Wednesday, May 26, 2010


GET READY TO MOVE......................

SPONTANTIOUS COMPUSTION is about to ready to accept anything that comes flying your way~ because it just might be good, and good for you- whatever you do- KEEP MOVING...... May 27th is a power packed day: Full Moon in Sag @ 4:07 pm pdt, Uranus ingresses into Aries 6:48 pm pdt. That's no little event. Its also known as the "Aries Point" because zero degrees at the first sign of the zodiac order is fire on fire plus some. Translation- move your mind, and the body will follow.

Added to the fuel is Saturn's station direct on the 30th and Neptune's turning backwards the following day. The VIBE is - set the footing on sure ground (if you can find some) and push the whining and daydreams in the spin cycle for the next five months. Then around the corner we have Jupiter (Santa) joining Uranus in Aries, so more energy to blast the Universe with your views and opinions. EVERYONE is going to have them, and everyone is going to be pushy, me first, should of been done yesterday mode. Welcome to: "We've had enough and we are taking over the world".

And I would like to suggest that everyone take a moment every single day to send a wave of intelligence, magic, invention, and solution to the oil heads running British Petroleum (OR anyone who can DO something)so that we might find a plug big and strong enough to stop the ocean from becoming an oil soup.

I believe that intention leads to invention and right now is time for magical INTERVENTION.

Photo credit:
parkermcp c. 2010

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