Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Pin cushion world

Here we are on the eve of a FULL MOON in Aquarius at 19 degrees. Let's celebrate being different, and also being one HUMANITY. 

It has been a while since I have written on this blog. Partly because I spend a great deal of my writing juice over on my Patreon site. 

Also, since May 2020, I have been doing A LOT of astrological podcasts!

The podcasts are made public, but only after my Patrons get them first. And since Astrology is a time-based quasi-art science, this getting the astro-weather in advance can help you. 

On to the Full Moon at 19 degrees. Aquarius represents the brotherhood of man, (or sisterhood) .... And here on Planet Earth, we are acting out like a dysfunctional family- for the most part.  Serious growing pains are happening. And that means that even though it's an uncomfortable time, we can always make the space we need to get through the rough 'teenage' years. 

Space is also an Aquarius thing- as it is an air element. The more space we give to the difficult moments, the faster they can morph into lesser difficult moments. How do you give space? By just sitting with the unease and breathing into it- not reacting. Which ironically is another Aquarian trait- the ability to detach!

Friends are super important to all people who have strong Aquarian placements. Partly, because you NEED others to help reach your goals- and Aquarians strive to help humanity. You'll find many of Sun sign Aquarians are volunteers at one point in their life. Dishing out soup at the food bank, helping with elections, being involved with all sorts of organizations. Yes, there is the lone Aquarian, but even they need to have a pool of friends to bounce intellectual ideas off of.

This Full Moon has Saturn not far from the Moon. That gives a serious tone to the Full Moon. And since the public is represented by the Moon- it is likely to be a very serious time all over the world. 

I've felt for a while that the leaders of countries were going to do sudden stepping down- during this summer. Because, also in this Full Moon chart, Mars is at a 2021, and 2022 Lunar Eclipse degree. May 2022 had a Lunar Eclipse at 25 Taurus, and November 2021 had a Lunar Eclipse at 27 degrees. Both are being "triggered" this week. 

Expect issues during those two months (May 2022, Nov 2021) that were going on, to come to some sort of conclusion now. 

Taurus deals with monetary issues, and the stock markets tend to go wonky when this triggering with a Mars Taurus activates. 

The UK and the USA are particularly dealing with difficult moments- right now as this Full Moon rises. 

Remember that goodwill is a something that aids and adds to character. 

Don't let a natural disaster, or the passing of someone very important to you (or even an iconic leader) - remind you that we are all in this together. Take that thought- NOW- and spread some good vibes. 

Keep the oneness alive by making space for it.

ⒸParker McPhinney 2022 

Sunday, October 03, 2021


Time is not on your side- Jagger lied


We are all just travelers on a road that never ends. As we circle the cosmos, our current story is building on top of every other story we've ever lived. Don't try to make sense of the strange wild trip we are all on, will forever be on. In search of the truth, even if we don't call it that. We might name it something else; love, peace, security, home, belonging. Pick your noun, verb or adjective of choice. It all leads to the same place- back to you~ aka the source.

It has been six months since I last wrote in this column. Most of my energy has been rooted in my podcast that was launch in May of 2020. There is only so much creative juice in the carton, so I have been rationing it. 

It is true that we are in surreal times! They likely won't end for another six months. 

I suggest that you take paths that please you, and give the opportunity for advancement in love. We are in the season of LIBRA, so balance yourself and learn how to enjoy the infectious environment. 

In a short while, (Nov 19th) we will be in Taurus Lunar Eclipse territory. Worth and LOVE will be on everyone's radar. 

Learn how to play chess. Grow in love with the game. It is a template to develop how to strategize. Adding this skill to your resume will benefit you tremendously. 

Here is a link to the latest episode-(#60!) 

Stardust Stereo Astrology Podcast

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Friday, March 12, 2021


Work the words


Wanting. Words. Asking. Dreaming. Being Honest. Now is the time. Like no other, because you have no other moment but this one. Today. Now. This minute. This inhale/exhale.


 People often go on about this happened, that happened; I feel this way, that made me feel that way. But they never really ask themselves (and focus on) what they WANT RIGHT NOW- What they have in this breath- is the only thing that is true.  Yesterday is the breath you took- yesterday-! Why spend any time on that breath that is gone?  It is like going over a meal you had in the first grade and how it is not satisfying your hunger now. How will that meal that you ate in the first grade help you live today?

