Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Christmas wishes

Greetings from INDIA.

Wishing for everyone a HAPPY HOLY HOLIDAY *LIFE*.....

There's nothing like a few weeks of continual praying with thousands of people to help you find the love within. And isn't that what the holiday season is about? It is if you are in India on a pilgrimage.

This month is full of changes and chances to find the love by sharing your time, energy, good will with ANYONE who needs it. Today the 4th Mars moves into Aquarius. It will trigger the Solar Eclipse point of Nov 23rd- which means that some opening that you may or may not want is coming. Mars in Aquarius deals with air traffic, frozen water, fast wind, and expect some of the unexpected. Crazy weather- earthquake action- is to be expected!!!  ESPECIALLY THIS WEEK.

On the 8th of Dec - Jupiter turns retrograde- so I am of the thought that going INWARD really is the best gift to give to the self.....bringing compassion and goodwill to others instead of wanting more STUFF.

There's nothing wrong with having the desire for objects; after all it gives people jobs.......but keep it in balance this year!  What can you give that can help open a heart? Where can you share a smile? Who needs some understanding? And most of all- LOVE YOURSELF!!! Jupiter is in LEO- so take care of your heart- and also expand it. If you are not happy, then try to figure out why. Some inner exploration is great while Jupiter is retrograde. Go out and meet NEW FRIENDS.... Jupiter's back tracking will make happy with Uranus in a few weeks. So use this time to 'explore the world within".

The Winter Solstice is on the 21st. ALSO on that day its a New Moon (not always so) AND Uranus is stationing Direct (aka- first gear -all systems GO).... So its powerful time to find your back bone of blue chip virtues. How can you stand TALLER? I am not talking about in achievements- I mean in being a person of integrity. Walking the talk. Telling the truth. Discovering what your principals are and living by them- no matter what the cost. Are you willing to work a bit harder to make someone's life a little easier- just for a day?  That's living TALL. Can we bring more unity to the Christmas table by not just passing the food, but passing on the mis-understandings that often come up during the Christmas season. Expectations can be so high during this time. Expect nothing and give everything- you will be happier!!!!  Try it for a day.

Venus moves into Capricorn on the 16th and so quality over quantity is the name of the game. REAL DEAL LOVE RULES.  DUTY. (yes!- it can be very rewarding). Long lasting partnerships can be formed that WILL make it through the storms of life.

On the 23rd Saturn moves into Sag. THIS shift is a big one in an ironic way.  Saturn is restrictions. and Sag is about expanding beyond the Universe. Maybe Santa goes on Strike and forces everyone to share. Learn the meaning of true wealth.~ a wish to help each other on the journey of life. A desire to be the best human you can. Strong tolerance for those of a different view, or faith; after all if we all thought the same- think how boring the world would be. Diversity makes life interesting. You can become a forever student when you keep your MIND and HEART open.

Wishing for you bright lights and a full heart today and always!


 with love from India!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


at the crossroads

WHEN you find yourself at the crossroads, as many people are these days, I hope there's a place to sit for a spell to enjoy the view, before you move forward. Be it left or right or (which ever path calls you) take stock of what is right in front of you~ NOW. All to often in life we don't really SEE what IS until we look behind. And then the view is very different, or gone completely. Like a passing cloud.

Neptune stations direct on the 15th of Nov. The veil of maya (means temporary-think of it as changing sets on the stage) is about to be lifted. No more re-runs.  What you see, will be what you deserve. It all depends on the view finder,and the color of lens that you've been looking through since last June. Have you been walking around in a confused daze? Have you been in denial? Have you reverted back to childhood memories that weren't really great, but better than the current now? Or have old black and white movies taken you to a place that never was, or could be, but you LONG for it anyway? Fear not, Neptune turning direct will help you make your OWN color-loaded musical..............and OH WHAT FUN IT WILL BE!  Because the only movie we really can be super thrilled about is the one we make based in the truth of what kind of life we want. Granted, sometimes the Universe can throw you curve balls that you'd swear you never ASKED for. And then there's the HOME RUN that you are VERY SURE YOU ASKED FOR!!!! 

What it boils down to is this-  Mars is triggering the Lunar Eclipse of Oct 2014, and that's going to makes some people scream- 'let's get the show on the road!' (literally).........and others will be scream- "time to strike the set, this baby's gone bust'.......... so when you find your self ready to move onwards, just pause for a moment-and take a deep breath because the future just got a slice of sunshine- and it came about because YOU grasped the doorknob, got on the bus, plane, train, and said -time for a new view! Neptune is how we dream. - it rules our imagination. It rules Spiritual paths. It also represents the swamp land in Florida someone wants to sell you..... but ..... because Neptune is having lots of support from Scorpio planets right now it is very helpful in RESEARCHING THAT LAND before you buy. AND having a good time even if you decide not to sign on the dotted line. You never know what things await you until you LIVE YOUR DREAMS, INSTEAD OF DREAMING THEM IN YOUR HEAD.

