Monday, April 08, 2019


As you you set in motion

It starts at the top...and goes straight to the action. It's is true, as you think, so you do.  And this month you will be thinking A LOT.  Mars just went into Gemini.

Mars is the planet of action.  Gemini is the sign of communication. And also sometimes (not always) Gemini can speak in two languages at once. The language you want to hear, and the one that is the truth.  It is up to you to be able to know the difference. Gemini is also about seeing more than one possible solution, so its not necessary meant to be deceptive, but often it can certainly look that way.  Sometimes it is a con-versation.

Mars is traveling through the twins sign until mid-May.  One can multi-task with ease. The urge to get "everything in writing" will be strong. Its a great time to start the project that includes "two" everything. It is also a terrific time to work with your hands, in just about every medium you can think of.

Connecting with people who get your vibe and your words will be strongly desired. This is the "intellectual love making" time.  Having a great mind is just as much (if not more) of a turn on. After all, desire starts in the mind! Everything does! Don't forget that. Watch how you view yourself, and what words you tell yourself when you "think" you aren't are.  You never stop really.  The conversation you have with the self is the one that pretty much never stops. This is why its critical that you are kind, honest, and clear- with yourself.

Later in the month (April 27th) Mars will be in a square to Neptune. Mars, being the act first, ask later planet will have some answering to do if this is done on sloppy time.  Neptune is a spiritual escape- move into the groove kind of planet, so the combo is good for music, dance, funky creative, not sure why it works, but it does- expression. It's also the -caught you with your pants off- you double trouble person.......... you can fill in the image....bottom line- if you tread on the double talk wire - you just might fall, hope you have a safety net.  This blending of dual energy planet with fuzzy energy planet is great for reading the most fantastic stories....that aren't SUPPOSE to be REALITY.......outrageous tales of  space travel to a land where anything dealing with flying is possible. Read yourself away. All month! As a matter of fact- this month should be the READING MONTH.  Try for ten books. At least.  The more the better. Read a few, at the same time, as in, start one, bored? pick up another! Then go back to the first one, and see if you discover the juice.

April 10th finds us stopping in our Jupiter tracks!  Currently, the big planet, that rules "I believe" and world travel, plus the Justice system- is going RETROGRADE............ yes, other planets besides Mercury do this too.  Jupiter will have some interesting headlines dealing with immigration a few days before the actual turning point and many laws that are enforced during this time frame won't hold up.  International treaties are going to be doing a GIANT (its Jupiter!) shift.  Also, we also might see athletic   stars in the news- "retirement" being considered suddenly.

Personally, its a time to review what you believe and why.  If what you took to heart at one age, might not feel as 'sure' at another. We do change our beliefs as we mature and grow.

Since Jupiter rules international travel, it might become a bit more difficult in the few months that its retrograde. Or its possible that some place you made a journey to at an earlier time in life seeks to be discovered again.

Freedom is a firm Jupiter word- so, what freedom is to you could change. What is freedom? To one person it can mean able to move any place any time, to another- it could mean freedom from all desires. Explore this word freedom, see where it leads you.  Jupiter will be in Retrograde motion until August 11th.

The third week in the month will find Pluto turning retrograde. This is an inside job. How are you going to transform the inner to match the outer? The What, When, How, Where- of  shedding a skin that no longer feels correct. Go slow with your transition.  Some choices can not be easily reversed, so do not act in haste. Let it peculate.

The full moon on the 18th (PDT) is at the last degree of Libra. Some relations will come to a closure that is agreed upon with unusual finesse. The art of departing. During this full moon Venus is be leaping through Aries, so, one door closes, and another is already unlocked and open wide. This is true of job options as much as love ties.  Full moons always shed the spotlight on what has come to the dead end, and points us in a direction that will lead to another chapter in our story. This is especially true in the area (houses) that the full moon  falls in your birth chart.  That axis will be the noun in the sentence, the planets (moon/sun) the verb.

So, put on proper shoes for doing a lot of walking and some climbing this month, because the stars are deeming that you get a move on it!

photo credit- p. mcphinney c.2001

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


And the beat goes UP

It is the next to the last day of February 2019.  Is it me, or does a month fly by like a year used to? So much is crammed into 28-31 days now !  Thinking back to last year seems like a century ago.