 I remember a scene in the movie "Water" (which is an excellent film) - where an elder (very elder) was in an ashram/home for widows. She spent much time in her mind going over the "sweets" that were at her wedding-decades before. She had a blissful memory that brought her some peace.

 That is what I am talking about. We do this automatically- as a habit- to help our hearts heal, or to take ourselves out of an uncomfortable reality. But what about when your life is GOOD- do you spend time traveling back to the "bad" times? WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?  We see a lot of this being acted out on the world stage right now. 

Human nature tends to do this- reflection on "good" times, but also- "going over the wrongs done to me" over and over and over- as if they can never allow themselves to live in joy! We are all flawed. We all have done things we regret. If one spends too much time going over all the wrongs perceived done to them- they are not allowing themselves to live in joy. That would be a tragic thing.

If looking to the past can help you grow and understand your life choices better, then go to it. Reflect, and dream about how great this or that was- or complain about how bad the past was. But, don't get lost in the storytelling, or you will never live in the now. And not living in the NOW - means that this moment has passed you by. A moment is gone, a chance to create what you wish. Don't let that habit take control of your thoughts, or one day you will realize how good moments came and went and you were too busy playing the tale in your head of some memory ~ to notice what blessing is in your lap.

 Simple blessings such as shelter, food, and a THICK coat in Texas, keeps things real. Don't let your mind/ego trick you into losing sight of your blessings. Everyone has blessings. Dig them out- and plant them right in your view. Don't let the past fog up the truth- of NOW. The ego will attempt to do this, often in a single day!

Mars is in Gemini. It will travel through this sign until it comes to Cancer- on April 24th 2021.  While Mars is in the sign of communication and thoughts- it is a great time to get out the mirror of your mind, and see what "holds" your attention. Is it the past? Or is it the life you are living right now?  Are you focused on how you wish to have a different chapter unfold? Ready to turn the page? Mars will help you- but only if you direct the energy to what you desire, and stay present in THIS NOW- to help manifest it.

 Mars in Gemini is about the 'words you tell yourself' and the "story that you create".  Mars will be doing a awkward dance with all the Pisces energy in the sky.  In the sign of Pisces currently is the Sun, Venus, and Neptune. Mercury will join the line up on the 15th of March. This is like being in a boat in the big Ocean and not noticing the paddle on board- but wanting to be on shore. Oh- lord- how do I get somewhere I want to be?  Well, you can complain that you are no where near shore- or you can start working it, to get there. First with the IDEA. Gemini is about words, ideas, communications, and short travels. It is about the neighborhood. We start where we are at, and move outward. Taking little steps, or strokes. And breathing in and out-consciously.

 Gemini also deals with the breath, so it is a great time to recognize how deep you breathe. It will help you stay calm as you make major changes, or get through difficult times. A side benefit is that it will help your complexion too! That is why when you exercise you get flushed~ deep breathing!!! 

The Mars energy just needs a little bit of air flow and wind action to get things moving! Make sure you are in a position to make the most of the current. Think out your words before you print them in ink that cannot be erased. Have several options on the table. Gemini likes choices. This is not the time to give either or ultimatums; no one wins that way. Have a plan B and even C well threshed out, before you present plan A. Know the facts. We are in Mutable (butterfly stops at every single flower) energy right now- so people will tend to convoluted the story line before the first act is over. 

If you like multi-partners and switching gears often, you'll love Mars in Gemini in a tense relationship with all this fish-traveling up/down stream energy.  It does make it difficult to NAIL anything DOWN. IF you are the type that likes to see things in black/white- you’re in for a few frustrating weeks. The sideshows will distract you and make your eyeballs cross. 

Until the Spring Equinox, we are in for a bit of a circus show- so look to the 20th of March at 2:37am PDT to get your foot to the metal, and actually start to get things in motion. Aries Sun takes over then, to the celebration of many!  May your eggs balance! 

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Sunday, February 14, 2021


Venus in LOVE

Venus in the chart shows what you love, how you express love. Today Mercury retrograde and Venus are holding hands! This conjunction takes place in the sign of Aquarius. Expressions of love are likely to be articulated in words of poetry and appreciation of friendship.


Valentine’s Day doesn't have to be just about romantic love. It can be about love for Divine, and each role that we play in the game of humanity. 

Let's take a lovers stroll down the astrological signs in Venus. They always give what they want intuitively. 