So, dream a bit,journey a lot, trust yourself, and jump in the deep end..(of a new adventure)......because there are more things to life than paying the rent. There are places to see, new people to meet, and most of all COMPASSION to be developed. This is done in the fast lane, when you move out of your comfort zone, and into the thrill of the unknown.

VERY SOON (SUNDAY) Venus moves into Sag. This placement is all about travel, higher education, the clergy, lawyers....and FREEDOM to explore LOVE.  And how to love fully with every breath.

So, stop reading and go book your flight, hug your beloved, give thanks for all that is.....and remember to say a thought for those who don't have- food, clothing, shelter, or PEACE. 

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers.......I'm off on my own love-adventure......wishing you the best ever Holiday Season!

Monday, October 06, 2014


great wing of the sphenoid

SOMETIMES in life you have to look behind the words, and pay witness to actions. This week, and all of October would be a good time to exercise your penetrating eyesight. To observe. Be still and watch the show. But do peek behind the curtain and try to glimpse what words match the actions, and which ones do not. The show is going to get very interesting. It won't go as planned in some cases. We are in 'stirring the soup' time. The short of it is: Mercury retrograde (backwards) in Scorpio, then in Libra (see the news this morning on same sex marriages?)~ a Lunar Eclipse (Full moon with sunglasses on) in the sign of ARIES, followed by a Solar Eclipse in SCORPIO at zero degree hanging with Venus at the same point.  The venue is a packed show of "Now you see me, Now you don't" "Guess who's coming to Dinner" and " I love you truly, madly, deeply".... !

All bets are off on who will sit where at the dinner party. Musical chairs would be a good half time event. Keep it interesting, don't bore the guests; or trouble will start.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio for now, but on Oct 10th its retro movement enters back into the sign of Libra. So use the Scorpio period to investigate what motivates you to love, how to love more deeply and when its soulful and when its just selfishness. CLARIFY.  Mercury in Scorpio at the zero degree is REAL IMPORTANT. (Oct 9th 10th). It will 'pick up' energy from the UPCOMING Solar Eclipse at zero Scorpio (OCT 23rd). What goes on around the 9th and 10th should be made note of. It will become a footnote. Sign contacts at your own risks. Hidden clauses...... remember- my opening line.

What people DO when they think you aren't watching TELLS YOU everything about them. EVERYTHING.

Knowledge is protection. Prayer too. Faith in right action.  No one gets 'away' with anything on planet Earth (or any other planet).  The universe never sleeps, and certainly not this month!!!!  One eye is always OPEN. The INNER ONE.

If your actions have been less than noble, you haven't fooled anyone, just yourself. But there is always a redeeming element in being human. Keep the heart open, start with the correct foot of action and all will be well.

Personally, I think its going to be a bit of "Comedy of Errors" with this Mercury retrograde. Secrets will come out, and some will be hilarious! Its ok to laugh at yourself now and then!  As my friend says:  "MY BAD!"  (I screwed up~SORRY). Then you get to kiss and make-up.... which brings us to Mars in Sag.... Mars is still in Sagittarius.  Horse around. Gamble a bit with your heart, but go light on the butter. (all this Scorpio energy will keep the surgeons busy). Mars in Sag is expansive energy, it loves to cover lots of uncharted ground. Its in a great relationship with the Sun right now, and also with Jupiter and soon with Venus! This takes the edge off of all the "changing and uncertain" energy out there. Makes use of it in a positive way. We see so much shifting of positions these days (not talking yoga, talking pov) its hard to know what's real, secure and lasting. With the Sun/MARS/Venus/Jupiter energy- having an adventure you can remember for a long time would be good use of this combo. Take that class that you have not one clue how you are going to pay for,or trip, or go on that date with the 'very much not my type' person---- it could just open an avenue that you'd NEVER thought you'd be on!!  This energy is about exploring; LOVE, ACTION, BEING!  This window of 'risk taking' is blown open between Oct 6th-25th). GO! FOR! IT!

Now, we will discuss the Eclipses. 1995.  What manifested for you at the middle of '95-into '96?

We are building on that cycle. (that's the last time the Lunar Eclipse was at 15 Aries, and the Solar Eclipse was at 0 Scorpio).

