Saturday, March 28, 2020


Misfortune and Grace

Well, then.


Best of health to you!

I hope those of you who can take the time to read this blog are doing so, with good health.

We are in a new spectrum  of living.

Just attempting to stay healthy is the number one goal in my opinion.

People who are sick and about to die, generally don't think much about the economy.

Those that love them and sit by their bedsides with masks on, usually don't think much about the economy.

The doctors and nurses slaving day and night to save lives and not sacrificing their own in the process aren't thinking about the stock market, they are praying for masks, ventilators, and a leader who doesn't use blackmail to give them.

In America, the child-man who called  this virus a "Hoax" when he got news of it, clearly thinks about money 24/7.

He then (of course) said that he "knew all along" that it would be a pandemic.  He should be charged with treason.  He betrayed all of America and humankind.

On-wards, he'll be dust soon.

Seven weeks.  That is what you have to focus on right now.  Today, and getting through the next 7 weeks - w/o getting sick.

Use all your energy force to keep yourself well.

By the 31st, when Mars marches into Aquarius and joins Saturn there- at zero degree- we will see "National Lockdown".  Also what will take place is a lot of collective awareness of what has to be done to move through these next two months.

America JUST began the "SURGE" of numbers, those that will get ill, with Corona Virus.

ALL OF THE WORLD is going to join this fight.

Like I have said earlier on my site, and on my facebook kitchensari page, we are not an Island. We are one.  People who have raised their awareness are keen to this truth.

The new moon on the 24th- was at 4 Aries in an exact square to the December 2019 Solar Eclipse point. Eclipses triggered always point to GLOBAL events. It didn't disappoint.

This ---- clearly shows that NEW leadership (Aries) will fight old leaders (Capricorn) certainly, when they aren't open to how to fight a war with action and not "big" empty words.

Once we get through this- how people conducted themselves will be remember.  Especially in November, in America.   I personally do not think the orangeslime is going to last that long. He'll take his toys and return to his 22k gold palace and bitch about how the world didn't praise him enough. His money corruption is going to be revealed. He'll plea a deal, resign because of 'sickness' is what I am seeing. And he is a sick dude.  He does need to go.

On April 4th  Jupiter is going to conjunct Pluto.  The death rates will rise.

(sorry- I am a truth slayer not a pollyanna baloney spewer ).

April 7th  Mars will square Uranus.

LET US COLLECTIVE PRAY- that there is NO EARTHQUAKE that adds to the damage! This is an EQ signature- and markets are going to take even more of a hit, but at ONE point, they will calm down- just not this month!!!!!!!

Might see some major heads of state change. Pray for the Queen!   This is right near her Sun. Changing of the guards will happen in many places with this one! Worldwide. 

Plant your backyard garden.  Safer than going out.

Major corruption is going to be revealed and when it is- you are going to have people learning to channel their anger via organizing.

April 1st (no joke or fool) has a quarter moon that is right on America's Sun. The public is going to want some ANSWERS. AND- ACTION.

The full moon on April 8th- is down right riot- like.  Legal unrest on a major level. Lawsuits will fly faster than a silver bullet. Just STAY HOME- for the 8th-9th. It's going to get ugly. This is splits-ville. The stress of all this unknown is going to divide many a couple. America will be as divided as ever.

 If you feel you MUST go worship in a church instead of your heart-(on Easter) write your will before you go.  God is not in a building anyhow- the divine spark is inside of your being. But, if you feel that your duty is to infect more people and get to the holyland as fast as possible, by all means go- but I heard first hand- that this virus feels like a vacuum sucking the air out of your lungs. You won't be singing hymns.

April 25th  Pluto turns retrograde- and the death toll will lessen.

May 11th Saturn turns retrograde and restrictions are FINALLY lessened.

The dial of important priorities is being changed- your health should be first, because without health, you have zero.

Sorry, no candy coating about how we are 'learning this or that' ... many people won't learn a damn thing from this meltdown. The people who have always cherished food, shelter, clothing, and enough gas in the car - still do, and didn't need corona virus to "teach them" that.

Many blessings will come from unexpected places- that is the 'happy' news. Because many people are /were loving before this event- and will be more so during and after it. Angels are all around you, be one too! The little things count- like a roll of toilet paper for Americans...(India is laughing at us).