Aries: LOVE is instant! Like everything that Aries does- the sign of the 'pursuer' is not one to wait around to declare the affections, and they don't want you to be slow about it either! Most prone to fall in love at first sight!  Love for Aries is in the chase.


Taurus: Physical love very important for those with Venus in Taurus. They like it real, and they want to 'touch' to show it! Flowers, chocolate, and all the ways that are allowing the senses to know that they are loved is the path. Taurus is big on comfortable love.


Gemini: TELL ME! Venus in this chatty sign NEEDS to hear that they are loved. Words and more words.  Hold hands, hugs and make sure that you treat them with as much love as a family member. As the love grows, they get as comfortable with you as if you were a family member. 


Cancer: They love showing you how to nurture with emotion, food, and security. Make a cake, share a good feeling movie, or let these loved ones know how treasured they are by including them in every special event! Cancer in Venus will introduce you to family members- to see if you "fit in". 


Leo: Venus in this fire sign shows love in a royal way, and they really want to be treated as such! Quality over quantity every time! Unless Jupiter is conjunct that Venus-then both will be desired. Top notch placement in your priority is a must. Rituals are greatly appreciated. 


Virgo: Being one of the three earth signs, their way of showing love and caring is to volunteer ways that you can improve your life- and or items that help that goal to be achieved. They will offer their services in times of need, and also as a way to show practical love~ in everyday matters and in special techniques that melt your heart! 


Libra: Romantic at the center, but also very intellectual, this placement of  Venus wants you to care enough to put some solid design into your sharing of love.  What looks magical to the eyes, will create an opening of the heart. Flowers should be well thought out, and in the most fabulous vase too! Shine beauty and harmony around them and you've won the heart! 


Scorpio: Love is a big mystery and they love a mystery! Tuck secret notes in their pockets for them to find at any time! Whisk them off to a secret hideaway and discover the intricate places in their heart /body that will scream with joy! Venus in Scorpio is interested in authentic love and that is what they give, no half ways with this love sign.


Sagittarius: Loves with an open heart and the vibration of fun. They really enjoy sports, the outdoors and an adventure- we can all agree love IS an adventure! Once sure way to make them happy is find their funny bone-and make them laugh often. 


Capricorn: Hold them in great esteem, and do not play with their heart! Love to them is worth the wait, first class is the way they travel in the love realm. They can be a bit old-fashion in love matters, so if you are wishing to know them, then show them with actions. No games with this one, or you will be tossed out faster than the wind in Chicago! Serious feelings with these heart strings.

Aquarius: Since I just did a podcast on Venus in Aquarius I will share that: 

Venus in Aquarius Podcast

And I will add- they are lifelong friends with their loves. If you have a common cause- and you share theirs- the love will be binding. 


Pisces: Sweet hearts all of them. And sensitive too! Love leads them to the big Ocean of how we expand to new horizons when we invite love in. Be an animal lover, and a supporter of the underdog, as they surely are! Be compassionate with these souls, they care deeply about everything. You will find this out if you win their sweet spot! 


Happy Valentine's Day dear readers!

Love is your very nature- so share the love you have inside- everyday!! That way- the world will be full of warmth, tenderness! 

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All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, January 09, 2021


Strange Skies

                                              © Piriya Photography / Getty Images    



The world is pretty strange right now. Especially America. 

If you are surprised at the insurrection that took place in our Capitol on January 6th, 2021- you are in the minority. 

What is going on with us as a whole?  In general the world in a pandemic doesn't feel secure. Unless you've lived long enough to have had some of the rougher experiences (WW1,2 or any WAR) of conflict on this planet, chances are your skin is pretty thin. 

In America's birth chart we have Mars in Gemini. The need to communicate information, ideas, and opinions is strong with Mars in Gemini. Americans are known to be chatty. Neptune in the USA birth chart is square that Mars, and currently in the sky Neptune is in opposite to the birth Neptune as well! Plus, it is also square to the birth Mars, creating a T-square; Neptune/Mars/Neptune.

 Neptune is known for manifesting fog, and if using the lower energy of the planet, it can lean towards misinformation that is deliberately pushed. The latter is certainly a problem! Information is being 'fogged' in two directions. America was born with a tendency to idealize the truth, and right now, that is being compounded by blanket fantasies.

America needs to learn how to tell the truth- to ourselves and as a daily life practice. We very much need to look clearly in the mirror right now, and face the very bad habits that have developed in the last years, namely- ignoring when liars are given power. Not just people, but platforms that push conspiracy theories, such as Q Anon.

