Monday, November 10, 2008


love with all thy might........

Venus engages Pluto- for the very last time in the sign of Sag. Well- for the last time until several hundred yes- its a big deal.

Heart is at the center of everything. Passion and Power. If it isn't done with full throttle heart felt energy, don't bother- leave it until you can give 500 percent.....that might take 500 more life make the choice.

Know that if you can't muster up ocean deep compassion/passion right now- for a cause, a person, a beloved animal, a higher being, or your yoga practice- you aren't making use of this *one last time* conjunction of Venus- (love) and Pluto ( powerful passion/transformation) in the sign of Sag.

The event happens on Tues. Nov 11th @ 9:53 pm PST...........

Sag energy is about our beliefs and also represents our gambling nature- (it is sort of a gamble, to believe in the unseen isn't it?) also our athletics desires. Its also about HUMOR. So don't let the joke or sense of fun miss you. Try to reach for higher laughs now. And Sag energy rules all people of a different culture than your own. So foreign interests and the power they hold over you will be a theme. Big MONEY issues. China comes to mind.

People will feel strongly about what they love. The love/hate- its bad for me model will be in full swing. Many will be working out demons. Excess behavior will catch up with you and hard work with a focus on the whole will pay off in numbers that you'd never imagined. Sag rules the thighs and the liver...........

Look to where this LAST degree (29 Sag) falls in your chart for a clue how to reach for what everyone told you was impossible.

In Obama's chart it falls in his 11th house. ( house of congress/ and friends). He'll be making some BOLD choices. I bet his cabinet looks like the United Nations.

If love isn't working for you with who you are with - now that will be painfully obvious.

Big Endings bring new Starts....just bring the heart along with you whatever path you tread.........

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