Monday, July 14, 2008


love at last light

"when it is dark enough, you can see the stars." ~ persian proverb

There is a term in photography- 'last light' is a delicate and evasive moment of great beauty. And fleeting. If one is not fully prepared, the moment is lost. It can not been held for long, seconds maybe, but it is the cradle of sheer pure love in a visual sense.

Two weeks ago, I put my beloved Siamese into forever sleep. When a relationship shifts after eighteen years of unconditional love, of the purest kind, its hard to embrace. And yet, the loving heart must. Being there for those that we love, while they cross over is one of the highest gifts of love that we can give. Sacred moments have a way of melting us like no other- very neptunium. (dissolving of the ego and opening of the heart).

Since astrology is my tool for understanding the universal principals of life, and for guiding myself and others how best to navigate in this world of samsara- I of course look to the stars to comprehend loss as well as gain.

There are no mistakes, there is only understanding. And the moment my baby left the fur, the sky map was lighting up my chart. The signatures of 'letting go' were classic. In the sky Venus (love) in an exact opposition to my natal fourth house (home) Saturn (loss). She departed to higher realms while in my lap in our meditative and decorative 'Persian wall' space......The transiting Taurus moon was in my 8th house of death, and it was two degrees from being in an exact opposition to my Scorpio Sun, which happens to fall in my second house of values and (she was my treasure) rules the house of friendships in my chart. My dear baby and friend was leaving this earthly plane, and engulfed in sadness was a great clarity of love.

I plan to do an extensive article on that moment, but for now I would like to speak on 'our various dates with destiny' and how best to grasp the golden ring while lovely Venus dances through the sign Leo. For it is just a short program for her this time around, and like last light, we don't want to miss it.

Venus in Leo is over the top love. Until Aug. 5th our expression of love, and our tastes in clothes, food, art and anything that involves the senses is bound to be very sophisticated. Expensive. Gold. Kingly, or Queenly. Not a 'common' event. Lavish the love on. Don't hold back. Theatrical training comes in use now, but mean it- because toying with love while Venus is in Leo isn't rewarded. People know when you are faking it. When we open our hearts fully we don't retain even a morsel for ourselves- because you see, the object which opened our heart is all we see. Which of course is mirrored back- to us. So its a strange way of getting the love you need. The more you give the more you get- because your very nature (which is LOVE) bounces right back to you!

Ever wonder why people who have so much love inside glow? Venus in Leo can teach you how to up the 'glow factor'........... and around the upcoming Solar Eclipse period- just watch as the meaning of love takes on new depths.

Key dates for us: July 18th - 23. Very important time period.

During this period the Moon will be full- in the 27 degree of Capricorn. Its also known as GURU POORIMA. When we honor the 'teachers' in our lives. Teachers can be spiritual leaders, mom or dad, friends of the fur, etc.

A full moon always reveals in the light what was 'too dark to see' before..... during this full moon time, Venus will be at the degree which activates the Aug. 1st Solar Eclipse. Dig deep for the majestic energy within you. Use it to create magical relationships. Discover what it is you cherish, and hold it close to your heart. Those that you meet during this window of time- are here to share love. The period expands even into the full first week of Aug.
As in the rule of 'last light' - there is also- 'first light' has to get up very early to catch a glimpse of 'first light', but its well worth it. Set your alarm clock so that you don't miss what is coming.

photo credit:
david crook

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