Thursday, October 26, 2006


its in the eyes

They say you can see ones soul in the eyes. Look around today and you'll see deeper than ever before. If you are brave enough to look that is. Or, put the shades on and you can look without revealing if the plunge into the deep end is too much for you right now.

Go ahead- touch and be touched, spiritually and physically. NOW is the time. We have the moon moving to conjunct pluto, power planet of the skies, (pay no heed to that downgrade attempt by the astronomy community) both in 'gotta cover some ground' sag. And joining them - is one heck of a back up chorus. Vocals are deep and soulful. We got FIVE very serious singers- Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all in unison. What's the lyric?

"Yea, tho I walk through the valley of........ ( you fill in the blank)...... I fear no......... "

Coz- the five planets are in Scorpio and the power is with me...........within me, around me, above me.

This line up of intense water energy will be with us for about a month. Don't waste it. Remember Katrina? That's the energy level that's possible. Make your storm - a creative one. LOVE and BE LOVED like never before. Find your passion.

Go ahead take the shades off and look. You can handle the light, it just will take a few minutes to adjust to the intensity.

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