Saturday, January 09, 2021


Strange Skies

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The world is pretty strange right now. Especially America. 

If you are surprised at the insurrection that took place in our Capitol on January 6th, 2021- you are in the minority. 

What is going on with us as a whole?  In general the world in a pandemic doesn't feel secure. Unless you've lived long enough to have had some of the rougher experiences (WW1,2 or any WAR) of conflict on this planet, chances are your skin is pretty thin. 

In America's birth chart we have Mars in Gemini. The need to communicate information, ideas, and opinions is strong with Mars in Gemini. Americans are known to be chatty. Neptune in the USA birth chart is square that Mars, and currently in the sky Neptune is in opposite to the birth Neptune as well! Plus, it is also square to the birth Mars, creating a T-square; Neptune/Mars/Neptune.

 Neptune is known for manifesting fog, and if using the lower energy of the planet, it can lean towards misinformation that is deliberately pushed. The latter is certainly a problem! Information is being 'fogged' in two directions. America was born with a tendency to idealize the truth, and right now, that is being compounded by blanket fantasies.

America needs to learn how to tell the truth- to ourselves and as a daily life practice. We very much need to look clearly in the mirror right now, and face the very bad habits that have developed in the last years, namely- ignoring when liars are given power. Not just people, but platforms that push conspiracy theories, such as Q Anon.

On the day of the attack to the founding cement of our democracy, transiting Mercury also got in on the show. Mercury was in a direct opposition to our birth Mercury and in a conjunction with transiting Pluto, and also our birth Pluto. THIS is at the core of what is going on.  We are having a Pluto return- and that is about shedding a skin- and becoming a different "We the People" government. 

First we have to decide what kind of people we are going to be. Do we expect and demand our elected officials to speak the TRUTH- or play games with lives to enhance their own ambitious goals? 

What happened on the steps of the Capitol was a test that we failed.  We are very blessed that the mob wasn't more organized.  Mars that day went from being in the last degree of  warrior sign- Aries, to the first degree of much slower and in awe of beauty sign of Taurus.

 When the criminals broke into the chamber- Mars had just left Aries- right to the minute. Once the Aries energy of a final push was gone, and Taurus took over- they wandered the halls of our Capitol on a tour of the grand place- not really sure what to do, now that they had used up all that energy to break in.  One can imagine a bull having survived its battle, wandering around the field.  Images of "playing" at being the person in control took place; the House speaker's seat, relaxed and taking selfies, grabbing a podium, and general roaming the halls. Some rioters not really even aware of what they just did; several asked for directions to the bathroom from security!  This is a good example of Taurus energy in the fighter planet Mars. Completely unaware of the act they had just committed, they took their time having fun. Five people had actually just died during this grossly illegal act against our country's democracy. 

The fun has ended for all of them. 

NOW- we look to prosecute and jail those who can be identified through camera footage. 

 The main instigator- our "gone off the rails" president of the United States- is going to be held accountable. It is on tape him telling this crowd of foot-lickers, to go "FIGHT LIKE HELL".. encouraging them to march to the Capitol and demand the election results be overturned. He also stated that he "would join them".  HE is a continual pathetic liar, and had no intention of joining; instead, he sat back in his protected house (the people's house) and watched what he had just encouraged on T.V. He watched as the destruction, he ordered, was carried out. 

No doubt there were some people on that day that just got caught up in the crowd madness. You can be sure though, that amongst the passion and cult following there were many who truly wished to over throw the election results and install their mad leader permanently. They even went so far as taking down the American flag and hoisting up a TRUMP flag.  Mars in Taurus is in a square to the recent Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that took place on the 21st of December. Mars squaring these two is about resistance and the blinded belief that your cause is just. Mars in a square to Jupiter causes one to over reach. Mars in square to Saturn is an attempt to break down structures.

Jupiter (ironically- Justice) represents the Republican Party, and Saturn (order) rules the Democratic Party. It is imperative that at this time, we look at the weak links in our two parties and seal up the gaps. I used to believe that we had to learn how to 'get along'. I no longer feel that 'getting along' with a party that wishes to distort information, support a would be dictator, or has representatives in office who * bold face* lie to the American people should be trusted.  Until the Republicans change course, or split their party up (which I believe will happen in May of this year) and commit to our constitution and not a person we will be in danger of repeating the history of the Germans in the time of Hitler.

