Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Hillary ISN'T a Quitter-She's a Scorpio

Never under estimate the power and will of a Scorpio. (this is why she'll make a GREAT president- she has much steam). Scorpios have many lives, as Senator Clinton has just proven by taking TEXAS and OHIO. Which I for one never ever doubted that she would. Why? Because she has taken every single big Dem state- so far- but of course the press was sending OP-Eds about how her light was dimming- and she should throw in the towel- and how Calif. New Jersey and New York didn't really matter. Her chart is stronger than Obama's - and hard aspects- don't make you lose- they make you work harder.

While Hillary won the primary [51%/47%], the caucus goes to Obama 56%/43% ... so Obama wins the lone star state. I think it's gonna be Obama v. McCain. How do their charts compare?
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