Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sara Palin's Shinning Stars

11 Feb 1964
4:40 pm
Sandpoint, ID

I set her upcoming Solar Return chart for Washington, DC.


The SR Asc is less than one degree from her natal Asc. It is 20 Leo 34.

Her upcoming SR chart has a PACKED 6th and 7th house- so partnership IS the KEY for the year- working partnership. (as it is in life).........Sun is in the 7th - just like her natal........... So its all about 'the other'............ and her role w/ the other.

Maybe she'll go back to Alaska and work hard- or maybe she'll be the first female VP. I tend to think the latter- and have already posted that prediction.

She is born on a 'master number' day- it is her birthright to go where others never have. To do the 'impossible'.

The other stand outs- I see in the chart are:

SR Mars is exactly conj. natal Moon- ( that can represent much travel - and /or a move) its in her 6th so its connected to work. She's going to be very very busy in 2009- wherever she is. Mars also is the natural ruler of her 4th house (traditional)- and Solar Return Mars is also in an exact sextile (within mins) to SR Venus. - Venus rules her MidHeaven- (both natal and SR) so the 'move' can be connected to work.

She has Solar Return Moon in the sign of Virgo in the SR first house-@ 10 degrees, another sign of - work-work -work. It is also at the midpoint of her Natal first house Uranus/Pluto. - Pluto ruling the 4th, Uranus ruling the 7th- Home and Partnership is going to have many changes this year. Its a huge juggling act. That SR Virgo Moon is trine her Vertex- - fate. Destiny at work- w/ her work- and with her creative energy and Kids...(natal vertex in cappy in the 5th).

BTW- McCain is a Sun Virgo @ 6 degrees. (Moon- conj. Sun contacts mean – we are a team).

The Solar Eclipse that happens in Jan 2009- is @ 6 Aquarius- it will activate and highlight her work area. It will set off what is 'possible' in the early part of the stellium in Aquarius. - the midpoint of Solar Return Mar/Juno-Jupiter. It will bring her much chance to be progressive w/ her beliefs. (Jupiter) and action (Mars)........also - Jupiter rules her 5th house- so her children will bring her much joy and much challenges. She's becoming a grandma - and Mars happens to also rule her 9th house- (grandma's house) and Natal Jupiter will be in this is a joy for her.

She has FIVE kids. So life in general is demanding - in 2009- it will be even more so. She is going to be the most 'unusual mom' - ( SR Moon conj. Uranus) - When has any child ever said in our American history- "my mom is Vice-President of the USA"........ never. So its first house- and its image- and its a new and an unusual one. Could be many stops and starts of figuring out how to balance it all.

The other huge stand out in the Solar Return is Juno (marriage asteroid) is exactly conj. Jupiter in the SR-@ 8 degrees Aquarius and its in the 6th house of Work- health.... The north node is one degree ahead of it. So it is her mission (nnode) this 2009 year to have new contacts- of a partnership level- new friends- and I think the Jupiter will mean deeper faith- and much travel overseas.

The Lunar Eclipse that happens in feb 09- is conj. her SR Asc. EXACT.

Her world will change in 2009- bigger than she ever dreamed of.


I know the 'polls' say this and that.........I don't believe polls- so my analysis - is based on the astrology- and also still on the belief that the swearing in chart that mirrors the McCain/Palin Composite- (but in opposite placements of sun/moon)

I still have never forgotten that Obama made his announcement to run for office during a VOC moon. In Scorpio. And has nothing going on in his 10th house or his SR chart to make me believe he will prevail. I DO think he will win the popular vote- I think McCain will win the Election.

The Saturn opp. Uranus on election day- I have long thought will spark a - PAPER VS COMPUTER debate- like we've never seen before. Computers will fail. It will be chaos.- and no matter WHO LOSES- and I think they both lose- because how you can think anyone who wins is winning w/ the state of our country I don't know.

I think they all are crazy for spending MILLIONS - to 'win' a thankless job. I hope like heck there aren't riots. I have only thought that there might be in the last week- as the press has practically ended the election before it started- and sworn Mr. Obama in.

That Saturn opposition to Uranus - is UNEXPECTED. So- if the press has pushed 'polls' and the voting turns out different- how are people not going to feel freaked out?

New idea:

From here on out- primary season is limited to SIX MONTHS.
Everyone gets the same amount of money- you run out, you are out. And we have limits on the amount you can have.

We shouldn't spend MILLIONS of dollars on an election. We should spend MILLIONS of dollars on: Schools, Health care, Roads, Bridges, Alternative energy. Feeding the poor.

Lecture over.

Remember to Vote.

Thank Goodness its almost over.


Very nice analysis--I have one question--why does Mars to the Moon signify a move or travel? You lost me there.

I do think you might be right about the outcome--popular vote v. the one who gets the office.

And I too am glad it's almost over!

Hi Julie,

Mars is action- Moon is the natural ruler of the home. So w/ a Mars activating the Moon there is a chance for move (movement-mars) of the home base.
Palin's birth Chart has Scorpio on the cusp of the 4th house of home- (Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio)- so that also adds to the energy of home being activated.-(ruler of natal 4th lined up w/ SR Moon -change).
In a Solar return chart when the Mars is conjunct the natal placement of the Moon it gives a SOLID chance of that. (its in effect for 12 months- not just a one day transit).

In both Palin's solar return chart and her birth chart the ninth house of travel is ruled by mars-as well- because Aries is on the cusp of the ninth - hence the increased possibility of travel for those 12 months. And SR Mars is in her SR 6th- travel for work reasons.

Thanks for reading!
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