For the next few weeks we have some quite difficult transits that indicate we will have to work very hard to bring calm to our country. On the 13th of January Mars will square Saturn, and a New Moon in Capricorn at 23 degrees occurs as well.  I do believe that if the sitting President does not resign before then- he will be IMPEACH- and forced from office.

Trump has a deep love of money and power. If he is impeached instead of resigning he will lose many monetary benefits one usually maintains after leaving office. He will no longer ever be able to seek office again. It is a tossup of which is better- resigning or impeachment for the American people. For him it is clear- because he really doesn't like the job of being president, he just wants the title and the perks. 

Trump's chart shows he is in a downward slide, (one of the reasons I never thought he would be reelected) with his progressed declination moon going south-which indicated 'endings' and a period of retreat. His chart also shows that he is NOT well, is seriously delusional, and I believe that Covid-19 has damaged his brain. His erratic energy is not going to stop, in fact it is going to continue to increase, and he is a national security threat. His directed Uranus is exactly conjunct his birth Ascendant, which adds to his nature of being unpredictable. His Solar Arc directed Neptune is in opposition to his birth Uranus- and that gives him a sense of illusion that he can do anything and not be held accountable. He is in my opinion capable of poisoning this country by his actions in sudden and deep ways. The Neptune/ Uranus combination gives him great charisma, (the second coming fantasy) words that are able to move others, but it is surface only- in that he will not 'stick' to what he says- and all those followers of his that did his biding are about to find that out, as they spend many years in prison. This Solar Arc Directed Neptune in opposition to his birth Uranus is further compounded by transiting Neptune in square to both planets- fueling his psychotic ongoing episode of telling him is he greater than he is. Telling him he "won" when he did not.  He is having his own personal melt down of reality- just like America! As a matter of fact- they are egging each other on! 

What is the counter to this? FACTS.  REALITY. *THE TRUTH*. SATURN!  The enablers need to cease immediately all these lies. JUST because he is incapable of facing the truth does not mean it should be ignore! Venus in Capricorn (as of the 7th) will help. With firmness his family members and those close to him need to step in. Will their own lust for more, more, more be set aside? Not likely; it is an oligarchy.  But, if they don't force him to resign, he will go anyway. He will be removed. 

This has been a sad week for my country.

As we move into January- you need to ground yourself, because more shake ups are clearly coming. On the 17th we have Jupiter square Uranus- and three days later Mars square Uranus. Undeniably the most EARTHQUAKE alert signature I have seen in a while. This one is going to be a SUPER QUAKE.  So get your supplies in order. It can be anywhere, but I think that South America is very much a possible place it will strike as the recent Total Solar Eclipse path was through that country.  Los Angeles also has a marker for it- as our 4th house (property) is being both triggered by Jupiter (big-no bigger) and Saturn (diminished structures).  I hope I am wrong, since this one would be off the charts and very deadly. It is also a possible signature that our hospitals simply cannot handle any more covid-19 surges, and they shut down.

Despite all the grim and difficult energy coming down the path, I believe we can look to Georgia and Stacey Abrams (STAR!) roll up our sleeves and prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and take off our rose colored glasses - long enough to realize that yes, the sky is looking mighty strange, but at the same time green lights mean - GO FORWARD.

Wishing you a healthy 2021

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Monday, December 07, 2020


2020 A YEAR to NEVER be Forgotten


It is true. It is a fact. And we will never forget it. THANKS FOR VOTING! America is still a democracy!

What a year it has been. We will never forget it, because so much has happened in the last twelve months, it feels like its been over a decade since we rang in the new decade.

In trying to stay sane, safe, and secure- we've not really had the chance to fully appreciate how we have become a progressive USA, by the sheer act of voting in our first female Vice-President EVER. That took 244 years, I am dismayed to say. 

We won't stop there- we will continue to elect Women to places of high power, because after all- without women- there would be zero men! It has taken far too long for the fine mind of the female to take a seat at the head of the table that she helps feed. 

In astrology the Moon and Venus both represent the female. In America's birth chart the Moon is in Aquarius. And on December 17th Saturn moves into Aquarius, on the 19th Jupiter enters the progressive sign, and on the 21st the two hold hands to set forth a new twenty year cycle! It will be a glorious site in the sky, and one that man hasn't been witness to since the middle ages.

Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

 And yes, we shall see so many GOOD changes in the next two decades for so many that have been pushed aside since America was born. 

This is truly a time to celebrate, even if right now it has to be a solo glass lifted into the air, and the choir is singing from a zoom meeting.  