Try to communicate as much love as you can. On April 4th Venus moves into Gemini. So the love of communication (which is also listening) has a chance to increase.

I leave you with one thought- after every storm, there is sometimes a rainbow- SOMETIMES, even a double rainbow.

Health and Peace be with you!

Saturday, February 29, 2020


Leap Year- on all fronts

Today is the 29th of February.

 And does it matter that next year there will be no 29th of February?  I think it’s fitting that we have an extra day in the current month. Mercury is still retrograde, and that often means delays in choices, and plans. See it as extra time to think on matters, before we leap into March.

Mercury will continue its backward dance until the 9th of March. It will also re-enter Aquarius on the 4th of March.  If you were born in late degrees of Aquarius this might be welcomed. You can have a bit of a brain blast during this first week of March. Reconsider goals and plans that were first embraced around the 3rd of February. This will be true for all of us, but especially 28-29 degree Sun Aquarius signs. (Yoko Ono, are you creating something fabulous?).  Then, a final review March 10-15th.  It is really best to hold off on the presentation of new projects until ALL the angles have been thoroughly examined.

I voted today. We have new voting machines in our community. They are certainly not perfect. And I really prefer PAPER. But here it is.  And interesting to me it is a preview of how things will go in November, because on that voting day- Mercury will turn retrograde on the DAY.  I shudder to think of the chaos that no doubt will be forth coming.  Today the issue was that all the candidates’ names did not appear, unless you clicked "MORE" on the screen. And the word "MORE" definitely needed to be MORE VISIBLE!   We will hear about this. We will!  There was a chance to "REVIEW" your choices (how fitting in mercury retrograde period) before submitting the ballot. My thought was how many people will rush through and not bother? Hopefully, we all take this voting business very serious, and take our time, and ask questions if need be.

Spring Equinox launches at 8:50pm PDT, on the 19th of March.  Energy will come in many forms, and the sun entering Aries will be felt by all.  That week is especially INTENSE.  Mars will conjunct Jupiter, so something is going to be BLOWN out of proportion. Don't let it be your temper.  But that is just the start of needing to control oneself- as it is followed by a Mars conjunction to Pluto, two days later. This will stimulate the Saturn conjunction of Pluto that was exact in January. Heavy energy. Mover of the "unmovable".  In between it all Saturn enters Aquarius!  That would be on the 21st at 8:57pm PDT.

Let me expound on this major event of Saturn entering the air sign Aquarius.  This journey will last until July 1st. At that time Saturn will re-enter Capricorn until December.  We get a taste of what limits will look like in the years of 2021-2022.  Saturn is about structure, what holds you up. (your spine). It also is about maturity. Saturn rules your teeth, bones, knees, and grandpa. Also your father figures in the life. When the planet moves into the radical- rule breaker sign- Aquarius- well- the new grandpa is like BERNIE! Revolutionary! A ground breaker, concerned for humanity as a whole, not just part of it. Aquarius is also very much the "brotherhood of man" sign. The 'rules' get a bit more progressive with this placement. Congress will get shaken up. (Thank god!).... And I am here to tell you- that, the progressive energy is coming forth- no matter WHO wins the election. This is the start. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a fantastic ride!

If you happen to BE born when the Sun was in Aquarius, you will have a chance to take on more in the next few years. It is certainly about setting goals and putting in the brain power to achieve them. Responsibility will be at the top of the list in your life. Great promotions can be got, but you will have to earn them. Saturn 'gives' only what you have procured karmically. Life can feel a bit heavy when Saturn is in the same sign as your Sun. It is also true, when it is opposed and squared it. For the other fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio it’s time to put on your working gloves. Things won't come easy, but the rewards of persistent effort do pay in time. This is a placement that is about the strength of the "PEOPLE".  Take heed. A movement is here, and it’s not going to dissolve this go around. The progressives are getting organized. You ain't seen nothing  yet!

There is a new moon at 4 Aries on the 24th.  Blaze forward is the sign post. Plant your bright colors in the garden of hope for a better tomorrow.

Mars will co-join Saturn on the 31st. This is a solid signature of the momentum of new energy! You will witness a leaping higher than you ever thought possible; personally and collectively.  Yes, there will be challenges to that fantastic vision.  Just remember-Superman's creed,  "Faster than a speeding bullet, More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!"  That is the power of the collective.

