Pisces - finding the waterfall of peace

Pisces. Water. LOTS of water. Mystical knowledge, that which can't be seen or really spoken about, but is felt. Divine voice of a whisper, that engulfs the soul, where you feel only oneness.

That is one aspect of Pisces energy. It is offered to all, and many THINK they have found it- in drink or mind altering drugs....but the true waterfall of peace comes via grace and you have to be very aware to open the door in your super mind (beyond the chatty mind-the no thought space) to allow it in.  It doesn't give a calling card, or notice when it will arrive. One second it is not there, and then, it is, and once you've tasted it, nothing- NOTHING is as blissful.  It can arrive in odd ways...and for me the experience of a "waterfall of peace" came in an ashram in Southern India, and it was sheer grace. I will never forget the washing of oneness that came without even asking. It is like none other. It is not attached to anyone, or anything, it is our true nature.

This man speaks of it:

His talk reminded me of my own "waterfall of peace"...... I wish everyone to know this feeling of divine freedom and pure joy.

Right now we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chrion and Neptune all hanging out in Pisces. Seems like a good time to write about divine bliss. It can visit when you get real close to your very self, and listen to that higher voice. Sometimes it descends upon you~ because divine does what it wants!

The world is in much need of healing now.  And what better way, than to fly within to your center of being and connect to the divine freedom of gliding ....... in music, art, dance, or on the ocean, or climbing a mountain, or staring at a colorful fireplace keeping you warm inside and out. Each and every time we invest in getting quiet with the self, and have a dialogue with our best friend, that never leaves- (YOU) then when you have that kind of relationship with yourself, you can make space for choices that lead to the path of peace.

America needs some rest, peace and comfort.  We are in the middle of a learning curve, and many will not get or join the shift. But if you wish to graduate beyond school shootings, forever shopping, and closed minds...Pisces is calling you....... get centered, and make a pack to discover what will take you to the waterfall of peace. I know one thing, sometimes you can't really say what will bring it or when, but you can check off what ISN'T inviting it and eliminating that from your life.  That is a good starting point. In India we say- "Neti, Neti".... (not this, not this).

Another great thing Pisces is about- is compassion.

So- if you feel inclined- you can send a card to Stoneman Douglas High School, and support our brave teenagers, and teachers, who have been through a war zone.

Ms. Wolk-Rogers
Stoneman Douglas High School
5901 Pine Island Road
Parkland, Fla. 33076

I am sorry to say, that it looks like the battle of the AR-15 is going to continue, deep into Summer.

Mars rules guns, and this year, Mars goes retrograde this summer for several months. The retrograde period will begin in June-26- @ 9 degrees Aquarius. It will last until late August @ 28 Capricorn.
Retrograde means REVIEW.

America's women are going to be a force to be reckoned with. I mentioned this in the last blog.

The gun laws will change, but the heart has to change too. A country that loves a killing machine more than its citizens is in deep trouble. Hence, the best thing you can do-for yourself and your country, is reach that place inside that speaks to you of peace, and share it.

May Peace be upon you.

photo credit: parker mcphinney ©2017

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


LOVE and Eclipse Season

Credit were credit is due: Artwork: Tessla Queen.

Leo Full Moon- which happens to be a Total Lunar Eclipse and wow wow wow, bloody red, if you saw it in the early wee hours this am on the west coast.  I didn't ... it woke me, at the hour of bird song, but I only managed to look half -hearted for it out the front door (instead of the back, where it'd be).... and then returned to the warmth of my covers. Said my internal prayers and found it within.

That's what we have to do, now that its over..........(its never over~ just not 'seen').... we have to gather its juice promised, and forge forward with this pumping blood heart of our own.

Eclipses stir the pot.  They conjure up dreams and hope and wishes, and they release worn out stuff. Or they 'allow' for the release to happen. You can hang on to a thought, idea, person, place, job, etc. until your dying day, but the eclipse's job is to help you see where you've out worn your stay...when they are total lunar ones.  They speak the language of - 'what's new?'  'what have outgrown?'  'where do you need to move forward?' and most important- "WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?"........Full moons by nature always ask that we let go of something. Some 'light' is shed on what we didn't 'see' before. Now, its in clear we can decide. You see, the planets and lights- don't make things happen, PEOPLE do. But they can give details, and shower you with a feeling that maybe it is time to ACT. They encourage you to look in places you've ignore. They help you to see what needs to go to make space for what might have more meaning to you now. Or where an adjustment needs to take place in your behavior. Sometimes, its just a tiny seed that you see. You have to water it, feed it, tend to it, and watch it grow into a bountiful tree or flower giving off  a food or scent. other times for various reasons, it doesn't take root. You still have the effort you made as a learning experience, that can be added to your resume and lead you down another path. Nothing the universe gives us is in vain, and all is very complex if you desire to dig deep enough; ECLIPSES INCLUDED.

Every eclipse is followed by another one... full moon (lunar) is followed by new moon (solar). This year we have FIVE. In the Summer we will have a series of three. Solar, lunar, Solar.

Today, we are just going to explore the two that right upon us.

This Total Lunar Eclipse fell on the degree of 12 Leo. Where this falls in your birth chart holds key to where you can expand and contradict. The axis of Leo/Aquarius is one in which the ME vs Humanity is at play. What is your role in the entire play of the big production that is called- "your life"~?

How involved are you in your staring role? Have you given much thought to it? Or do you lazily go about your job, not much interested in how it effects the other players? You see, this is a give and take sort of combo. Aquarius is very much about the social masses and Leo is about- well- ME.  But without the masses - there is no paying attention to ME!  The audience is a needed part of the production. Ignore it at your peril.

 Soooooo, do you play to the audience, or do you try to win it over, or do you just go solo and sing in the shower? How much of you do you give to the we?  Its never going to be a 50/50 thing. That's in  some book or 1950's movie, but it's not in real world relationships.

