Sunday, January 04, 2009


Group HUG

Jupiter Ingresses into Aquarius -
Monday 5th Jan 2009 @ 7:40 am PST.
Gather round ye fellow support system. Be it friends, congress, or the in-ter-net.......... time for the group hug. We can't do it alone, nor do we want to.
All the air signs (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) get to grow- a bit of luck (unless Jupiter is in a difficult aspect in the natal) for the next 12 months. Especially Aquarius. Be sure you don't over do. Jupiter tends to expand what it touches - that includes the waist line.
Everyone has the chance to get a bit smarter. And the computer nerds become cool. Vice President Biden will shine brighter than Obama at one point during 2009. ( Jupiter rules the position of VP). Congress will make an attempt to 'get along' for the 'sake of all'........ certainly key words of Aquarius energy. Humanity and the direction we are going in will come into huge focus. The whole will become more important than the individual.
Look to your natal birth chart to see where you can learn something new or meet new friends. We are all going to need friends in this year of 2009. We don't live on an Island and if we did the weather patterns would force us to become one with something besides ourselves: ie- higher power, divine, the nameless one.
Remember Tom Hanks yelling for "WILSON"? that's what I mean.
I expect that MAY will be key month in America. Right around then Jupiter will contact the moon in our birth chart. I am hoping that the hope we are all placing in Obama (the appointed one) reveals success at that time. The moon in a country's chart shows the mood of the country- and when Jupiter touches that point (in May) it brings expanded feelings- and since its in Aquarius- GROUP THINK. Team effort. Being behind the man. Or is it THE BEING behind the projected - one comes forth? Obama seen as human and not a God-hero. I am getting a bit wordy here- but the idea is that it'll be big and the masses will be involved and it just might be a bit different than we envisioned.
I also see that within the first 30 days of Jupiter's Ingress in 'the brotherhood' sign- we find out that the money troubles are even deeper than we've been told. Like I said Jupiter expands- and that includes money troubles for the USA. But we will find our way, we don't have a clear map yet. Other countries that have counted on us to bail them out will have to wait. We have too much water in our own boat, the hole isn't sealed yet- everyone is going to have to fetch an ore and help. EVERYONE.
IT is an "Everyman" kind of moment. Look to what bonds you with your fellow sisters and brothers.
The quirks and freaks amongst will shine. And astrology might actually become in fashion again. I can only hope. Even the astrologer seeks job security in these times- and they are a comes the electric car to stay.
Static electricity is the norm.
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