Wednesday, August 19, 2009


the big the bad and THE ROAR

Lets get straight to the point: YOU WILL HEAR THEM ROAR!

Who is "them?"............ANYONE who feels they are being ignored. Got something to say? SAY IT NOW.

Leo @ 28 degrees- New Moon. New creative vibe. New King lays down the law.......and there will be rumbles in the land.
This new moon exact at 3:01 am PDT is a loud one. ITS all about ruling. And how you rule.
Its in opposition to Jupiter, (BIG KIND KING) Chiron, and Neptune......(wound maker/healer KING) that's imagined wounds or real ones.
Its a great time to lay out how you shine from within ----- for all to see. But be ready to be seen. No Leo shyness now.........not w/ all this energy at the tail end of the sign.
Mars in Gemini is making happy with this New Moon- so if you have ANY communication skills bring them to the table, with the GOLD WARE.

And is it really "OK" for Michelle to wear shorts ? I guess since she's so comfortable in public in shorts, its ok for me to drop the protocol of add-dressing ( pun -get it?) her as 'FIRST LADY'.

Whatever is 'promised' get it in writing, with ink that doesn't dissolve.

photo credit: Parker McPhinney C.2009

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