On the day of the attack to the founding cement of our democracy, transiting Mercury also got in on the show. Mercury was in a direct opposition to our birth Mercury and in a conjunction with transiting Pluto, and also our birth Pluto. THIS is at the core of what is going on.  We are having a Pluto return- and that is about shedding a skin- and becoming a different "We the People" government. 

First we have to decide what kind of people we are going to be. Do we expect and demand our elected officials to speak the TRUTH- or play games with lives to enhance their own ambitious goals? 

What happened on the steps of the Capitol was a test that we failed.  We are very blessed that the mob wasn't more organized.  Mars that day went from being in the last degree of  warrior sign- Aries, to the first degree of much slower and in awe of beauty sign of Taurus.

 When the criminals broke into the chamber- Mars had just left Aries- right to the minute. Once the Aries energy of a final push was gone, and Taurus took over- they wandered the halls of our Capitol on a tour of the grand place- not really sure what to do, now that they had used up all that energy to break in.  One can imagine a bull having survived its battle, wandering around the field.  Images of "playing" at being the person in control took place; the House speaker's seat, relaxed and taking selfies, grabbing a podium, and general roaming the halls. Some rioters not really even aware of what they just did; several asked for directions to the bathroom from security!  This is a good example of Taurus energy in the fighter planet Mars. Completely unaware of the act they had just committed, they took their time having fun. Five people had actually just died during this grossly illegal act against our country's democracy. 

The fun has ended for all of them. 

NOW- we look to prosecute and jail those who can be identified through camera footage. 

 The main instigator- our "gone off the rails" president of the United States- is going to be held accountable. It is on tape him telling this crowd of foot-lickers, to go "FIGHT LIKE HELL".. encouraging them to march to the Capitol and demand the election results be overturned. He also stated that he "would join them".  HE is a continual pathetic liar, and had no intention of joining; instead, he sat back in his protected house (the people's house) and watched what he had just encouraged on T.V. He watched as the destruction, he ordered, was carried out. 

No doubt there were some people on that day that just got caught up in the crowd madness. You can be sure though, that amongst the passion and cult following there were many who truly wished to over throw the election results and install their mad leader permanently. They even went so far as taking down the American flag and hoisting up a TRUMP flag.  Mars in Taurus is in a square to the recent Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that took place on the 21st of December. Mars squaring these two is about resistance and the blinded belief that your cause is just. Mars in a square to Jupiter causes one to over reach. Mars in square to Saturn is an attempt to break down structures.

Jupiter (ironically- Justice) represents the Republican Party, and Saturn (order) rules the Democratic Party. It is imperative that at this time, we look at the weak links in our two parties and seal up the gaps. I used to believe that we had to learn how to 'get along'. I no longer feel that 'getting along' with a party that wishes to distort information, support a would be dictator, or has representatives in office who * bold face* lie to the American people should be trusted.  Until the Republicans change course, or split their party up (which I believe will happen in May of this year) and commit to our constitution and not a person we will be in danger of repeating the history of the Germans in the time of Hitler.

For the next few weeks we have some quite difficult transits that indicate we will have to work very hard to bring calm to our country. On the 13th of January Mars will square Saturn, and a New Moon in Capricorn at 23 degrees occurs as well.  I do believe that if the sitting President does not resign before then- he will be IMPEACH- and forced from office.

Trump has a deep love of money and power. If he is impeached instead of resigning he will lose many monetary benefits one usually maintains after leaving office. He will no longer ever be able to seek office again. It is a tossup of which is better- resigning or impeachment for the American people. For him it is clear- because he really doesn't like the job of being president, he just wants the title and the perks. 

Trump's chart shows he is in a downward slide, (one of the reasons I never thought he would be reelected) with his progressed declination moon going south-which indicated 'endings' and a period of retreat. His chart also shows that he is NOT well, is seriously delusional, and I believe that Covid-19 has damaged his brain. His erratic energy is not going to stop, in fact it is going to continue to increase, and he is a national security threat. His directed Uranus is exactly conjunct his birth Ascendant, which adds to his nature of being unpredictable. His Solar Arc directed Neptune is in opposition to his birth Uranus- and that gives him a sense of illusion that he can do anything and not be held accountable. He is in my opinion capable of poisoning this country by his actions in sudden and deep ways. The Neptune/ Uranus combination gives him great charisma, (the second coming fantasy) words that are able to move others, but it is surface only- in that he will not 'stick' to what he says- and all those followers of his that did his biding are about to find that out, as they spend many years in prison. This Solar Arc Directed Neptune in opposition to his birth Uranus is further compounded by transiting Neptune in square to both planets- fueling his psychotic ongoing episode of telling him is he greater than he is. Telling him he "won" when he did not.  He is having his own personal melt down of reality- just like America! As a matter of fact- they are egging each other on! 