Can you build on top of that foundation, or do you need to clean slate? What 'drove' you then?  How does is it useful to what you are focused on now? Did you LEARN ANYTHING THAT YEAR of GREAT VALUE? And, are you repeating choices that are good or bad?

I think that often we are living in our past without even realizing it. Old patterns get logged into the computer brain. Some aren't useful. Time to clean the hard drive and make sure not one virus is causing things to go array. If you really do want peace and happiness then every action has to be made to LIVE peace and happiness. We all *know* if our behavior is healthy or not. If our head/heart is in the right place or not. But do you *know* that YOUR time here is limited? The bell will RING. Don't make the mistake of thinking the school of Earth will *wait* for you to do your homework and still let you pass the class. Sometimes you just get expelled; especially if you slept though the lecture. NEXT LIFE!

When eclipses happen- big headlines will show the passing of the torch. I am looking at England for a big change in leadership. BIG.  The Solar Eclipse of OCT 23rd will active the Queen's Sun, and Charles Moon. EXACT.  Power and LOVE. Soulful choices.

But first.......

Lunar Eclipse date- Oct 8th 3:51am PDT. (TOTAL). DAMN IMPORTANT Moment!  Long reaching effect. 

STRONG FEMALE energy is coming to your town.  Across the world. This is the ARIES Lunar Eclipse energy. Moon in a fire sign of a Mars force. No more passive, submissive, I can only make babies kind of women out there. No. Making babies is great. Fantastic. But "she" is soooooooooooooooooooooooo  much more that a birth machine. Watch her move and shake and change the world. Its already made the headlines in fact. Did you see the photo of the WOMEN in INDIA who worked on the Mars Mission?  Here's the story:


 The Scorpio Eclipse is conjunct with Venus. DEEP LOVE. REAL DEAL OR FORGET IT.  Triangles? At your own risk. If you've not grown up (emotionally) enough to be able to go deep into something, then maybe you do need to have more than one partner at a time.
If you are easily bored, then you are likely also boring and thus do need several options to keep alert and interested.
A focus that is split does far less than one that is held steady to the goal. The shallow pond is build for those who are afraid of deep waters. We all learn at different speeds. However, when a Solar Eclipse with Venus in the line up happens- it is soul mate time. They will be showing up. PAY ATTENTION.  We will see many a united front that will move mountains with their love. It will be a love that most people on earth never experience because they never allow it. They don't believe its possible because they've never stuck with love long enough to discover the gold of a deep, powerful, loyal love that sees your soul, not your body, not your mind, but who you REALLY ARE.  THE ATMA!

 It feeds the soul this love, and moves you toward your very own self. In truth, soulful love is divine love.

So as you navigate the next month, take to heart to these words:

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

Sunday, September 07, 2014


Dreams you can build on

The season of Virgo is half way over; but the 'plans' and dreams that have been planted, can continue to harvest in your heart for an extended period of time. Our dreams go through major changes at certain cycles in our lives. Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere is the appropriate time for gathering AND laying still *the possibles* for another season. There is also the factor of 'outside' events that throw light on what is valid for us and what was just a passing brain storm idea, that didn't pan out.

Tomorrow, Sept 8th is the *HARVEST MOON*.........its also a SUPER MOON. And in certain parts of the world, as it rises its going to look so big, you'd swear it was a 3-D movie you were watching, with special glasses.

Here's a link to more information on this very powerful full moon:

Harvest Moon rising 2014

The power of this full moon resides in the fact that Chiron (maverick healer) will be holding hands with the moon. Fingers will be intertwined in a compassionate, yet firm embrace. Solid Security~ Like a friend pointing the way to the rest room just as you know you can't wait another second, or the beloved letting you know you are a team. Everyone is in need of a bit more " Emotional security" these days. With the news of Islamic State monsters on the loose with blood thirsty swords, its a wonder we have new souls even willing to be born on planet earth! But we do. Births, Deaths, and LOVE will continue. Like I said last month, make Love a choice!

Yet, sometimes you do have to bomb the sh*t out of evil doers.  This stance of mine might surprise some. Well, let me tell you, I am no Polly Anna, and neither is Mars in Scorpio conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. When you have a group of people that want to hold the world hostage to their buffalo mindset, there is going to be trouble. You don't let the disturbed cobra hang out in the living room- (unless you have victim mentality going on, and you are ready to leave the body) you kill it. The world will unite and send these confused and soulless demons  back to the light so they can re-read the section on " getting along with your fellow humans". However, be forewarned, this IS GOING TO GET UGLY. I do hate to put that thought out there, but ......I don't see it any other way. A slow and steady plan (covert too)  with ALL the countries that do not wish to live under such elements of cockroach behavior will come together and successfully defeat the asuras. (power-seeking demons). Those that do not wish to live in love on the earth, can now leave. And if they don't wish to live in love or leave, but instead create misery for the rest of us that do, well then they can ponder the words of  Churchill:

"We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender." ~ Winston Churchill

I do suggest that we send light to parts of the world that are drowning in darkness. Perhaps that will avert WW3, and bring on OM WORLD. (oneness). Venus is currently in Virgo, so helping ourselves and others develop more love is what is useful now. Send a love bomb! Let's hope for the best, but not be doormats.