Will it be without more struggle? No. But the change is HERE- with this first step, and soon it will become a fast paced walk- with the ankles no longer wearing shackles, soon it will be a skip and then a leap into our new future!  Congratulations AMERICA~ you have grown into a broader mind! 

Aquarius rules the brotherhood and sisterhood of man. The diverse family that we actually are, includes so much more than just man/women- it is also the family of nature, animals, elements-all of life!  Aquarius, "the water bearer"~as it is called,  is actually an air sign- as the intellect becomes deeper and broader in its ability to perceive dreams, and mold them into reality, nourishes us with much needed oxygen, just like the need for water. 

The eleventh sign in the zodiac is about the future and ours has gotten a big boost in 2020 to look at life through a different prism. Being in lock-down for almost the entire year, has given many a chance to reexamine what they believe security is. The reflection is a slow process to decide if they wish to continue on a path they embarked before COVID became a household name. So many things changed- from how you pay your rent, eat, stay healthy, to what the role of government- as a safety net could mean. 

You learn what you are made of when tragedy strikes. And you are made of STARDUST! 

Check out my current podcast on the recent Lunar Eclipse:

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

We are "in between eclipses" currently and this indicates a very powerful and changing time,on top of everything else we've already dealt with so far. Eclipse are new and full moon that have sunglasses on- so you don't see the big picture yet- there is much going on behind the scenes that comes to your view later- as you dig to discover- how and where you need to plant and grow. This is not always welcomed at first.

 Eclipse bring the BIG STUFF- Marriages, and break-ups too, moving, new careers, births, deaths, and a changing of direction.  It is best to sit tight, (when possible) before making for sure- written in blood deals during the eclipse window. However, viewing the options and researching the possible paths is excellent, then you can act with more knowledge and less impulse.  Many people have major life shifts, and others are 'shocked' but after you find out later that the 25year marriage had been on the edge of a cliff for a long time, you aren't so surprised. Partners who plead they "never saw it coming"- often have had their shades on for a while-sleeping 24/7 to what they didn't want to see. 

Eclipses also bring us big opportunities that we have painstakingly worked toward for a very long time-  the 'lucky break' is really about being extremely prepared for when the crack in the door might happen- which is what that eclipse new or full moon can bring! 

The next eclipse to 'launch us' into the future is on December 14th. It is a Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius, and it is going to bring new beliefs into our living rooms and our governments as well. This eclipse falls on the same day in America that the delegates meet to cast their ballots based on how the states they represent voted. Since the current occupant of the oval office is unable to accept the FACT that he lost, and is a very sore loser, this has caused many to wonder if representatives would go against the voters and well....cause a revolution?

 Why anyone thought that 45 would have a teaspoon of grace in his blood is beyond me. This eclipse on the 14th clearly shows 45 is moving house, so don't worry- your vote will not be dissolved by his falsely calling it illegal. He is moving, the Solar eclipse is on his fourth house moon. He's not working as the president anyhow- he's playing golf, and begging you for money, that he will spend while playing more golf, hopefully in Russia.  And I suspect, he planning on starting up his own TV network with your hard earn cash. So you givers to the grifter are making sure he has a job. He'll talk forever about what he has always gone on about- HIMSELF. 

 Meanwhile back to reality- 281K people in America are dead of COVID.  We thank our lucky stars that BIDEN/ HARRIS won, because otherwise we'd likely never see a vaccine!  Remember 45 told us in January "its no big deal", and then he told us in October- "don't let it dominate you" and he is still holding rallies that are super spreaders. Seems to me, he's bent on a mission to kill most of his supporters- not help them. 

Fear not, the adults are coming into the new administration and they will not only make sure you have the medicine you need, but I predict Biden will pass a Covid relief bill that is larger than anything in history- and this will bring so much joy to so many, that they will forget that we've had an abuser in the White House for four years. You'll recognize the difference because of  the aid you get-minus one liners flying out on tweeter every five seconds. We've all been bullied for way too long.

Aquarius rules THE INTELLECT.  Smart people, very bright people will head this new administration. 

Its going to take a awful lot of work to glue the USA back together- but it can be done!