We are a speedy sort of group here on planet earth.  With the instant communications nowadays, its hard to hold on to a thought, then you are bombarded with five more.

This coming month is loaded with many cosmos changes.  So many that you might WANT to revisit the past. Just to remind yourself there was one.

We start off the month of March with a new moon in Pisces at 16 degrees. It occurs on Ash Wednesday, at 8:04am, PST.

Twenty-four hours earlier, Mercury the messenger does the backwards jig, and goes retrograde @ 10:19 am. This reverse motion is at the last degree of the last sign- Pisces. Um.... Where Chiron (the wounded healer- maverick one) just was!  Its perfectly alright if you spend the day reflecting on how you drown, but lived to breath another day.  Yes, we will rise again. Its the time of year for that. We do have a role model for it.

 Dream weaver will be busy because the Sun and Moon are interlocking in a 90 degree relationship with 'fly me anywhere but here'  Jupiter. The key to remember is- you must face the music wherever you are.  So just play good music and you won't mind the mushy confusion that this combo can create. Just do not lose sight on the fact that new moons are for new beginnings, even when they are confused as to WHICH road to take. You might be ready to forge forward, but mercury gives you the opportunity to take another loving fond glance over your shoulder, before you say farewell to some factor of your life that you have outgrown, or that has been snatch away. Neptune is conjunct the new moon as well, so all that isn't reality will seem overwhelmingly more attractive than what currently is. Unless you are falling madly in love, that is. And its will be a very romantic love. One that is fraught with all kinds of obstacles that add to the fascination, such as long distant, and needing a Savior.  'Tis, the season!

To mark the day even more super charged is URANUS re-entering Taurus at just half past midnight on the 6th as well!  So, within 48 hrs we have: Mercury retrograde, New Moon in Pisces hanging out with Nebulous Neptune, and Uranus entering a sign of creature comforts for the next seven years!  I'd try to stay clear headed (impossible!!!) if I were you, and I'd try extra hard to not make any firm- cut in stone, new choices in life.  Everything is going to be colored with a mist of some new kind fairy dust that you've sworn you've NEVER EVER experienced before! Now, if you are a music creator, designer, or person who makes their living via being imaginative, this could be a preposterous and prosper filling week! Something like landing on lottery numbers twice in a row, and not having to pay taxes.

Everyone else, could just experience enormous gratitude that we aren't living someone else's life, because this combo of  other world energy can also bring a taste of: "but grace, there go I'...
It has the ability to do both:  give greatness unimaginable and also give the grand fall, also not expected because we didn't pay attention to the EDGE of the cliff......taking that selfie.

KEY WORDS:  PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS.  Commune with divine. Give compassion to all.

You'll have two weeks to gather your wits about you before the Vernal Equinox...(AKA OSTARA or SPRING) which occurs on March 20th at 2:59 pm  PDT...and then four hours later its a FULL MOON at zero Libra!  WOW!  The Sun enters Aries and co-joins Chiron....and this zero degree is anything but! In some ways the New Moon on the 6th is more like sitting in lotus and the full moon is doing full yoga in less time than you can say I AM.... I AM ....fill in the blank.  You'll be WIDE OPEN in sun salutations to greet the meaning of receiving!  It is one big "YES!"

Mars is in Taurus all month and the flowers are going to be awesome. The earth is the platform in which you can breathe in the scent of: unfurl my freedom to BE.  Rebirth yourself back to you.

Inhale your openness.

photos:  parker mcphinney c.2017

Sunday, January 20, 2019


A Dandy Life

The Moon is rising. Its a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at zero LEO.  Things will be changing. You'll grab the heart of it, by giving your all to what matters in your life. This eclipse is about tuning into what makes your heart shine.

The entire point of eclipses are to spotlight what NEEDS to change in our life, by the houses they activate. The axis in which they fall. One area holds the Moon (change) the opposite house the Sun (I AM).  With this eclipse its all about combining what makes you feel alive in your life with what you are actually spending time doing! It asks of you to live - AUTHENTICALLY.  To have faith in your purpose, as it changes paths.

Right now, the kernels of hope are being planted. Its the first phase of potential. This will be tested the last week in March as the planet Uranus enters Taurus to square this Total Lunar Eclipse point. So you have a couple of months and a few weeks to navigate your ideal plan.  Test are good way of finding out what works and what needs to be revised.

