Monday, May 06, 2019


Face of love

Taurus has taken over the sky, via the Sun and Mercury. We just had a extremely strong New Moon in Taurus on the fourth of May. That will lead us for several weeks, to find what it is we love. How we love, how we keep love real. The New Moon  was in a favorable relationship with Saturn, and like all relationships, it is a give and take gig. This is a nice balanced tie, and if you've not been playing fair on the see-saw of love, this is a great time to step back, and do a check on yourself. Taurus's ruling planet is Venus, so this is why we should focus on our love vibe, to see if its life-affirming.

Sometimes you discover this thing of 'love' by figuring out what it isn't, or by having to say good-bye to a fur baby, husband, wife, brother, sister, career, home, etc. Nothing opens the heart faster than saying good-bye. Although, it often is laced or even saturated with pain, farewells awaken our very being to the simple fact that our time on the planet is limited. It is easy to scoot through life forgetting this very fact. Grim Reaper does not forget!  As they say, make hay while the sun shines!

You can discover what it (love) is by saying yes rather than no.

The 15 degree Taurus New Moon intertwines with Neptune and the nodes. So this is a time to embrace what allows comfort and compassion to arise. This 'love' that I speak of is also love of the creator, (Divine), love of creating, love of magic making, and the magnificence of creating a family.

If  you are not astrology savvy, the nodes are points, (not planets), that direct us to fated events, people, situations, that will further our spiritual growth.  They open the gateways to uncharted paths, that we might be a bit shy about, because, well- THEY ARE NEW!

On the 5th of May, we had 'bigger than you thought'  aspect of Mars oppose Jupiter.  This pair standing off, is the juice that makes headlines. People who carry this aspect in their birth charts are often big talkers, and frequently manage to achieve what seems the impossible, with ease.  However, I must add a bit of caution, less you promise more than you are skilled to deliver.  It is admirable to strive to reach the mountain top, but prepare for a safe climb, by doing your homework.

Having confidence is an aphrodisiac, but boasting with out backup is a turn off, and karma will remind you of this, as you fall on your face in front of ten thousand eyes!

Use the energy well.  Don't over promise when you don't have the goods.  Invite a serious investigation of where you stand, what you are capable of. Reach a bit further beyond the safety net, but don't fly out of bounds, unless you can afford a fall.  Push yourself, but no foolishness!

The 15th of May marks a turning curve. That day, Venus moves into her own sign, Taurus.  Mars moves into Cancer, which it doesn't like that much. The reason is, Cancer is about staying close to home and the food pantry, not slaying dragons, which Mars prefers.  Both planets will cozy up with each other quite well, for  a good three weeks. Like a said.....the love thing...its good to focus on it right now.  Might just blossom a lovely garden!

The Full Moon of May 18th, is also known as "Veska", the day of Buddha's enlightenment.  The Moon will be in Scorpio at 28 degrees.  Excellent time to get rid of your fears, junk, and blocks that prevent you from embracing your potential. Since the Full Moon will be in a sextile (flow) with Pluto- it is a stout, and passionate Full Moon. No shade of grey.  It is especially important to be straight up and tell the truth, because if you don't the price you pay will be way way way more than you ever thought. So keep it upright! The last degrees of Scorpio are very intense, many can't handle being in the eye of the storm. The last two weeks of May will be long lasting in the memory.

In sharp focus -- the last two days of May. The reason being, Mars will be traveling over the up coming Total Solar Eclipse of July 2nd.  That degree is 11 Cancer.  It indicates HUGE changes coming for America's leadership.  These 'triggers' as we call them, also stir up things in the Global movie. Since this is taking place in the water sign Cancer, Hurricanes or any weather dealing with the water (floods, hail, rain) can be newsworthy.  Be proactive and make sure your homes are prepared for extreme weather.  We might also hear of food shortages.

Another aspect of love, is helping the less fortunate. We have a multitude of ways, to manifest this in world today. You don't have to do big things, small things are just as fantastic. Each and every way that we lessen the suffering of others is an astonishing opening of the heart; yours and theirs.

Be the face of love.

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