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BE all that you are


Astrology is very much like the energy inside of us. Everything modifies everything! It is all connected, and you can isolate one area of activity, but to ignore the hologram is to miss the point.

WHAT IS THE POINT? -  well, its the BINDU, but let's start in wide focus, before we go to ZOOM. 

The center most source of energy is always working to help you grow awareness of  your true nature.  There are a zillion ways to do this. Harnessing an understanding of planet activity is just one. If you know the language of the stars, you can refine your work with this internal energy by the choices you make externally. You are forewarned how to best utilize the challenges that befall you, and shore up the gifts you were born with.

That's what astrologers do, they translate the symbolic message to one in which you can apply to your everyday life.

July is the month for stiring the pot, so to speak!   It is ECLIPSE TIME!  Also known as, where do you need to change, transform, and or build in your life?

The first Eclipse (there are always two, and sometimes THREE in a cycle)-  is on July 2nd, 12:16 pm PDT.  It is TOTAL. It will be visible in Eastern Oceania and South America.  BIG CHANGES THERE.

It also is tied to several previous eclipses.  The birth of the cycle was in the year 0991. That is the saros series number 127 / 3 North.  I doubt you remember who you were then, (If you subscribe to reincarnation) and it doesn't matter if you do or don't, your soul/spirit knows what you've been doing all these centuries!  Some astrologers look at that birth eclipse to squeeze more juice of what is to come.

I could spend sometime going through the mind boggling and often confusing data details of the cycles- but it bores me, and makes my head feel like its going to explode. I'd rather just cut to the chase and speak about what years you should reflect on, if you were in a body then, and what you might like to build on from that- now.  No need to get lost in a maze of astro-babble!  Mind you, some astrologer's technical strength to explain all this is utterly amazing; I am not one of them.  Most of my clients don't really care what family the eclipse belongs to anyhow, they just want to know about health, love, work and wealth! (not necessary in that order).

Just  take a moment and ponder the years 2000 AND 2001.

Both are very important for different reasons.

The year 2000 was all the scream about the Y2K scare, worry of a meltdown.  We made it, without a meltdown, but some marriages didn't.  I know several people who spent A LOT of time worrying about how the world was going to change, and how they'd survive.  I also remember that some people hoped what was feared would happen so that all their credit card debt would magically be dissolved.  All kinds of theories were dinner table conversation, this of course was before the cell phone, when we actually used the voice to communicate.

The state of Vermont  passed  HB847 legalizing civil unions for same sex couples.

Everyone in America remembers the Election of 2000. That's when the Supreme court decided who would be president. BTW, on that election day- Mercury the tricky one, flipped retrograde! (So much for the Nay Sayers!)

I just am mentioning a few standouts- I am sure you have your own.

My point being that - in 2000, the Solar Eclipse was at 11 Cancer in the zodiac,  just like it will be tomorrow.  America's Sun Sign is just two degrees away. So it played havoc with our presidential election, and of course Mercury retrograde on voting day made its mark by saying one person won, oh wait, no, the other candidate  won.  And that, my friends, played way more importance than we knew at the time.

Within three years America would be at WAR.

On to the next year, 2001.  I know this is sometimes a drag, just remembering where you were last week can be hard with information overload disease.  However, I don't have ANY doubt that anyone forgets about 2001 and the events that re-shaped the entire world and how we are in.

I have my own amazing story with that, as I was traveling from India to America ten days before 9/11 and saw a flood of International Secret Service men at my airplane's gate in Malaysia, as I was about to board a non-stop flight to Los Angeles. I travel internationally often, and have never seen anything the likes of it, since or before. They were looking, interrogating, and treating passports and people like tools of crime. The impressions that day are forever in my mind. 

Those are the kind of standouts you should look for. BIG EVENTS that changed your fundamental thinking, beliefs, life, etc. Good ones too! Marriages, births, changes of career, moves, etc. Eclipses usher in the much larger fundamental issues and events.  They also are traditional sign posts of heads of state about to roll. Leaders can change on a split second, surprising everyone, except the astrologer. Since this Eclipse is on America's Sun- well, you get the idea. Nothing is stable right now, no matter how it APPEARS. The people at the top need to pay heed.

The other factor I offer for you to research, is where Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra at 11 degrees and also 22 degree fall in your birth chart.  The 22 degrees is important because that is the degree of the eclipse chart that started this series.

There are zillions of free websites online that you can have your Natal chart cast- but you need your time of birth to be accurate.  You can also request a reading from me, by going to my website, and making an appointment. Rates are listed.

This Total Solar Eclipse is going to usher in DEVI CONSCIOUSNESS.  The sun and moon both in Cancer, the protector and nurturer sign do this best!  As in the past, we have lots of fears floating out there in the ether. This time, instead of Y2K, its climate change. And yes, I do believe it is real, but I also to feel that we aren't stupid enough to ignore the signs. The world is filled with so many bright people! With the planet Uranus (break that mold!) in the earth sign of Taurus rest assured that in the coming years many solutions will present themselves.