Also in this eclipse chart we have a Venus square Neptune. That is all about allowing yourself to dream the BIG dream.  Don't cheat yourself! You want a DANDY life right?

At the same time- we have the go-getter planet Mars in a tight- (oh, so tight) square to Saturn!  That is the muscle grease that is needed to work longer, as long as is needed to manifest your vision. Mars and Saturn together can be ruthless. Turn that energy into persistent, never giving up mojo. 

Even though this is a LUNAR Eclipse its happening  two weeks after the Solar Eclipse of Jan 5th, its working hand and hand with it and  an eye on  the road being paved.  Whatever structures  you want to shore up with security- will be tied to the earlier eclipse. What ambitions planted themselves in your noggin?  Traditionally, Lunar Eclipses are letting go of something, and Solar Eclipses are allowing in something new.  You have to make room for the new, by rearranging your life, which often means getting rid of ideas, concepts, people, even STUFF, that is not matching the new multi-colored landscape of your life's dream.

Additionally in this Lunar Eclipse fever of a chart, is Venus conjunct Jupiter- EXPANDING THE HEART beyond what you even -ever- thought possible. 

So let me state this firmly and clearly- CREATE YOUR DANDY LIFE! 

Let the stars guide your way, and tap to the rhythm of a thumbing heart filled with compassion and daring to go after what will make you smile.

The miracle of a eclipse mirrors the miracle of a life well lived- one that takes change as a call to once and for all- create what you consider to be a nifty, paragon, splendid way of existence.

Marigolds to you for a Dandy life!

You can eat them, its true! They nourish on the inside and out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


How to grow your Garden-Holiday style

The season is upon us. I am speaking of the season of decay (making new space) that happens before birth. Its a cycle and its always going on 24/7.   We are always undergoing some level of it, or witnessing it, or feeling the tides change. Sometimes this cycle is scary before its exciting.  The scary part is when we are not quite sure how and WHEN the refreshing reinvented self will emerge. Let's discuss the process of "becoming new again" a cosmic garden sort of way.

It is the end of a heck of a year on planet earth!  The perfect time to spend a bit of pondering on what changed. Make a choice on how to position yourself in the picture of your life, so that you're excited about 2019. 

Currently, and all of December, Mars, the planet of strut my stuff, is in Pisces.  Its not especially strong there. Every sign has a strength to it though, and this placement is good for dreaming up a plan. The emphasis is on the dream part, not the plan.

 First you have to have a vision to manifest before you get to the building part.  It is the holiday season, so even if the world says you have to rush about -you don't.


 Holiday Celebrate!

 Use the time to truly give yourself the gift of settling down with YOU.  Spending some time with yourself in contemplation and use the imagination to create in your world of dreams, the life you want to live in 2019.

 Everything begins with an idea. It can change along the way (and it will- no doubt). Start with-"what are my dreams?"  Not what everyone else wants for you- what you - REALLY WANT FOR YOU. This is Pisces at its best. That is why some of the most inspiring novelists, dancers, musicians, painters, etc. spend time alone. To allow the creative concepts to emerge. That same creative is the inner voice speaking in your thought consciousness (head space) to bring forth a birthing for you.

This is true no matter what you want to do with your time on earth. It is not limited to "creative" paths in the sense of artistic expression, but it is the same creative voice-inspiration, that makes the choice to be a lawyer or a poet.  Every path in life can have a dash of creative to it !  Even Math. Astrology is very mathematical. As I think on it, just about everything we do has math at its core.

So we can use the cycle of astrology to see how to go about getting our boot straps tied and fit for climbing when we are in a introspective cycle, and how to make the best use of riding the wave when we are on top. Everything in between is either slowly going south, or slowly going north. We do have times of relaxation, where we are just simply happy where we are.

The intersection of critical change is what I am speaking of now. 2019 is a year of preparation for huge change, as the future Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn moves toward unification- in 2020. Now, is the time to prepare your course map, and that starts internally.  So, allow your dream time in waking time too.

Every garden needs certain actions to grow. It needs HEAT, (or HOTNESS), seeds (ideas), water (nourishment), some good earth (grounding),  and now and then fertilizer.  We are the same, and right now- we have the water going- with Mars in Pisces, and Neptune there too, heat is provided by the planet Jupiter in the fire sign Sagittarius, (for 12 months), Saturn and Pluto are in the earth sign Capricorn helping us to set up good foundations and guidelines. You have your helpers, you just need to do the work.

