Thursday, February 21, 2008


Money Matters-the big vs little

Total Lunar Eclipse:

Lunacy, endings, awareness. The full moon, even with sunglasses on can make one do impulse things. Some of those urges will allow for a release that feel really really good. This is how an eclipse can move you into action like a fire lite under your bottom:

You come home to a notice that your insurance company wants to nail you for a five dollar late fee, even though your records show you are on time. During the phone conversation to reduce the five dollar fee, you are told, that in fact since you moved to a nicer neighborhood with nicer, more expensive cars, and people have more expensive claims in your new 'hood that your insurance is going up four hundred dollars. That wrong zip code they had in their records just cost you much much more.

Does it count that you have been with them for fourteen years, have a twenty year old car and have never filed a claim, have never had any tickets- EVER. NO.

Oh- and by the way- we won't back charge you since it was 'our mistake'.
So big business tells you we don't charge you based on your record- only. You can do ALL the correct things, make the right choices, and we'll make you pay for other peoples errors, and taste,'cause we are BIG BUSINESS and we HAVE to make BIG MONEY.

What do you do? Its a Lunar Eclipse moment.

Your third house (cars) Capricorn moon is being trined by the Virgo Moon in the sky. Earth is about the material goods. Functional. Practical. SAVING MONEY.

Of course you use that VIRGO moon to investigate details. You use the best tool at your finger tips- the Internet. And in less than thirty minutes you have found new insurance. At a sane rate. At a lower rate than you had before, and they don't punish you because your neighbors prefer BMW's to used Honda's. And they don't waste paper (Virgo moon-) sending you a notice that you owe 5.oo more dollars.

So you call back 21st century and let them know you've out grown them, time to say GOOD-BYE. You wish to save trees, and send money to Darfur. You tell them they need to change their name again, they are no longer the future. They are the past. And when the rest of America wakes up and learns to say "NO- YOU CAN'T" to big business we will all be saving more than money- our sanity will return.

This is astrology in action.

By the way, I am plugging my new insurance company, in case you want to save some trees.

Monday, February 04, 2008


super tues/solar eclipse week

The moon is void until 11:00 am on Super Tuesday.........that's PST- .

Try to go into the room with a curtain after that time--for the best results- or if you were on it-- you voted by mail- long before mercury went retrograde.

Hilary's going to do well, but so will Obama- and blue-through and through- flaming so - ( so much flaming that the flame is blue) that I am I haven't even bothered to look at the 'other' peoples charts. THAT party is OVER.

It will be too close to call with some states - between Hilary and Obama. I am still of the mind that the MRS. is taking the prize and that she has the good sense to ask Obama to come along for the ride. And what a ride its going to be! Making history thrice:

First female president.

First black VP

First - First man!

This is a crazy week - prone to impulsive actions- some are over do- others you will regret.

More on this later. ( The french prez who married 3 months after his divorce for example).

Try to stay grounded - as impossible as that might be- and check out who your friends are right now- because you might be wanting new ones by the end of the week- or wishing to re-kindle with old ones. No- matter the "Friendship" box is all lite up- w/ sunglasses on mind you.

Right now all I can think is one word:


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