Wear good shoes. Support the ankles. Prepare to Leap.

Thursday, January 30, 2020


2020 Vision

Here we are. It's a new number. But it's always a new number, because each inhale is new.

2020. We made it.

What did we make?  What will we make?  Will it be successful? What is successful to you?

This month saw a Lunar Eclipse,  Saturn Conjunct Pluto,  and Uranus station direct.  All of those movements are enough to land you seeking the nearest happy hour joint, temple or dark cave, never wanting to leave.  But life demands that you show up or you will be shoved out.

Broken down in layman's terms- the Lunar Eclipse was about  career vs home and security. Saturn Conjunct Pluto is 'till death do us part. And Uranus going forward is always a curve ball, unless everyone expects that, then it is thrown straight.

 Eclipses are not just moments to be gotten through and forgotten mind you.  They are real book changers. Forget the pages- you throw out the book!  OR it gets snatch away.

We just had Mars trigger a future eclipse- one that won't happen until June.  And everyone will remember the day it was triggered- even if they don't know astrology.

January 26th 2020. Los Angeles.  Tragic helicopter crash.  Beloved souls left.

Mars was at 15 Sagittarius.  That's the upcoming Lunar Eclipse degree.  Sagittarius rules sports, Eclipses create headlines tied to the area that the sign is in. In this case it is sports figures. Sagittarius also rules the areas of higher education, foreign cultures, and justice.  Research them and you will see that this is true. It's amazing to watch this happen eclipse after eclipse.

I have to ask myself- are we just puppets playing in a movie that we are 100 percent unclear about our parts? Or is the divine plan for each and everyone in tune to our wishes?   I am speaking on soul levels. If we "knew" our last breath was in 15 minutes would we behave differently?  Or is this how it was meant to be?

I don't have an answer, but I'm sure to stop and meditate even more- when I see the astrology matching the world events!  And I see this often, so yes, I meditate a lot. I still don't know if free will exists or not.  I know I THINK IT DOES, but I wouldn't bank on it. (there is very little I would bank on these days!).  It is possible that it is all written, and we are cool with it, as long as we like it. And if its too challenging we might not be cool with it on a "personal" level, but on a "spiritual" level we know the master director has to make the film that he/she/it envisioned.  LOTS of people are effected by every event that occurs on this planet.  It's never just the people involved directly.

For example, you get sick, your disease gets lots of attention. Then a cure is developed. In the future thousands of people who would of suffered like you did, DON'T, because of the attention that was poured into finding a cure. So, your endurance of the suffering, helped people of the future. I know most won't view their suffering this way. It is broader view.  It takes special glasses to have that wide of view.

Venus is in Pisces with Neptune right now, so this is the time to ponder the color of roses and wonder why some people have more inhales than others.  And to cherish the scent you get a whiff of.

Life certainly can be cruel.  That I am sure of.

It seems as if we are all looking out thinking that the game will go on (until we are ready) and yet, everyone knows this is not the truth. THIS game can end, change, and be very different than you planned in the blink of an eye.

That is what the Eclipses, Saturn conjunct Pluto, and Uranus all have in common:


But sometimes we want that!  And some changes are fantastic !  However they are bookends.   One side is sorrow, (retraction) and the other side is happiness (expansion).  In between it all is fleeting years of contentment.  

Watch your life- examine it- the totality of your years here consist of cycles.  Up/Down. 

How you deal with them both determines the level of your peace.  Big highs, usually are followed by dips that go beyond what you thought they could. 

The key to all of it "seems" to be - staying present in the moment, fully aware that it will change even if you don't want it to, and if you do- lord will have mercy because it WILL CHANGE. 

That brings us to now- 2020.

30th of Jan 2020.

8:52 pm my computer clock says. 

Year of the RAT.  

I had a rat come visiting at the beginning of the month. That was a first.  They are clever and they are able to survive on just a wee bit, and they can eat through wood!  We should learn from them.  Not the wood part, the clever part. 

Being clever helps you to withstand the lean times, keeps the mind sharp, and knows when the coast is clear and when to sit tight.  This is what people in stocks know. 

Right now- Venus is in Pisces, so things have been a bit wonky. Confusing. Dream like.

