Monday, March 31, 2014



WHAT do you SEE?  (photo above)........


does your eye/mind go to the LIGHT or the garbage cans? 

THIS, your 're-action' to the photo is a telling clue to how the month of April will be for you. Because this month, like no other month this year, is chocked full of mega level changes and thus challenges. HOW you respond to them will determine the state of mind you will have for the next FEW months. 

We are moving into this month on the heels of a new moon at 10 Aries conjunct Uranus. The job of Uranus is to bring 'new' 'and 'untried' events to your life. New Moons are about NEW STARTS-always.  They are the planting seed phase. So we enter April with a powerful message of - the new will be unexpected. In some cases this planting will be done by you........out of choice. A movement into the unknown- yet welcomed. For others it will be THRUST upon them.  Statements like: "wow, I didn't see that coming" will be common. 

But in truth.........things have been brewing for a while......time to take the concoction off the stove before it burns to uselessness and you have to start over. You might have to start over anyhow.........nothing is for certain this month. Even my thoughts are subject to change.........because they already have on the view of Astrology for April.

A few weeks ago- I told someone that I thought "my fellow astrologers are certainly NEGATIVE about April! Gosh, I don't think its going to be THAT dire".............


I sat down and REALLY took a deep LONG look at what was going on. Yes, I knew that we have two Eclipses coming --- (the first one- 25 Libra-FULL MOON on Tax day in America!). Eclipses always rock the boat.......heck they sink it too. And I *knew* about the fifth SQUARE (tension) between Uranus (lightening bolt revolution) and Pluto (takes no prisoners government)........there will be seven of them by the end of 2015...... so we are over half way into dealing with that energy. And countries all over the world are revolting against their governments- which shows it in action. And weather patterns are at extremes which shows it in action......but for you? How will it play out in action in your life? That depends on your RE-actions to events. 

But even the above didn't cause me to start sweating and creasing my eyebrows. No. I am strong and Earthquake ready. (and you should be too). 

It was the in-between that happens that got me going .........."ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. might be a difficult, and life changing month." Better bolt down the  faith. Better get even MORE supplies". (such as candles,matches, good books, and COMPASSION and  LOVE). 

It also got me wondering - if the game was 'fixed'.... If its written that we (humanity) have to go through this patch of GLOBAL SHIFTS- then really isn't the only thing we can do- is watch our RE-actions and master pointing them to the LIGHT?  (btw- this is most difficult in good times- in bad times it takes the mind and heart to line up and STAY lined up)........ 

So, first question of the day- 

What is your attitude towards forced change?

2nd question?

How do you ACCEPT things that are not self-motivated? 

Work on realizing within yourself the answer to both those questions. Work on opening to that which you DO NOT BELIEVE you "asked for"..........and you'll fair a lot better in the next few months. Because much of what is going to come down the pike is going to be tied to so many spider webs you won't see the part you played in manifesting it. However, we all do manifest what we need, in order to GROW in SPIRIT.

 I did not say this was FUN.  If you wanted FUN you came to the wrong planet.  But, it can be entertainment!!!  And it can be very much a wonderful thing to discover how very strong you really are. How you have ALL the tools to get through the life. 

Watching "LIFE OF PI"  might bring some understanding of what I am speaking of. Its an amazing film and full of deep awareness. 

The in-between of the Eclipses is this:

Easter Sunday-  
Jupiter (expanded) sq Uranus (unexpected)
Jupiter (faith) opposed Pluto (power)
(lots of moon sq and opp that day too- the Pope will be really pissed I think)

The day after Easter- 
Uranus (progressive) sq Pluto (Dictator)

Two days after Easter-

Mars sq Jupiter  (anger against the blocked path- way over doing. extreme faith)

THREE days after Easter

!!! Mars oppose URANUS !!!




 Ok. so do you understand? Its like the house has fires on ALL SIDES. The 'house' represents your spiritual self in relationship to the divine absolute. (and since that is in everyone- your ties to everyone).  No safe shelter really, except for LOVE and COMPASSION. And they won't come forth without the effort on your part to make them a stable reaction to all events. 