What is the counter to this? FACTS.  REALITY. *THE TRUTH*. SATURN!  The enablers need to cease immediately all these lies. JUST because he is incapable of facing the truth does not mean it should be ignore! Venus in Capricorn (as of the 7th) will help. With firmness his family members and those close to him need to step in. Will their own lust for more, more, more be set aside? Not likely; it is an oligarchy.  But, if they don't force him to resign, he will go anyway. He will be removed. 

This has been a sad week for my country.

As we move into January- you need to ground yourself, because more shake ups are clearly coming. On the 17th we have Jupiter square Uranus- and three days later Mars square Uranus. Undeniably the most EARTHQUAKE alert signature I have seen in a while. This one is going to be a SUPER QUAKE.  So get your supplies in order. It can be anywhere, but I think that South America is very much a possible place it will strike as the recent Total Solar Eclipse path was through that country.  Los Angeles also has a marker for it- as our 4th house (property) is being both triggered by Jupiter (big-no bigger) and Saturn (diminished structures).  I hope I am wrong, since this one would be off the charts and very deadly. It is also a possible signature that our hospitals simply cannot handle any more covid-19 surges, and they shut down.

Despite all the grim and difficult energy coming down the path, I believe we can look to Georgia and Stacey Abrams (STAR!) roll up our sleeves and prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and take off our rose colored glasses - long enough to realize that yes, the sky is looking mighty strange, but at the same time green lights mean - GO FORWARD.

Wishing you a healthy 2021

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Monday, December 07, 2020


2020 A YEAR to NEVER be Forgotten


It is true. It is a fact. And we will never forget it. THANKS FOR VOTING! America is still a democracy!

What a year it has been. We will never forget it, because so much has happened in the last twelve months, it feels like its been over a decade since we rang in the new decade.

In trying to stay sane, safe, and secure- we've not really had the chance to fully appreciate how we have become a progressive USA, by the sheer act of voting in our first female Vice-President EVER. That took 244 years, I am dismayed to say. 

We won't stop there- we will continue to elect Women to places of high power, because after all- without women- there would be zero men! It has taken far too long for the fine mind of the female to take a seat at the head of the table that she helps feed. 

In astrology the Moon and Venus both represent the female. In America's birth chart the Moon is in Aquarius. And on December 17th Saturn moves into Aquarius, on the 19th Jupiter enters the progressive sign, and on the 21st the two hold hands to set forth a new twenty year cycle! It will be a glorious site in the sky, and one that man hasn't been witness to since the middle ages.

Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

 And yes, we shall see so many GOOD changes in the next two decades for so many that have been pushed aside since America was born. 

This is truly a time to celebrate, even if right now it has to be a solo glass lifted into the air, and the choir is singing from a zoom meeting.  

Will it be without more struggle? No. But the change is HERE- with this first step, and soon it will become a fast paced walk- with the ankles no longer wearing shackles, soon it will be a skip and then a leap into our new future!  Congratulations AMERICA~ you have grown into a broader mind! 

Aquarius rules the brotherhood and sisterhood of man. The diverse family that we actually are, includes so much more than just man/women- it is also the family of nature, animals, elements-all of life!  Aquarius, "the water bearer"~as it is called,  is actually an air sign- as the intellect becomes deeper and broader in its ability to perceive dreams, and mold them into reality, nourishes us with much needed oxygen, just like the need for water. 

The eleventh sign in the zodiac is about the future and ours has gotten a big boost in 2020 to look at life through a different prism. Being in lock-down for almost the entire year, has given many a chance to reexamine what they believe security is. The reflection is a slow process to decide if they wish to continue on a path they embarked before COVID became a household name. So many things changed- from how you pay your rent, eat, stay healthy, to what the role of government- as a safety net could mean. 

You learn what you are made of when tragedy strikes. And you are made of STARDUST! 