We've still got some rough patches to get past this month- Mars in Aries makes a final square to Pluto on December 23rd. That is a muscle that is strained. Our hospitals and essential workers are over taxed! Be kind to them- don't get sick, and please WEAR A MASK.  It is so simple, and yet some people just do not want to be adults. Mars square Pluto is also about explosions and powerful anger that is released. I am hoping that it gets used in a manner that is productive- such as a workforce that implements the vaccines. It is possible that a volcano blows, don't let it be you.

The Winter Solstice takes place on December 21st at 2:02:12am PST. Just as you are gazing at the night sky wondering if Santa is traveling past Jupiter and Saturn and starstruck at the beautiful sight, will he forget to make a stop at your house? 


Don't fret, he already has come- this year he brings KNOWLEDGE. This is also a time when Vice-President Harris will become a more predominate voice in this new administration and California will get a new Senator.  It is highly possible that in 2021 we get a second new Senator. Feinstein is getting up there in age. 

Even though this year has been one for the history books, let us be sure to add a page into our own personal diary that we learned that we were stronger than we thought, had more loving friends than not, were filled with gratitude that we witnessed America stay a democracy and lived to write it down. 

Happy Holy Holidays to you and yours.

Thank you Health Care workers!

Thank you essential workers who have risked your lives everyday!

Thank you for respecting life and WEARING A MASK

And most of all- thank you dear readers for reading and caring about astrology!

You are made of STARDUST~GO SHINE



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Saturday, November 07, 2020


Clear skies will come



 Today, November 7th, at 11:25 am EST the Associated Press announced Biden/Harris had won Pennsylvania and THAT put them over the 270 Electoral College threshold. 

History was made, by MILLIONS of AMERICANS casting their votes to elect the first female Vice-President!!!!!!!!  History was made by the largest voting turn out in our history!!!  History was made by the most votes that an elected presidential team has ever received. 

THANK YOU AMERICANS- for exercising your divine right- by voting in fair and free elections!

The official count is still being done, it is possible that Biden/Harris, also gain Georgia. 

Biden turns 78 on November 20th.  He is a Sun Scorpio, like me, my birthday follows his. I can attest to the strength that Scorpio has - the sign has endurance! Biden will be a good leader, working hard with others to get us back on track to being a "united" America. His chart has a stellium in Scorpio in the 12th house, where he does his healing; behind the camera, out of sight, engaged with others at the round table. He has a Sagittarius rising, so our standing in the world will certainly get on better footing. We know it will, as Biden has the combination for that success; he is kind, and strong. He has relationships with world leaders that open doors not close them. Our allies will no longer be confused, and wonder if they are in fact a friend!

Harris is a justice seeking Libra Sun, with a fiery Aries Moon. She is no shrinking violet, and she sure does have a lovely smile! I welcome that joyful face, after hearing an angry leader screaming ugly things at the American people for four long years-EVERYDAY.  She is an excellent communicator, with a Gemini rising, so she will be very effective in getting to the truth of what needs to be repaired in America. Mercury in her chart is in investigative Scorpio. 

Now that the American voters have declared their wishes, let us begin the hard work ahead. And it is hard work to get control of a pandemic and recover businesses and lives. Joe will not be playing golf, he will be planning with top notch world class scientists, and medical field experts to secure a vaccine that is SAFE and affordable for all. Scorpio rules rebirth/transformation, the sign is ruthless in uncovering survival needs and acquiring them. 

It is not all clear skies just yet. We have a big storm cloud named 45. He won't accept reality.  He makes losing seem like the end of the world, (to him it is) and it will certainly be the end of a world he has become used to. He is addicted to 'attention' and chaos. I doubt he'll stop his rallies; he'll give them a new cause or form. 45 will make losing more dramatic than necessary. He will throw tantrums. He will not go gracefully; he doesn't seem to do anything with grace, certainly not accepting rejection.  The pattern so far, in his life, and in his presidency, is to seek revenge. 

The next week will likely be the most difficult behavior we will witness. By the time the new moon in Scorpio shows up, on November 15, the dye will be cast. There will still be words, and skirmish, but our democracy is intact!  Mars stations direct on November 14th, and the efforts to get on with the plans of our NEW PATH, will be firmly set in motion. That is not to say that 45 will accept that the American people have spoken. Unless the GOP pressures him to shut up his lies, he'll likely attempt to start a civil war. He will not be successful.  His stars are waning; it is time for him to begin packing for the upcoming move. I wouldn't even be surprised if he did not greet the new president, as is customary. He might be working on getting a 'pardon' in some twisted way. One thing you can be sure of, he's working on what is best FOR HIM, and his personal legal issues. He will be concerned about his "legacy" from the 15th of November on. He'll do as many favors as possible for friends. If he is not careful, he could land in the hospital again. If he doesn't get therapy to deal with this tremendous loss, (and you know- he won't) it could manifest as an illness, because he internalizes the deep pain, with no forgiveness. 

