Sunday, May 31, 2020


The World is on Fire; here comes the Eclipses!

America is on fire. 

The world is in fear.

History is being made.

How to make sense of the last week, and how it is tied to decades of frustration for many people.

We are in such uncharted times! The one thing sure to bring a sense of calm, is spending more time in your heart than head. 

 These times are a changing.....(Dylan has such futuristic timing). Right before our eyes, we have seen one world go- the one that had structure. 

Now, we can spend more time in the "now"- because the future is so very much, a big question. Even to me, looking at the stars, to see where the light might be shone, it is only by going to a place that is very quiet that I can even grasp which avenues *might* grow branches, and which ones will certainly grow weeds.

We are five days from the first of three eclipses.  These will stir up possibilities, and hunches will become firmed up, bonafide new deals.  Eclipses also seal deals that end. They are full and new moons that rev up the engine of change. You can have a closure before the birth, and visa versa.

The key to handling them, is to watch the river flow, listen to all the signs, especially the one coming from your higher knowing.  And then, to wait for a bit (3 days) until the eclipse has passed- to act.  It is not considered good form to grab the food before the host sits down.  It is best to let all the guest show up first, and let the host greet and guide you through the courses of the meal. Eclipses will do the same, if you allow for it.

I didn't say you'd necessary like the menu. Some delicacies are acquired tastes...others, you didn't know how you ever lived without, and then some just fade from memory.  If your planets are triggered by an eclipse, events that it ushers in, never fade to black. They restore or upend the digestive tract. Sometimes, its been needed for ages.

This first  Lunar Eclipse falls in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. It is 15 degrees 34 minutes, and in an exact square to Mars in Pisces.  It creates what we call- a T-sq.  Muscle tool. Adjustment is needed to 'make it work'....or  getting the job done.   What is the mundane factor in all of this? 

Racial Divide.

The tensions will continue, but I do hope and send out the vibration that a round table of open hearts can lead us to make substantial changes in this country. We need ideas and leaders with new beliefs and philosophies in manifesting strong structures that allow for EVERYONE to have a place at the table. And EVERYONE to have food on their plate!

HOW can the "richest country" have so many poor?  So many people not left behind, NEVER thought of being invited in the first place!  We are not a "Christian" nation until we behave as Christ.  I never saw a scripture that commanded to - "Go forth and shop".

Go forth and FEED- sure!   Food that is clean, not poisoned with toxins that make some manufacturing company wealthy, as it kills you. Some people started a garden (even in the window seal) during the stay home orders. Back to the basics, mother nature (via COVID19) suggested. And it is a good message. Community gardens have always been a great idea. This reminds me of the community garden in south central- that fed hundreds of families, gave work to farmers, and created a magical community. South Central Farms.  Bloomed out of love, and effort in a concrete desert in the middle of Los Angeles. Started in 1994. Bulldozed in 2006 by greedy corporate hunger.  But not of food. The hunger of  MORE money.  On July 5th 2006 (the day after America's birthday) it was crushed. (See the documentary film- "The Garden").

IT is THAT sort of crushing that has gone on and on and on for people of color that leads the riots today.  One day a garden, next day a neck.  Over and over and over.   The destroying of dreams, and of lives.

AMERICA HAS TO CHANGE.  We are a teenager country.  It is time to mature to adulthood.


Shout out to all the grown ups on duty- THANK YOU!  Cuomo, Newsom,Whitmer, all the front liners. All the people who know what one consciousness means! And those who are trying to discover how to be a better person, by LIFTING UP others.

Lunar Eclipses are full moons. So, they shed light on issues.  Pisces is about the underdog. And since Mars is in Pisces in a t-sq with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius in June 5th eclipse we clearly see- as above so below- in what we need to work on!  The ideas and plans that are practical in bringing the community of the world together.

Food, Housing, and Healthcare are humanitarian needs.   They have lost their true meaning by the gross drive of  'for profit at all cost-lives'.

I have hope that our being shaken up by this virus, that has no mercy, will result in our hearts having only mercy for those that are less fortunate.

The other issues that will come up with this eclipse is our hospitals and how they 'make' or don't make money.  Health Care needs good management to be successful.  There are many people who will be bankrupt because of hospital bills from covid19 related illnesses. Once again, the fight for universal healthcare will enter the boxing ring of our political system.

Immigration will continue to be an important topic; treaties and visas will again hit the headlines.

All things Sagittarius will be highlighted in the next six months. Athletics, Universities, to travel or not to travel aboard. Studying aboard will be considered much more carefully.

Constitutional law- and its erosion is a grave concern for many who are paying attention.  Sagittarius is international law and we'll see some questionable moves being attempted, and blocked.  T-squares never make anything 'easy'.  So this Lunar eclipse in a t-square relationship will require much more than wishful executive orders.

Sagittarius rules comedy. Humor. These stressful times are going to make comedy skits even funnier. Some of the funnies will be funny much later....when you can laugh at the craziness we are all part of and witnessing here on planet earth 2020.
The second Eclipse in this series of three headed our way, is on the 20th of June. It is at zero degree and in the sign of Cancer.  Elizabeth Warren and Adam Schiff both have birthdays on the 22nd of June!  (astro twins!!)...  Having a birthday so close to an eclipse means very big big changes in the year ahead.  I am of the mind that Warren, will be the Vice-president running mate of Biden.  This may pick up steam near the eclipse.

 Having an eclipse at zero degree Cancer, means- that America will be impacted heavily.  USA's birth Venus and Jupiter placements are near this point.  The attempt to 'jump start' America- might see real birthing, closer to July. This eclipse shows a new start, that right now 'has sunglasses on'. Governor Cuomo expressed the practical idea- build America's infrastructure; get us on our feet and create jobs.  The astrology supports this! It is an excellent idea, and one that would make GREAT use- of the long term transits of Mars in Aries that begins on June 30th and last until January 2021! The stars say- GREEN LIGHT!  Mars is action, and Aries is new and now!  THE TIME IS NOW! (in more ways than one, its always NOW, can't be anything else).  Aries is also strength and Mars is Aries's ruling sign- so it is at home in that placement. A+ idea.

Mercury turns retrograde on June 18th. It is perfect for reviewing plans- tied to the home, as it is in cancer. REBUILDING our realities.  We are all going to be doing this on one level or another.

Which brings me to my current new project!  I've started an astrology podcast, and a Patreon Page as well. You can support my astrology work by becoming a patron, (there are three tiers- 5.00, 10.00, 20.00 ). This comes with many perks and lots of astrological information beyond what I normally address in this once a month blog. I have been creating this astrology blog as seva, since 2006.

 Now, it is time for me to be a practical idealistic, since my livelihood changed with Corona Virus.

 Or, if you feel moved by my words, a donation can be made many places. One is on my astrology website- in the Golden Caldron on the links page.

IF you are unsure about how to re-invent yourself at this cross roads time in life, a reading just might be in order!

Here are the links-

The third eclipse happens in July, just as America turns another year older. I will discuss that one later. The first two, show us how to grow, by pruning what is not aiding.

New sprouts come after a wildfire; a new America can bloom, if we plant the seeds.

(c) Parker McPhinney 2020

All rights reserved.

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