We need to build more love in our hearts.

"Love is the key to healing. Many doctors now agree that the majority of man's ills come from congestion, and from poisons stirred up by negative emotions. Love relaxes and harmonizes man's emotions. Love attunes the individual to the healing power within himself."~ Catherine Ponder

 How to active healing in the heart? 

We activate more love within by giving more time to positive thoughts; end of story. Allow a period of time each day and ask divine to love through you and do settle in your very own heart. Ask that the highest power be of love.  Embrace loving thoughts more than the other ones that push to be first in your mind. TRY to control your reactions. Mars in Scorpio conjunct Saturn in Scorpio is great to laying permanent habits. Mars will be in Scorpio until the 13th of Sept. After that- time to get physical. 

Mars in Sag brings us to the great big stadium of Athletic mojo.  A grand trine in FIRE will be in operation until Oct 26th.  TAKE ADVANTAGE of this!  Jupiter (beliefs) Uranus (genius) and Mars (action) will line up to help fuel your dreams that you wish to build on!  Its about moving towards what you wish to "BE" and not editing your openings with lack of confidence. This is the time to PUSH forward- and let your hearts desire(s) be known. Not a shy moment. This is a profound urge create  and  MOVE TOWARD *IT* (whatever that it *is* for you).  The period is also excellent for public relations and pitching your cause. (Preachers - will be heard). I would love to see the sane Muslim world come out and be very vocal in their thoughts on what they *KNOW* as the real face of Islam: LOVING EACH OTHER. Helping each other, not cutting off heads.

As Mars moves through Sag, we will be seeing lots of energy poured toward 'belief systems'.......and also a look at how we make higher education affordable. Mars will square Neptune on the 20th and during this time the spiritual community will raise its voice and make a call to action- for COMPASSION. You can utilize this period for dance, adding more grace to your words, trying to learn a foreign language, for more understanding of those that speak different than you. It takes WORK to understand those that are different than ourselves, it but leads to a larger vocabulary. Lava could reach the ocean during this week. Already we see two Volcanoes erupting.......maybe cleaning up the mess will give people jobs and a sense of community.

Pluto stations direct on Sept 22nd.  And when that happens- governments will have greater strength in unity. Any back room agreements will be made public. Let us pray that the deals made are for the transformation of the many. Helping the common man live in thrive mode.

Earthquake alert- during this Harvest Super Moon build up not only your dreams, but your safety kit as well. Jupiter in the sky is triggering the Nov 2013 Solar Eclipse, and that means first we break down, then we build up. Get ready for more letting go, and let the dust settle before you decide where to pitch your tent. But once that has happened, don't look back. What is gone is gone. 

The new moon in Libra at 1 degrees on the 23rd favors building a love nest. Romantics will begin the blue print phase of creating a life of 'we' that isn't based on fantasy. Its based on a *NEED* to work together to build something stronger than oneself. This house will be so strong it will never fall down, as its built not of brick, wood or stone, its built with and from love; and that's a dwelling that we all can live in.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Humdinger Love addict

"Love is the light that guides the feet of man in the wilderness"~ Sai Baba

So here we are. Jupiter has changed signs, Saturn is moving direct, Mercury too. Mars has entered Scorpio. And the beat goes on. But it doesn't have to be a war beat. It can be the beat of an open heart, sipping in the nectar of love. We do have choices. And often the smallest one is the most important. How to live in love? Make it a choice. Become addicted to seeing, being LOVE. Its easier than you think. And if the truth is told, you can't get there through the mind. The mind will lead you to a winding road of reasons why you shouldn't or couldn't see the love in the world all the time- because hey, THERE IS WAR, AND POVERTY, AND HEARTACHE.......


BUT... and this is a big one.....there is always a chance to BE in the space of LOVE. Try it. As an exercise. Just watch your reactions. Just watch the mind, and decide that you wish to see the LOVE instead of the FEAR. Try it for a day. Catch yourself every time you begin a judgment or start to be critical of yourself or others. OH, you have to turn the TV NEWS off for this- at first. Because there isn't any 'happy' news on the news. And the trick is to remind yourself of all the things that are GOOD in YOUR WORLD. You are going for the SUGAR, just like the Hummingbird. That is your fuel.