At the end of the month, on the 30th, we have a Lunar Eclipse (full moon with moon-glasses on) at 9 degrees Gemini. Communication just got extremely important! This is an opportunity to examine how you process information, what data really means for/to you, and how you can create a shift in mind set by investigating what "empowers" you. Putting what you discover into action. 

This year, Thanksgiving will be shared in an entirely new way.  We can Zoom, and we can bless our loved ones by not compromising their health or ours by taking undue risks.  The Covid-19 virus will tend to be very active during this month when temperatures drop, and flu season sets in. So please give yourself the biggest "thanks" by attending to your physical well being, and using super precautions in how you gather with loved ones. 

Neptune turns direct on the 28th and since it rules the virus, we just might finally see some breakthroughs to a vaccine! 

Mask-up and celebrate life longer!

Happy Thanks Giving to you and yours! 


© Parker McPhinney

All rights reserved.  


Thursday, October 08, 2020


Bolt down and hold tight

Mars square Pluto~listen to this


It is closer than you think.  Tread carefully.  

On Oct 9th Mars will Square Pluto. 

Mars is currently retrograde in Aries.

Pluto is in Capricorn. 

They don't see eye to eye right now.  AT ALL. 

Mars represents the need to assert the individual needs.  Pluto is the sub-conscious and also the government. Right now- 45 is sick. He has covid-19 and isn't happy about not being on stage yelling about everything he yells about. He is in manic land and it is very likely he could end up back in the hospital, if he is not careful he could die.  This is the real REALITY.  Nothing fake about Pluto. 

Mars square Pluto is a big sign that we are in a dangerous time.  Watch your anger. Find a proper place for it. It is a great aspect for wiping out-  anything and everything.  The clutter in your garage, the house that you want to demolish and rebuild, that big operation that removes all the bad stuff. What ever you do- DON'T drive while angry. It won't end well.  Replant the garden. Start over with the diet plan.  Clean out the freezer. Watch Godfather I and II.... and any other Gangster film you can find.  

 This is a "Take no Prisoners" aspect.

Also on the 9th we have a quarter Moon - at 18 Cancer squaring the Libra Sun.  Issues of Security, and Justice.  This is not favorable to 45's chart at all. He is in a very difficult period. Resigning is not out of the picture; I have said it for MONTHS.  

For you and me----- stay away from people who you don't get on with....(more than six feet- stay away means - ignore them-you live on another planet from them). 

We are in changing times, and some people do not do well with changes that don't favor their views. 

This is also an EARTHQUAKE (MEGA) aspect.

Mercury @ 12 degrees Scorpio turns RETROGRADE on Oct 13th until November 3rd. (yep!)  

Don't forget to VOTE!  (I know you won't). Before the 13th if your State allows. 

This is one for the history books. The election, the year, the month.

The next two weeks are going to be crazy and frustrating. On the 19th, Mars will square Saturn- again.  Find something hard to do,  and pour yourself into it.  Don't expect to win, do well, or even like it- just use up the energy instead of being used by it. Apply yourself with great determination to all that you do, just don't 'expect' any results from it. This doesn't mean they won't be forthcoming, it means don't set yourself up for disappointment. JUST APPLY your energy toward something GOOD. 

2020 is the year "NEVER to be FORGOTTEN".   And October is the MONTH that will be seared in your memory as one explosive, strange as hell~ time frame, that brings it all to a boiling point. 

When you need a laugh... think of that FLY on  Pence's white hair.  You know, the MOMENT- you knew it was over for the chaos party. 

Be well. 

Build Muscle. 

Wait for the green light; no speeding.


Monday, September 07, 2020


The butterfly and the spider

I vant to suck your blood....  (said everything that was hungry)....

Don't be like the Spider this month. Don't be like the butterfly, either! If you are flying around looking for the nectar and not paying attention to your environment, you might just end up frozen on a lavender plant, having your blood sucked out.  (OK, maybe it will be online- on a site full of Russian trolls... same thing).

Gross? It is nature. All of life eats other life. 

This was a first for me, seeing a butterfly paralyzed by a green striped insect with eight limbs. Wings verses plotting legs; Carpe Diem!