By the 7th of February Venus will move into Aries, and the rush to be in love will start.  It will be met with a certain level of resistance unless you are under 28, and have lots of Pisces/Neptune in your birth chart. Bless them, they crave romantic encounters. (remember the bookends). 

On 16th of February Mars moves into Capricorn, and things (the world) will get VERY interesting!  Because, Mars is going to be happy in this earth sign, and will begin to prepare us all for the earth movements that surely will follow! That is- earthquakes!  That has already begun, but when MARS triggers the Solar Eclipse point of December 25/ (26th in some places) - whoooaoooo - get ready! the week of Feb 22nd will be especially sensitive to this Mars action. Think back to Christmas time, and what 'new' plans you wanted to introduce to your life. The third week in February is certainly a period that can usher in some shifts.  This is a time to build up what you dream of.  If a quaker does hit, we'll have the energy to deal with it. Please keep in mind all levels of the word "quaker". 

On the 17th of February at 13 degrees Pisces, Mercury (communications!!!) stations retrograde. Clean out your basements, give your feet special treatment, donate/get rid of shoes you no longer want, do a long silent retreat if you can, give up some indulgence for three weeks, and go see a lot of old movies.  Pray a lot, triple check everything before you sign, mail or commit.  It will station direct on March 10th at 28 degree Aquarius. Best of luck, may Mercury retrograde lead you to a lost love, especially if you are under 28. 

On the 21st of February there is a lovely trine between Mars and Uranus.  It is followed by a New Moon in Pisces @ 5 degrees on the 23rd.  This is splendid energy for goodwill, compassion, inventiveness, and dare I say: a sudden love.  Try to have clear vision....

2020 is in the eye of the beholder. 

photos: c. 2017 p.mcphinney


Monday, December 23, 2019


You are happy star dust!

The Sun, Jupiter, South Node, Saturn, and Pluto are all gracing the sign of Capricorn! And its the week of a Solar Eclipse (new moon with sunglasses on!) at just past 4 degrees Capricorn. The Eclipse is Christmas night (PST).
Christmas Eclipse

YOU will take your holiday fun seriously, because Jupiter is hanging with this eclipse and Uranus (the planet that lovvvvesss surprises!) is trine it!  BE HAPPY.  IF you aren't, listen to this song: 

Be Happy NOW

 (don't you feel it???)

or this one:

Don't Worry!

OK?  PLAY THEM OFTEN!  You'll change your vibe in 4:03mins!

(and yes, I am aware that someone in that video wasn't so happy at the end of his life, but ... its still a great song!! ) 

And the theme song for the eclipse is:

Its just the law of the Universe at PLAY!

Ram Dass just flew over to the other-side...... and he will be sending thought waves to your dream time, so that you don't fear death- or change, coz he knows.... its all OK!  I had to chuckle to myself when I saw that he'd crossed.  Eclipse energy always bring the news of the big influencers shedding the body. The  Planet or sign usually gives a clue to the category of who is about to make headlines because they flew the coop of the body. Jupiter rules spiritual teachers! Jupiter is conjunct this week's Solar Eclipse.  Viola! Dass crosses!  Who's next? The Pope?

We've seen lots of headlines about "LEADERS" (I use that term with a specific expression)....this past week.  And we will see more- because its ALL JUST BEGUN TO be the last chapter of you know who!

SHOUT OUT- to Christianity Today-   THANKS for calling a spade a spade!

Everyone needs to know what tool is being used, and who is using it. Don't be used by the spade digger, let him continue to dig his OWN grave. He will.

Btw, I think a subscription to CT for Christian friends is a great gift! Yes, I am aware they'd likely diss me for practicing astrology, EVEN thought the Three WISE MEN were ASTROLOGERS!!!This is lost on many people that mistakenly think the tool to make life smoother is somehow-"bad". Still, they did step up and speak out this week, and that is commendable!

Eclipses will shake up your world like no other event.  They dig up and carve out new highways.  Its up to you to get in the car and put the rubber to the pavement.

Planets don't make things happen- PEOPLE do, by their actions, but the planets are big spot lights pointing WHERE you MIGHT consider making some changes, and thus be happier.  (time to listen to one of those songs!).

Venus is in Aquarius.... and all I have to say about that is- let's sing along:

Come on now, let's love each other!