Jupiter has entered LEO. Its in a tight square to Mars. That's a 'working it' sort of aspect. Its not bad. Its actually good. Jupiter is about 'over the top' energy. And Mars is full steam ahead (but in Scorpio it will be very covert in its actions). So Mars pushes Jupiter to take 'risks'. Nudging with taunts. Well, if this is a risk of sharing the heart, it can lead to all sorts of adventures! BE BRAVE says Mars. BE OPEN says Jupiter. Waltzing from stage right comes Saturn. The tasks-master is still in Scorpio. Saturn adds the steady hand of digging deep, but not so fast that you miss the gems you might find along the way. Those sparkles can only been seen in the 'light' of day; the light beams from an open heart. This is open heart surgery time. How much blood you lose depends on the condition of your thought process. Do you pump out the anger, fear, revenge, jealous thoughts? Or do you expand to your child like nature to play, cherish, and embrace the sunshine?

HAPPY ACCIDENTS are a natural result of thinking and believing in them. Uranus is the ruler of 'accidents'. The unexpected. I actually prefer the words- magical manifestations. So plant that in your mind. "Uranus= MAGICAL MANIFESTATIONS". Jupiter will be doing a dance with Uranus. This dance I will call the Hummingbird DIVE. Fast, with great speed and without fear. The Hummingbird Dive will become very popular in October.Everyone will be doing it. Dance halls (YOUR LIVING ROOM) across the world will be filled with joyful people doing this "HUMMINGBIRD DIVE". However, you can start practicing the moves with your beloved NOW. It means you will not hold back. You set your sight on the goal, and you see it as successful. THE GOAL? The go-all of being more centered in love more of the time, each and everyday. Leave the rest up to the wind and your wings of faith. Your faith is key.

Practice makes Perfect. No shortcuts.

On Aug 12th, Venus moves into the sign of Leo. On 17th she holds hands with Jupiter, and on the 24th she flirts with Uranus. I am a romantic its true, but not bias- as this is pure fact--- THAT'S some good-loving aspects!! So we have a window of time that we can really tap into the creative expression in all of its forms. The third week in Aug promises to bring some big smiles, relief from war and all the ugly traits of the ego.

The new moon in Virgo on the 25th can push us to practical ways to show love. "HELP EVER HURT NEVER" my teacher says. My money is on the bet that by the end of the month we all can clean up a bit with a sweeping heart in action.

By the 27th we have some friction between Venus and Mars; Tango replaces the Hummingbird dive.Spicy replaces Sugar. Oh, Nina will be singing about "sugar in her bowl" but we all know that SPICE is what makes the loving hot.

Bon Appetit!

Friday, July 04, 2014



"I ate everything that came

  And everything that will

And still it'll never get its fill."
                                ~Irish wisdom


 Madonna's Birthday is one month away! (Aug 16th) ......CELEBRATE!  HOLIDAY!  (time to get up and boogie woogie on the dance floor!) Happy almost  Birthday to the Diva! She lives/owns that Leo energy and we love her for it. Great example of what hard work and creative energy can do. This year she'll out shine herself !

SHINE.  And PLAY like a child. LIVE as if today is the last. LOVE. Oh, the LOVE! At the center of the heart!

For twelve glorious months we can discover the magic of celebration. Throw caution to the wind. Embrace some mighty lightning bolt change. FIRE is building in the cosmos. By the end of the year we will have three of the outers in FIRE signs. A grand trine in FIRE its called. And you know that fire burns away all that isn't needed. Fire gives warmth. Fire is SHIVA.

And that's going to result in some moving and shaking........oh, won't the neighbors be surprised! (and that includes neighboring countries)........"why, they just picked up and headed out, with not much warning".........or  "well, they just invaded the border and we never saw it coming".........

SOON.........SATURN will turn direct.........(July 20th) and then things REALLY will get set in motion......the big moves that have been put on hold since mercury was doing Jackson's moonwalk  (retrograde) its all going to flash by so damn fast you'd better hold on to your hat and your heart.......because the opening you've been praying for and working towards is here to greet you...............!  And if you are shocked then you've been away on another planet. These will be FINAL changes set in motion. Some will resist; and miss the boat. This is not the time to give into fear.

Jupiter's entry into LEO is about big- and more big. Lion size big. I wouldn't be shocked if big hair came back in style. Gold will. Class act LEO is ......and its also a big baby at heart. You know the light shinning infant who just sparkles.......that's Leo. and LEO in  Jupiter IS the smile is as wide as the Mississippi river.