Venus is in Scorpio all of December, and this placement can help you to let go of what is already gone. Decay is a valid phase in life just as any other phase. It can be more painful, but to hang on to a piece of fruit that no longer gives you any vitamin C is a problem.  Throw it out. Clean out the drawers in your head, and in your life. This is the time to make space! It is part of the process to birthing the new.

There will be times this month that doing a dance of danger will be good for you. That's when Venus and Mars do the tango around the 17th- 31st.  Both planets are in water signs, a bit wide, but close enough to enjoy each other, especially if its forbidden. Spice up your fun. Dress dangerously attractive, and for goddess sake spurge on some new shoes and go dancing! Have a foot massage, go to the late night party, just don't drink and drive!

On the 22nd Mercury will line up with Jupiter. Keep the wallet at home, because your going to be overcome with the urge to spend, as if it were never going to have to be paid for! Sagittarius is known for promising more than it can deliver (signing too many times!)  and both Mercury and Jupiter are in the fire sign- bringing a bit of over the top energy. Use it instead to send out a lot of New Year's Wishes in the form of cards, (snail mail- keep the post office alive) and jokes at the office party. This is a great aspect for comedy writers, so flow until the ink runs dry, which won't be until after the New Year. 

Winter Solstice this year is on the 21st @ 2:23 pm PST, followed by a full moon the next day at zero Cancer. WOW-Z energy.  The last weekend of the year is sure to be remembered as full of feeling and with strong story telling memories. Food will be a center piece and THE FAMILY takes a new traditional path. The year of the female is almost here (2019) and she's going to really do some gardening! The weeds have to go! No room! She's planting the food that feeds - all.

Get ready for the feast of the feminine, her birth is imminent. She will arrive on the scene in a hot feisty manner. Surely to surprise all with her power of getting things done! So, you see, by going inward and inviting yourself to be free of boundaries that you have known too long, (male or female) you are allowing for true motivation from the heart to lead you and pave the way for real growth.

Mars enters Aries on the last day of the year. Very symbolic that the first sign of the Zodiac is in take charge Mars as the clock turns to 2019. Foretells of a HOT 2019, perfect condition for the horticulturalists to have a solid harvest right when it is needed.

May you have enough and then some in 2019.

photos c.2018 parker mcphinney

Monday, November 05, 2018


Full Moon half sun

It is with great effort this blog is being written. Today, on the eve of the most important elections in my lifetime, the internet has gone down on my broadband. Earthlink has a relationship with AT&T. so... since AT&T has gone into some sort of "problem"...since FRIDAY... no internet...for perhaps 24-48 hrs.  YES.

I found a way to link up with everything including photos that really display what the elections are about.

Not surprised that an electric fiasco has occurred, because Uranus will return to Aries tomorrow. And the nodes (fate) will enter Cancer from Leo (they move backwards always)...but the timing of an outage that is to last right into the election has my eyebrows raised. Yeah.

But, like me- with my phone tethering to hot spot, and a laptop- we SHALL PREVAIL to get information out! I feel like I am an astro-reporter in a war zone trying to get out vital star science to the masses that care.  So many do. Once upon a time, we in America didn't doubt that "the parties" could work together. Now, all I want you to know, is that this election will determine how clean the air is, how protected your food from poison is, keeping a free press, not having schools, places of worship, concert halls, yoga studios,  etc. be a war zone. And then there is Gerrymandering. Look it up. It will determine a great deal of the future. Governor races are super important right now.  So lets get to the astro:

This is what is going down in the next 48 hrs...

1. Uranus re-enters fire sign Aries (LEADER) stays there for the next four months. It will oppose the current Venus Retrograde position in Libra. Everything can change in an INSTANT.  From who is hot in your eyes, the art world, the stock markets, and who is also worth going to war over. For a short while Mars in Aquarius will be sextile to Uranus...the collective is FIRED UP.