 Sometimes you give 60 sometimes you get 80. Its always changing. What the eclipse needs from you - is review and reassessment. Adjustment to the relationships that help make up your life. All of them. The most important one is how you relate to you. Every one that follows, will be a mirror of that.

Of course, everyone is born with certain karma's that will and must be met. Karma is not good or bad. Its your attitude that makes it so. But no one likes to struggle, and the universe wants you to be the best you can be- TO BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE.

  So along comes the eclipses to push you a bit further, and have you reach for that which is slightly out of reach!  And if you make the effort, it rewards you. The reward that it is best known for is- "SELF-CONFIDENCE"... and then we get into the realm of Aquarius...which is what to do when you've grown-?  One option is helping others grow! So we all end up growing !!!!  It doesn't matter what you grow, but whatever it is, do it with heart.

This is the point of relationship. To help each other grow.

LOVE= learning to expand and giving space for others to do so.

Friendship is a main quality of Aquarius. I've always felt that the best relationships must have a component of friendship in them to have a long shelf life. This includes nations.

The Leo lunar eclipse has Venus right next to the Sun. So love is playing a huge role in how we shine these days. The ties that do not have the thread of love pulsing through will not flourish. And change they will and must.  This could be going to a job you hate, and finally, saying -not going to to this one day more! Or it could be waking up to what humanity needs and volunteering to help achieve that goal. The main factor is what has heart for us in the day in day out of our lives. Where is the love in your life? How to GIVE more to that! (did you notice I did not say- how to GET).  The Leo energy wants the love, but the love will come by giving.

In 1999 we had an eclipse in this exact degree.  Reflect back on that time period, what revelations you came to then, and if they still have value to you now. Can you build on something? Is a next stage appropriate? Did a cautionary tale happen back then? Did you learn ? Don't repeat a bad situation- change it. If a cross road is about to happen, use the time to make a healthy choice.

In two weeks we will have a Solar Eclipse at 27 Aquarius. The 15th of February. Day after Valentine's day. Ummmmm.... love day.

Is it over?  Has it just begun?

Perhaps its in a new phase and is thirty years strong!

The Solar Eclipse falls on America's Moon- EXACTLY.

The "female" is rising to a new level of opportunity. Do not even think to standing in her way, as to do so, is to stand in your own way. As she grows, you grow. Everyone has a female side, even the males in our world. Yin and Yang are interwoven. To deny one or the other is to not embrace wholeness. We are stronger as a community, as a world, when we share both.

Solar Eclipse is -  A NEW MOON.... what needs to begin ? How can I invite ALL into my circle? What groups do I wish to join ? What group do I wish to START?????

As of late-  we have seen much - 'us vs them'.... there is no room for that. And it will be dissolving. You can either come aboard the mighty ship of humanity, or you can sing solo on a wooden plank in the middle of the ocean- ALONE.  I think the party of all is where its at. And within the new group- there will always arise a leader..... and we start the process all over again, but with a new view, one of:

Individuality AND Humanity.

With them both- if you seek to share/find love, you have found the humanity in the individual, and the individual has love for humanity.

Then the world heart is pumping love.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Oh Lord, won't you buy me a mercedes benz...

Quality over Quantity. Blue chip verses....everything else. We are in Capricorn territory. Make it to last.....make a lasting impression....the last one standing wins...this is Capricorn thinking. And its with us now, as the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all lined up with good posture. Jan 10th will see the line up lengthen with Mercury marching to the old goats tune....and in your head...expect a more serious tone to emerge. Great for writing the never ending novel. Something rather dark and serious, comparable to "Les Misérables".

 These are serious times! Make no mistake about it.   Dry humor is the antidote.

The New Year will begin with a bang of awareness! The haves vs the needs.  

2018 begins with a FULL MOON at 12 degrees Cancer....  conjunct America's Sun! CHANGE is COMING! It just might not rattle in your pocket... it might be the sound of bells and whistles asking that our leaders discover a more nurturing approach to governing.

Housing is a screaming issue all across the country. It will not go away. This full moon highlights the need, the profound need, for affordable food, shelter and clothing. Capricorn is about the basic needs. Bare bones. A potato a day sort of thought.

Cancer energy is a mothers home cooked meal, her very breast for a baby...can you imagine a world where a baby is denied that, and it is sold to the highest bidder instead?

What do you need to make yourself feel secure? What can you do to strengthen your position?  Saturn is the big heavy, but also the one who hangs in the game until winning is happening. Saturn is going to make us all understand the meaning of the word: endurance. 

And endure we can, with a little help from Mars and Jupiter. Both in Scorpio, who is known to strike down a cobra with a mere stare, transfix the reptile into a motionless hood ordainment. All things being not equal, just energy, means you can stop the gushing wound of America's psyche, by facing facts- head on. Like the Akido master, redirects the momentum of an attack, by protecting self, while also displaying elements of mercy. 

For those who enjoy high risk sports, this financial high wire act that we have embarked on by force, (tax cuts) might just prove to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride! Fear and thrill are very similar vibrations. Its a high stakes game, indeed. Jupiter is all about relating and Scorpio is our shadow- (fear/paranoid) when Mars (action- defense) locks in step with the biggest of the big...we will see some action around banks, debt, fears, mergers, and some will succumb to death. Its highly possible the first week of January brings not only party defects, but alas some end to long term political careers. A sudden vacant seat can be a game changer. What seemed a done deal, is suddenly undone. So, do not despair, because work is being done out of sight, that can tilt the axis. Sherlock Holmes is very busy.