Its the KING and Queen placement. And its going to trine Uranus- so like I've been saying for awhile- get ready for THE QUEEN to go on vacate..(she's earned a bit of relaxation after six decades) ruling party is coming in. I say, by 2015.

What else?

Well, with Leo coming on the scene- that is such a show stopper not much else to speak on really.

Except when Mars moves into SCORPIO and squares that point.....(July 25th).....OH MY. ZERO Scorpio is a super sensitive point- its the next placement of the Solar Eclipse in Oct. So-- when that gets triggered..... The war of who really rules the money will begin. Sex and the ruling class (or ROYALS)  will be back in the headlines. The fight until the death of taxes and the people who do or don't pay them. And discussions about how much open heart surgery should really cost.  (I know a hospital in Puttipardi, India that does them for free! Top notch surgeons too!)  We might also see some Volcano action in late July. So, no hanging out around the lava flow spots, you hear?

 WHAT RULES YOUR HEART? (how to open it and keep it open).  That is the question to ask yourself. How to shine in a world of so much sorrow? Be like a child.(innocent curiosity). Leo is very good at that. Be creative. Allow yourself to discover a new way to love. A new broader kind of love. I'm not talking about being immature (childish)  or ignoring your duty. Or even being carefree. I am speaking of something much more noble. Leo is about leading and stepping up to plate. It just does it in a much more expanded way with truth, justice, and creative flare. IT LOOKS fun, even when its taking effort. A Broadway musical. Ever think about how many rehearsals, and blisters and sore throats and such that it took to get to BROADWAY and make it look effortless- night after night?  That sort of thing. You show up. And at one point the music takes over, the steps are in the sub conscious and somehow it flows through you......the divine dance is pouring through you- are you doing? Sometimes that is hard to say when you allow the divine to flow through you. Now would be the time to experiment with that.

July 18th Venus moves into Cancer. And the love of the simple things will take hold. We might serve them on china- but macaroni and cheese never tasted so good on that silver spoon that Aunt Effie gave you from the family treasures. Its a time to gain a bit of perspective on what the "family" means to you. For those who are starting one- its sheer joy and wonder at the creation of life. The miracle of a birth. Speaking of births......

America's birthday chart is a real humdinger. We might actually find that we HAVE to start communicating better with other countries- and that means not just giving orders. Our super-power status will be challenged- again and again. And we will win as a Nation when we start asking with manners, 'can you please pass the oil' and not GRAB it and try to gobble it all down and leave none for anyone else. Lots of Libra in this Solar Return Chart- so I do think we will strive for BALANCE, at least the people of America are going to ASK and then DEMAND that. Balance means having enough, but not TOO much- and not TOO little. Our political parties will learn to get along and do the job, or they will find themselves unemployed. Could be some real shifts of loyalties in the coming months. People are going to start asking LOTS of questions about how things are run, especially  about the JUSTICE system. And MARRIAGE. More on the front of who can marry and who can't.

Art will make a big splash in the next 12 months. Record sales. Digital Dreams that break the sound border.  Support your local artists! They make the world a very interesting place. Everyone should tap into their create mojo.  EVERYONE has an artist inside; even math can be creative. Why do you think astrology is called the 'round art'.

HAPPY 4th of July dear readers.......may you shine like forever sparklers!

Monday, June 02, 2014


Finding the Divine Ma within

All the above images reflect ways that are 'mothering'.... and how we can feed ourselves- and how when we are 'being mother' we give without thought. Its as natural as breathing: However people have lung issues.

THE MOON RULES THE MOOD. And the moon changes signs often. Every couple of days.  Some days the sign the moon is in fits with our chart smoothly. Sometimes it doesn't. When the latter happens we can feel a bit on edge, or just out of sorts. Of course astrology isn't quite so simple; many other factors have to be considered. Such as the moon's ruler- (the planet that rules the 'sign' the moon is in). Astrology is filled with a ton of such considerations. THIS is why 'reading' the birth chart (or any chart- cities have them, there are charts for 'events' etc) is such a complex thing. Everything modifies everything. Or another way of putting it~ the day could be clear, but if your lens have a film over them- you are going to see the view of blur. Same with our moods. So lets talk about the MOON. And its role in the chart.  Because June is a month that you will want to REALLY have control over your thoughts/mood/ and how you respond to events. Its also the Month of the Summer Solstice- when the Sun enters into the sign of Cancer. Our new moon in cancer is close to the solstice as well- so its really a month of FEELING your way through the waves that will come via outer events promised as the cosmic cross gets activated. 

