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the women

Chelsea Clinton's support for her mother's bid to the Whitehouse is well documented. And so is her birth data:

Born in Little Rock, Ark- on the 27th of Feb 1980 @ 11:24 pm CST-

Chelsea has her Sun and Mercury in Pisces- and her strong Mom has her Moon is softy Pisces- so they share a very tight and loving bond. No wonder Chelsea has hit the trail for Hillary- she is like a partner to her in the quest for the highest office in America. I bet they have many late night conversations about their shared dreams in life- (and disappointments) and are never at a lack of ears for each other- as Chelsea's Mercury is exactly conjunct Hillary's Moon- there's a psychic tie as well- (the unspoken support as well as the verbal). How lucky they are to have each other in this grueling battle for the Whitehouse.

So let's look and see what portends in CC's astro stars- for Mom's success- in the all- exciting and important Pennsylvania Primary- just 12 hours from now..........

The thing that really grabbed my attention was that Chelsea is having a Venus return the morning after the primary! And that return chart is a photo of celebration.

The Mid-heaven of the chart- (set for Washington, DC) is @ 7 degrees Pisces. So Chelsea's birth Sun Sign @ 8 Pisces sits right up there @ the very very TOP of the Venus return chart. ( we place the birth planets in the return houses to see 'where' the action is)- and when she was born that Pisces Sun was in her 4th house of "Ma" --- so here we have an image that would say: "Ma just got a big promotion in front of the world"...........

Add to that sweet cake- the fact that her Birth Mercury is exactly conjunct to the Venus return 10th house Uranus--- news that flashes across the world- and its going to be 'unexpected'-- I think the win in this primary is going to surpass what they even hoped for- it will be BIG cheers we hear. And those two will scream the loudest and in sync.

Third factor playing into my prediction that its a day of celebration is that Chelsea's progressed part of fortune ( and it does mean the good news) is exactly conjunct her birth Venus right now- on the eve of her Venus return!!

When you are born with an Aries Venus- you love hard- and fast and when its activated as it is right now for her by in the sky Jupiter AND Mars- the action is so hot- so intense and so pioneering that I am sure she'll have a hard time containing herself............April 22nd 2008 is going to be a MEGA b-12 shot for these ladies................ watch them ROAR...............

Thanks for this most interesting post. What does Chelsea's chart show for Inauguration Day in 2009?
Hi Monica,

Chelsea's chart for the all important swearing in ceremony- is nicely lit up.

Jan 20, 2009- 12noon Washington, Dc- we drop those planets into CC's chart- and the biggest standout is that she's got transiting south node exactly conj. her natal moon in the 9th house of - CEREMONIES!! However- what really catches my eye is that her sec.progressed chart on that day- has progressed Moon in the last degree of Regal Leo. And it becomes even more 'royal' in its 29 degree. Time will tell if destiny is going to make her 'first daughter' -twice. If it does I have no doubt that when her progressed moon moves into the sign of Virgo- and then conjucnts her Progress Jupiter- she's going to be hired by Ma, and will work very hard for the money.
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