It is a fitting image for the times. 

This month will see brain cells being challenged by choreography that is cunning, taking no prisoners, and cause you to freeze with fear. Well now! You'll just have to call on Mars energy, and fight until the death, or surrender to your fate. 

Yes, it is that sort of month.

I am not one to pretend that things are "just fine" when in fact- it's a battle ground out there. It is only all good if you have strong Aries in your chart and you love to fight, and of course win. 

That doesn't mean we will give in. But like that lovely yellow butterfly, we will TRANSFORM, and TRANSCEND. 

The spider represents the cycle of life and so does the butterfly.  One thing ends, and another begins. We weave a circle that others will get caught in. Sometimes this brings us dinner, other times the design doesn't quite do its job. But the fact is, both the butterfly and the spider are part of this vast creation, each having a role to play. Each having needs, that sometimes get met, and other times not. 

The point is to keep creating, regardless if you ARE dinner or consume nourishment at the expense of another.  Just make it fair.  Play fair, and pay attention to your surroundings. 

Mercury is in Libra until the 28th of the month. This is the time to use your intellectual savvy, and make moves that further your journey.  They will be hard won, as Mercury will face blocks and detours. This does not mean you have selected the wrong path. Like the spider, dinner may be a feast that ends up tying you to the table, unable to move, and enjoy what you have fought to gain.  It will be a "mixed blessings" sort of month. 

First and foremost- you must guard your health. Without health, you have nothing! 

Mercury will oppose Chiron on Sept. 10th.  The data on how the Labor Day gatherings contribute to the numbers-(in the middle of a pandemic)- will begin to flow in.  For the non-believers, I have zero to say, because, the best teacher is direct experience, that and ICU.  A simple act of three things can save lives, fact is- many people on this planet are too damn lazy to care about others, and they prefer denial. You can't change them, only they can transform themselves, and their selfish behavior.  

In this order- the swords will fly:

Sept 17th- Mercury squares Jupiter

Sept 21st- Mercury squares Pluto

Sept 23rd- Mercury squares Saturn

Sept 25th- Mercury opposes Mars (which turns retrograde on the 9th of Sept).

So, yes, by the third week in Sept. full on war zone feeling.  

How to use all this energy in a positive way?  

Give yourself a task that demands you OPEN your mind, in some form or fashion that is NEW to you.  Engage is getting rid of destructive thinking, build communication skills that allow you to hear grievances, without reacting. Clear out the cobwebs in your mind, to how you "wish it were"- and look clearly at reality as it is, and get busy problem solving. That is what squares are all about- finding the solutions to issues that come up. 

Since Mercury is in Libra, and Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, are all in Capricorn- there is going to be organisational efforts to combat authoritarian law.  The dictator and the autocrat are in for a huge push back against those who wish for democracy. 


World wide- those places that have rulers who do not listen to the will of the people will be shocked at the resistance. 

45's relationship with Putin will come to haunt him.  He clearly wishes to rule like him, and it will be his downfall.  He will fall. He will fail. 

 I still believe he will end up resigning. But first he will create hell. That's his role; Destroyer. 

Try not to get caught up in the game of 'convincing' his followers otherwise. It is a waste of your precious time. They are playing their role, as well. 

IF you stop and think about how much light has been shed by his darkness, by his web of haters, and lies, you come to realize, that like the butterfly caught in the trap set by the spider, you might be unable to move right now- but you will drop the butterfly body, (innocence) and become wiser- in the state of all knowing consciousnesses.  That state doesn't need a body.  In that state you are free.  In that freedom, the real changes that will take place after the worn out ways are made dust, and swept way. 

The spider is the symbol of creating a new life, but first there is the struggle. 

On the 17th of Sept. there is a new moon at 25 degrees Virgo. 

The harvest is coming, but first we must chaff the wheat. 

Parker McPhinney (C) 2020

All Rights Reserved.

Monday, August 03, 2020


C'est la vie!

Here we are.
Time for a little pep song:

Feel better now? At least you know you aren't alone.
The entire world is reinventing the wheel.

The full moon is rising, and so will you, baby!
 It will peak at 8:59am PDT. on Aug 3rd.
@12 Aquarius.

Will congress get it together to help the American people?

