Monday, September 22, 2008


the fat lady is skinny and she's not singing

ok. breathe. I know its been a crazy few days. well- weeks.

Today the Sun entered 0 degrees Libra. Also known as the Autumn Equinox. A new season is upon us. We've been here before, but not really.

America is going through some major growing pains. And they are of course connected to our money issues. Because we are a 'lets make money country'- our growing pains are about money- handling- or rather money mis-handling. It is going to get more painful- before its over. Just now the books have been opened- and the accountant had a stroke. Everyone is freaking out- and NO ONE KNOWS what to do- because we've not been here before- well- @ least the people in charge- haven't. Whose in charge?

The Government.

And yes- that is very scary to consider. But they are. They are running the show - not behind the curtain anymore- but front and center.

Pluto is in the last degree of Sag. Its about to leave the Stage-and is having its final curtain call- in 8 weeks Pluto will have a costume change- into Capricorn. And that's Government. For the next sixteen years Pluto (overhaul- breakdown-clear the decks) will be strolling around telling us how to now manage our funds- coz we've been bad girls and boys and we screwed up in big way, so now DADDY has to fix it- only problem is- Daddy is clueless too.

Don't go and slit your wrist or jump out the window- we will find our way- but we are going to be bumping into each other in the dark for a while- until our eyes adjust to the lack of in-sight. * get the pun? (the answer is always within).

Ok- plain english- for the next few years we will be building back up what has /is now clearly broken down. Its going to be a while before things "get back to normal".

Right now the Sun (Leadership/Ego) is activating America's natal Venus (money) in Cancer- by a square. That means there is blockage- crisis. Along with that- Neptune in the sky is sitting (wide - but her BUTT is big) on our natal Moon- the public is still in denial and its a good thing - coz if everyone realized how very serious this is- we'd all be drinking to get drunk forever. The Lunar Eclipse of Aug. activated our natal moon- and so it was time that the 'truth' was in the spotlight- so to speak. Full moons reveal what has been hidden. Lunar Eclipses are super-duper full moons- and they deal with issues that effect the entire world- or the masses. What happens to the American money market- always triggers a chain reaction in the world. It makes other countries nervous to see big daddy stumble.

So- what to expect? Honestly- I am not sure myself. My own IRA is aligned with AIG......... not so easy come- very easy go, is my fear.

But I don't want to live in fear- as its not very useful energy. So I look at the astrology instead.

This week as the Sun moves into exact orb with America's Venus, and Venus moves in orb to ACTIVATE the Solar Eclipse of Aug ( New Moon) some solutions will be presented. Most won't like them. Key dates:

Sept. 24th- Oct. 1st. PAY ATTENTION.

The first date is also the day Mercury the mischief turns retrograde. So whatever is suggested to heal our big open gaping wound will have to be reviewed, rewritten, renegotiated. Its a bit like making a movie- lots of editing will be involved out of view of the public. The final picture will not reveal the process. We really won't know for a long time what is TRULY happening with our banks and the government. ITS going to be YEARS before the story is told, because its being written as i write- because like I said - no one really knows what to do!

On top of all that- as if it weren't enough- Jupiter in the sky is activating our Natal Sun. We have OVER SPENT. Been too big for our pants. Over eaten and done it for years. We now realize we have cancer. There will be cutting. Lots of it. Prepare yourself.

What's the good news?

If we don't cut- we will die. But since we were never born we can't die- so just sharpen the knives- and get on with it. Start the budgeting now. Figure out how to grow the basics. Simple foods- simple ways- return to them. Turn off the TV- it will just make you numb to the fact that we have to change- and we will either do it willingly or it will be thrust upon us. Ask your grandparents what the word 'depression' REALLY means- and its not a state of mind- right now- it a state of affairs. There is no med for this- that we have found ourselves in- its called KARMA. Collective Karma.

Doesn't matter who you voted for or didn't vote for or who you are going to vote for.

What you do with your energy day in and day out is how you get through tough times. Pointing fingers will just waste time- and since its KARMA TIME we don't want to sit around wasting it, because then this mess we are in will just last longer.

We are in the big school now. So sit tall and take notes. No sleeping in class, or skipping, because no one escapes their karma. And those that show up and do their homework will be rewarded. Its just going to be a while- like sixteen years- before we find out if we passed or not.

Grades will be posted for the world to see.

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