Monday, August 27, 2007


orange moon & *the virgin rules*

Pull out your pink floyd tunes coz the moon is turning dark- and then orange.

It's eclipse season. Get ready for a great show if you live in Los Angeles. Check Nasa's website for the details- if you don't live in a viewing area, watch the show from your computer.

The big event is already throwing her influence on us- and if you don't think that is possible- then think again- Gonzales resigned today- and tomorrow's the big LE- its a fact amongst us who study the stars, that heads of state roll when the eclipses come to town. This LE and the following Solar Eclipse on Sept. 11th activates America's chart in major ways- aka- moving and shaking those loose thinking heads right off their necks. It is a powerful event for already powerful date- so I expect the next year in America to be revolutionary. I spoke about this a bit in the previous post so dig back and re-read.

On tomorrow's orange full moon: its in Pisces- the land of unseen and romantic bliss, creative visionary w/o boundaries. I celebrate the magical event with some sort of dip into the world of my sub-conscious. Its great for casting light on what you want to rid yourself of, be it a bad habit or a dead relationship. Certainly it will make you aware of what changes you need to make in your life right now.

Eclipses don't do 'things' - people do- Eclipses are the BIG spotlight where we NEED to change. Sometimes we float through them w/o shifts in our world- but on a mundane level there is ALWAYS a headline or two-or three. They usually reflect the elements of the sign that the eclipses are in. Foods that are recalled, toys that have details that can harm, these are but a few of the recent headlines that we have seen leading up to this eclipse- guidelines that were ignored that caused a world wide panic.

How we treat our earth and water supply is going to be even bigger issues in the coming months- crops and how they are grown- our food sources- some basics in life will be re hauled.

We are dealing w/ PISCES, VIRGO energy this time around. Here's some key words to jump start your brain:
healing, dreams, health, cleaning, seva, devotion, charity, oceans, organization, faith, logical thinking, clutter, music, dance, special skills, small pets, all the arts.--what do you feed your body and soul?

Look at the details and the big picture-balance them.

Whatever houses in your chart that hold Pisces and Virgo is where the action is.

Backing up the Virgo theme is SATURN's entrance into that sign (the virgin) for the next 2.5 yrs. Virgo is all about pure thinking. The discipline of the mind. How we get from a-z in the most effective manner. Details WILL and DO matter when the taskmaster is having a turn in the 'crit's seat. This is major work ethic time. The brain will grow new branches- but only if you have tiny beads of sweat on your brow. Use the next couple of years to develop a new skill - hot areas will be health care. With our health insurance system in shambles- alternative healing is going to take off. So if you are looking for a new area of study /mission- aryuvedic healing is going to flourish. So is Solar power. All earth issues- our soil, etc. will be in focus- how we can make it BETTER.

We are a smart people- us earth ones- we can use this time to create a better earth- if we have people who can mush a cat's hyperthyroid pill into a compound that you rub into the ear- (as oppose to chasing it around the house trying to get a pill down the throat) we can heal our earth.

Virgo is also a worry wart- so those in a leadership role will start to look at their track record a bit closer as the voters are going to get very very picky in who we give authority to.

Los Angeles is a Virgo Sun city - I expect in the next few months we might meet with some heavy challenges on our turf- and it won't be an easy time for us- but as we clean up our act- we will set an example for the world- we will pull up our fashionable shoes and "soldier on." (get tough). Yes- I am indicating that we are in the firing line for some turbulence on ground- and what needs to be cleaned up is not only our Mayor's behavior on a personal level, but also our traffic flow, helping the immigrants who come here and are so much a part of our economic success, and perhaps even our structures if a big one hits- which I do think will- either by earth's natural movement or a mean spirited fanatical thinking bomber. Sept. is one of the sensitive times.

Saturn enters Virgo on Sept. 2nd @ 6:49 am PDT- bull's eye- for labor day celebrations. PERFECT TIMING as only virgo can do.

Eat and BE well.

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