Some thoughts on the above.......... many many people will choose to leave the earth. This will come about by a super quake or some other disaster. (WAR).  Its so huge these energies that I can not come to any other conclusion. Riots over some ending that came suddenly to some leader. Which one? Your guess is as good as mine.  Might be a leader of faith and or an extremist.  HUGE USE OF FORCE is indicated on the 23rd of April (three days after Easter)......

So- if you are building a house- (literally) this might be a good day to break ground. 
(use the energy in a positive fashion). 

Its not the day to let your temper fly. 

On the 28th we are into the second Eclipse energy- A Solar Eclipse at 9 Taurus. Its path is over the  Southern Indian Ocean- so that is when the "plane" (Malaysian) might be found. Or key factors of what REALLY went on. 

Some of us will be dealt bigger shifts than others in the next three months. I don't have to tell you who you are. YOU ALREADY FEEL IT. Yes? If you are not in denial you do. And no amount of vodka, or sex, (or whatever your choice of drug) is going to numb enough to ignore the call for change. Just face it with strength and know you are not alone. LOTS OF COMPANY ! 

I wish I had some great sage advice in how to handle this turbulent energy. The best I can do is this-

Do not focus on the 'garbage' in the background. KEEP your focus on the "light" in the green leaf. 

Courage and LOVE  will save the day.




Friday, February 28, 2014


Mirror, mirror - who's dat?

Its a new moon in Pisces. Today. Actually, tonight at 11:59:38 pm. Interestingly, its at the last minutes of the day, the last day of the month, and Spring is right around the corner.......(YOU WILL BE SAVED. Jupiter is trining the new moon exact!).

However, spring will have to wait. First there is some dissolving that has to be allowed. Some oneness waiting to be experienced. Some magical goodness of the world to be embraced. Some letting the ego -go and allowing the emotional giving to flow on down ! (I think of Bob Barker saying "COME ON DOWN" "LET's MAKE A DEAL.").... this could be fun you know!

 Right now the energy is about going to the inner cave of the heart and exploring the emotions that you find there. Got some blocked arteries?  Don't we all ! What blocks your peace, love, contentment? I am sure without doubt.....its the MIND. It's what tape you are feeding yourself. SILENCE THAT TAPE. PUT IT ON HOLD. 

You will have help putting it on hold - as Mars (motivator) and Saturn (foundation) are about to station retrograde (slam on the brakes, stop the train, permit denied, etc). This will help you to look deep inside yourself for what it is that you wish to do, build, and what kind of foundation you TRULY need to feel secure and complete. And yes, 'other' is part of this. Mars is in Libra. Libra is about compromise. I look into your eyes and see a soul- that soul is tied to the universe- since i am also tied to the universe- wow we are flying on the same air wave! cool! This can be experienced in art, with another that is close to your heart, with divine, with a cause you believe in. BUT FIRST YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF. (at least a little!).

This new moon is about FAITH. About the POWER OF FAITH. About how we see the divinity is the everyday movement of life if we chose. About showering ourselves with love and creative energy and then when the cup over flows sharing it with those that come into contact with us. ITS about counting your blessings. If you are reading this - you have several- you have eyes to see. you have a computer to read the blog, and thus Internet access. you have time to read it. You have the awareness of astrology and how it can give guidance in the mundane world.  It's a blog written for free! That's a lot of blessings right there alone. 

Take that excerise and apply it to many areas of your life, and suddenly- wow......the world IS BEAUTIFUL. 

Did you know Swans mate for life? 


EVEN if you don't have a 'mate' you always have divine. THAT can be your partner that guides and leads you to the 'still waters'........Mars in Libra is about 'searching' and learning how to build partnership. We do need each other here on planet earth. We need the compassion and mercy of each other just to get through LOS ANGELES TRAFFIC! Think about it. What if everyone on the freeway was just - me-me- me.  No manners. No allowing that car to come in from the off ramp.......shesh. we'd all be stuck on the pavement 'till the end of time; GOING NOWHERE. The same is true of life. YIELD a bit here and there with your me-first energy and watch the magical heart open. Of yours and others.  

