Saturday, May 24, 2008


hold still; the storm is coming

This Memorial day will be long in our memory as the crazy-chaos energy is all around. Mistakes- Miss-Spoken thoughts and desire to rewind will be strong amongst the most eloquent of us.

Hillary's bad timing (to say the least) bringing up of Robert Kennedy's into June primary history was too loaded with pain to hear anything else. Even if she in all honesty meant it as she says she did- (and I do believe her) it won't be heard that way. In the sky Chiron (the wounded healer) is conjunct the North Node right now- and that's about how we deal with healing a wound as much as our fears of a wound happening. I think she tapped into the 'collective fear'. When she made her 'historical reference' her Moon was being sat on by Uranus. Transiting Venus was in the last degrees of Taurus activating the recent 29 degree Scorpio full Moon- and it falls across her 1st/7th house. She lost supporters- and its likely the end of the road for her. As much as that pains me to type- the 'final' energy of the last degree signs is about completion.

Dare I say that she might not of intended to bring up assassination fears- but a lot of people have them - have said (to me) they fear for Obama's security- LONG before her words were on the airwaves. As a matter of fact- have you seen how MANY secret service are around this man? More than the sitting president- ( and Bush has many enemies) and he's not even the nomination yet.

I posted long on his upcoming solar return chart- to an astrology list last week- here's a little bit of what I see -

"on the new Obama time. (7:11pm aug 4th 1961 Honolulu, Hawaii)......... If it is correct- this man is going to have even a harder time landing the top job- than even I thought w/ the other chart! And more importantly- he IS in trouble. It doesn't look good- and even if he wasn't running for the top job- if he were my client I would tell him to guard his health- and chose his company with the UTMOST critical eye. He will be betrayed."

Obama has Sun Sq Neptune in his birth chart they don't always see the less desirable energy in others- his idealism could hurt him in ways he never thought about. Issues coming up for him this summer will be - other people's money- how he got it- where it came from- what that says about him. He can't be careful enough.

On Monday Mercury turns retrograde- and 30mins later Neptune does the same. Mars in the sky is about to reach the upcoming Solar Eclipse point for Aug 1st. That means it kicks it into gear- before the SE is even here. Look for BIG changes on the world of politics and also war drums.

Maybe a better use of the energy would be to 'make your own thunder drum'- a great musical instrument and something the native American Indians do as a ritual to align the self with spirit.

Forgive and move on.

And lets all try to not pull the string that will undone the entire piece of fabric. It took a long time to make and much less time to destroy.

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