Sunday, January 20, 2019


A Dandy Life

The Moon is rising. Its a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at zero LEO.  Things will be changing. You'll grab the heart of it, by giving your all to what matters in your life. This eclipse is about tuning into what makes your heart shine.

The entire point of eclipses are to spotlight what NEEDS to change in our life, by the houses they activate. The axis in which they fall. One area holds the Moon (change) the opposite house the Sun (I AM).  With this eclipse its all about combining what makes you feel alive in your life with what you are actually spending time doing! It asks of you to live - AUTHENTICALLY.  To have faith in your purpose, as it changes paths.

Right now, the kernels of hope are being planted. Its the first phase of potential. This will be tested the last week in March as the planet Uranus enters Taurus to square this Total Lunar Eclipse point. So you have a couple of months and a few weeks to navigate your ideal plan.  Test are good way of finding out what works and what needs to be revised.

Also in this eclipse chart we have a Venus square Neptune. That is all about allowing yourself to dream the BIG dream.  Don't cheat yourself! You want a DANDY life right?

At the same time- we have the go-getter planet Mars in a tight- (oh, so tight) square to Saturn!  That is the muscle grease that is needed to work longer, as long as is needed to manifest your vision. Mars and Saturn together can be ruthless. Turn that energy into persistent, never giving up mojo. 

Even though this is a LUNAR Eclipse its happening  two weeks after the Solar Eclipse of Jan 5th, its working hand and hand with it and  an eye on  the road being paved.  Whatever structures  you want to shore up with security- will be tied to the earlier eclipse. What ambitions planted themselves in your noggin?  Traditionally, Lunar Eclipses are letting go of something, and Solar Eclipses are allowing in something new.  You have to make room for the new, by rearranging your life, which often means getting rid of ideas, concepts, people, even STUFF, that is not matching the new multi-colored landscape of your life's dream.

Additionally in this Lunar Eclipse fever of a chart, is Venus conjunct Jupiter- EXPANDING THE HEART beyond what you even -ever- thought possible. 

So let me state this firmly and clearly- CREATE YOUR DANDY LIFE! 

Let the stars guide your way, and tap to the rhythm of a thumbing heart filled with compassion and daring to go after what will make you smile.

The miracle of a eclipse mirrors the miracle of a life well lived- one that takes change as a call to once and for all- create what you consider to be a nifty, paragon, splendid way of existence.

Marigolds to you for a Dandy life!

You can eat them, its true! They nourish on the inside and out.

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