MERCURY is now GOING DIRECT MOTION! Let the presses run ! It will take a few weeks for it to move out of its shadow (the degree mark that it went retrograde on)- March 20th to be exact. But you can still start the moving that you might of put on hold - of projects, etc. New clarity will come to add to these in the next weeks. Mercury has been in a great relationship with Mars all this time and that will continue. So plot away. IF Mars being retrograde blocks some ideas, see it as a gift instead of a hassle. If Mars questions the thinking process you are currently working with- also see that as a gift. The retrograde periods are GIFTS to re-work- re-think- re-do.  THINK of it as a 'run-through' before opening night. 

From March 18th- until the 27th  Mars will be 'triggering' the upcoming Lunar Eclipse (in April) and the Lunar Eclipse of Oct 2013.  That means what was promised then and what is promised in the future dealing with partnerships is activated. Also- weather (extreme) will also be in the news. BALANCE is the key. The world is needing much more balance in our greed, treatment of mother earth, and in how we SHARE. Its a repeated theme- how we partner, what makes partnerships work, why they don't when they end. Did you LEARN something by that broken partnership? Takes two to merge- Takes two to argue and you know you can always do a 'take two' and work it out. But if you are lazy and you don't like to work...........well - you picked the wrong planet to visit- coz we be workin' it here, baby!  Oh, yeah that brings me to the 'passive-agressive' energy of Mars in Libra.  It will be in full motion until mid-July, but especially under-cover from here on out. 

We'll have help in the area of Jupiter going direct on March 6th - THANK THE LORD.  And you can with steady work at developing patience toward your less evolved fellow humans. Jupiter and Saturn will be in a lovely relationship will trine exact  on May 24th. Mark that as a 'goal date'.......meaning - set before yourself a task that furthers your objectives in life. Move toward that goal from now until end of May. Maybe its reducing debt, maybe its building a new habit - such as POSITIVE THINKING. Just set the goal. That's how you develop self -confidence. And Jupiter is all about belief.  Saturn is about building. Working together - Jupiter and Saturn are hope and skill. Cheerfulness and hard work. Smiling while you tow that barge- knowing the paycheck is coming. 

The flow of life happens with our help or not. The river will move- that's its nature......wanting to return to the source. We too, are moving along a path toward the source. ALWAYS.

When you look into the mirror you know how you've lived your life not by how many wrinkles you managed to cover up, zap away, etc.  but how you 'feel' when you look INSIDE yourself. 

When you look at another do you see the love of your very self? 

The pure swans, with love and affection, dwell in the Ocean of the Lord, and subdue their ego.” - Sri Guru Granth Sahib


Thursday, January 30, 2014


Let's horse around

Happy Chinese New YEAR dear readers.  

It is time to horse around! Work out that charlie horse in your leg and get your groove on, because VENUS is moving in direct motion in less than 24 hours. Its time to act on the love- understanding that you've come to since she's been retrograde. Assuming that you used the period of the last six weeks wisely; and YOU now have defined love, how you give it and get it, what its not, and what it IS-and soooo make a move for it! Make SPACE for LOVE.

LOVE is not all that Venus is about. She's also about what you value. How you value yourself. Most people have been working this out for the last few zillion life times. Especially if you place your value on elements that change- such as your job, your standing in the community, your bank account- all those things go up and down. Holding your very divine self as something to value is akin to liking yourself. While Venus was doing the backward shuffle, old loves likely showed up in your mind, and maybe in life. So, even as they may come and go- love and how you chose to love yourself and others doesn't have to. As a matter of fact, if you don't love yourself you aren't likely to draw anyone to you that will see your shining light- because it will be covered up with dust. 

Venus is also about the 'price' of anything. Markets might make an upward swing as Venus gains ground. 

Someone recently asked me about the economy~ and I have been hearing comments like: "The middle class is shrinking".... I am here to tell you two things. One- the middle class isn't shrinking. It makes up the most of America. The middle class has had a lobotomy.  They are stone cold zombies thinking that some 'leader' or another will save them. Isn't going to happen. A collective VOICE might move things towards a balance that gives the middle class a reasonable chance at making a life and not just a striving to meet the basics. But, the energy is -that you have to SPEAK UP and move towards a collective representative demand for change. Passing around a notice on facebook about how congress should have to work for less, isn't going to do anything but clogged NSA's data collection filter. Think about it. Change happens when you INVEST your energy and people gather in strength. Sitting in front of your lab top expressing your anger is just sitting in front of your laptop expressing your anger. So, if you want to make some changes.... start researching how laws are presented and get to the point to being voted on by our very spoiled representatives who actually have a pretty easy life. They sit around and argue for a bit, throw big hissy fits, and then go on a paid vacation. Then they come back and do it again. Everyone is so busy yelling at the party that isn't the one they voted for and blaming the other party for the issues they don't agree with-they don't notice that the 'parties' are pretty much living a party-life.  I want that job. Maybe I will run for office. I am thrilled that Marianne Williams is running for office. I haven't had a chance to look at her stars....but I will say, if everyone is as sick of the spoiled brats in Washington as I think they are- she's going to march to victory. 