Each month we have new and full moons. We can clock them around the wheel and clearly see what areas need are attention as per the houses they fall in. (EACH HOUSE RULES AN AREA IN OUR LIFE). As we watch the day to day moon's movement we can get a grasp what might be the 'astrology weather'........and lets take it even further....

WHERE (house) and WHAT (sign) your own moon's placement is tells us HOW you give, and what you need to "FEEL" like you are being "fed." How you tend to show your "mothering" nature. The moon rules the "mother". And everyone at one point in life needs to learn how to feed themselves- how to re-charge your batteries. How to mother your very own self.  If you are always looking outside of yourself to get your emotional needs met,  chances are, you will be sorely disappointed. People can't always "be there" for you. Learning what you need and how to give it to yourself is to become an emotionally mature person.

But as we will discover in life- not everyone wants to grown up.  

The moon is also key to what we really really really can't live without. So understanding our own moon, and the moon of our loved ones helps us to use our energy in a better, more loving way. The moon is key to UNDERSTANDING.  Its also governs habits. It rules over what we 'need' to feel as though we are in tune and living life fully. When its needs and expressions are ignored other problems can begin to develop to fulfilling our life's purpose. 

So, lets take a ride down the road of the moon in each sign. What it needs and how it gives the mothering vibration.

Aries-  the moon here isn't prone to 'waiting' for you to figure out what she needs- she just yells it out! Opera lungs. Whatever they want they wanted it yesterday, so could you put a snap into it? And when you 'give' make sure its NEW and pioneering- put them "FIRST" more times than not and they will be very happy indeed! They also need to learn to put others first in life. That's their lesson- to give what they want. The placement of Mars in the chart will add an extra layer of complexity to this placement.

Taurus- comfort zones. LOTS of comfort zones. MAKE THEM Feel LOVED- they seek to do things with EASE. They want love to be 'easy'. Flow. They need to be surrounded by beauty. Often they create in a major way. The artistic nature is strong. All the things that bring 'pleasure' will be high on the list. Silky cloths,aromas that invite the lungs to breath deep, food that looks as good as it taste.... oh, and did i mention CHOCOLATE? Look to Venus to get extra information on how your Taurus moon blooms like a flower when feeling loved.

Gemini- Data lover. The more information to 'compare' with the better. Don't just offer one item on the intellectual plate. They need to 'know'.......books, books, and more books- depending on the placement of mercury in the chart- that will tell what the favorite subject matter is. Poetry. Words of love. They need to 'hear' it. Short courses that can just start a new project idea. Give them a subscription to any informational source and you'll get a smile. LISTEN to them.......(allow them to chatter on). These moon babies need to move the mouth. Kisses abound.

Cancer- FOOD. Water. Emotional movies that offer the chance to unload the extra emotional energy in the comfort of a dark theatre........tears will roll and they will feel oh, so much better! Cancer absorbs others emotions easily, they are 'sensitive'. so be sensitive to their EVER CHANGING MOODS....and you'll win their confidence. FAMILY is a very important part of the secure feeling for them. Be close.  The more secure they feel, the more they will let you in their inner shell. And oh, don't go about things TOO directly- ever watch a crab walk? (sideways). This is the natural placement of the moon. You get double energy of MA. 

Leo-  Forever needs to SHINE. Like a child, no matter what the age. Simply must feel they are VIP. Leo is  fire sign and so they like Aries want it in high speed. But it must be 'quality'.... this is King and Queen placement. Treat them like they rule no matter what (a bowing down does wonders) and they will stand tall and rule well. Whatever there Sun sign is will give extra clues into what makes them open up.

Virgo- Earth Virgo needs real. Real love. Real deals. Don't mess with their lists. Or their mess if they haven't yet owned the way that people but things in boxes and drawers. They can tell you EXACTLY where that item is- even if it looks like a tornado just hit the room. The same is with feelings. They KNOW how they feel via the thinking brain. USEFUL items only please. Help them to accept the imperfections in life. They want you to improve and they want to improve.........everything. Details DO MATTER.  Where's mercury in the chart? Extra credit for extra effort. These moons can be really hard on themselves if they don't think they 'add up' or 'match up' to the status bar. 

Libra- Just hang out. Make them feel smarter. Its important to give them mind challenges that are light and breezy. They want to "BE WITH SOMEONE" more than any other sign. They simply do not feel 'whole' without someone to have as a mirror. Prone to do the "mirror, mirror on the wall" stuff. Yes, they know they are lovely, but are they AS LOVELY, etc.... its a mental moon placement and they really do weigh the scales of comparison. Gentle souls unless badly aspected. Seeking only the easy path- at the expense of their own growth can be an issue. 

