Monday, September 07, 2020


The butterfly and the spider

I vant to suck your blood....  (said everything that was hungry)....

Don't be like the Spider this month. Don't be like the butterfly, either! If you are flying around looking for the nectar and not paying attention to your environment, you might just end up frozen on a lavender plant, having your blood sucked out.  (OK, maybe it will be online- on a site full of Russian trolls... same thing).

Gross? It is nature. All of life eats other life. 

This was a first for me, seeing a butterfly paralyzed by a green striped insect with eight limbs. Wings verses plotting legs; Carpe Diem!

It is a fitting image for the times. 

This month will see brain cells being challenged by choreography that is cunning, taking no prisoners, and cause you to freeze with fear. Well now! You'll just have to call on Mars energy, and fight until the death, or surrender to your fate. 

Yes, it is that sort of month.

I am not one to pretend that things are "just fine" when in fact- it's a battle ground out there. It is only all good if you have strong Aries in your chart and you love to fight, and of course win. 

That doesn't mean we will give in. But like that lovely yellow butterfly, we will TRANSFORM, and TRANSCEND. 

The spider represents the cycle of life and so does the butterfly.  One thing ends, and another begins. We weave a circle that others will get caught in. Sometimes this brings us dinner, other times the design doesn't quite do its job. But the fact is, both the butterfly and the spider are part of this vast creation, each having a role to play. Each having needs, that sometimes get met, and other times not. 

The point is to keep creating, regardless if you ARE dinner or consume nourishment at the expense of another.  Just make it fair.  Play fair, and pay attention to your surroundings. 

Mercury is in Libra until the 28th of the month. This is the time to use your intellectual savvy, and make moves that further your journey.  They will be hard won, as Mercury will face blocks and detours. This does not mean you have selected the wrong path. Like the spider, dinner may be a feast that ends up tying you to the table, unable to move, and enjoy what you have fought to gain.  It will be a "mixed blessings" sort of month. 

First and foremost- you must guard your health. Without health, you have nothing! 

Mercury will oppose Chiron on Sept. 10th.  The data on how the Labor Day gatherings contribute to the numbers-(in the middle of a pandemic)- will begin to flow in.  For the non-believers, I have zero to say, because, the best teacher is direct experience, that and ICU.  A simple act of three things can save lives, fact is- many people on this planet are too damn lazy to care about others, and they prefer denial. You can't change them, only they can transform themselves, and their selfish behavior.  

In this order- the swords will fly:

Sept 17th- Mercury squares Jupiter

Sept 21st- Mercury squares Pluto

Sept 23rd- Mercury squares Saturn

Sept 25th- Mercury opposes Mars (which turns retrograde on the 9th of Sept).

So, yes, by the third week in Sept. full on war zone feeling.  

How to use all this energy in a positive way?  

Give yourself a task that demands you OPEN your mind, in some form or fashion that is NEW to you.  Engage is getting rid of destructive thinking, build communication skills that allow you to hear grievances, without reacting. Clear out the cobwebs in your mind, to how you "wish it were"- and look clearly at reality as it is, and get busy problem solving. That is what squares are all about- finding the solutions to issues that come up. 

Since Mercury is in Libra, and Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, are all in Capricorn- there is going to be organisational efforts to combat authoritarian law.  The dictator and the autocrat are in for a huge push back against those who wish for democracy. 


World wide- those places that have rulers who do not listen to the will of the people will be shocked at the resistance. 

45's relationship with Putin will come to haunt him.  He clearly wishes to rule like him, and it will be his downfall.  He will fall. He will fail. 

 I still believe he will end up resigning. But first he will create hell. That's his role; Destroyer. 

Try not to get caught up in the game of 'convincing' his followers otherwise. It is a waste of your precious time. They are playing their role, as well. 

IF you stop and think about how much light has been shed by his darkness, by his web of haters, and lies, you come to realize, that like the butterfly caught in the trap set by the spider, you might be unable to move right now- but you will drop the butterfly body, (innocence) and become wiser- in the state of all knowing consciousnesses.  That state doesn't need a body.  In that state you are free.  In that freedom, the real changes that will take place after the worn out ways are made dust, and swept way. 

The spider is the symbol of creating a new life, but first there is the struggle. 

On the 17th of Sept. there is a new moon at 25 degrees Virgo. 

The harvest is coming, but first we must chaff the wheat. 

Parker McPhinney (C) 2020

All Rights Reserved.

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