Secondly, there is LOTS AND LOTS of money in America. There is no shortage of resources here. How can our economy be in 'bad shape' if people in congress are able to RAISE 4.6 BILLION dollars to get a job that they then go on vacation more than they actually work? I mean who gives them 'money' to be LAZY? The American people!!!!  Corporations too.......but WHO makes up corporations? THE AMERICAN PEOPLE~!!!!

At one point a third party is going to blow the entire game off the boards. And soon. Very very very soon. When the Uranus square to Pluto hits the American sun degree-(13 degrees of Cancer) we will see the American version of a revolution. It will look very different than the ones that have been happening around the world- but then same thing will happen- The structure that no longer serves the people will crumble.  It will be stressful, and uncertain for a while- but 2014 Summer is going to usher in a BIG challenge to what has passed as our "DE-MOCK-cery".... When Saturn hits the 24 degree of Scorpio (Nov) and squares America's Moon, the "AMERICAN" (middle class) people will wake up from the nightmare of silence. 

But for now, let's focus on the fact that Mercury (the mind) is about to go retrograde and you need to back up your computers and make the closet cleaning out lists, and get ready to triple check every project you've been working on to make sure you dotted the i's and crossed the t's. Do your homework, throw some salt behind your back and just move with the flow of this's this way all of February. From the sixth until the 28th. And then.............

Mars flips retrograde on March 1st.  I wrote about that in last months blog. So go re-read it. 

The real thing that I wish to convey in this month's blog is that as we move into the year of 2014 you'll do well if you make a plan of how you wish for your dreams to manifest. First by deciding what they actually are! You could use the mercury retrograde period to refine them. Today, is a new moon and its in the 11th degree of Aquarius. Its in a marvelous relationship to the planet Uranus. That makes it a super charged inventive energy force to work with. Be BRAVE! Think and work in VAST ways. LEAD. Imagine that you had all the resources you need to achieve your have a mind that if used in the correct manner can step by step reach the summit. Yet, people give up! They don't believe in themselves. And one else does either! This is a year to move it- use the power of your mind to open to ALL the possibilities. It starts with you. It is about harnessing your wit, imagination, and ideas- and channeling them out to the universe and then not giving up until divine light shines the way. Be willing to be flexible. Be willing to take a chance. BE WILLING TO LOVE WHAT you "DO" and "BE" in LOVE.  And let go of FEAR. Because you know what? Fear is just a THOUGHT. Fear is just a reaction. Its as much a choice as LOVE is. 

So decide how you want your year to be. Are you going to get on that horse and hold the reins with all your might and fly with the wind?

Saddle up. Have a great ride. New pastures await you.

Note to the Queen: Time to retire. 

Monday, December 30, 2013


2014....year of justice (just us).

2014. almost here. is here. there is no such thing as time. its a man made thing to keep track. track of what? who 'dune' what, when they 'did' it. the only thing you really need to know about 2014 is this:

THIS IS THE YEAR OF US. THIS IS THE YEAR OF JUSTICE.  JUST US.  US is all. The year of finding the all.

OK. enough with the message behind the words. I will make it even more stream line. 

WE ARE ONE. When you find the one, you find the all. the all is in the one.

Mars is in Libra. That's the sign of  "us".... that's the sign of JUSTICE. When 'we' the people unite, there is a drive for Justice. We are in real need of this. And Mars will help you and me- us~~ get it, discover it. Understand it. And live it. Justice is also peace. justice of peace. Its not the man I speak of. The fairness. Need and desire for PEACE. However, I do think lots of weddings will be planned this year. LOTS. Wedding managers will do well. Las Vegas will be busy, fast weddings. Weddings that some don't approve of. Unions of impulse. Because the urge for unity is going to be very very very strong. IN ALL FORMS.