This combo is an excellent team fighter for getting rid of anything you no longer want, including weight! Use the first week in the new year make yourself discover the hidden talents within you. Taxes come under Scorpio as well, so you'd do yourself a favor by jumping the gun on that a bit, being savvy, and a nip and a tuck now, rather than later.
Its really about being PREPARED more than anything else. Being able to see just what you can work with- as far as getting along with others, understanding what has value and what doesn't. Knowing your worth. TRUTH always works. So be truthful to yourself first !  What needs to be done to reinforce my fortress? I am speaking of - home, health, marriage, soul- whatever has great value to you. 

When Mars hits the 29 degree of Scorpio- on the 25th - 27th of January, you can expect some turbulence. This is especially a time to pay attention to people who are not of sound mind and body, and keep a healthy distance. Mars will trigger the Total Solar Eclipse that happened in August. I expect deep obsessions and heels digging in over pov's....its an especially difficult energy, but can bring relief in situations that you wish to come to closure. Its a bit pig headed... so don't expect people to back down with ease, tread lightly in disagreements. Its the opening act to the Lunar Eclipse, in Leo, that occurs on the 31st.   Yes, we have TWO full moon this whatever didn't get thrown out on the 1st, is for sure going out with a flare and drama on the last day of the month. Hissy fits will be all the rage! If this happens to be near your birthday, your life is going through MAJOR overhaul. Be kind to yourself as you morph into a new being.

The orange slime (pretend leader of the free world) has surely got one hell of a month of hard aspects, so don't expect the on going soap opera to end...its not going to ...its going to be high pitch drama......brace yourself ...the best part has yet to come...........a real show stopper.

And as they say in the South: "Don't let the screen door hit you on the ass"......

There are going to be so many 'unexpected' moments in January, that you'll wish you could super glue yourself back to ANY point in time when life was simply- calmer. But we can't, and thus, take a deep breath, puff the chest out, say a prayer, and get ready to stand your ground and show what you are made of: Stardust! Cosmic Light! 

Janis will light the path

2018 Here we come....ready we are!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Y U B?

It is the time, to ask yourself some questions about your existence.

Y U B=  Why does your heart continue to beat ?  What is the meaning of your life?  And of course, in the time of Sagittarius... we got to ask......ARE WE HAVING FUN ?  Am I published yet?  Am I famous with myself?

Sun in Sagittarius is all about the glory of knowing it all; because one born under this sun sign is the forever student/all knowing professor. And if you don't know the answers to all questions, or mainly THE question, the next three weeks are an excellent time to do some searching. Traveling within that sphere of the heart and the brain. The pathways that unite the two. Because we know, from seeing the "Wizard of Oz" (surely he was a Sag!!!) having a heart with no brain isn't much fun, and a brain with no heart is rather dull, and really, we all are just trying to get back home....(to thy self) and that takes some big courage! And Sagittarius energy has plenty of that. It's ruler is Jupiter, infectious with "we can do everything, at all times".

The sun in Sagittarius alone won't make one an investigative, physiological, self inquiry bundle of expansive super galactic highway fool....No, we need Mercury in Sag to go for the mind-think- thus asks big questions scenario. And as luck would have it, (we are in the lucky season now, having survived the dark age of Scorpio) Mercury IS in Sagittarius.....!!!  And Mercury will be there for a much extended tour, as she/he (androgynous energy) turns retrograde on Dec 2nd @ 11:34 pm PST.  At the last degree mind you..... just when you were about to cross over into the land of 'get the job done, (Capricorn) - scream and halt happened.......RETROGRADE MERCURY! Burn that rubber! U-TURN.

OH, NO...... you beg...please not during the busy time for the post office....all those packages and potential gifts, tossed here and there and everywhere, except the address on the label. And the joy and glory of being able to RE-TURN, RE-VIEW, RE-ORGANIZE, RE-CALL all the reasons you just can't deal with the holidays!!!  How can I do self-inquiry when my least favor sibling demands to join us in Malibu for ....ever.... well, just for a week, but really, it will feel like forever.  Please say its not so!

 Would I lie to you?  With the sun being in 'seek the truth and you will be set free' energy, all I can say is:  Make it a journey to remember.  Rewrite your family dinner story, holiday shopping, joy of the season vibration. Use it !  The planets are here to help us carve a better understanding of  Y - U- B.... here... now.  In this moment, in this body, with this family. So find the humor in it all. Because really everyone likes to laugh. Play the clown this season, see the retrograde as a period to retrace your funny bone roots, and attach it to your current point of view.

Now, that we've got that stage set, I can drop the big bomb.... The day before Mercury does the backward shuffle, MARS OPPOSES URANUS...... now that's some out of the blue, didn't see that new invention morphing out of my soul center, energy.  Anything goes. And everything goes. Now I see you, now, puff the magic dragon  U B GONE.   Y?   Was it something that I didn't say?   Mars and Uranus together are some way restless energy....combine that with a Mercury (mind) retrograde, and you have - "yes, we are coming for the holidays". Five minutes later, "Well, actually, we are not coming, or maybe we are coming, but we are not flying, so if we can find a big enough rental to haul the entire family and pets too, then we will make it, if we can, we'll have to see, because actually, we just got some big news that changes our perspective on travel, and not just that, well, you know, everything is really already booked up.........sooooo....we'll see".

IT really is that kind of crazy making energy.  The yes, no, maybe.  What to do? BE FLEXIBLE.

This particular transit is great for multi-tasking!  Mars, with Uranus (oppose) both in a flag waving, bubble blowing salute to Saturn in Sagittarius.... He's just marching toward Capricorn, and before he gets there- they want to have a fun three-some, because you know...soon enough...its all going to get all lets be flexible and fly around everywhere like a butterfly this holiday season...while asking yourself the meaning of  YOUR life, and what hat you really like wearing the most. The key is to unlock your want wish, but not the material one, (on that's OK, it has its place too) for this energy to work in your FAVOR, first you have to find the magical mojo that makes you tick, and then spread that happiness through your blood to your heart. Once you know your heart, its just a matter of time....because you become a magnet for that which you ponder 24/7.

