Monday, February 04, 2008


super tues/solar eclipse week

The moon is void until 11:00 am on Super Tuesday.........that's PST- .

Try to go into the room with a curtain after that time--for the best results- or if you were on it-- you voted by mail- long before mercury went retrograde.

Hilary's going to do well, but so will Obama- and blue-through and through- flaming so - ( so much flaming that the flame is blue) that I am I haven't even bothered to look at the 'other' peoples charts. THAT party is OVER.

It will be too close to call with some states - between Hilary and Obama. I am still of the mind that the MRS. is taking the prize and that she has the good sense to ask Obama to come along for the ride. And what a ride its going to be! Making history thrice:

First female president.

First black VP

First - First man!

This is a crazy week - prone to impulsive actions- some are over do- others you will regret.

More on this later. ( The french prez who married 3 months after his divorce for example).

Try to stay grounded - as impossible as that might be- and check out who your friends are right now- because you might be wanting new ones by the end of the week- or wishing to re-kindle with old ones. No- matter the "Friendship" box is all lite up- w/ sunglasses on mind you.

Right now all I can think is one word:


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