Monday, September 15, 2008


old man saturn makes history too

John McCain out chessed them. He is a POW. When you are a POW it is built in your DNA to figure out how to live. Plus he's a Virgo- and the forever question is 'how can I improve?'. When you are running for President and the election is electric- the answer is - be braver than the other party. And they were.

We had it. An Obama/Clinton ticket ( in any order) would of been a slam dunk. It would have fulfilled the astrology symbolism of breaking the mold, that is suggested by swearing in chart of Jan 20th 2009 @ 12 noon.

But no- they couldn't go down that path. They were too scared of winning the dems- they were. They were too afraid the public wouldn't think outside the box- interracial partnership @ the top- and breaking all the former cannons of who can lead us. They could go only so far (making only so much history) and then they played it safe- which is also a 'Saturn' sort of path. Saturn currently is in Virgo- and it doesn't like change. It likes Status quo.

Saturn represents the Democratic party. Jupiter represents the Republicans. So the Dems were being who they are- slow to change- not really progressive at all. (They still picked two men). The Republicans took that ball - and are now running for the goal line- which looking at the charts I believe they will take all the way to the end- thanks to Palin, and to the self defeating energy of the Democratic Party. They turned their backs on 18 MILLION voters- and said- no we aren't listening to you. We have enough of change in a man who uses the word often.

And they will blame a woman still for losing. And they can't blame Hillary this time- its the 'other woman'...................

Here's the data:

Sara Palin
11th Feb 1964
4:40 pm
Sandpoint, Idaho

First of all- She's born on a 'master number day' - so she's meant to do amazing things. Its her birthright. Second major point- to be elected to the Oval office- and its near by wings- you need to have a linkage to the American public. By progression- or natal. It basically means- the 'public' gets you- responds to you- enough to vote for you. Astrologers have based their predictions on who will win by looking to ties to the USA chart. And our birth chart gives us an Aquarius moon @ 24 Aquarius. Sara Palin has three Aquarian planets clustered together in her 7th house of
partnerships- (McCain) - they are Sun, Mars, and Saturn- @ 22,23 and 25 degrees. All contacting America's moon.

You can take that to the bank, even as its collapsing.

John McCain has a Solar Arc progression of Jupiter @ 26 Aquarius. So he too- checks in with the American public- and also has a very good eye for who can help him. He knows how to pick partners. He knows who is good for him. Palin and he will be laughing all the way to the Whitehouse. ( Jupiter /Sun ties love to joke around with each other).

Obama said a while back that 'they hang on to their guns and religion'- and THAT statement was his future. That is the reality. They will come out in DROVES to vote for McCain/Palin.

She will be our first ever Female Vice-President. And I believe in 2012 she and Hillary will run against each other for the number one spot. NOW That's HISTORY MAKING.

Stay tuned. The beauty queen is going to make it interesting to watch.

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