Sunday, September 13, 2009


doors that go nowhere

When one sets out on a trip, they can plan it in minute detail, go with the flow, or do a little of both. Right now on the horizon we have lots of energy that suggests what ever you 'planned' might meet up with "I didn't see THAT coming". Sometimes that can be good, sometimes not.

Astrologically, this week the planet of boundaries and structure: Saturn, will sit sew-sawed with the planet Uranus- which is all about the lightning rod you didn't see coming. This is the third of what will be five passes. The last time Saturn was in opposition to Uranus was on election day in America. We all know what happened then. But what will this go 'round bring?

I predict its going to bring a breakdown in the Democratic party's leadership. Someone is going to lose, and its likely the American people. Last year's election brought all sorts of Polly Anna wishes and cotton candy talk. The vote came in- and everyone THOUGHT it would usher in a chance for return to brighter more "hopeful" paths. Unfortunately in the eight months Obama has been on the job that's not been proven correct. Funding for wars continues (91 BILLION, just like GEORGE W.), No closing of Abu Graib, Lobbyist still run Washington as we clearly see with the Health Care fiasco. My hairdresser happens to be Armenian. She pointed out yet another broken promise: Recognize the Armenian genocide; That's not on the top of my list, but its enough to convince her that the same old political baloney is going on. She's lost faith in the Democratic Party.

Check out the record:

And its coming soon that the "party mood" everyone (that voted for BO) felt on Nov 5th 2008, turns into one big question: "What has changed?"

The weekend of Nov. 13-16 th is going to blast the Dems chart.

There is going to be a shake up and its going to be big. I think we'll see some changes that weekend. Changes and Challenges coming to the Dems.

That weekend-

New Moon- @ 24 Scorpio (extremely transformational).

Mercury @ last degree Scorpio (endings).

Neptune Sq New Moon- (Gives way to exposed corruption, disappointment and gone are the fantasies).

Saturn sq Pluto - This aspect is one of brute reality. It will be very clear to the dems WHAT they've lost. (Integrity?).

This is almost on the democratic chart north node point- (the future of the party).

Venus in Scorpio sq Mars in Leo.- This is in-house fighting at its worst. Egos don't give an inch and we all suffer because of it!

Wide T-sq w/ Mars- Jupiter opp. by Venus.

Leadership changes.

Its a cumulative time of a big shift. Lets pray that Washington gets it together before then.

I personally, do not think they will. I believe that since Neptune is on America's Moon ( mood, the public) its another year before we wake up from the pipe dream.

We picked door number one, little did the public know that when the door was opened there was yet another fence behind it.

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