2. The Nodes of the Moon- (north and south) where you are headed where you've been- are moving into the sign of Cancer/Capricorn.  THE FEMALE is THE FUTURE. And that future starts with this election. We will see RECORD females holding high office. The energy also makes everyone much more concerned over food supplies (YEMEN) and what security is -actually. Is having a roof over your head a security issue to you, or are you more concern about your profits? If you can't afford housing very little else gets taken care of. The world will be re-examining the meaning of having an address to be allowed to VOTE.  The planet Uranus will square this point- that means- the fight has just geared up a bit. Do  you think the MALES who aren't evolved will give up that toxic male ego without a fight? Some people never ever got taught that we are spirit first. We will have to help them go past the limited thinking process. Jupiter is going to help. Jupiter= Knowledge.  Jupiter is currently TRINE to the new node placement. But only for about three days. We'll take it. (who is we you ask? the progressive voting people).

3. Jupiter is @29 Scorpio.  Thus, the stinger is out. Jupiter is triggering the Total Solar Eclipse of Aug. 2017. Remember that one?  The one that split America in half?  Where an eclipse falls is where the action is. For a while, and certainly when a planet triggers it by degree. Jupiter is square the TSE point. Jupiter rules justice, the law, truth, universities, foreign places/travel. ALL of these will be in the news. History is happening all over the world right now. Relationships are being pushed to the limit. FYI  - Scorpio at 29 is "take no prisoners" kind of vibration.  What goes down now, will last, for a long time. It will have repercussions that you can't possibly see, unless your vision is to the core of the earth.

Russia is a very Scorpio country. Likely very busy right now trying to macro-micro manage "things".  (like voting machines). The Orange Slime has Mars at 29 degrees Leo. His Ascendant is there too. This gives me an idea that the elections won't be to his liking. He doesn't like to lose.
On a personal note- think back to Aug 2017 and where 29 Leo fell in your chart. If you don't know, get a reading via a good astrologer and find out what area you need to be paying attention to. This triggering of the TSE means big big change. An end is coming. Its possible the end has been in process and is just now being faced. THIS is not easy energy to deal with if it opposes or conjuncts or squares an important planet in your chart. Take care to get enough rest. Take care of your heart, back, and reputation. Call on your deep soulful resources- and stay focused on what is IMPORTANT in your life. Do you best not to work against your own self. Let what goes, go. Try not to hang on to
things or people if they wish to be set free. This is a cross roads in life.

4. There is a new moon on the 8th @ 16 Scorpio. This shows that NEW is here- now. I have deep faith that the NM in a trine to Neptune will bring up renewed hope in being able to rise above the stink that has invaded the whore house.  (yes, that is what it is now). We will find a way. Normally I am not so blunt in my astrology writings. However the last 3 years have made tip toeing around the obvious impossible for me now. America has been sold to the highest bidder. It is now viewed as a corporation, not a country. It has been hi-jacked by fake Christians- who voted for the anti-christ that they have been fearing for thousands of years. When kids and babies are locked up and when those who seek safe shelter are given the go-ahead to be shot if they throw a stone-is the rule, christ's teachings are NOT in play, Hitler is. I thought we got rid of that energy- clearly we have not. BUT WE WILL.

5. Nov 16th is the next most important date!  Venus goes direct, and Mercury goes retrograde! Its good if you want to redo- words. Its going to make the holidays (Thanksgiving) a musical chair sort of event. I wouldn't ink in any plans right now. The Stock Market might calm down though.

6. Jupiter enters Sagittarius for one year.  On Nov 8th the fat planet enters the sign of can I do more, eat more, have more, travel more, but hey within the law! Jupiter is very happy here. We need some happiness. We need good will for all to return. Perhaps Jupiter will - bring some Santa to you and me. It will be a great time to continue your studies, or start them. Where are you aiming your arrow?  Hit the mark! Exercise can be fun again. Learn a new language. Befriend someone different than you. Put love back into your faith.

7. Mars will trigger the Total Solar Eclipse point of Aug 2017 !  (two time this month-first Jupiter, then Mars!)  From the 10th- until the 16th are super sensitive days. This is a PSA- earthquake warning. Temper warning. And its also going to usher in the collective wishes. Go Humanity!!

8. Neptune goes direct on Nov 24th.   No more hidden lies.

Wishing you all a Healthy Thanksgiving.

Let your light shine. One for all and all for one.

Friday, October 05, 2018



Times are going to get stranger.

