Sunday, October 20, 2019


Stand TALL in the Fall

Fall has begun in the Northern hemisphere. The leaves change colors, and drop to the ground before you can absorb their delightful colors. Leaves are just one example of what will be dropping away! 

This autumn will witness the season of palatable change in governments worldwide. The last two weeks unleashed the triggering of two upcoming eclipses; on Christmas day, a Solar one, followed by  a Lunar eclipse January 10th. The key word for eclipse energy is: CHANGE. Very often known as the tumbling of crowns. But let us not forget, shifting of the guard, or yanking the imbeciles out, sometimes is welcomed!

In the U.S.A. the Mars trigger of the eclipse points have launched an impeachment inquiry of the current occupant of the oval office, mega fires in California, the loss of beloved congressman Elijah Cummings, and it hasn't even squared Saturn or Pluto yet! 

But what does this mean for you, when eclipses are triggered? 

Each person has to look to their house placements (axis) to know where the spotlight  will shine. Not every eclipse will be felt deeply by everyone. Thank the  cosmos for that, because no one could handle a forever diet of excitement! 

The cardinal signs will get the earthquake push to move in new directions. Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer. The areas stimulated can be marriage, home, standing in community, and your health. It is the "big" stuff that moves you ,or at least points toward where you can grow, aka- shed a skin. Preparing yourself for a new path, can be liberating, even while its stressful. Most living creatures do not relish change. They may long for it, without the work, or the disruptions it brings, while still keeping things locked into an old pattern that no longer fits. Many times you will find they really wanted to be fired, set free, or call a new state home; just not yet!!

As Mars moves through the sign of Libra, good questions to ask are: "How can I get my needs met, and also create harmony?"  "Is being top of the heap worth the cost?" "What is the meaning of compromise for me?" "Is this a fair fight, and if not, what are my legal options?"

Mars in Libra is an intellectual battle, chess is played at a high level. You cannot mistake a friendly smile for a green light! Look to what is being documented via words, followed by action, etc, not the external features, which can be merely superficial.

Mars will square Saturn, (ruthlessness, but with finesse) on the 27th of October. That date is loaded, as it is also a new moon, in Scorpio at 5 degrees. This combo is particularly saber rattling.  If you are creating a new life, or building a home with new copper pipes, don't cut corners. Attend to the work, even if it is arduous, striving for the achievement of perfection. This is a "working it" aspect! No room for lazy. The new moon will be in an EXACT opposition to Uranus, the unexplained one. Because with Uranus, it's not what you expect, and thus - the field of vastness is wide open to possibilities that never ever entered your rational mind. This is beyond mind.

Unexpected bonding and also freedom! Power partnerships that were never expected to form much less last. The stock market will be crazy.  Stick your antenna out and see if you can pick up the next great investment.

Venus will be in Scorpio until November 1st. While the mysterious sign resides in the love and worth planet, make sure you secretly save the deepest love for yourself.  Love starts with YOU and go outwards.

Investigate hidden ways you can establish pockets of gold! The tiny choices add up! Take care of your body with exotic massages, get a Tarot or Astrology reading, and leave love messages in your partners coat pockets!  Savor the spicy moments of intimacy that happen with the tiniest of gestures.

On Halloween, Mercury stations retrograde until  November 20th. You'll likely change your costume  a couple of times! Tricks will be especially naughty! Treats will have a favor of the past. Old school wins the contest! Or any costume that "doubles" the ante.  Twins, two faces, costumes that can travel back into the time machine, play on words costumes, that sort of energy is there. Make a plan A, and B, because it will be a wild night!  

Brace yourself for what comes the first week in November.  This is when Mars will square Pluto.  The 5th of November is the grand slam date.  Digging the depths of  justice will come up against formidable power of resistance. This is a combo of planets that produces REVOLT.  If you are cleaning up a toxic waste site or creating public art that makes a splash of a statement you'll welcome it. Otherwise, work out, drive careful, and keep your plans top secret until the precise moment of execution. There is no turning back with this one, so plan with the surgeon's steady hand.  This is a practice run, to see how you will deal with the January merge of Saturn and Pluto. Yes, Mars is different than Saturn, but both planets don't smile while they make their mark. Think of this month and December as preparation for the cement that is going to be poured in some area of your life.  What area?  Where ever Capricorn/ Cancer axis falls in your birth chart. Where do you wish to make permanent transformation? That is the area to focus on with minutiae detail.

Heavy? You have no idea how insanely things are going to change, and Scorpio season likes to keep the mystery going. Gather the leaves that fall, cherish their beauty, it will fade, and become compost for the next cycle.

 All that we endure in these challenging times will turn us into trees that stand tall all year long. 

All Hallows Eve delight to you ! May the veil be lifted!

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