Check out my current podcast on the recent Lunar Eclipse:

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

We are "in between eclipses" currently and this indicates a very powerful and changing time,on top of everything else we've already dealt with so far. Eclipse are new and full moon that have sunglasses on- so you don't see the big picture yet- there is much going on behind the scenes that comes to your view later- as you dig to discover- how and where you need to plant and grow. This is not always welcomed at first.

 Eclipse bring the BIG STUFF- Marriages, and break-ups too, moving, new careers, births, deaths, and a changing of direction.  It is best to sit tight, (when possible) before making for sure- written in blood deals during the eclipse window. However, viewing the options and researching the possible paths is excellent, then you can act with more knowledge and less impulse.  Many people have major life shifts, and others are 'shocked' but after you find out later that the 25year marriage had been on the edge of a cliff for a long time, you aren't so surprised. Partners who plead they "never saw it coming"- often have had their shades on for a while-sleeping 24/7 to what they didn't want to see. 

Eclipses also bring us big opportunities that we have painstakingly worked toward for a very long time-  the 'lucky break' is really about being extremely prepared for when the crack in the door might happen- which is what that eclipse new or full moon can bring! 

The next eclipse to 'launch us' into the future is on December 14th. It is a Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius, and it is going to bring new beliefs into our living rooms and our governments as well. This eclipse falls on the same day in America that the delegates meet to cast their ballots based on how the states they represent voted. Since the current occupant of the oval office is unable to accept the FACT that he lost, and is a very sore loser, this has caused many to wonder if representatives would go against the voters and well....cause a revolution?

 Why anyone thought that 45 would have a teaspoon of grace in his blood is beyond me. This eclipse on the 14th clearly shows 45 is moving house, so don't worry- your vote will not be dissolved by his falsely calling it illegal. He is moving, the Solar eclipse is on his fourth house moon. He's not working as the president anyhow- he's playing golf, and begging you for money, that he will spend while playing more golf, hopefully in Russia.  And I suspect, he planning on starting up his own TV network with your hard earn cash. So you givers to the grifter are making sure he has a job. He'll talk forever about what he has always gone on about- HIMSELF. 

 Meanwhile back to reality- 281K people in America are dead of COVID.  We thank our lucky stars that BIDEN/ HARRIS won, because otherwise we'd likely never see a vaccine!  Remember 45 told us in January "its no big deal", and then he told us in October- "don't let it dominate you" and he is still holding rallies that are super spreaders. Seems to me, he's bent on a mission to kill most of his supporters- not help them. 

Fear not, the adults are coming into the new administration and they will not only make sure you have the medicine you need, but I predict Biden will pass a Covid relief bill that is larger than anything in history- and this will bring so much joy to so many, that they will forget that we've had an abuser in the White House for four years. You'll recognize the difference because of  the aid you get-minus one liners flying out on tweeter every five seconds. We've all been bullied for way too long.

Aquarius rules THE INTELLECT.  Smart people, very bright people will head this new administration. 

Its going to take a awful lot of work to glue the USA back together- but it can be done!

We've still got some rough patches to get past this month- Mars in Aries makes a final square to Pluto on December 23rd. That is a muscle that is strained. Our hospitals and essential workers are over taxed! Be kind to them- don't get sick, and please WEAR A MASK.  It is so simple, and yet some people just do not want to be adults. Mars square Pluto is also about explosions and powerful anger that is released. I am hoping that it gets used in a manner that is productive- such as a workforce that implements the vaccines. It is possible that a volcano blows, don't let it be you.

The Winter Solstice takes place on December 21st at 2:02:12am PST. Just as you are gazing at the night sky wondering if Santa is traveling past Jupiter and Saturn and starstruck at the beautiful sight, will he forget to make a stop at your house? 


Don't fret, he already has come- this year he brings KNOWLEDGE. This is also a time when Vice-President Harris will become a more predominate voice in this new administration and California will get a new Senator.  It is highly possible that in 2021 we get a second new Senator. Feinstein is getting up there in age. 

Even though this year has been one for the history books, let us be sure to add a page into our own personal diary that we learned that we were stronger than we thought, had more loving friends than not, were filled with gratitude that we witnessed America stay a democracy and lived to write it down. 

Happy Holy Holidays to you and yours.

Thank you Health Care workers!

Thank you essential workers who have risked your lives everyday!

Thank you for respecting life and WEARING A MASK

And most of all- thank you dear readers for reading and caring about astrology!

You are made of STARDUST~GO SHINE



ⓒ Parker McPhinney 2020

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