Its really that simple.  We are not going to manifest what we aren't into doing/ being/ seeing with much passion.  So, why not just figure out what makes you walk on tip toes and smile and focus on the urge to be the happiest you can be.

Venus is going to add to this line up, but first she has to sit at 29 Scorpio and trigger the Total Solar Eclipse point!  The sensitive dates are - NOW- and the next three days.  The power of hidden money.  How to hide your money. Money and Power.  What the power of Money does to men. (and women)...and since Venus is in a female sign....and the sign of marriage...and art- ( how about that 450 million dollar painting of Christ? That'd feed some mouths!)  it will be about power marriages. Just read that Prince Harry is tying the knot. Venus square the Royal sign of Leo- Total Solar Eclipse point tells me- that its not going to go down a 'all smooth and roses path...there will be thorns, careful not to prick yourself'..... deep passions die hard. This one is about fighting for your love, even if it cost you the throne.I do not think Ms. Megan has a clue what she just signed on for.  So, if you sign on the dot, right now, its in blood. It'll cost ya.  Y U B  like that??????  (she asked).  For the answer- go deeper. Stir the pot. Get rid of the bad habit, and be free. Venus at the last degree is letting go - of something! Make it a bad habit you let go of.

By Dec 2nd Venus is in Sagittarius all chatty with Mercury and the Sun .  Let the questions begin!
Short story writing, armchair tales, pass the fattest foods around the table, and then work it all off with some sword fighting in the back yard. This is also the energy of:  - we love games- mind games- and real games- chess, cards, twister....they all will be welcomed at the parties. Engage your heart and your Mind with curious energy- talk to guests that you normally wouldn't. Ask people good questions to stimulate the conversation beyond surface chit chat.

On the 3rd of Dec we have a full moon that in a square to Neptune. So do your best to stay within boundaries of shopping budgets...(you won't).... this full moon is  'devil may care' and 'I don't'.... so really know that the lines are easily crossed and excuses are many, but the bill will have to be one point.... Its also the over sell energy that used car salesmen have a bad rap for.  Swamp land in Florida sort of deal....Do your homework.

On the 19th of Dec sturdy Saturn enters Capricorn. It was last in this placement twenty-eight years ago. Those born 1960-1962 are entering into their second Saturn return period........what do you want to be now that you are all grown up?  Its a big deal. Even bigger because its in the sign of Capricorn! The old goat only wants to climb to the top! Honor this HUGE shift by making a plan of your own. But before you can do must ask yourself........WHY ARE YOU HERE?

Make the answer a lasting one with a good ending.

Happy Holidays to one and All.

Jai Om Tat Sat.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Keeping balance Off Kilter

I know things feel strange. Like the BIG drama in everyday life is never going to stop. You'd think we all subscribed to a forever bad series of Broadway plays that should be off-Broadway- as in closing after opening night...but no, it continues...the drama...on and on and on.  WHEN WILL IT STOP?

It might not STOP just yet, but its going to get very SERIOUS. As in, STAND UP to the crazy energy serious... We are in the season of SCORPIO now.  Yes, there is still some Libra hanging around, trying its best, to not get "involved" in the ruckus.... not get their hands "dirty"...but you know everything is shifting into - take no prisoners mode. Black and White view.  With us or AGAINST us time.  Who's side are you on?

I am speaking of America's current meltdown of leadership...which of course was AWOL about 10 months ago.  Since we've had crisis after crisis, it's becomes very clear, we are sinking into quicksand, and totally uncharted waters now.  This is just about when I expect a miracle.  And no one is better to hand out 180 turnarounds, than SCORPIO.

The sign Scorpio is all about - the transformation of the soul, and ground zero ash rising into an energy source that outlast all expectations. Scorpio can withstand the most cruel circumstances and then somehow, bring a healing and depth to the table that will feed you forever.

The Sun, Mercury, and most expansive Jupiter are all in the deep waters of Scorpio now. This week the Sun will hold hands with Jupiter at the degree of 4 Scorpio on Oct 26th.  This actually happens to be Hillary Clinton's birthday.  She's just launch her latest book tour, and its going very very well. I am not surprised, as Jupiter rules publishing and its tied to her Sun this year. She is a prime example of how one rises from the ashes, does what one never thought possible, and then does it again and again!
She is SCORPIO.  You do not need to look any further for a great example of the strengths of this sign.

 Jupiter also rules JUSTICE.  Within twenty-four hours of its entrance into Scorpio, the Sex crazed and abusive men in Hollywood started being outed. There seems to be a lot of them. The lid has been BLOWN sky high, and its not going back on. Certainly, its all bent out of shape, so it won't fit the old cast iron pot anymore, no matter how much those that do not want change try.  WOMEN are moving forward. We might not of gotten our first female president, but you just watch us ROAR for change.

I believe that the desire for change is so deep, that it will stick. The rally call will not be silenced. Its as if all the frustrations of the last ten months are poured into this movement to get justice for women who've had to endure loggerhead horn-beast behavior from men in power for a lifetime...and they are sick of it. SO sick of it- that "FEAR" of backlash is gone. For the record, FEAR is never in the Scorpio vocabulary.  So, the clay-brains that think this is just a passing moment, need to read up on Scorpio energy.

How can you use this energy?

Harnessing Scorpio energy is easy- just ask yourself what you are most passionate about! Move forward in that direction. Do not allow any distractions. Do not take your eye off the goal. Give five hundred percent- and you will make progress.

The down side of Scorpio energy is that it -can be ruthless. Even cruel. So keep it in check! Am I hurting anyone with my blind ambition?  Have I forgotten family as I pursue career?  Its hard to keep it in balance, but the last ten months have shown us what happens when we 'don't care' about others, only care about ourselves.

The extremes in climate will continue if we continue to not 'care' about the planet. Apply this same rule to your own life. Commit to a path, yes, but keep a holistic view in mind.

