Monday, October 29, 2007


all hallows eve

Bidding you a fine Samhain. That's pronounced 'sow-wen' by the Irish. A mystical one this year can be, as the planet ruling all things hidden moves direct on the 31st. Neptune IS the veil and its lifted on this night so our (left the body) loved ones can come a calling- the not so loved ones can show up too, so be forewarn. Recess the mind back to May 24th- that's when Neptune turned retrograde. What was put on hold, or push under the rug,or just plain denied? Well come sundown on Halloween the green light goes off, and its an awakening to our higher mind's urging.

And a very interesting night it will be. Not just because dreamy Neptune is back in first gear, also the Sun will be sitting on the same degree as Mercury was when the messenger went into reverse direction on Oct 11th. That's 9 degrees Scorpio. I expect this years costumes to be very dark. A kick back to the past traditions- you know-Vampires, lots and lots of death, gore, hiked up skirts. People will allow the imagination to climb Everest and back. Have some fun, be foolish. The Moon is void (having no consequence) until 9:48 pm (PDT) - up until then- you aren't called on your child impulses- but by 10 pm- the REAL party begins- when the Leo Moon takes over and wowowowwow- 'em costumes are revealed- and the seance can begin because the kids are in bed.

Its the witches New Year, so if you are practicing tolerance of all faiths, join them in making your wish list of goals for the next 12 month.We could all start with "telling the truth" to honor Neptune's movement forward.

Get ready to deal with Mars in Cancer turning retrograde until Jan. 30th.It flips on Nov. 15th.This will aid those who lost their homes in the recent California fires. All the 're' words come to mind- RE- think, Re-do, and Re- calls will continue to be in the headlines. Mars rules the army- so perhaps we will finally see SOME of the USA Military come home from Iraq.

The area of your birth chart that has Aries on the cusp is due for an inward glance and an outer remodel. Mars in Cancer is very emotional so - we tend to 'hold in' our steam - until its at a boiling point, not a good idea- find other outlets- like swimming, building a new space (or cleaning out a closet) writing a steamy love novel, poem, short story, or musical tune. Or just find out what makes you feel emotionally secure and go after it. FOOD ANYONE?

Wishing you a glorious 'summer's end'.

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