(Aquarius = congress)

!You know why? Because if they don't, there is no "wheel turning" happening

.YOU are the cogs in the wheel that makes it move


.Without YOU there is no gross domestic product

It is important that you write your representatives if you are unhappy (or happy) with how things are going. We are ALL on a learning curve. It may feel very uncertain right now, and that usually makes people jumpy. However, I am here to tell you, that all that is going on has a deeper meaning. It is a freeze frame of what was- is no more, and therefore the adults in the room need to brain storm and the antenna that is never down, will put you back on track! Granted a NEW track, because the old train is rusty and worn out- and I am starting to think that "SOMEONE" (45)  REALLY wants to be an actor not a leader! The drama coming out of Pennsylvania Ave is competing for soap opera of the century! 


The astrology clearly shows that government has reached a huge stumbling block...its own wall of lack of understanding. Right now the planet Mars is in Aries (and will be until Jan 2021) and it is about to create a series of squares (90 degrees) to the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto!  This is power struggle and the hard work of moving the impossible. PLUS, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde! Look to the past, and learn something about how you dig yourself out of a pandemic! It isn't by denial. We've been here before- 1918. 


August 4th is the first square in this series.  Mars will square Jupiter - that's when over reach of the Military would be a VERY bad thing indeed. It is also when you need to curb your anger into productivity. It is super powerful- as in 'Super-Quake" energy. Also during this first week of August the Lunar Eclipse that was in January of 2020, will be triggered- all month! This is especially important for Los Angeles, because our birth Mars is at 18 Capricorn and is also being squared by Mars, and conjunct by Jupiter. The only MASS thing that NEEDS to happen is TESTING; followed by TRACKING. 


The second week of August will see a Mars square Pluto on the 13th. This can indicate a flare up of WAR. Also it is digging to the transformation that must happen for new invention to manifest. Many heads will be rolling down the mountain. This powerful mover and shaker is followed by Uranus turning retrograde on August 15th- and we do know that Uranus rules EARTHQUAKES, Computers, and because it is in Taurus- money, investments. The coin lacking issue is not going away, and States will need to be funded to keep the services intact, and saving never became more important than now. Risk takers will go into hiding and the markets just might see a suffering this week, that shocks everyone. 


That brings us to the Mars Square Saturn aspect on August 24th- which is an aspect of hard work, needed maturity, and cleaning out the cobwebs in the basement because black widows are in abundance. 


Get ready for a shocking month in Politics. 


The 19th of August will shed light on some hope, as the new moon is in Leo at 27 degrees. I still believe that 45 will resign. This New Moon falls on his Ascendant and conjuncts his Mars. He hates to losing and he is losing. He'll want a new life of golf 24/7 and like I said earlier, he really wants to be a STAR that gets a standing ovation, not booed out of the theater. It is possible that he waits until the last minute to resign, thus throwing our country into more havoc. You know, he's really only true to himself, and doesn't care about either party. 


With so many indicators of unrest, I am sure that the wrecking ball he is about to unleash will hurt his own party deeply. Remember what we have seen and heard for the last three years, it is proof- his taste for vengeance and revenge is deep. It is a strange thing that the christian right supports this behavior and votes for hate instead of love. Perhaps they will go to confession and repent. Neptune rules spirituality and the conman- so it is your free choice which you prefer. This month Jupiter is in a lovely sextile with Neptune the entire thirty days. Review your relationship methods. Use this energy to take you higher to the divine love vibe, and treat your neighbor as you would yourself. If you don't love yourself, you aren't going to be nice to anyone, so start loving yourself! WEAR A MASK! 


On the 8th Venus moves into Cancer! The miracle of love is more powerful and dynamic than anything. This energy will be centered in food, security, and the family. I am sure that by the 8th some solutions to our crisis will begin to surface. While Venus is in Cancer make sure you tend to your network of loved ones, for as we have seen - life can whisk you away, you are not promised the next breath. Learn this deep truth, and you will live as if there is no tomorrow- fully present in the NOW.  Feed your soul as well, and drink in your blessings. 


On the 21st Mercury moves into Virgo, the practical sign. We are very happy about this timing, as no one does healthcare better than mercury in Virgo. The best healthcare now is preventive medicine, getting you immune system in great shape. As Mercury steps into the degrees he/she will trine not only Uranus, (vaccine success) but also the Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn line up. This is called- WE HAVE A PLAN! 

As we get into September, America will get with the program; she’ll begin stitching herself a nice new wardrobe. It will be made of the simplest of fabrics, with an attention to details that will see us through the storm. 


