Wednesday, October 10, 2007


marshmallows over the campfire

There's a new moon on the horizon. Sun and Moon unite in the sign of Libra in the evening of 10th Oct. 10pm (PDT).

Calling all peace marchers to do the deed.

What brings you peace? How can you share that? Spread it all over the world like jam on the toast.

Yesterday was John Lennon's 67th. I remember where and when I heard the news of his crossing over- like the generation before me remembers where they were when JFK kissed this world good-bye. Heroes are never forgotten. John Lennon is on my list of Heroes.

How to honor a hero? Live the message they died whispering on their lips- or screaming if the case may be. Libra is known for gentleness, yet no other sign can be as firm as iron- (unseen by the velvet glove)- than air ruled Libra.

Libra is a brain thing- everything journeys through the mind. So if you "think" "peace" as Yoko Ono urged us all to do yesterday, as she gave her late husband and the world one very cool birthday present, perhaps it will go from our brains into the heart (Venus is the planet ruling Libra) or Heart to Brain- who cares- just connect the two and go forth and populate the world with Peace.

If you haven't seen the light blasting - ck it out:

As for the title of this blog- I remember being a young child watching sugar in the form of a soft white square on the end of a stick turn brown and drip into a fire on top of the earth- it brought me peace- joy- fun.....( this memory was triggered while putting my head through my legs (yoga-duty) and seeing the word 'marshmallows' on the unpacked box in my living room- ah the mind) ...... so with this new moon - remember the joys in your life - recreate them. Share them- and remember:

peace begins with me and you.

Thanks John and Yoko for never giving up.

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