Sunday, September 27, 2009


Volume level @ 11

Get ready to turn up the volume. Or rather, get your ear plugs in if you are the sensitive type because the volume is about to go past a level you've never experienced before. Its 'relationship' week in the realm of the cosmos.

FULL MOON RISING: OCT 3rd @ 11:10 pm PDT- @ 11:10 Degrees of ARIES.

Did you catch that double 11/10 number? What are the odds? That the full moon happens to peak @ clock time as the same degrees and mins. it is in astrology time is very rare. Only seasoned astrologers will catch the importance and rarity of this. This is very much getting MY attention. At least for us west coast homebodies it will be very concentrated energy. The fact that its also in the Aries/Libra axis also plays a roll to its power. That's the me vs you zodiac signs. For newbies- Aries is all about me-me-me. Libra is all about we-we-we. They are going to be in a 'face off' this coming weekend.

Making it even more interesting (combative) is the fact that the moon isn't comfortable in the sign of Aries......Coz the moon is soft and Aries is the warrior. And by the same token, the Sun is very much in the front and center and Libra is always wanting to be part of something, (a couple, a partnership, the 'other' gives them a sense of being-being alone isn't their thing- usually).

So there you have it. The battle between how to be a we and still feel like a me. Or being yourself in partnership- not getting swallowed up by your partner's needs. Its tricky for the most compromising of us, and down right impossible for the ego-centric people- or as His Holiness the Dalia Lama says: "the excessive self cherishing". Yeah. Right on DL! You got it- and this week its highlighted in the get into LOTUS and start meditating now on what you want and don't want in relationships.

If you can discover what nurtures you and give that to the other- well that's a start. Even if what nurtures YOU doesn't nurture them- you've found a place to begin. How to be of service to others is another great path to help one to explore the "I" within the "NON-I".

Relationships that have been on the edge of breaking off, will probably bite the dust. They've reached that point. Sometimes stepping away is the only way to get clear perspective. If you draw too close to the board you can't see what you created. It will look very different to you 3 feet (or 3k miles) away.

For the locals: the face of Los Angeles is changing with this full moon. More unexpected leaders will 'step down'. And sadly, I think more out of control fires are on the way. Our money woes will continue and they will be in the headlines world-wide.

This full moon will ignite fighting for what one is emotional tied to. Finding the compromise is the key, but that key will need aid in being found. Seeking a third party to resolve differences would be a good idea, and solution to building a bridge which allows for the kind of freedom that Aries seeks and gives Libra some of the unity it craves. Therapist and all diplomats will be very busy for the next four weeks.

One of our Supreme Court Justices might just step down or need replaced- suddenly.

The other outstanding factor of this full moon is the opposition between Mercury (the mind) and Uranus (the unexpected). I hope that the airlines use extra caution in the next weeks, with security and also with healthy check ups on all the planes. Mercury is going to be in direct motion starting the 29th- but its in the 'shadow' until Oct 13th. So slow down and review actions until then.

Columbus day will mark a blessing- (Oct 12th) - Jupiter starts moving forward after fours months of looking at its belly. Friendship returns. Count yourself lucky if you've got any. Obama will be seeking friends in foreign places, and after the 12th he'll find them too!

As the Saturn transits in Virgo begins to come to a close, take a look at your garden and work the soil for serious partnership energy- because that's what's coming next: What you let go @ the full moon you'll try to replace by the New Moon. Its the death/birth cycle and the me you so much crave right now will flip, yet again wanting to be a we.

Viewing "The Taming of the Shrew" might be a good idea.

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