On the 3rd of Nov. we have a very powerful Full Moon that links up with Neptune (dreams/fantasy/spiritual truths) and also pays heed to Pluto (underground power). BE HONEST.  It is really that simple. Tell the truth to yourself and others. Do not allow yourself to fall into a daze of wishful thinking or bias leaning- deal with conflicts head on. Do not allow escape patterns to prevail.

 There will be some strong shifts in allegiance. near this full moon. Full on separations. Venus will be in an exact opposition to Uranus. This will bring a shock to many, how 'suddenly' people that have always 'played ball'....are not playing anymore. They no longer 'do as they are told'...or expected. No, this full moon is going to bring many a rebel with a huge cause!  Cause you did this, Cause you did that, I am gone!

But not is all lost, as Venus will also be in a good relationship with Saturn, FINALLY,  a sense of secure footing can be found. Its almost as if the minute you realize what is no longer working, you find the path that WILL WORK.  So, its a break through....after the breakdown. Its also a bit like the owl looking upside down, you turn the tables, and everyone gets a new view.

From that place NEW CONTRACTS can be formed. New bonding that is much more about how to get along, and not just about 'getting yours'. Finding the win/win situations. This happens when you honor your principals more than the end game. This month would be a good time to be clear about what exactly those principals are.

Many people have experienced an entire life-changing event in the last month!  What they wanted out of life has CHANGED.  This is the entire purpose of Scorpio energy. It certainly calls on one to find the strength of character that you never knew you had, until it was tested. Scorpio will test you. Then it rewards you, with mainly, no more fears. Freedom from fear. What do people fear most? Death. What is death? Change. Scorpio energy is about facing all the fears- conquering them. You become Hero/Heroines!

This energy of Scorpio is also about inner resources. The gems are inside, in the form of finding: loyalty, determination, passion, deep forever love, good use of power, endurance, everlasting depth of willpower. Being AUTHENTIC.

So, as the world tries to throw you off center, turn yourself inward and grab a hold of your power rod of steel soulfulness-and don't let go!

Monday, September 18, 2017


Clean up time... lots of Virgo and details matter

Clean up time!  Its almost Mabon (Autumn in the North Hemisphere) and so, time to go pick your tonic tea for strength. It's been one heck of a month. Hard to believe that just four weeks ago, America was on fire about the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo...and now, Texas, Florida, and St. Louis are all cleaning up from protests and big winds. The west saw record fires, and Mexico a record quake. All of this extreme 'weather' within the week of the eclipse. It's only just begun, this 'changing' that I wrote about last month. Now.... the real work begins. We will have plenty of help, because we got- a whole lotta VIRGO going on!  Virgo loves to improve its lot and yours too.  There is no such standard as "too perfect" for the Virgo. So get your gloves, mask, and work clothes on. Even if you do not live in a weather torn zone, you can still organize the dresser drawer, closet, garage, the thoughts in your head.

We start a new cycle with a Virgo New Moon on the 19th of Sept, @ 28 degrees Virgo. The Sun and Moon are joined with Mercury, Venus and Mars also in the earth sign. Details matter. Make your lists! Refine the heck out of it.  So PERFECT its all going to be!~ right? RIGHT and Write. Go over the house with a fine tooth comb and decide what needs to go to the needy stores, friends, and or anyone who will make use of, what you no longer are making use of. Start the short stories project. The needlepoint project. The fix the whatever is broken project. That might also include your digestive tract. Excellent starting place is building up your own body. Get a plan (Virgo loves plans) and do not waiver on the start date= NOW.

Saturn (taskmaster) is in a square to this Virgo stellium (cluster of stars) so you will hear the voices that say:  You can wait, you need to read up on this first... but I say: dare you tally, as the energy will pass in a flash, and you'll miss a great chance at SELF IMPROVEMENT!  Where in your birth chart this group of helpers falls- that the place to pay extra attention to.

I'll be useful and give you a short run down:  (Sun sign or Rising if you know it)

Virgo:  YOU! Start with your own body. Take care to notice all the tiny details that you have been ignoring. Such as skin not as tight as it could be, too much time spent worrying giving you worry lines? Then you need to spend some time with humor. Read it, Watch it. Make it! Redo your self image by giving in to compassion for yourself, even as you get a new plan going on how you present yourself.

Libra:  Retreat to the area of spiritual study and behind the scenes for a b12 shot of improvement. Sign up for a series of new meditation skills. Clean out your closets. Rescue an animal, there are plenty in Florida and Texas that need a home. Start on that writing project you have been yakking about doing for ages.

Scorpio: Head to the gym to meet new friends !  Do goat Yoga (its popular now). Decide what cause you feel is the most important, to the most people, and join up to help make change a reality. Lead a workshop on a specialized area that you work in. Of course you'll have to be a master yourself, and if you aren't yet, find one to work with. Take that weekender course on whatever area you are weak in.

Sagittarius:  Get a new mission in life. Be extra nice to your boss, and put in just a few more hours, to show how you really do get the job done, and that's why you deserve a promotion. Pitch your latest achievement. Stick your neck out just a bit further and act like you already have the promotion by your confidence in self. List all the reasons why (and of course back them up with your portfolio). Hang with the Dad a bit more this month.

Capricorn: Step on to the nearest college/community campus and spend some time in their library. Do some side learning about the faith you believe in. Get out and play some sport that requires good eye/ hand coordination. Write a short article on any place you've traveled in the last year and submit it to a magazine. Or research where you'd LIKE to go!

Aquarius: Investigate your options on how you can invest in yourself. Sometimes this means you invest in you- by not just planning your long term money goals, but how much intimacy you allow in your life. Sharing on a deep level with others is very restoring to the soul! You can also look into getting support from others for your ideas and dreams by asking for what you need. Do not be afraid to receive help.

