Sunday, August 05, 2007


whole lotta thinkn' going on

"the body is at its best between the ages of thirty and thirty-five; the mind is at its best about the age of 49."~ Aristotle

On Aug. 6th @ 11:01 pm (PDT) Mars the warrior- go get it planet moves into the thinkers sign- Gemini. Its been many moons since it was last in this multi-tasking placement. 18 to be exact. Think back to February 17th 2006. What did you "think" about starting then? And did you follow through, or was the idea left just as an idea? Any new ideas that grace your mind have until Sept. 28th to become concrete completions, so get busy!

This entrance into Gemini by the "I am" planet, is special for America. Its the same placement of the USA birth chart's Mars. So we have a chance to begin a new agenda; lets hope its not multi-tasking more war zones. This is called a "MARS RETURN" and sets the tone of possibilities for America until the next cycle- July 2009. But let us not get too far ahead in our thinking, and focus on what we have currently on our plate: How to use the mind to get our way. That's really what Mars can be about; Getting ones way, whether its in the bedroom or in the boardroom we want what we want when we want it, so brush up on your chess, sharpen the intellect and enhance your chances of success.

Aug.12-18th are key dates- for global action on all issues dealing with 'agreements' (treaties) and new information that can hit the headlines and affect the masses @ large. Reason being: that week, Mars will be activating the degree of the upcoming LUNAR ECLIPSE. Mars has been know to kick into motion the potentials of eclipse action. The lunar eclipse is an 'extra special full moon' and it will give way to what we need to give up, or what can be snatch away from us. So if you have any planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sag, or Pisces @ the 2-6 degree expect some heavy insights starting Aug. 12th. It could be as simple as getting real with a diet or as complex as should I leave my spouse to run off with the circus. Otherworldly/dreamy vs the right/practical thing to do will be weighed in all decision making processes- hopefully higher good for all comes into the equation.

The new moon in Leo this month on the 12th (mid-month is a repeated theme of importance) is @ 20 degrees and in the sabian symbol that reads:

"American indians perform a majestic ritual to the sun."

Whoever is your tribe, gather round with them and do some extra prayer work, be it with thoughts, music, people hugging, or baby making- just make sure its got an element of joyful celebration. We need that going into this last bit of Summer.

Live life fully now, because its all we got.

And how could we not- since we still have jolly Jupiter in Sag for a few more months- and it goes in direct motion on Aug. 6th ( very busy day it is) so we really have reason to celebrate! Jupiter loves to be in its home sign of Sag- and this time around ( happens every 12 yrs) is EXTRA SUPER - because it will hook up with Pluto for the very LAST time in 2007. Those who love sports take note- train now like never before- the body can do what the mind tells it.

Tell it like it is, or how you want it to be, and it will be so. As you think, so you are- SO THINK BIG.

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