Saturday, October 25, 2008


Saturn VS Uranus

and on the other side..........

SATURN Standing across from URANUS............... aka "election day chaos"........

The above images give a clear visual to the differences between Saturn- (tradition) and Uranus (breaking out of the norm)........ On election day here in the USA these two planets will be in exact opposition for the first time in forty-five years.

Saturn is in an earth sign- adding to the 'solidness' of its force, and Uranus is in Pisces- a water sign. Ever try to 'hold' water? To say things are going to be high strung and out-there is to read the cosmos correctly.

The stare down will effect everyone- in the world......not just the outcome of the election.

How much we hold on to our structures that give us false (its all false) security will determine how painful it is when they are ripped away and replaced with something very unfamiliar. OR if we look at it from another view- How much we need to 'act up/out' verses being responsible will determine the level that authority comes down on us. Authority can be many different people- 'God' is considered the highest being in charge for many of the maybe God's voice is going to come across loud and clear for the flocks that are tuned into that channel. God can also be our very own 'higher mind'.

Actually the 'highest' level of using these planets would be to blend the strengths that each of them have to offer. Especially if they happen to trigger a personal planet in your chart. The opposition takes place @ 18 degrees 57 mins. So if you have planets in that degree give one degree on either side- the shock waves will be felt even more so. The possible growth with a shift could be a welcomed thing.

Everyone has a VIRGO / PISCES axis in the chart. They are the area to ck out- so that you are privy to the oncoming battle. If one house is weak or been ignore, now would be a good time to do an over all assessment of how you 'feel' about the issues that house represents. If things are just fine and dandy then set up to build on top of what already is going on.

In a general sense- Saturn is about being mature and Uranus is about trying something that you've never done before. We have to use some reason here- but if you've spent your entire life being 'reasonable' you might be compelled to go a bit wacko.......go hug a tree in your three piece perfect cut suit.

Reaching out with ones compassion is always a good thing unless its to a known bloodthirsty who just escaped from prison. That would be misplaced idealistic energy to say the least. Pray for them from afar- that's using sensible Saturn with compassion. What i am getting at is not too far in either direction right now might be the best place for most of us.

I know concerning the Presidential ballot, you do have to commit to someone- just don't think they are going to make you 100 percent happy.

Not going to happen in this election. Not with Saturn and Uranus in opposition. Every sinner can become a saint and every saint can become a sinner. We all have a little bit of good and bad in us- makes us interesting.
And what appears to be a 'solid' thing can suddenly crumble in an earthquake.

If the baby breaks out of the playpen there is really no telling what she/he will get into.

Go ahead.............ASK HER OUT.........she might say 'yes'............don't let fear run your life...........and if you've never been on an airplane now isn't the time to fly.

its a sort of koan. you can spend the next forty-five years figuring it out.

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