Pisces:  Partnerships are zipping with energy this month. You can make many great contacts and get the word 'out there' really with much ease. A few social events will go very far into creating the 'buzz' about what you are doing. Its a reach out time. Submit your work to just about every place you can imagine- no doubt some good feedback will return. Lots of contracts can be signed this month- just watch that you pay attention to the DETAILS.

Aries:  There is not even a second to think right now, but you must! Your day to day will be humming like there is never a down moment- so be sure to take care of the body! Juice and lots of greens! As a matter of fact, this is the time to pay extra attention to your diet, and rest habits. Get that body massage that you've earned ten times over!

Taurus: Love and all the finer details are on the agenda this month. You just might meet that 'special someone'  (s) at the play, diner, and or bike path this month. Get out there and mingle with the health nuts! If you are in the creative arts (or even if you aren't) take a ceramics class, or any class that allows you to work with earth, smell the roses, and or woodworking.

Gemini: Home base is where the greatest changes can take place- by making space! Instead of doing spring cleaning- do "get rid of- fall cleaning". Paint the house! Or just a room. Or if that is too much- do a new boarder. Start a writers group in your home. Or any kind of gathering focused on 'making our voices heard"... send postcards to the White house and serve finger food while doing it.

Cancer: The community, brothers and sisters and the car- all are areas that you can 'clean up' around. Be it, having a conversation with siblings, or the community. Buy a journal-write out your ideas. Make a plan on how to improve your communication skills. Juggle. Create something with your hands.  Take a sign language class.

Leo: In what little ways can you value your life more? Spend time reviewing and then taking actions that reflect how you love and what you wish to spend time on.  Look at where your time goes, what you spend on with your money. Do not be mindless about it- clean up habits of spending energy where it isn't really important to YOU.  Check in with your heart before you speak. If you aren't happy in the job you are at- this would be a great time to start an employment search. New openings await your effort!

On the 19th Venus is going to trigger the Total Solar Eclipse point -! Yes, we are still in that... that energy is going to be with us a while-the energy of change and new doors opening. But you have to take advantage of the Venus crossing this point- by deciding what makes your life WHOLE?  What makes you feel LOVE from within- and the urge to give it? This would be a time to explore love at the center of your heart. So, go have some fun this week. The world has really been way way way crazy drama in the last four weeks- let's use the Venus  at the last degree of Leo moment to find the love. Seek love in all its forms. Bask in it as much as you can.

By the end of the day on the 19th Venus will move into Virgo. And she'll be in that line up with all the other Virgo energy- and perfectionism will take over..... "all is perfect in its imperfectness" would be a good mantra. Otherwise, you just might feel a bit too nick picky, never satisfied, frustration energy.

There is an entire art form in the Asian culture in making "the mistake" or "broken" part of  something its 'treasure'..... the broken part is what makes it special.

Remember that ALL month.

There will be a chance for many a broken thing - when Jupiter opposes Uranus on the 27th. Also known as - The mega earthquake aspect.  The following day- Pluto stations direct.

Moving and Shaking is going to happen for sure- in the boardroom, bedroom, and on Mother Earth. Treaties will be broken, and a lot of surprise break ups...but its not a "bad" aspect- its making room for something else to enter the life. Just do not drive while mad.  And make sure your friends are privy to that secret you told, staying one.

This month is all about the paper trail. It will be long and detailed. Remember to pick up after yourself!

Sunday, August 06, 2017


THE center is at the Edge

This month's blog is going to be ALL about the eclipses. BOTH of them.  Only one is getting a lot of hype. The second one, and the one that is seventy miles across AMERICA.

Before I get into the details of what this means for you- me- and the world, but especially for America, we need a one way conversation about how this astrologer views eclipses.

The focus is on the "outer" event, the magical total eclipse that happens on the 21st of August in particular.  And yes, its a moment for pause. The birds stop singing because they think its night, flowers fold up, a silence descends over many as they watch (or feel) the cosmos strut their stuff.  A show stopper to be sure.

For me, as a practicing astrologer (this is how I make my living), its all about the INNER event; that is where the real juice is.

Now I will give the small speech I give "poo-pooers"~ when they give me shade, squinted eyes, or laugh it all off as not  having any 'influence' at all.........yeah, right.

 Ever go to the beach at high tide? (FULL MOON).  Ever imagine how you'd grow food and live without the Sun helping out?  Have you ever tried planting seeds in a hail storm? (not unless you hate yourself)... Astrology "weather"....this is what it is about. Cycles. We are in them even if we don't know it.

The lights and the planets do their work and bidding as we earth-schooled below ignore their presence. But, they are silently (or not so quiet) pointing us (like a BIG SPOT LIGHT ) on paths, options and possible pitfalls to avoid. Astrologers know the importance of  "knowing how to read the signs"... Its a language- a symbolic one. A fascinating one.  No birth chart is a like!  No one's potential is the same. We are all snowflakes!!!  But a good astrologer can help you make sense of your road map and help you build your own special snowman/snow-woman. And during eclipse season you want to have as much information as you possibly can...if your birth chart is being lit up. Not every one's is- for every eclipse..but this one is rather special for all. 

If you didn't know how to read a road map (and many don't these days)... you might look at that piece of paper and think someone a fool for expecting it to be a guide to get across the country with. All those lines and symbols... How the heck does that work?  But it does for the educated. Astrology is the same.  To me, anyone who wants to limit the tools in their tool box is doing so, because for whatever reason, they do not NEED or WANT to know themselves in this esoteric way. That's cool. Truth - astrology is really very practical (at least in my practice) its the mystery of WHY it works (and it does!) that is esoteric. Divine likes to keep us humble, I guess.

Astrology is not unlike Mythology.  There is a subtext going on.  And its universal in its message, but also sometimes very tailor-made for your growth. Its your story, and you help write it...but there are influences playing a role. Tendencies. Strength and Weakness being played out. Harnessing of ones life force.