Webster says: 

fairness, authority exercised in maintenance of the right. judicial proceedings. magistrate.

My take- with Mars in Libra........yes, war will continue. But............................. the effort for peace will be greater. the need to find harmony in efforts will be the over driving energy until July 27th when Mars then moves into Scorpio. Until then Mars in Libra rules the chess game. It is a game. Make it a game of light and color and designed to bring you equal mindedness.

Things that might come down in the next six months: 

1. Supreme court Justice (s) are replaced. (one or two) ......... big debate on who will be the replacement.

2. The 'highest court' in the land~ in every country~ is challenged. Making new mandates that change the power balances.

3. Marriage is redefined.

4. Places of 'peace' are attacked with more fever- such as the peace corps. places of worship. AT the same time more effort is made to CREATE peace 'spots'.......

5. Wind energy is embraced.

6. The meeting of some of the world's greatest minds will take place to help SOLVE the world's 'fairness' issues... FARMING=  FOOD.

7. Putin will hate this year.

8. Increase in Women leaders. They will fight to hold on!

9. Woman's rights is the main headline in the news

10. The ARTS will be funded in new ways. THEY WILL THRIVE!

That's just a few things that I believe Mars in Libra will bring to the forefront. The peace marcher will be walking lots of miles. Get some good sneakers step out for PEACE!

We are going to need it. We enter the new year- with some powerfully explosive energy. Energy can't be dissolved it just moves into a new form. Make sure your 'form' is graceful.  Big winds are coming.

Let fly the flag of PEACE in our hearts. In our actions. In our words.

BUT........don't be a doormat either.  Mars in Libra can sometimes side step confrontations JUST to keep the 'peace' (piece)... know sometimes you have to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. This is that year.

Best time of the year for humanity to unite: MARCH. Venus will move into Aquarius and be in a favorable relationship with Mars. Mend fences...Mend boarders.... Mars will be retrograde from March 2nd- May 20th.  During this time- you can review how to best use your energy to get what you want by 'attracting' it to you and not 'pushing' for it. Get by giving. Then again  in July Venus in air sign Gemini (in trine to Mars) will favor all sorts of book publishing.

Mid July will bring us (ROYAL) Jupiter = LEO ... Might Prince Charles think about being King?  It might be up for discussion! Or perhaps lovely Catherine the Duchess with the best taste, another baby due?

By the time fall flows around we will be in Jupiter TRINE Uranus energy.......and THAT is HAPPY HAPPY- we have hope~!

Yes, I am saying- that by the fall of 2014 we will have lots to be happy about in the world. We are making progress. Yet, the progress we NEED to make is INTERNAL. Inside of you and me. Then WE will be Happy.

"the peace of God that surpasses all understanding" will guard your hearts and mind in 2014!

 SEEK IT.  Let it unfold within you. Flame the desire to know that level of peace.

Peace be with you~~~ in 2014

Saturday, November 30, 2013


What's going on? * LOVE *

Take a moment to listen to Marvin, before you read my monthly forecast......

Ok, that is suppose to set the tone. LOVE is what's going on-  If you can tap into it, and share it and gently discover it within- like your breath it is. Its not a grasping thing. You can't grasp love anymore than you can grab air.

You allow yourself to embrace it-feel it and give it. GIVE IT ALL THE TIME. In your smile. In your words. In your silence. In your prayers and compassion for all in the world.  And then life becomes a bit easier. The struggles become doable. Your heart opens. You learn that you are never "alone" as you are with YOUR VERY SELF- WHICH IS LOVE.  This is a fundamental spiritual teaching. And no one lives it more than AMMA, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Jesus and all the realized souls who have walked the earth. Begging us to watch their actions of love, and to mimic them. Then at one point you are plugged into the divine source that fuels the world of love.

I just came back from spending my birthday with Amma (the hugging saint).

Here's a link to her site if you've never hear of her- she'll give you some hope and a hug too if you can catch her tour around the world. She's a busy bee of love- not taking, only giving. Buzzing around the world giving hugs, food, shelter, education, housing, etc. etc. If she can do all that she's done in 60 years- surely we can control our thoughts and be a bit more compassionate and peaceful.

