Thursday, April 30, 2020


Go inside


Not only are you hanging out inside your house, tent, cave, hut, etc... go inside to your innermost being. The place where you 'talk to your self' - but go beyond the words you 'think', to go the silence.

Can't find it?  Try again. KEEP trying...because that is where 'we' are at.

That is all we can do. Most of us realize the seriousness of the times.

As we move into the month of May, we will be enduring more 'inward' energy as several planets will be retrograde.

Here is the line-up:  Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all be doing the inner dance, as they do a turn around.  Pluto started the retreat on the 25th.  Saturn will follow on the 11th of May.  Venus won't be upstaged in by going incognito, she'll flip on the 13th. Jupiter will shuffle off stage, behind the curtain, on the 14th.

So, what this means for you and me- is that 'as above, so below'... if the energy is turning inward, you don't have to go into hibernation, but retrospection is called for.  Time to review your money and love  situation- (Venus), your Security and ground you stand on (Saturn), your beliefs and legal options (Jupiter) and how you can morph into a new being, by rising higher via going deeper (Pluto). To the CENTER of your being.

Everyone is going to be doing this on some level.  It is called:  WAKING UP to the MOMENT.

The "big" event this month, is that on the 5th, the nodes (not planets, the planes where the moon's orbit intersects the ecliptic path)...move into GEMINI...(they move backwards)...Gemini rules communications, the arms, shoulders, and LUNGS. "PERHAPS" some NEW discovery of why or how the virus attaches to the lungs will be discovered. How to be rid of it! We can only use our power of mantra, and prayer to help the super intelligence to guide our scientists. The nodes represent where we are 'becoming'..and they are tied to fate.  

This is a good time to shout out to all the people who have been on the front lines of this fight for light and life-  THANK YOU ESSENTIAL WORKERS ! 

THANK YOU POSTAL WORKERS, DOCTORS, NURSES, POLICE, FIRE FIGHTERS, Governor NEWSOM, GOVERNOR CUOMO (THE MAN!), ALL Governors who have acted to protect the citizens of their state.  Food workers, (ALL OF THEM). !!!!  Everyone who has gone out and continued to do service in spite of possible death.  YES, DEATH.

IF you are one of those people who think this VIRUS isn't interested in YOUR LUNGS- you might be right,* it* instead, might fancy your blood by clotting up and giving you stroke.  OR perhaps it will just take a limb or two.....

 Many Americans have always thought that death was something that happens to 'other people' or 'old people'.... this country has an immature reaction to death. It is ignored. The ONLY garrentee that you'll EVER have in life, is that you are going to drop the body one day. That subject has never been a hot topic in the states. And here we are with over sixty thousands deaths in six weeks! No, baby, this isn't 'like the flu', and sixty thousand people don't die in car crashes in  America every sixty days.

So, listen up- but not to the ORANGSLIME!!!  Lysol isn't for internal use, it's for cleaning the toilet.

What will help you now, is getting the immune system strong. In astrology that would be tied to your SUN SIGN.

So here are some tips -

Aries- move the body, and keep the anger down...Your ruler Mars, is in Aquarius until the 14th. During this time you can strengthen your techno skills and help friends navigate the sound waves with zoom.

Taurus- seek out those who you can talk with when you get down. Venus in Gemini all month can bring new forms of communications with others. Did you know the plants listen? Gardening not only is a way to get things off your chest, you can also grow some food!  One less trip to the risky store!

Gemini- The first 10 days of the month your ruler Mercury, is in Taurus. Singing in the shower is recommended. It lifts the mood, helps brain circulation, and reminds you that even if you are on lock-down, you DO still have a voice and no mask is required while bathing.

Cancer- You should be doing very well, because - you are forced to be at home!  Bake away!  Stay in bed all day! Shake it up with the family, playing board games, Use chocolate as the reward for not going out. 

Leo-  Time to revisit - show and tell!  Dress up as a painting, (its all the rage online) or play charades via Skype!  Discover a new creative expression....... develop a one person show, write a song, love letter, or take up tap dancing, (exercise).

Virgo- Research all the homeopathic medicines that keep the immune system strong. Clean out the     refrigerator, or just disinfect the entire house.

Libra- Juice it up. Keep the kidneys flush. Watch old romantic movies. Give yourself homemade facials.

Scorpio- Dig deep into a mystery- book, or any 'discovery' channel. Study a slow movement martial arts form (you tube) and practice it when you get up tight. Get lovey with your partner, imagined or real.

Sagittarius-  Hang outside in the sunshine (back yard, front porch, walk around the block), watch happy comedies, study a foreign language, plot your next overseas getaway for when travel is allowed.

Capricorn- Organize the ideas for the next great company that you'll start....research grants that you might qualify for. Be sure to take vitamin D for you bones!

Aquarius- Be sure to rest enough. Rest more. Saturn is in your sign right now- take it easy on yourself. Get in touch with friends in new ways, (send post cards, face-time, and video bomb them with jokes).

Pisces- Daydream, go easy on the mind altering substances, instead learn to mediate or explore music- yoga, and raw foods. Don't watch too much none!

Keeping our immune system strong means- being aware of all the things you take in with the senses as well as the food you eat. Our mind/emotion/body  have to nurtured now. Be kind to yourself. Do little helpful things for your neighbors...when you risk going out- pick up an extra something (anything!) for the next door neighbor. Write cards to friends, learn cursive if you are from one of the generations that didn't get it in school, (its THE secret code now!). Eat well, take care of yourself, so that you can live to tell those that haven't been born yet, how - AMERICA IS STRONG... LOVING... AND UNITED.

Don't waste time blaming, complaining, or degrading others.

LIVE FOR TODAY.  That is all we have- today, this moment. This breath.




Save lives!

Stay H*OM*E

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