 I stopped with the naysayers along time ago- because when you have direct experience about something - you can't deny. It is interesting some of our greatest minds in history were astrologers. 
Benjamin Franklin, Sir Issac Newton, Jung all came to it- to debunk it.....and after studying and putting it to the test- incorporated in to their lives....TO HELP.  Most people who like to put astrologers down do not even know what a birth chart looks like. So how can you have a conversation with that?  You can't. It is pointless. Also, in the centuries of past Astrologers and Astronomers were one and the same...somehow a battle started (I blame the Church) and now we can't even be in the same room. One is focused on the inner and one is focused on the outer. But the one who is focused on the outer refuses to look within. I find that closed minded.  Boring.

But WHAT exactly can an event like an eclipse do?  It can give you a heads up of the weather to come, and how to be as prepared as possible. Take advantage of the openings and shore up your psyche for the closing doors that will happen.

Recently, I was told by an astrology client, who is also a long time friend: "I feel naked around you". My response: "You are!". But, I am the keeper of the people's secrets and tenderness, and the helper to guide them to be the best they can be via the chart's instructions. So, nakedness is not a bad thing in my mind's eye.  YOU can not grow unless you face the nakedness of your truth. The astrologer's role is to be a mirror to help you better see yourself and make better choices, timely ones. There is nothing 'foo-foo' about it. This is serious stuff when you start looking within! I am much more fascinated with the inner world....its loaded with comedy, tragedy, a cycle of highs and lows. IT is where the real show is...and its ALWAYS your own private screening.

People are much more comfortable with holding on to their 'masks' but you do not evolve playing a role as an actor. You might give a great performance, but who wants to come to the end of the third act to realize they've never allowed themselves to TRULY be themselves?

So, along comes the eclipses- and they will scream:  ARE YOU BEING TRUE?  START BEING TRUE NOW, as if YOUR life depended on it!  Listen to your HEART.  For that you must get silent. You must go into the cave of your very being. At first it will be without light...just like how the eclipses BLOCK light.... its pitch dark. In the dark is where mushy compost fertile energy is. Oh, yes, at first it can get a bit messy....but wow, what can grow out of that richness...... magical.

The Lunar Eclipse that happens on Aug 7th is in Aquarius. Its a full moon with sun glasses on. This means you do not have all the information that you need at this time. People are COMPELLED to act during eclipse season (10 days before each event and three days after each one)......... but its really NOT the best time to make the life-changing choices. Because you do not yet have the perspective that you will need to really carve the path. Its like searching for something in the dark...can you wait for sunlight to make it a bit easier to find?  Sometimes you do not have a choice. The universe has thrust upon you an event such as losing a loved one, job, health, or desire to continue on as you have........ and so- you pause. This is right action, to pause as much as you can....and then you act.
This Lunar eclipse is about letting go of worn out ideals, clans, networks (too much cyber time!!) and friends whom you have out grown. Sometimes we hang on just because we fear the unknown.

Aquarius is 'group' think.  So EVERYONE is going to be questioning if 'their group' has the best interest of all at heart. THE TEAM is being shuffled for sure.

IF you birthday is around Aug 3rd-9th,  Feb 1st-7th,  Nov 3rd-8th, or May 2nd-7th.... your sun sign is being activated by this Lunar Eclipse. You need to pay attention to your choices now. Give extra love to yourself via SPACE. CHILL.  These are not the only degrees that will feel this eclipse...if you have planets at the 13-18 degrees in the fixed sign this is a special time for your to reassess your life's direction. Astrology is not as 'simple' as sun sign columns make them to be...well, when one is writing for the masses you have to generalize. But, when looking to a certain chart- all kinds of factors are taken into consideration- this is why personal consultations are useful. For the reading public I try to give a brush stroke of useful information.

The lunar Eclipse at 16 Aquarius is about "big business".  Mergers that take place behind closed doors. How those mergers effect the common man. The moon will be in a trine to Jupiter in this Lunar eclipse. Its about the 'fairness' of contracts. It in some cases will bring some wonderful partnerships. See, eclipses aren't good or bad...its our attitude about CHANGE that makes them so. The biggest word for both of these eclipses is:  CHANGE.  Brought to you sometimes in very dramatic ways.

Sometimes WE WANT CHANGE! So we welcome the new path.
Because we have to let go to make space for the new, down the line we realize what we have to 'give up to get. There is sometimes pain with that. Not always. Everyone is different in their reactions. The winds of change will be stronger for some than others.  NOT everyone is effected by each eclipse...thank the divine for that...because a steady diet of change is hard to digest.

The moon is in an opposition to Mars...we will see lots of our 'friends' move to other states, countries, and new homes. "I got a new roommate".... "I have to move to this new job"..... "My home is being renovated, so we are in a different location"...

Very much about domestic movement... the HOMELESSNESS CRISIS is going to be front news and Center in your face for the next year. Solutions WILL BE FOUND.  This is a full moon, so its ping pong on some debate about the housing crisis (BUBBLE- AGAIN) in all the world. Partly - homelessness will happen because of BIG earthquakes. We are in a sensitive time with freak weather of all kinds, but certainly a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius opposite Mars brings on some earth movement.

Inventions will sky rocket!  People who work in the air travel industry are also going to go through changes of policy.  Big shake ups at the top.

What is the meaning of 'friendship' to you? This is a great question for everyone to ask themselves.

Now, to the Total Solar Eclipse of  Aug 21st.

29 degrees of Leo.  The Lion's heart.  New Moon with Sunglasses on.  - HOW CAN YOU SHINE FROM THE HEART MORE? Where are you 'hiding' your talent? What is holding you back? Where is the truth of your life's purpose, at THIS point in your life?

FIND your SHINE SPOT.  Leo is very generous. The Lion protects the den. The Lion's roar is not muted, LOVE does not scream, it PURRS. Its a vibration. It leads EVERY choice.