She's the mother. And I do mean 'divine mother'. We've got a lot of helpers here on Earth, but you do have to seek them out. You have to make the effort. The reward of hanging out with a realized saint is that it uplifts you and opens your heart and mind. You feel 'lighter' you tap into your own source of love. Then you go out and share it, just by 'being'. This isn't a bunch of new age words- its the TRUTH. To know that its the truth you have to experience it first hand.

Someone at the retreat told me a story of another asking them: "What do you get out of this?"

We both just burst out SMILING. And then the satsang began (spiritual discussion) of when and how the inner ego shuts off just enough for one to experience divine love. Once that has been tasted the quest to live it 24/7 never ends. This can take many lifetimes. But how many lifetimes did it take to even prepare enough to be willing to love and look within in the first place? Everyone starts from the start. And I shared my own stories of not 'seeing' or 'getting' it- in the beginning. But the guru had called and I had answered. My heart had been opened by a death of a deeply beloved one, so I was ready for my medicine. I had my marching orders - and I never looked back. Well, that's kind of how it is. You don't know what you "get out of it" until one fine day when grace comes and you are covered inside and out with divine love. So you just SHOW UP, Wait, And LISTEN.......and it will unfold.You make effort to be a better person. You make effort to stop judging. You make effort to tune into positive thoughts. You ask - "WHO AM I" ?  (not the job, title, body, etc.).

You are love.

The earth covers us up with so much heavy dust we forget. Saints help us to look within, and sprinkle us with love and then we 'remember'.  Ahhhhhh. Love. that's it. LOVE.  Its not just a word. And I am not speaking of 'personal' love. I am pointing a few chakra notches up- divine love. Crown chakra. (look it up).

This is the start of the holiday season. And so that is why I started the blog off with LOVE.

Because giving love is the best forever gift you can give. Its the gift that keeps on giving. When you give love- it multiplies. This is how we have a more loving world. There is no other recipe.

The planet of LOVE - Venus is turning retrograde on Dec 21st. She'll be in the Sign of Capricorn until March 4th.  She'll be retrograde until Jan 31st 2014.

So, during her retrograde period- why not review /count the ways you can develop more self love. And then count the ways that you can seek out to discover love. Look for the love in unlikely places. Ask divine to give you the treasure map.

Here's some clues:

Aries:   In your "mission"- make sure its done with love not ego. At the board meeting leave thank you notes for everyone. With father figures. At the top of the mountain. On the roof over looking the city. As you lead others to discover their power- make it the power of LOVE. At the dinner table - show it towards the head of the family. (even if that's Yourself!)

Taurus:  Teaching from your higher principals. Living your teachings. Giving the gift of higher knowledge -your own or pay for a class for someone. Trying to understand other cultures. Sharing food, clothes, music, paints, with those who are without. Pay for someones entrance into the Museum, music concert, or dance show.

Gemini: Ask your partner what makes them feel 'secure' and give it without hesitation. Make the first hug move after a fight. Forgive your enemies at work. Don't compare yourself to others. Try to understand other's values that are different from your own. Be loyal- to the end!  Keep your word.

Cancer:  Give your mate everything you think they are giving you- without reservation! Buy them handmade soap and do things the old fashion way- like looking them in the eye when you have private time. Review for yourself when you first 'fell in love' and try to always see the 'other' for what they are 'giving' and not what you aren't getting. Practice to be ever so loving in public! Develop better manners. Hold the door open for both men and women! Pay for someones parking meter when you see its about to go to zero. Make handmade Christmas cards that require a stamp.

Leo: Give your helper a day off with pay. Clean out the closet. Mentor a young person. Go down to the local eatery and arrange to buy someone a meal, or cup of LATTE. Go through your books and give three of them to the local goodwill. Pick up the trash at your local park. SING IN PUBLIC at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS: "Oh, what a Beautiful Morning!"

Virgo: Remind your kids how much you love them and how proud you are of them. Be less critical of their shortcomings. Give to your local animal shelter. Subscribe to the theatre. Go dancing! Better yet- have a dance party and invite a bunch of old people! Dress up like a clown for a day and pass out flowers on the corner.