I was lucky enough to meet Jesse Colin Young when I was a twenty something.  He was playing in San Diego, and I was a groupie. Well, the goddess was with me, because in one of those very star-struck moments, (more ways than one!) the universe had a good chuckle with me. I was on a job interview. It was working on a ship restaurant, (might of been the Queen Mary, I honestly can't remember).. I walked in and waited to be interview and who did I see sitting at a table, but HIM. I was a wreck for that interview to finish, because I no longer wanted the job, I wanted to say hello to that voice!  And I did! I don't think he noticed me more than two seconds, as there was another star struck female sitting by his side...........that voice...... we should listen to him!  Love one another now!

Venus will stay in Aquarius until January 14th.  Love for humanity is one of its greatest strengths.  This is the perfect time (all time is perfect) to show that virtue!

On December 30th Mercury will join the line up of Capricorn. On the 1st, it will trigger the Solar Eclipse. INFORMATION-------- what was said when and by whom will hit the headlines again.  In your own life, sign the dotted line with awareness. Finish the written project. If  Santa missed something on your list- go get it for yourself! When the information planet triggers an eclipse it means that some new facts are presented to you, to aid in a choice.

The world enters a new decade- 2020 with Mars in the last degrees of Scorpio. 28'36".
That is the take no prisoners sign/degree. (almost @ 29). It's also the degree that creates magic. It is the mad scientist in the lab, trying one last thing- and BINGO.......a new cure.  The final touches on a project that you've labored over, or the moment in meditation when it all vanishes into glorious empty vastness. This is concentrated energy- one pointed focus that brings a deeper level of understanding. When you ask who is the doer when I am one with the doing? Koan moment.

What is finished is finished. Not just the decade. Make the bad choices of the last ten years, something to learn from, and move on! Look to what you accomplished, and figure out why.
 Maybe its as simple as- I survived.

In these first few days of the new year, new decade, make a list of what you wish to strive for. Make space for your emotional, physical, and mental goals. You'll get some help from the planets Saturn and Pluto when they merge on the 12th of Jan 2020. By then Mars will be in Sagittarius, (oh, be glad!)  your actions can steer the rusty old bad habits to the dust bin. You'll have enough energy to move mountains, or at least hike over them. This combo of Saturn and Pluto is about how deep you want the well to go. In spiritual life we say- go inward- to the heart center, and practice staying there! Over and over and over again!

January 6th  Uranus (shake it up) goes direct- and we will really begin to feel like a change is coming. And it is. Actually the mindset has been here. We are moving into a decade of progressiveness that will be much, much, * MUCH * more in tune with humanity.  People are waking up! They are expanding their consciousness.  The old ways are just hanging on by a thread, and they will be cut loose. You can't stay in the 1st grade forever! Uranus will make sure of that! How? By introducing to you new exciting adventures. Go ahead, I dare you- do something this month you've NEVER done! Something that takes you to beauty and love.  Go some place you've never been and seek out what it is like to push yourself beyond where you are comfortable. Attempt to play a musical instrument, eat a food from a culture that you've never had, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or animal shelter. If you've not been to a museum- go to one, or three!   There are a thousand ways you can push yourself to a new zone. Just try something different and see how it opens up your confidence and your eyes!  Experience is the best teacher.

The planets are not here to punish you.  They are beams of light to point the way for expansion. To trust that you are enough.  You are divinity itself, seeking expression through a human form. Divine wants you to KNOW you are made of star dust!  SHINE ! Spread goodness, love, compassion, and Happiness will be yours.

Remember, if you get stuck, (we all do) play those songs!

Magnificent 2020 to you!

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Fluke Phase

America right now is in a fluke phase.

I thought it'd be nice to start off with a great song.

It's a reminder to me, that everything can be made alright, if we allow our perception to perceive differently.

Life is really magical.

And in-between-that magical maya we sometimes get a glance of, 'never expected this!'

Sometimes it is not so thrilling how the universe throws us a cartwheel in the middle of our life.

Sometimes it is down right grinning time!

Laughter heals no matter which you are experiencing at this moment in your very short journey to planet earth, spinning as it is, around the sun. That's really kind of crazy when you sit down and meditate on it! We are literally traveling a zillion miles a hour around a ball of fire, and we never ponder that. Or maybe you do.

There are so many things that show us the fluk-i-ness  of the world.....(I just made up a word).

White whales.
Orange president.

