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Water. Its formless. Try to hold it and it flows through the fingers. We need it. The body is mostly water. Without it we die. Its clear. Can't really 'see' it or hold it, yet it takes on the shape of whatever the container is. The earth needs it. Its preferred clean. Pretty useless dirty.(unless you are recycling it). If it stands still too long it becomes poison, yet still waters run deep.

Astrologically we are in the water week. The water month. One of the most important shifts happen on March 11th, when Uranus (breaking the mold) moves into FIRE, and out of water. Check out this video:

Right now, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus are in Pisces. Giving us a chance to hide in the subconscious depth of our dreams. How we retreat, and what we 'discover' when we go to the cave of inner most thoughts is the important thing. After we've nourished our self in the silence of the unseen world, we can emerge just like those submarines breaking water~ ready to defend and define what we want. Just like those HUGE machines under the water, we too, can be busy, working out of sight. How often do you think about those machines that are deep in the Ocean waters? How often do you visit your own deep waters? What songs might you pull out of you by visiting that world? What phobias might you discover that need to be slashed and burnt when Uranus moves into fire? These are the waters to bath in now, the healing ones.

Pisces is all about- fantasy, music, creative, faith, super-natural. So in these last days of Uranus in the last degree of the last zodiac sign, give a little time to reflect on how the creative space in your life has been honored since March 10 2003 when Uranus first moved into that sign.

This shift of Uranus into Aries is very very important for Iraq. The war that was launch on that country was done so when the Sun was at the last degree of Pisces and Uranus was at the first degree. They said it was going to be fast, the astrology at the time told a different story, Eight years isn't 'fast' is it? And what a 'shock and awe' that is! Not for astrologers. Not for Iraqis.

In a month, the planet that rules Pisces, Neptune, is going to move into the zero degree of Pisces. You got that right, I'll repeat. The planet that over sees the 'sign' Pisces is actually going to enter it. Its at 'home' there. Watch for third eye communication to become common day. Film, music, and dance will be at an all time high~ influence. And yes, more WATER issues are coming. The oil wars are ending (although at $4.20 a gallon you'd never know it)~ and the war on water- (both ways!!) are going to become front page news, second page news, and third page news!
Spiritual leaders will be in the headlines, and they will be working overtime to guide us all on the path of compassion via mass meetings on the power of prayer, thought, and taking the higher road to find peaceful solutions.

The big question they might answer once and for all is:
"Do fish fart?" And if so, "Is that why all those bubbles are on the surface of the ocean?".

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