Libra: Make your home a place of peace. Decorate the front door with classic holiday CHEER. Give your landlord a gift of paying your rent EARLY and with a note of well wishes for the new year. Take a blanket to the woman's shelter. Feed a friend. Be good to your body for a month- eat less sugar! Spend a night praying for every single country in the world. Give a house plant to someone who has the need for one.

Scorpio:  Speak with loving words. Take a poetry class (or organise one)  and bring the pens.  Control your negative thinking. Write a brother or sister a long-hand written letter on nice paper. Check out your local community center and see if you can give someone a ride to and from for a day. Tip the taxi guy triple. Give your mechanic a gift for the holidays.

Sagittarius:  Take a bit of your savings money and give it to charity. Work an extra hour and don't fret about it. Buy your favorite CD and give it away. Pay for a massage for someone who you know who needs it. Go out and spend some money at the local coffee shop- supporting a group of musicians, comedy troupe, and or any local artists. Take some fresh cut flowers to the local banker.

Capricorn:  LOVE YOURSELF. Be nice to your KNEES.(rub them with oil).  Remember all the people you love and tell them everyday! knit a scarf for a lover/friend. Ask yourself everyday- how can I be more loving? Work less, rest more. Sleep in and don't think about what you should be doing! Sponsor a goat. Leave a special treat for the critters.

Aquarius:  If you have an elder who is lonely or in a home -go visit them ! Take a hike on a trail and pick up the trash along the way. Give to the church, temple, or any place of worship that speaks to your heart. Start a meditation group/ or go to one for weekend and share what you learn. Contribute to any place that helps clean up the ocean.  Spend the day in silence.

Pisces:  Make extra effort to see old friends. Write your congress person about keeping oil out of our Oceans.  Join groups that interest you, such as - ballroom dancing, traditional folk singing, and or quilt making. Arrange for flowers to be sent to someone who you've had a riff with. Forgive them. Organise a pot luck office party. Thank the TEAM.

I wish for you all a healthy, happy, and full of LOVE holiday season!

And I will leave you with Mr. Nat King Cole- singing it :

Thursday, October 31, 2013


the moon shinning across a lake

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it's that magical time of year~ again.  Happy Samhain to all the pagans! It's the witch's new year. And this new year is going to be a mind blower!

So much going on in such a short period of time......actually in just one weekend!

What lurks below the surface? LockNest monster or Lotus root?

Likely, a little bit of both. But First, Let's start at the surface. Things my 'appear' to be calm and 'ok'....that's the still before the storm...... like the moon shinning across the lake, the reflection is just on the surface. It doesn't reveal what is underneath. 

On the surface we have a Spy scandal worthy of a B rated movie. The webs that are woven now will reveal in a few months how deep mistrust of each other really is. Not just  Heads of State, but of cultures. Of different generations. Between men and women. Of anything that is 'different' than you are. Oh, for the healthy, who crave coffee and various views every 30 seconds this isn't true. THEY will be flying high!  

WHAT we have URANUS (lightening bolt) in its FOURTH (of 7) Square to Pluto~~ exact on Nov. 1st........CRASHING your plan (or party) with a dose of truth in what it means to rock a boat when you don't know what is underneath. When you 'stir' up the dust, make sure the earth isn't contaminated. How can you make sure if you can't see' it?  YOU FEEL for the path of what has been proven over the centuries to be dharmic. (right action).These things are known. They are in the heart. When one cheats, steals, lies, are unfaithful...they know its wrong. They just find out HOW wrong when they get caught. YOU will GET CAUGHT.......underneath that calm water is the soul wanting to grow. We grow by making mistakes and then making them right. Its all a big drama really. Soap Opera earth actors playing their roles! So, don't beat yourself up- re-write the play! Or create a new part for yourself. If you've been a villain for a while, walk on the other side~ explore what it "FEELS" like to be a compassionate truth seeker. To help others and think of them first.

SCORPIO is all about what is hidden. Then its about transforming. Then its about dying to be reborn.  We are all headed into this cocoon of death and rebirth. The Solar Eclipse is at 11 degrees Scorpio- and its on Nov. 3rd.  Like I said, busy weekend. 

