Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Go to your Room: GROUNDED!

Here on planet oz the drama continues..........

On Election day in America, Saturn and Uranus will oppose each other exact.

This week amidst the financial crisis of the 21st Century- we saw that opposition in action. I came to the clear thought that its true meaning for us in the States- won't be that Obama wins and McCain loses- (as many see it)......but that we are in GRIDLOCK.


We saw that this week in Congress. It could of been the los angeles freeway........so many cars ( mouths talking) and yet no one was going anywhere. STUCK IN TRAFFIC. Can't get from here to there- nothing accomplished. Movement that doesn't move.

I think the motto for the election is going to be that: NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED.

why? Because Congress has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt- that it is one big abusive dysfunctional family. And congress runs the country......and the two parties = the dems and the reps as I prefer to call them, beat each other up and then come back for more. Just like first graders on the playground. Or gangs......the killing continues. "you started it'' yelled Madam Speaker Pelosi....... and the stalemate continues. No olive branch is offered as we look out and watch our field burn. No- SIR!

Do we want to be married or do we want to be RIGHT?

We are married- The Congress has two families- and they both are sick, and it spreads more and more this sickness.

Uranus can mean change......Saturn is the brakes...... Change that changes nothing- because its stopped. Or Saturn is the old man- but the chaos (Uranus) around him prevents any action.

Until we set aside our differences, no matter democratic or republican, and focus on not what has been done by whom- but what CAN be done by all parties to help this country- right here and right now- we will continue to have food fights at the dinner table, until there isn't any FOOD left to fight over or with.........so go to your room without dinner until you can behave like grown ups!

Love your writing style and insights! I will have to come back more often!
I will say your website embraces all that is Uranus! Glad you like my writing. Your website sure gave me a shock....but then I have a lot of capricorn in my chart....:)
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