Friday, November 03, 2006


shag me pink and orange baby!

Never underestimate the fun Venus trine Uranus can be. EVER. In the back of my mind is the astrology- always working- painting pictures of how to best use the energy. Uranus is about the unexpected. The lightening bolt of creative genius, the zap of knowing. The instant love vibe I call it, when Venus joins Uranus on the dance floor. This pair will get A LOT of attention; Mostly smiles, sometimes disapprovingly from those that can no longer allow themselves to be outrageous.

I was outrageous today.

The flash of knowing came when I decided to cruise past my favorite vintage shop. I am in need of a new bigger purse. One that will actually close. As I turned the corner and glanced into the shop, there it was. INSTANT. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I couldn't park the car fast enough.

Once in the doorway, there was no doubt, THIS IS THE ONE.

I don't know how long it will last, I do tend to fall in love every other second, but something about that pink and orange shag thread- draped all over just made me giggle with delight. It looks like something out of an Austin Powers film. IT just makes you want to scream- "SHAG ME BABY!"

So I bought it on the spot.

Gone is my earth tone cloth buddha bag. Replaced by a 'rug-purse' that is style extraordinary. I am sure to get many raised eyebrows carrying on with such a bright and unconventional thing. But that's Venus and Uranus for you.

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