Keep your sense of humor and remember the power is within you, it never left, you just took an extended nap; time to WAKE UP! 



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Friday, July 03, 2020


Diversity is a great meal

When creating a balanced diet, it is important to have a variety of foods. If you eat the same meal every single day, you will develop malnutrition.

America is suffering from malnutrition of the cultural and emotional kind. The allergic reaction that surfaces in some people (not all) when fed an appetizer of a foreign idea, unable to even give it a try or simple consideration, is self-defeating behavior.

We are a country built on variations of ethnicity, race, faith, languages, values, and political preferences but we are first- HUMANS. Divine humans.

And yet, here we are about to have a 244th birthday, and we can't seem to understand the benefits of sharing; such an instrumental concept in cooperation, and community. Our news proves that we have not learned this lesson.

A vaccine for the world to beat a killer disease is hogged by the greed that is destroying this country's heart.

I've said it many times, in many articles and on different formats, America is stuck in adolescence. It is time to grow up. At this point in our history, refusal to mature is costing lives. When you are between the ages of twelve and seventeen you are growing at a rapid pace. Not yet sure of who you are or want to 'be' when you 'grow up'.  Being a teenager is a time of exploration for some.

I once ran into a friend who had a two year old. He said to her- "Tell Parker your favorite word"... she looked away and firmly said- "NO".

That is what I hear and read everywhere- "No, I am not wearing a mask", "No, I am not going to listen to the science", "No, I am not going to stay six feet apart". "No, No, No."

CLOSED MINDEDNESS cannot GROW. It is like a sink of stagnant water.

OPEN MINDEDNESS?  The horizon will always have an interesting story that can be shared. It creates space for your heart to pump more blood, and thus provides oxygen and nutrients that are required for health.

Granted, I understand the need for familiar. It gives a sense of "knowing" and comfort. Like the sun rising in the am, even if the clouds are hiding it.  In astrology Saturn rules traditions, father-time, your bones, teeth, and spine. What holds you up, and allows you to chew food. We all want to stand tall, even at 5 feet. Doing a free-fall continually, just makes you unstable. No one can enjoy a roller-coaster ride that doesn't stop.

Saturn has been in the sign of Aquarius since March 31st, just around the time that Covid-19 let us know- this unwanted, unexpected guest, was staying indefinitely. Lives were turned upside down without a seat-belt on. Aquarius is the sign that likes to be unconventional, yet is very concerned about humanity, rules air travel, inventions, and also doesn't like to be "told" what to do.

On the first of July, Saturn re-entered Capricorn, as it has been traveling retrograde since May 11th.  It will remain in Capricorn until December 18th, 2020. 

What we have NOW- is a backdrop that JUST changed themes. The energy has been so crazy, with so much chaos and uncertainty, that everyone is dehydrated, begging for water- plain water. Like a lake of calmness. Forget flying my kite to the new land, give me a chair on the beach and some waves that lap in and out with a serene mantra. Give me what I know I can count on- that is Saturn in Capricorn's wish. And he delivers,with a black-all cotton- mask on! And its going to last for a LONG time.

The world is craving this energy.  And we will have it! We will have to fight for it- but we will have it.

The desire for the new and untried- constant excitement- is no more, for now.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on America's birthday.  The moon in Capricorn is mirroring this need for  a steady ship, without holes popping up every five seconds. The moon in a mundane chart shows the public. The masses are weary. The first responders are exhausted. Our country is desperately begging for some peace. We are headed straight for a very serious depression. And the menu is potatoes. Mashed, baked, steamed, fried- but just potatoes. The diversity will have to be discovered from within to create outstanding recipes; you can do it! Potatoes never tasted so good, after three years of food fights consisting of indescribable left-overs.

We need a loving leader to guide us to the picnic table, covered with foods that we know and love. The simpler the better. The diversity of the meal is in who sits here- ALL of the people of this great land. The young, old, wealthy, not as in 'rich' as in generous of heart, and those who can pass the dish nourishment, not throw it; not waste it.

This is not a 'last supper' this is the first meal- the breakfast of Champions- Americans who can live with each other in the spirit of working to heal, communicate, and change our country into what it wants to become- AN ADULT.

PLEASE- WEAR A MASK.  Do your Dharmic duty!

What is the one food that is diverse and everyone enjoys at every meal?


Serve love on the 4th. That is the birthday present that this country needs right now- and it is not possible to consume too much of it.

Happy Solar Return America!

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