Wednesday, March 25, 2009


going backwards : love and money

Venus in Aries is retrograde now. Many people get real about what they want in love and money. Especially if you feel your not 'getting it'. (WHATEVER it is you want).

The above ladies might of been talking about votes, but right now everyone can feel a little bit like that photo above. HEY! I AM NOT BEING RESPECTED, REWARDED, I am holding out- back or just plain leaving!

Yes, many a relationship is going to be reviewed now. Many people will look fondly to the past, and those past lovers..........or missed ones. WHY didn't that love attraction get going? Um..............maybe you should give it another chance......yes- but not so fast...................

Venus turns direct on April 17th. You've got 23 more days to figure out what you want in love. Once its in direct motion, going for it will be much more successful. Love that starts when Venus is in retrograde motion usually turns out much different than we think its going to be. We can change our minds. What appeared to be 'perfect' for us while Venus was retro can appear to be 'perfectly NOT ' for us once its gone direct. SO - just sit in the wings and flirt and watch and wait........but don't jump into the deep end until you make sure you know how to swim in these dark waters.

ON/OFF - relationships get a real roller ride right now.........

Ditto on money matters.

Spring may have sprung but best to sit on the desires for a few more weeks.

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