Tuesday, October 23, 2007


state of emergency

The Solar Eclipse of Sept. 11th was @ 18 degrees Virgo. It is very active right now in Los Angeles, and all of California. Solar Eclipse energy becomes "active" when a planet reaches the degree that it occurred in. Mostly we look @ Mars to kick a mundane event shown by the SE- but clearly other planets have some say in this as well.

Right now Jupiter is in the fire sign Sag. It is @ that 18 degree mark- and its creating a square relation to the SE point. Jupiter is all about EXPANDING - and unfortunately what is expanding now is a fire across the earth (Virgo) of So. Cal. Los Angeles also happens to be a Virgo Sun city.

The Solar return for LA shows Mars in Gemini- @ 17 degrees- in opposition to transiting Jupiter. Its in the 12th house- and the fuel of this fire is wind ( Gemini is an air sign) very dry conditions, and too much timber that needed to be cut back. Its not that it was an unseen factor- (12th house is hidden house) but it wasn't DIRECTLY dealt with-(ignored) so it has become our achilles tendon.

That same Solar return chart revealed a last degree Mercury (wind again) conj. the IC-(4th house front door) Which is the house astro weather gurus say governs weather conditions. Anything in the last degree means 'everything is about to change' - and that Mercury is also in a tense relationship with Pluto- the death monger of astrology. Something has to die in order for birth- I wish it was just brush- but many peoples life will change forever this week. Many a home will be rebuilt. Death - Birth cycle comes in many forms.

On the 27th Venus in the sky will cross that 18th degree Virgo point. Until then the fires will rage- and we will all be reminded that everything in this world is impermanent, subject to no warning of departure.

A word of thanks to all the firefighters pulling major overtime this week, doing service while trying to side step mother nature's wrath.

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