Wednesday, May 09, 2007


As the world Churns

"Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak whispers the o'er-fraught heart and bids it break"- MACBETH (ACT IV SC3)

We enter into the realm of endings and beginnings now- with Mars as the key player. The powerful relationship between Mars and Pluto on Sunday the 13Th, Ma's day- is not a blending of energy that can sit with folded hands at the dinner table. It's a steam bath that may get a bit too hot. Watch the temper tantrums and if you don't get the acknowledgment you feel others should give you, instead of festering in anger, get active and give yourself what you need- a 10k run for the poor would be good outlet.

The complications of warrior at cross roads with death become intense on the 12Th when Luna is holding hands with mars at the 28 degree of Pisces, the same degree in which the Solar Eclipse occurred in March. In English what this means is more moving and shaking is going to go down, and tears will burst forth as a release is needed. And heads of state are going to roll.

This isn't the time to repress feelings, yet one certainly should hold responses in check. In other words if you get cut off in traffic, let the jerk pass you by, he might not have control of his feelings this week, and if the dam burst it won't be pretty.

Sorry to sound so dire, but the energy this month is as powerful as launching a rocket into outer space- and when you return to earth the landscape won't be the same. So plan your path with care, and lots of room for adjustment.

On the 15Th Mars moves into its own sign: Aries- fight first, explain later is the motto. Looking at the New Moon chart cast for Washington DC on the 16Th - our leadership is going to have new spin on an already too old war,and wanting more and more war. The seventh house cusp of the New Moon chart is 29 degrees Pisces, thus positions taken with enemies in March will surface again. More puffed out chests to come. Sun and Moon hold hands in the 8Th house of sex,death and loans,@ 25 Taurus- and I doubt George is going to be able to mask our money problems.

I expect some female will play a key role in the next few weeks ahead, maybe the Madam of Washington spills the beans and makes this white house look as tainted as it really is- saturated with hypocrisy, and over extended on all fronts- especially with OUR money. Actually- lack of money.

And speaking of the green, the more you can put away now, the better, someone has to set an example of fiscal responsibility, let it begin with you.

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