Thing is, eclipse energy is a new moon with sunglasses on and the shades might not get taken off for a while. Then again, someone  might come along and rip your fake mask off. So if you've not been 'true'..........get ready for the spotlight. You can always turn it on yourself by looking in the mirror and making some GOOD choices that allow for morphing into a new year with a new you. Sometimes we really don't see our dark spots. Don't want to. Don't worry, there will be plenty of people to point them out in the next weeks. 

What if you've been squeaky clean ? Well, you can still use this period to look at what you wish to create on a level that is deep and rings loud to your values in life. You can spend some time embracing the fact that we all say good bye to the body~ one day- so before your time comes, what do you wish to do with your time? Mercury is still retrograde until Nov. just know- you might change your mind. It's ok. Multi-tasking and changing of the passions is in vogue now. If you aren't Shiva with 6 arms (or ideas) then you can't say you've really LIVED FULLY.

Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn on Nov 5th. Get ready to work it. And you'll be re-working it for a while, as it STAYS in Capricorn until MARCH 5th 2014.  Yes, Venus will be turning retrograde in December for many months, so whoever you 'break-up' with will be hanging out on the street corner reading the paper (oops- I mean reading their cell phone) hoping you walk by............ you will.

In general what I advise for everyone is to make a plan of your goals, keep it flexible, and starting on Nov 13th (when Neptune goes direct) dive on into the lake and find out what is below the surface. You can't break water, and the magical moon might just give you insight of what you not only need, but long for. 

Happy Halloween!
So Mote it Be!

Monday, September 30, 2013


finding the sweet spot

In art there is a term: "the sweet spot". It means to find the 'flow'.  To work at feeling and creating a 'flow' from your tool, whatever the tool is. (I am not talking 3rd chakra here-this is beyond that). If you apply this method to your life, you in fact will enjoy it more. Find the sweet spot by using your own god given talents and develop them. Work at it . Experiment. Explore until it reveals itself to you.

Weave your life's path first by FINDING your sweet spot........and that may take a few sour moments. Don't be afraid to discover the sweetness in the sour. 

We are moving into eclipse month.  On Oct 18th @ 4:38 pm (PDT)- we have the first of two eclipses. Its a lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries 25 degrees. If you have any cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) planets within three degrees of this (on either side) you will FEEL it.  And what that means- is what do I need to do to accept or make changes in my life that will strengthen me? If you feel 'weak' right now you need to discover your courage. 

Most battles really have to do with the self. Aries is about pushing back, leading and taking a stand. Its also about being a pioneer, going where others fear, and lighting the fire from within.  In its weak state it shows itself by  being a bully, demanding to be heard until everyone drops from exhaustion of listening to the forever monologue, and not LISTENING to feedback. 

SOMETIMES being strong means being able to bend. Being able to find peace instead of war. Being able to be on your own instead of always being with another. Going it alone has some rewards now.

This Lunar eclipse will highlight many 'break-ups'.  Its the push and pull between 'me and thee'. Confusion may be brought into partnerships. WHAT are "WE" ?  (those kind of late night questions).....If you are suddenly faced by some 'fog' in your long term partnerships- you haven't been paying attention. I say that because eclipses can bring LONG TERM ISSUES to a head. The ones that have been swept under the rug. Suddenly that rug is pulled out from under you and you see the 'dirt'. So eclipses are clean up time! Events force you to SEE WHAT IS.

If you allow your partner (be it business, marriage, romance etc) SPACE to be, you give the relationship some need 'air'. They can grow in their own ways and come back stronger and thus strengthen the partnership.  This would be the time to allow that growth to take place. 

On the 21st of Oct. Mercury flips retrograde. This flip will last until Nov 10th.  Review, REwrite, REdo, REact= all the movements of a chance to rearrange your life- the inner one as well as the furniture.  

The next thirty days are going to bring expanded views on how many trees are actually in the forest. Some people really don't do good at math. As long as they aren't your accountant you don't have to worry. Really, in truth, you never have to worry. Worry is a choice~ and habit, and for some unfortunate souls a forever state of mind. 

Worry doesn't help you find the sweet spot.  So brush it aside and make room for the scent of sweetness to enter, and once you find it inhale deeply. 

photo- c. p. mcphinney 
Venus eclipse of the Sun
June 5th 2012.


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