Who would have ever thought that our world would be on this very strange path?

What to do to stay sane?
Yes, I realize some people are content with how the movie is going. That is a fluke too!
To each their own.

I have given great thought to this passage that life has us traveling down in this country right now.

 The one thought that comes to mind, is that it forces each and everyone of us, to dig deeper in our hearts to discover why we are here. And that my friend, is Pluto territory.

Pluto is like a snake shedding a skin. It reminds me of the story I read in Jack Kornfield's  fabulous book, "After the Ecstasy, the Laundry." In it there is a story of a dragon removing his scales, as his bride removes her ten thousand wedding dresses. She and He both, are getting to the truth of who they are, allowing their beloved to truly see them. Only then, is a real marriage made. The same truth is in our relationship with the self. Only when we strip ourselves in honest nakedness, can we begin to grasp our true nature. Pluto aids with this process. The role of Pluto is to transform you, and sometimes this is not so fun. Yet, the end result is that we become who we are always meant to be, true to our very nature! Not living someone else's dream, or what the "world" expects us to be, but who we are.

I think of Freddie Mercury. And every person out there that has ticked to a different tok.  Gone against society's rules, and been just who they are, unashamed, and unapologetic. Creative genius came through Freddie. We each have that inside us.  He just wanted love and acceptance. That is what everyone wants at the core. LOVE. ACCEPTANCE. 

Flipping the coin, when other people are behaving in ways that we do not understand or even remotely agree with, perhaps they are just being true to who they are meant to be. Even if we don't get it, or like it. Rather than pound our head against the wall at the insanity we see in the world, better to be true to who we are called to be. That might mean that their role of truthfulness causes you to respond to it, and then you find your calling! I'd title this- the never ending drama of divine. Everyone is playing a role. My role might be to be in opposition to your role. IF we are brave, we look behind the masks that people wear, and we try to touch the divine in them. It is in everyone. YOU can't be born without it. The divine spark is what gives you breath.

Pluto helps you discover the "part" you have been cast in. Has it changed and you didn't want it to? (get ready for suffering), or you surrender to the part given, five hundred percent, while you  figure out how to dance in the new costume, that feels strange. All of this takes courage. It takes courage to be yourself. It takes courage to grow, discover a new you. To reach across the table to share a meal with someone who is playing a part you can't stand to watch. My solution is pay more attention to your own role, than theirs and your peace won't be lost.  When you are zooming in on your purpose there is little room to waste bemoaning what someone else is doing.

Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn, and on Dec 2nd Jupiter will join and make a trio. Boy, is the three act play going to get a jolt of dry humor!  It will be up to you to discover it. Irony. Satire. Tragic and also comical. Write yourself a good story. Live it fully and deeply. Go for practical dreams. Capricorn likes to keep it real, and there are no heads in the clouds with these three planets in the earth sign. It is all about the EARTH. Mother EARTH. Dig in the ground and grow some root vegetables. Build a solid fortress, but make sure the moat has boats so you can have visitors, you'll want to have meetings. Promise!  Discussions on how to save the firm, body, harvest, farm, and church (or temple) will be favorite subjects. Knees and how to make 'em last. Make sure you get enough sleep. These three planets in Capricorn are real workers, sleep is important.

Of all the signs, Capricorns will really go through massive changes in 2020.  Some hard earned rewards are coming home to meet you, if you have put in the time, which of course you have!

Venus is also in Capricorn right now, until the 20th. That is blue chip quality  in love. Slow, steady, and loyal. Made to last. That is something in today's world!

Loving Kindness to yourself and all beings. This is the greatest path to dealing with this ever changing, always a bit fluky to someone world.

Even with all these planets in Capricorn, which is about 'building' and getting to the top of the heap, an attempt to heap love on yourself and others is always a good plan.

I leave you with this song, one of my favorites:


Giving Thanks today for enough. For you, my reader, and for the Stars.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Stand TALL in the Fall

Fall has begun in the Northern hemisphere. The leaves change colors, and drop to the ground before you can absorb their delightful colors. Leaves are just one example of what will be dropping away! 

This autumn will witness the season of palatable change in governments worldwide. The last two weeks unleashed the triggering of two upcoming eclipses; on Christmas day, a Solar one, followed by  a Lunar eclipse January 10th. The key word for eclipse energy is: CHANGE. Very often known as the tumbling of crowns. But let us not forget, shifting of the guard, or yanking the imbeciles out, sometimes is welcomed!

