Tuesday, May 22, 2007


San Francisco days aka FOGGED IN

"And I can't forget, I can't forget I can't forget but I don't remember what"~

leonard cohen

Neptune flips this week. May 24th @ 6:10 pm PDT, to be exact. But being exact won't be our forte for a while. Neptune dissolves things, makes them fuzzy, and it rules the dream time; drugs too. Anything that alters the mind usually comes under Neptune's domain. Music, therapy, dance, etc. You get the drift. Its good to drift now and then. Magic happens in the drift zone.

So until Halloween 2007, better known as the witches new year to some, you can float in your inner world with full support from the cosmos. On the trick or treat day, Neptune will come out of retrograde. Perfect timing, bring on the creative costumes! ( You've had five months to design them).

The house in your chart that holds Pisces is the one that will be in Avalon for the next few months. The place where you have natal Neptune will also be doing a backwards/out of site flight. If your Sun sign is in Pisces or you have ANY planets in Pisces, man oh man, are you in for perfecting the backwards stroke. " I SAID WHAT?, Oh, no, you heard me wrong, I never said that, I would NEVER say that, I was confused if I said that. They drugged me. Someone spiked the wine."

With all retrogrades the "re" rules: review, reconstruct, reroute.

Neptune is also connected to denial. So if there is an area in your life that needs some serious (SATURN) reformatting- get the plan in writing and try to set some goals. Neptune is in an opposition relationship with Saturn until Sept. and best to try to pull in a little reality to help clear the fog. If you fail at saving the world, opt for balancing your give/take energy.

Simple steps in a unclear view means you don't fall off the mountain.

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