Thursday, September 12, 2019


Check the List

Virgo is dominating the sky right now!  What does Virgo stand for?  Being the best you can be. Covering your bases. Details. The finer energies that add the accent of thoroughness.

Right now, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars create a chain link fence, that won't let you cross to the lovely flower field, until you do your homework!

You know where you need to clean up your act, before you take it on the road!

In the next weeks, we will have many chances to perfect ourselves, but watch for over doing. Today, Mars squares Jupiter. That aspect gives you the confidence to do the impossible job. It is super ego- energy.  Mars throwing gasoline on an already high flame. This is the athletic energy that you'd want to win the Gold. But, with the two planets in a 90 degree square, you need to use caution. So often when we are super sure of ourselves, we forget to tie the shoe lace double, so that it can't possibly come untied.  It is also at time when we can underestimate our opponents. At this time, your BIGGEST threat is arrogance.

On Sept. 14th, Mars will oppose Neptune. This combo gives way to idealism. It is excellent for further your beliefs. It is fantastic for blending the micro with the macro. Seeing the raindrop in the ocean. Holistic viewing is the ability to see the vastness in a grain of sand.  What is the mountain? It is ten zillion grains of sand! So pull back your zoom lens and see the bigger picture being presented to you in your life. Work on dissolving your ego enough to discover new compassion.  Dance with the single note held long and full, instead of the entire composition! And then do the reverse.

By Sept 18th, the taskmaster planet, Saturn, will station DIRECT!  Saturn rules our bones, teeth, our posture, our responsibilities in the life. It also rules how we 'end' things. Look to the placement of your birth Saturn to discover the ways you can end well.  It also rules our legacy. You create your legacy every day of your life. Make good choices! Saturn is holding hands with Pluto for many months to come, and these two planets ingrain a trench that is deep and long lasting. Make your habits healthy. Contribute to things that reflect your value system. Plant trees! Later, the fruit will appear.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces one last time (in these signs) on the 21 of Sept.
The very large planet questioning the unseen, never ending galaxy..... It may feel like there is so many places to land, that you can't decide ANY place to set up office!  The forever wandering soul, gets lost in nothingness.   Nicolas Rouge's "The Walkabout" might be a good film to see.  Robyn Davidson's  "TRACKS: A Woman's Solo Trek across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback" - is a great read for this transit! Any inspirational film, book, story, image, that invites the soul to find itself, and thus the all.....  This is not shallow time, this is the time to explore beyond what you can imagine for yourself.

 Australia is a great example of this Jupiter sq Neptune energy. It is a Capricorn Sun -Saturn Country, with Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron, and the north node in Sag!  Talk about conflicting energy! It's WIDE OPEN, but needs a good Captain to channel all that fire!  They will experience their Jupiter return this year, so a new path will be carved with education, immigration, and trade.  How to know when to open the doors, and when to sail without any?  That is the question that Jupiter sq Neptune asks you.

Friday the 13th will grace our sky with a full moon at 22 Pisces. This will exasperate the T-Square (crow bar) that is in action for the next weeks.  Use this powerful vibration to bring to clarity what is truly your goals.  Let go of what is taking up wasted space; unused, worn out-things, thoughts !  Make clear where you wish to navigate. Set your compass, prepare to travel to new regions.  Use the T-Square to develop your dreams, with much effort. Elbow grease in abundance.

Mabon  (Autumn Equinox)  arrives 12:51am PDT on the 23rd.

You can throw away your list by then, and begin to harvest the rewards that are well earned!

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