Venus in Scorpio turned retrograde this am. She's going inward for forty-days and Forty nights. When the love planet is in the passionate sign- that loves secrets, exotic times, and is very resourceful at finding the soul -we can have hope for Senator Collins who just sold out for money. She has time now to reflect on how she turned her back on Women.  Venus is retrograde- so the key word can be: BETRAYAL.  And the discovery of what you actually desire at all cost. And what it will cost you.

The #MeToo movement has just begun. It will go underground and gain strength. One thing that can't be dis-guarded is the women who will find their voice, and go to the polls, become a name on the ballot, and try to lift the energy of the miserable toxic male to a higher state of awareness. To lift humanity to remember that LOVE- DEEP REAL LOVE- is the destiny, not gold. Not lust. Not power. Sometimes you have to seek all those things to realize how empty they really are. They will never lead you to the path of oneness. Only more separation and more craving. Junk food is addictive.

Venus also rules resources. So during its retrograde be sure to guard yours. Discover what it is that truly has DEEP meaning for you. Be brave and touch on truths that give you steel-iron- strength. Face loss head on. Grieve full throttle, and know that this time in your life and in history will change like a stream to a river and make you stronger and taller than you ever thought possible.

Many people (not just women) are looking inward to their wounds to forge a tool of power. To become the maverick you were destined to become sometimes you have to dive into bottomless emotional waters to reclaim your essence. Sometimes it gets ugly and seems to have no light. But the light is there. Waiting for you. You will arrive.

Use this Venus in Scorpio energy to create something from the ashes. Scorpio isn't interested in shades of gray, so use the remains of your awakened but changed heart to manifest a distinct unmistakable statement. To carve a new authentic path.

Retrograde periods always bring elements from the PAST to the front door.  Look before you open. Secure your stance. Be prepared to dissolve from your old ways. Melt- down into a new you. This isn't easy, but can be trans-formative and give you a view/vision you never had before.

During this phase the markets will be a bit crazy. Prepare your psyche. Tune in to your ALL-KNOWING-SELF. Its inside.

Venus will be in Scorpio until  Noon on  HALLOWEEN.   That day she's re-enters back to Libra.  She will remain in Libra until Dec 2nd.  So during the Libra phase it will be a bit lighter in energy. More intellectual towards love and values.  Costumes will be both dark, and Cinderella, depending on which energy (Scorpio or Libra) you link with....or for fun combine them both!

Nov 16th the she planet will turn Direct.  All plans get the green light now.

We are going to see some very strong female energy in the next three months. Like never before. It will be a force to be reckoned with.  Words will not satisfy- only ACTIONS.

This is a challenging time for the rights of women. But I have no doubt who will be standing (and sitting) at the end of it all.  And any seat confirmations that occur now -will be subject to upheaval in the future.  Better eat fast if you sit at a unwelcome dinner table- because you will be ousted the second your bad table manners show.

Venus is also in a tense relationship with Mars in Aquarius all of October. Men and Women will have grave difficulty seeing eye to eye. This aspect stokes the "passion" and attractions will be based on lust and also dislike. Taming of the Shrewd comes to mind. But she won't be tamed.  It is odd how you can feel disdain and sexual attraction at the same time- but you can. War in the bedrooms will be sometime "play-acting" other times- real.

Its interesting that as this aspect perfects- this is playing out in all over our world. What is horse-play vs rape?  When is it not a game anymore but an intrusion? The seat conformation of Kavanaugh is completely mirroring this aspect. 100 percent! Venus in Scorpio is VASTLY stronger than Mars in Aquarius. You can come to your own conclusions how this chess game will end.

On the 8th there is a New Moon at 16 Libra. Try to make some harmony in your world. Team up with like-minded souls. Spend time in joy. See where you do agree and focus on that. Its far to easy right now to just see differences. Seek out the win-win situations in your world.

On the 9th Mercury stalks into Scorpio. Sherlock is on it.

Jupiter is in Scorpio for just one more month. Scorpios you must SEIZE the moment! It will not return for twelve years! What way do you wish to relate differently? What shore do you need to swim to now? Get busy plotting towards it- time is flying! Invest in yourself-in your higher self.

There is no mountain that can't be climbed when you have one pointed focus.

As the truth of - "wherever you go, there you are" rings out, determine for yourself to reach the highest view possible!