I am constantly seeing signs that people really prefer good food, pesticide free, than another round of chemo! Yes, if you poison the plants that you eat, you only will only get medical bills, not nutrition.   People are catching on! More and more small community gardens are sprouting up in the city and country alike. They also provide a rich source of human contact, to remind us, we are ALL in this together.  And 'family' is a key word of the zodiac sign Cancer.  There are many kinds of 'family', but for certain the role of eating well, hugging often, and taking care of the babies will be predominant in the news. Which means, there will be strong action to end this policy in America of putting kids in cages.

If you watched the Democratic convention you saw an example of the place the female will take in America's history in the near future. Top Tier!! That stage was filled with LOVING- SMART woman! And two of them are Cancer Suns- Warren and Williamson!   Both of these women are due for huge lifestyle changes due to the fact that they are Cancer Sun signs. Williamson's role, I believe, is to remind America about values, especially protection of the child. She can do that many many ways.  Sometimes you are more effective in just being high profile, than actually getting the job.

The strength that we saw was but a thimble to come.  Like she said, don't piss off mama bear by messing with her cubs. The force has been awaken, and its not going away.

No matter what your political preference, the truth is: WOMEN ARE READY TO TAKE OVER.

In this Eclipse chart we have Mars at zero degree Leo.  Men are very aware of this Tsunami change that is upon us, and they are, I think, just a tad bit threatened. They need not be. There is plenty of room for both yin and yang.  We need balance, and the female helps to balance this overtly macho world.  For so long its been 'a man's world', but now, the Universe wants to give the female a go at it. Those men that are truly secure in themselves, will not feel trout upon, but will welcome the change to rest and cook and clean while changing stinking diapers and of course being all sexy during it all!

All kidding aside- both men and woman are equals and we are moving toward that.  So throw away your worn out views, they will have little place in the new world developing. We are at the tale end of the 'old ways'. Saturn and Pluto are both in Capricorn and they like to keep it 'traditional' but since Uranus entered the mix in an earth sign as well, its moving toward a progressive pathway. By Spring of 2020 we will be well on our way.

If you aren't tired of war, and killings, and seeing homelessness, and the struggle that the common man has to just survive, hopefully soon you will be. It is a change of heart that has to happen for these huge problems we face in the world to be tackled. The more people on board, the faster the change.

Mars in Leo loves being in that placement. Many ideas can spring up in this month to solve our world issues, and our private ones. Mercury is also in Leo. Together they can create the  good plan. So put on your thinking caps, and let your imagination roar! It doesn't matter if you are figuring out a trapeze act, or running a huge heart transplant hospital, just work toward healthy ideas that lift people up.

Can you see yourself climbing those one thousand stairs and glowing with happiness that you reached the top?  DO IT! Whatever it is- peruse the goals this month!  Set some over the top ones, just for the heck of it.

From July 7th until July 31st Mercury will be retrograde, you'll have plenty of time to revise! revisit! redo! If you are traveling, be very patient, there will be unforeseen delays. Some will be welcomed.

On July 11th Venus will be at the Total Solar Eclipse point triggering it once more. So you will get a glimmer of what needs to be really looked at deeply during this time. What is it that you love so fully you are willing to surrender the heart to?  Pay attention to events around the 10th- 12th in your life to get a clue. Perhaps, you finally discover the deeper meaning of the world- HOME.  There is "OM" in the word HOME.  Om is the sound of creation. Be familiar with what you create this month. Get to know the workings of your inner being. Look inside more than out.

I suggest you spend some time with yourself during the month of July to penetrate who you are without any of the trappings of the world.

Here are some bits of suggestions-  (If you know your rising sign read that too).

Aries:  Am I emotionally nurtured in my physical and psychic space? If not, what changes do I need to make? Learn to mother yourself deeply.

Taurus:  Are my ideas about community and my relationship with siblings the best they can be? How to make them more loving? Speak with compassion.

Gemini: What is my worth? How can I increase my self worth to match my material needs? Love what you do.

Cancer:  WHO am I projecting myself to be?  Dose it reflect compassion? Love yourself.

Leo:  Do I need to recharge my batteries? How can I retreat and still learn to shine?  Internalize your star power.

Virgo: What are my long term plans for creating a secure foundation?  Is there a role model I can relate to? Hang with friends who are family.

Libra: What is my standing in the community? How can I lead better? Make your mark, and don't waiver.

Scorpio: What do I believe the role of my parents is? How does my faith feed me?  Nourish your beliefs with tangible truths you can follow.

Sagittarius: Will I have the support I need? What investments can I make to give me security? Intimacy heals when healthy.

Capricorn: Who am I in partnership? Can I give and still get? Commitment is both strong and nurturing.

Aquarius:  Is working from home for me or creating a family at work?  What foods are best for my body?  Eat well, and you will work more productive.

Pisces: What creation best reflects who I am right now? How to relate better with my kids?  Learn to play!

I leave you with one final thought: 

When you discover the very essence of what makes you smile, and you delicate all your dynamic energy toward that, contentment is yours.

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