In the U.S.A. the Mars trigger of the eclipse points have launched an impeachment inquiry of the current occupant of the oval office, mega fires in California, the loss of beloved congressman Elijah Cummings, and it hasn't even squared Saturn or Pluto yet! 

But what does this mean for you, when eclipses are triggered? 

Each person has to look to their house placements (axis) to know where the spotlight  will shine. Not every eclipse will be felt deeply by everyone. Thank the  cosmos for that, because no one could handle a forever diet of excitement! 

The cardinal signs will get the earthquake push to move in new directions. Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer. The areas stimulated can be marriage, home, standing in community, and your health. It is the "big" stuff that moves you ,or at least points toward where you can grow, aka- shed a skin. Preparing yourself for a new path, can be liberating, even while its stressful. Most living creatures do not relish change. They may long for it, without the work, or the disruptions it brings, while still keeping things locked into an old pattern that no longer fits. Many times you will find they really wanted to be fired, set free, or call a new state home; just not yet!!

As Mars moves through the sign of Libra, good questions to ask are: "How can I get my needs met, and also create harmony?"  "Is being top of the heap worth the cost?" "What is the meaning of compromise for me?" "Is this a fair fight, and if not, what are my legal options?"

Mars in Libra is an intellectual battle, chess is played at a high level. You cannot mistake a friendly smile for a green light! Look to what is being documented via words, followed by action, etc, not the external features, which can be merely superficial.

Mars will square Saturn, (ruthlessness, but with finesse) on the 27th of October. That date is loaded, as it is also a new moon, in Scorpio at 5 degrees. This combo is particularly saber rattling.  If you are creating a new life, or building a home with new copper pipes, don't cut corners. Attend to the work, even if it is arduous, striving for the achievement of perfection. This is a "working it" aspect! No room for lazy. The new moon will be in an EXACT opposition to Uranus, the unexplained one. Because with Uranus, it's not what you expect, and thus - the field of vastness is wide open to possibilities that never ever entered your rational mind. This is beyond mind.

Unexpected bonding and also freedom! Power partnerships that were never expected to form much less last. The stock market will be crazy.  Stick your antenna out and see if you can pick up the next great investment.

Venus will be in Scorpio until November 1st. While the mysterious sign resides in the love and worth planet, make sure you secretly save the deepest love for yourself.  Love starts with YOU and go outwards.

Investigate hidden ways you can establish pockets of gold! The tiny choices add up! Take care of your body with exotic massages, get a Tarot or Astrology reading, and leave love messages in your partners coat pockets!  Savor the spicy moments of intimacy that happen with the tiniest of gestures.

On Halloween, Mercury stations retrograde until  November 20th. You'll likely change your costume  a couple of times! Tricks will be especially naughty! Treats will have a favor of the past. Old school wins the contest! Or any costume that "doubles" the ante.  Twins, two faces, costumes that can travel back into the time machine, play on words costumes, that sort of energy is there. Make a plan A, and B, because it will be a wild night!  

Brace yourself for what comes the first week in November.  This is when Mars will square Pluto.  The 5th of November is the grand slam date.  Digging the depths of  justice will come up against formidable power of resistance. This is a combo of planets that produces REVOLT.  If you are cleaning up a toxic waste site or creating public art that makes a splash of a statement you'll welcome it. Otherwise, work out, drive careful, and keep your plans top secret until the precise moment of execution. There is no turning back with this one, so plan with the surgeon's steady hand.  This is a practice run, to see how you will deal with the January merge of Saturn and Pluto. Yes, Mars is different than Saturn, but both planets don't smile while they make their mark. Think of this month and December as preparation for the cement that is going to be poured in some area of your life.  What area?  Where ever Capricorn/ Cancer axis falls in your birth chart. Where do you wish to make permanent transformation? That is the area to focus on with minutiae detail.

Heavy? You have no idea how insanely things are going to change, and Scorpio season likes to keep the mystery going. Gather the leaves that fall, cherish their beauty, it will fade, and become compost for the next cycle.

 All that we endure in these challenging times will turn us into trees that stand tall all year long. 

All Hallows Eve delight to you ! May the veil be lifted!

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