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Life as Roses

Somehow, it's the end of August already! Summer has sped past so fast, I didn't even notice that I missed posting in July. Perhaps it was the three eclipses tying up my energy. July and early August were choked full of needed change, creative surplus, and redefining goals. I hope that the last two months have been fruitful.

The eclipse season has passed, but its never over! Those three eclipses- (20 degrees Cancer-solar, 5 degrees Aquarius-lunar, and 19 degrees Leo- Solar) will be activated at various times throughout the year, bringing to you change, if they triggered your birth map. They will continue to affect the USA in varied of ways, mainly our leadership and issues of housing and food supplies that aren't contaminated with pesticides. Continue to shore up your family relations (not always birth!), and make choices that give you security. Flourish your every day with some playtime, and explore your creative energy. Be kind to yourself and others. We are all children of the source. The sun gives to all (if you live in southern California all year!).

So, here we are on the day of a GRAND TRINE IN EARTH! The energy is practical and innovative at the same time. Even though the aspect is exact today, you can use this steadfast plow for the rest of the summer season. The time is RIPE for planting a new garden, one that can produce a sweet scent, have longevity, AND be a bit experimental to you. Strengthen your resume with some new elements. Walk down an unknown path and see what you discover along the way. Feed not just your body, but your soul too. Make decisions that support improvements in your life. The Sun in Virgo wants to make you the best you can be, and will shine a light on the areas that can be worked on now. So wherever Virgo is in your chart,  focus on that house and the opposing one.

On the 26th we have a full moon in Pisces at 4 degrees. This is a time to balance both reality and imagination. Don't stay in a fantasy world  and especially if none of the dreams are coming true! It is time to be honest with yourself about "wishful thinking". Yes, its true that every single thought must find a target, but make sure the aim is in your eyesight at best, and even possible at least. Use the full moon to rid  blocks in the way of your desires and dreams. If you want to paint, and you don't have access to paint supplies, then how do you expect to get your work in a gallery? That is what I am talking about, don't keep empty dreams. Learn to work with what is at hand and manifest bit by bit. Why is it that everyone thinks they will "sell the screenplay for millions" but they never try to just put on a production at the local community theatre first? Grand is only great when the steps are solid. Build those steps!

And the cosmos will help you concentrate on what actions come first for you- starting on the 27th. The planet that rules how we go about getting things done, (Mars) will station direct on that date. It will march forward in Capricorn, and soon re-enter Aquarius. The months it has been retrograde have given much space for contemplation of where and what you need to progress in life. Often a stroll down memory lane helps us understand who we once were, and what we NOW want to be.

As Mars moves direct it will square Venus (on the 8th of Sept) and mismatched desires could take place within partnerships and also in the area of authoritarian people in your life. Venus wants harmony, and often at all costs, but the asking price might be a bit too much on this day! Boxing match could take place and the odds are on either winning! Both Venus in Libra, and Mars in Capricorn are super strong placements.... If you have to do battle, come prepared.

A few days before (on the 6th) Saturn will station direct and having a full force understanding of "the laws" (universal or legal) will give you an advantage. Those that think that they can sneak around them will be sorely disappointed. It is always better to take the high road and play fair, because at one point dishonesty or covert behavior WILL be found out. That's a given with Saturn in Capricorn.

There is a lovey and refreshing New Moon on the 9th in Virgo  at 17 degrees, which is all powerful because of its relationship to both Jupiter (where CAN I travel now?) and Pluto (how transformed I have become!). It favors you truly embracing a stronger, broader, and STABLE path. This is a time when the vision can clearly be seen and the drive is there to structure your life in a way that until now hasn't seen the light of day.  This is the start of my life as "a bed of roses" can seem in reach!

Maybe you've been struggling with something and the solution finally presents itself. Or perhaps the support system is in place and your skills are ready to be put to test. One thing can lead to another and so I say do not be shy, extend your fences, even knock them down!

On the 9th Venus will enter mysterious Scorpio, so be adventurous in love. This year Venus will go retrograde in Scorpio in October, so love's going to take a tantalizing ride if you allow it. Venus in Scorpio is always ready to go where  no angels tread......and certainly she's not one for dual love, (casual) so make your intentions CLEAR at this start of any new 'relations'. This is also an excellent time to do research.  Let's hope it's not hiring a private detective kind!

Yes, life can be a bed of roses, just make sure the thorns are gone before you lay down.

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