Thursday, November 28, 2019


Fluke Phase

America right now is in a fluke phase.

I thought it'd be nice to start off with a great song.

It's a reminder to me, that everything can be made alright, if we allow our perception to perceive differently.

Life is really magical.

And in-between-that magical maya we sometimes get a glance of, 'never expected this!'

Sometimes it is not so thrilling how the universe throws us a cartwheel in the middle of our life.

Sometimes it is down right grinning time!

Laughter heals no matter which you are experiencing at this moment in your very short journey to planet earth, spinning as it is, around the sun. That's really kind of crazy when you sit down and meditate on it! We are literally traveling a zillion miles a hour around a ball of fire, and we never ponder that. Or maybe you do.

There are so many things that show us the fluk-i-ness  of the world.....(I just made up a word).

White whales.
Orange president.

Who would have ever thought that our world would be on this very strange path?

What to do to stay sane?
Yes, I realize some people are content with how the movie is going. That is a fluke too!
To each their own.

I have given great thought to this passage that life has us traveling down in this country right now.

 The one thought that comes to mind, is that it forces each and everyone of us, to dig deeper in our hearts to discover why we are here. And that my friend, is Pluto territory.

Pluto is like a snake shedding a skin. It reminds me of the story I read in Jack Kornfield's  fabulous book, "After the Ecstasy, the Laundry." In it there is a story of a dragon removing his scales, as his bride removes her ten thousand wedding dresses. She and He both, are getting to the truth of who they are, allowing their beloved to truly see them. Only then, is a real marriage made. The same truth is in our relationship with the self. Only when we strip ourselves in honest nakedness, can we begin to grasp our true nature. Pluto aids with this process. The role of Pluto is to transform you, and sometimes this is not so fun. Yet, the end result is that we become who we are always meant to be, true to our very nature! Not living someone else's dream, or what the "world" expects us to be, but who we are.

I think of Freddie Mercury. And every person out there that has ticked to a different tok.  Gone against society's rules, and been just who they are, unashamed, and unapologetic. Creative genius came through Freddie. We each have that inside us.  He just wanted love and acceptance. That is what everyone wants at the core. LOVE. ACCEPTANCE. 

Flipping the coin, when other people are behaving in ways that we do not understand or even remotely agree with, perhaps they are just being true to who they are meant to be. Even if we don't get it, or like it. Rather than pound our head against the wall at the insanity we see in the world, better to be true to who we are called to be. That might mean that their role of truthfulness causes you to respond to it, and then you find your calling! I'd title this- the never ending drama of divine. Everyone is playing a role. My role might be to be in opposition to your role. IF we are brave, we look behind the masks that people wear, and we try to touch the divine in them. It is in everyone. YOU can't be born without it. The divine spark is what gives you breath.

Pluto helps you discover the "part" you have been cast in. Has it changed and you didn't want it to? (get ready for suffering), or you surrender to the part given, five hundred percent, while you  figure out how to dance in the new costume, that feels strange. All of this takes courage. It takes courage to be yourself. It takes courage to grow, discover a new you. To reach across the table to share a meal with someone who is playing a part you can't stand to watch. My solution is pay more attention to your own role, than theirs and your peace won't be lost.  When you are zooming in on your purpose there is little room to waste bemoaning what someone else is doing.

Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn, and on Dec 2nd Jupiter will join and make a trio. Boy, is the three act play going to get a jolt of dry humor!  It will be up to you to discover it. Irony. Satire. Tragic and also comical. Write yourself a good story. Live it fully and deeply. Go for practical dreams. Capricorn likes to keep it real, and there are no heads in the clouds with these three planets in the earth sign. It is all about the EARTH. Mother EARTH. Dig in the ground and grow some root vegetables. Build a solid fortress, but make sure the moat has boats so you can have visitors, you'll want to have meetings. Promise!  Discussions on how to save the firm, body, harvest, farm, and church (or temple) will be favorite subjects. Knees and how to make 'em last. Make sure you get enough sleep. These three planets in Capricorn are real workers, sleep is important.

Of all the signs, Capricorns will really go through massive changes in 2020.  Some hard earned rewards are coming home to meet you, if you have put in the time, which of course you have!

Venus is also in Capricorn right now, until the 20th. That is blue chip quality  in love. Slow, steady, and loyal. Made to last. That is something in today's world!

Loving Kindness to yourself and all beings. This is the greatest path to dealing with this ever changing, always a bit fluky to someone world.

Even with all these planets in Capricorn, which is about 'building' and getting to the top of the heap, an attempt to heap love on yourself and others is always a good plan.

I leave you with this song, one of my favorites:


Giving Thanks today for enough. For you, my reader, and for the Stars.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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