Scorpio- DEEP. Everything is done with super deep thought and meaning. No shades of grey here. So give them your soul. Because that's what they want and give- SOULFULNESS. If you betray their secrets (and if they tell them to you- you must of passed some big tests) then you best get the heck out of Dodge. No one goes five hundred percent for you like this sign. They will give you their very blood. BUT........if you don't understand the word- LOYAL....then you will never be able to comfort them. Scorpio moon needs to go to the bottom of the ocean with the feelings. And when they "feel" they take on it all. Not a fake cell in the body. They delight in mysteries. Look to Mars and PLUTO for where the depths can go. They never forget a kindness and will be standing their for you when every other spineless soul departs. 

Sagittarius- SPACE. They need space. Freedom. Travel. And whatever you do make it big. No, bigger. Sag seeks wisdom (which is what you DO with knowledge). They like adventures. Make it spicy in the kitchen. Don't fence them in. Hang out in the woods, or international cafe with them. Pretend you are from a different planet and put on an accent to help them out of their sometimes funk. Look to Jupiter to get an idea of just what they want in mass amounts. This is another one of the 'forever seeking more' signs. No matter what's in front of them - the grass is always greener in GREENLAND.

Capricorn- Help them rise to whatever position they are seeking. Compliment them on their work ethic;unless they are the rare lazy type- (then they know they are being lazy, and will see right through your misplaced praise). Hug them. This placement came out of the womb as an elder and slowly through life becomes a laughing child. It takes lots of hard lessons early on in life. They are serious and aren't too keen to being made fun of. Super aware of authentic giving. Not much gets past this guard. They love the old stuff. Saturn will show you how old- (OLD- or CENTURIES OLD).

Aquarius-  Keep it light. bright. Colorful. Inventive. Outer space. Wacky fun keeps them interested and engaged. They need to be allowed to be off center and loved for it. But most of all- BE LIKE A FRIEND. A real friend! Pal around with them. Don't get to heavy with the emotions. They just can't relate. Remember the Jetsons? That's where they are at and what they need.....electric energy to move about. Uranus shows where they want to zip and zap. 

Pisces- With feeling- they need it WITH FEELING. These moon babies are walking antennas. Softies. They want it pure. They want what you have to give to be otherworldly. Music, dance, movies. Recite a love poem to them when they are blue........wallow with them in the pond. Lift them out of it with crystals and magic food........tell them your dreams - and listen to theirs. Save a stray anything with them! They collect broken hearts and mend them. Makes them feel worthwhile, and they can relate as they are soooooo sensitive!

 OK! So now you've got some key ideas of how to give/get for June. What you also need to know is that- Mercury is stationing retrograde on June 7th. Redo your home, the food diet, and clean out those closets! It will be retrograde until July 1st.

Mars will trigger the Cosmic Cross - the week of June 13th- 27th. Read my Mars blog on the kitchen sari "planets in action" page for more details about that. May 19th update.

The Solstice is exact on 3:51am pdt on the 21st.  Followed by a new moon in Cancer at 6 degrees on the 27th......

This week- June 5th we have a quarter moon in Virgo sq Gemini sun....when is too much information too much?  key word for this quarter moon is - ADJUSTMENT. Get out your work bench and re-work a relationship, project, and or old habit. 

I've focused on the moon in this blog - namely because CANCER energy is abound this month. Its the last six weeks of Jupiter being in cancer. The solstice is this month. Mercury turns retrograde in cancer. The PAST will pop up and you need to be aware that how you react will determine the flow or lack of. Moon always deals with how we 'respond'. Being more aware of your emotional nature will help you when emotions that you thought were long buried show themselves. 

Cancer energy also deals with family. Its also the Sun sign of America. In America we are on the cusp of a big chance to CHANGE OUR PATTERNS in how we react to the rest of the world. This is true in our small little families as well as the global family. 

The cosmic cardinal cross that was exact in April is an ongoing, unfolding of potential maturity. Going from teenager to adult. In a spiritual sense. 

IT is only when we get in touch with our own inner "DIVINE MA" that we are able to act more loving to each other and TO OUR VERY SELF. 

So, explore what it is that you need to feel whole. Make sure its looking within and discovering it in the inner world. Give it to yourself. Be it time, forgiveness, extra sleep in, etc.

 And then as you understand that what you seek is inside then you can share more and more love in the little ways in life- that glue us all as one. Give your smile, give your time, let the person on the freeway in, don't honk, sing "DIVINE BLESS YOU", each and every time you are more honest with yourself in how you discover the mother within you become Gaia.

IF we all activate the divine ma, more and more the world will become a mirror of that- which we truly are -  creation itself. 

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