Friday, July 03, 2020


Diversity is a great meal

When creating a balanced diet, it is important to have a variety of foods. If you eat the same meal every single day, you will develop malnutrition.

America is suffering from malnutrition of the cultural and emotional kind. The allergic reaction that surfaces in some people (not all) when fed an appetizer of a foreign idea, unable to even give it a try or simple consideration, is self-defeating behavior.

We are a country built on variations of ethnicity, race, faith, languages, values, and political preferences but we are first- HUMANS. Divine humans.

And yet, here we are about to have a 244th birthday, and we can't seem to understand the benefits of sharing; such an instrumental concept in cooperation, and community. Our news proves that we have not learned this lesson.

A vaccine for the world to beat a killer disease is hogged by the greed that is destroying this country's heart.

I've said it many times, in many articles and on different formats, America is stuck in adolescence. It is time to grow up. At this point in our history, refusal to mature is costing lives. When you are between the ages of twelve and seventeen you are growing at a rapid pace. Not yet sure of who you are or want to 'be' when you 'grow up'.  Being a teenager is a time of exploration for some.

I once ran into a friend who had a two year old. He said to her- "Tell Parker your favorite word"... she looked away and firmly said- "NO".

That is what I hear and read everywhere- "No, I am not wearing a mask", "No, I am not going to listen to the science", "No, I am not going to stay six feet apart". "No, No, No."

CLOSED MINDEDNESS cannot GROW. It is like a sink of stagnant water.

OPEN MINDEDNESS?  The horizon will always have an interesting story that can be shared. It creates space for your heart to pump more blood, and thus provides oxygen and nutrients that are required for health.

Granted, I understand the need for familiar. It gives a sense of "knowing" and comfort. Like the sun rising in the am, even if the clouds are hiding it.  In astrology Saturn rules traditions, father-time, your bones, teeth, and spine. What holds you up, and allows you to chew food. We all want to stand tall, even at 5 feet. Doing a free-fall continually, just makes you unstable. No one can enjoy a roller-coaster ride that doesn't stop.

Saturn has been in the sign of Aquarius since March 31st, just around the time that Covid-19 let us know- this unwanted, unexpected guest, was staying indefinitely. Lives were turned upside down without a seat-belt on. Aquarius is the sign that likes to be unconventional, yet is very concerned about humanity, rules air travel, inventions, and also doesn't like to be "told" what to do.

On the first of July, Saturn re-entered Capricorn, as it has been traveling retrograde since May 11th.  It will remain in Capricorn until December 18th, 2020. 

What we have NOW- is a backdrop that JUST changed themes. The energy has been so crazy, with so much chaos and uncertainty, that everyone is dehydrated, begging for water- plain water. Like a lake of calmness. Forget flying my kite to the new land, give me a chair on the beach and some waves that lap in and out with a serene mantra. Give me what I know I can count on- that is Saturn in Capricorn's wish. And he delivers,with a black-all cotton- mask on! And its going to last for a LONG time.

The world is craving this energy.  And we will have it! We will have to fight for it- but we will have it.

The desire for the new and untried- constant excitement- is no more, for now.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on America's birthday.  The moon in Capricorn is mirroring this need for  a steady ship, without holes popping up every five seconds. The moon in a mundane chart shows the public. The masses are weary. The first responders are exhausted. Our country is desperately begging for some peace. We are headed straight for a very serious depression. And the menu is potatoes. Mashed, baked, steamed, fried- but just potatoes. The diversity will have to be discovered from within to create outstanding recipes; you can do it! Potatoes never tasted so good, after three years of food fights consisting of indescribable left-overs.

We need a loving leader to guide us to the picnic table, covered with foods that we know and love. The simpler the better. The diversity of the meal is in who sits here- ALL of the people of this great land. The young, old, wealthy, not as in 'rich' as in generous of heart, and those who can pass the dish nourishment, not throw it; not waste it.

This is not a 'last supper' this is the first meal- the breakfast of Champions- Americans who can live with each other in the spirit of working to heal, communicate, and change our country into what it wants to become- AN ADULT.

PLEASE- WEAR A MASK.  Do your Dharmic duty!

What is the one food that is diverse and everyone enjoys at every meal?


Serve love on the 4th. That is the birthday present that this country needs right now- and it is not possible to consume too much of it.

Happy Solar Return America!

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