Sunday, October 22, 2006


the messenger meets expanded mind

Today mercury the messenger meets up with jupiter the 'nothing is too big for me' planet. Perfect time to launch into blog world. Hence, I chose today to begin my astrological online diary.

Having just returned from my seventh trip to India 27 days ago, I have much to share on the subject of mercury (the mind) and jupiter (the ever hopeful searcher). This is the time to walk our talk as if the entire world was watching and listening. Maybe we can even entertain the FBI if they happen to fall upon our blog pages.

The main lesson I learned on this pilgrimage just finished ( but not really-its NEVER finished) is to "love the imperfections in life, see the beauty in them". This too, can be the message when mercury and jupiter hold hands in scorpio. As scorpio's natural strength is to see what is hidden from others, let us dig deep for clues into how to get along with the cultures (jupiter) that are different from our own. When you think about it , what we think of as flaws, are often just different from what we 'prefer'......broken down this can mean- 'love what is'.

Today is a great time for reaching out and forgiving; others, ourselves, and trying to love the entire master plan that is unfolding in our own little universe, even if we go over budget.

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