How to find that purr of oneness when you are in the dark?  You go very very very deep inside and let your eyes 'adjust' to the inner world. Then once you are in the vastness and you feel that you have dropped PAST the edge----------------------------------------------***** YOU  SOAR with your voice!!!

This degree is of KINGS and QUEENS.


The Total Solar Eclipse is in a trine to Uranus.  WOW!  That is breaking the sound, light, earth barrier.


You will ONLY get there by NOT LOOKING OUTWARD. Its not outside of you- your kingdom is WITHIN.  Make it a one way ticket!

Will everyone have this spectacular life changing awareness? Not all. Not at first. But, yes, many are waking up to what it means to be open- hearted and full of a zest for life and love of ALL living beings.

This Total Solar Eclipse is going to heat things up. Leo is a fire sign. Mars is very close to it in Leo as well.  IF you do not take care of your will give you much trouble. I mean that literally and symbolically.

America's heartland is drench in this Total Solar Eclipse.  We are about to have open heart surgery.

The question is:  "HOW has America allowed its heart to become so eclipsed?" (blackened with hate, jealously, fear, envy, lack of compassion for the poor).

We will change as a country in the next 12 months- like nothing before. The public is going to RISE UP and the chant is going to be:  CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!  I believe this total solar eclipse will bring an end to - the two party system. IT will happen over a period of time, but it is going to end. The two party system has failed us.  We need a REAL round table.

America's heads of state will change.  By heath crisis or by the voice of the people. Trump's Mars is begin activated by this eclipse, his anger will come back to him full throttle. All that hate on the trail has gone out into the universe....and it will boomerang back at him and his closed heart policies. But not before we go RIGHT TO THE EDGE.

The shift  will be in the way that middle of America pumps blood through the body of this country. Having the blood supply cut off only brings death. And with every death is a REBIRTH. We are already in the process of rebirth. Not to be 'great' but to be WITH HEART, WITH LOVE.


By all the small acts that each and everyone does in the day to day life to give a healthy heart. Feeding your neighbor. Aiding the one that lost everything to flood, fire, or just plain lack of luck.
A disaster is here-(America's heart Valves are clogged!), and like all 'tragic' events- as soon as we can, we rush in to where we can be of help, because our heart is BLASTED open.

What will it take for us to get there?  Only divine knows that one for sure, but I have no doubt it is coming. This show stopping event...and its not the one you look up in the sky to see, it is the one that is tied to your beating heart, so listen fully. This will bring you to a place of new beginnings. The arteries are being cleared so that the life force can flow freely.  Look to your childlike innocence and ask how you feel about 'playing' and what puts a smile on your face?  How do you love others? Is it with a romantic heart? Do you need to 'allow' yourself to love more? or BE loved more? Do so! What did you dream of doing as a child, and pushed it aside because it wasn't 'accepted' by one parent or another? Are you chained and bound to something (job, mate, illness, city, life-style) that prevents you from feeling alive? This is THE time to examine what foolishness needs to be pursued while you are still able to do so! Have the lion's courage to walk the razor edge and propel yourself into the center of BEING.

Here are some ideas I have for each Sun Sign. If you know your rising sign read that as well:


Your 5th house is being  activated and asks you:  WHY DO YOU CREATE? FOR WHO? Learn to PLAY again and you will find the answer.  Love as if it was your first and last day on earth.


Home is where the heart is, and if its not, time to move! Pay homage to the mother and all births that you have had in your life. Big garage sale due.


Relationships with brother and sisters needs a b12 shot. Give back to your community. Serve at a soup kitchen near by. The short story can be re-written now, give it a happy ending. Speak the truth or get burnt.


Work should be what you love, or at the least- put your heart into it, or get nothing back. How you spend, earn and what you are capable of doing when fear is gone is about to be revealed. Go for the lead.


 IT is ALL ABOUT YOU! Seriously, this is a life-changing time. Put it all on the line. We will be clapping with you when you nail the triple axel jump. This is not the time to be alone, but do not lose yourself in partnership-find it!


Time for some serious spiritual study or retreat. You really do not know WHAT you do not know. But being brave and hanging in the dark, will bring the light. You will lead from behind the scenes for now, but this is just prep for the coupe. Timing is everything.


WHO you know matters more now than ever. The keeper of the gate could open a new kingdom for you, but which key fits  with the visions you have for yourself? Learn to lead in the crowd without stealing the show. Be the humanitarian. Have a cause to fight for, even if you benefit.


The boss will be changing. Daddy isn't the big bad wolf if you find the way into his heart. IF you aren't following your 'mission' you've got a chance now to do so. Discovery of what you are capable of, isn't near as scary as sitting on the sidelines frozen. You are fearless - remember?


 Time to travel. Be it with the body, a book, or a very dramatic move on your part- back to the school of higher learning. Any ideas for publications should be followed! If you aren't writing one- at least read many! No travel without a passport.


It is all life and death. We are either living the life we want, or we are dead. Take extra care of yourself right now. You are due for an understanding of what 'other people' value....and just might be the receiver of unearned monies. Of course you did earn them, in a past life, or this one...but do not forget uncle Sam's due.


Your partner might be making headlines, but you are the co-creator so be sure to ask for credit on the playbill. It is perfect timing for you to develop deeper heart partnerships. It is way more fun to have someone to play with than building your sand castle alone. The more you give the more you get.


A new work opportunity is on the horizon. It involves ways that you either shine yourself, or you help others finding the ONE thing that sets them in joy. Performing with all your heart guarantees success. All the world is a stage, and say your words so they can be heard in the pink seats. Your pets are the children who need you most right now, save them with love.

Wishing everyone a safe view of the Total Solar Eclipse......whatever is revealed to you- may it lead you to your divine space that is never eclipsed and shines within- ALL WAYS.

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