Tuesday, December 11, 2018


How to grow your Garden-Holiday style

The season is upon us. I am speaking of the season of decay (making new space) that happens before birth. Its a cycle and its always going on 24/7.   We are always undergoing some level of it, or witnessing it, or feeling the tides change. Sometimes this cycle is scary before its exciting.  The scary part is when we are not quite sure how and WHEN the refreshing reinvented self will emerge. Let's discuss the process of "becoming new again"............in a cosmic garden sort of way.

It is the end of a heck of a year on planet earth!  The perfect time to spend a bit of pondering on what changed. Make a choice on how to position yourself in the picture of your life, so that you're excited about 2019. 

Currently, and all of December, Mars, the planet of strut my stuff, is in Pisces.  Its not especially strong there. Every sign has a strength to it though, and this placement is good for dreaming up a plan. The emphasis is on the dream part, not the plan.

 First you have to have a vision to manifest before you get to the building part.  It is the holiday season, so even if the world says you have to rush about -you don't.


 Holiday Celebrate!

 Use the time to truly give yourself the gift of settling down with YOU.  Spending some time with yourself in contemplation and use the imagination to create in your world of dreams, the life you want to live in 2019.

 Everything begins with an idea. It can change along the way (and it will- no doubt). Start with-"what are my dreams?"  Not what everyone else wants for you- what you - REALLY WANT FOR YOU. This is Pisces at its best. That is why some of the most inspiring novelists, dancers, musicians, painters, etc. spend time alone. To allow the creative concepts to emerge. That same creative is the inner voice speaking in your thought consciousness (head space) to bring forth a birthing for you.

This is true no matter what you want to do with your time on earth. It is not limited to "creative" paths in the sense of artistic expression, but it is the same creative voice-inspiration, that makes the choice to be a lawyer or a poet.  Every path in life can have a dash of creative to it !  Even Math. Astrology is very mathematical. As I think on it, just about everything we do has math at its core.

So we can use the cycle of astrology to see how to go about getting our boot straps tied and fit for climbing when we are in a introspective cycle, and how to make the best use of riding the wave when we are on top. Everything in between is either slowly going south, or slowly going north. We do have times of relaxation, where we are just simply happy where we are.

The intersection of critical change is what I am speaking of now. 2019 is a year of preparation for huge change, as the future Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn moves toward unification- in 2020. Now, is the time to prepare your course map, and that starts internally.  So, allow your dream time in waking time too.

Every garden needs certain actions to grow. It needs HEAT, (or HOTNESS), seeds (ideas), water (nourishment), some good earth (grounding),  and now and then fertilizer.  We are the same, and right now- we have the water going- with Mars in Pisces, and Neptune there too, heat is provided by the planet Jupiter in the fire sign Sagittarius, (for 12 months), Saturn and Pluto are in the earth sign Capricorn helping us to set up good foundations and guidelines. You have your helpers, you just need to do the work.

Venus is in Scorpio all of December, and this placement can help you to let go of what is already gone. Decay is a valid phase in life just as any other phase. It can be more painful, but to hang on to a piece of fruit that no longer gives you any vitamin C is a problem.  Throw it out. Clean out the drawers in your head, and in your life. This is the time to make space! It is part of the process to birthing the new.

There will be times this month that doing a dance of danger will be good for you. That's when Venus and Mars do the tango around the 17th- 31st.  Both planets are in water signs, a bit wide, but close enough to enjoy each other, especially if its forbidden. Spice up your fun. Dress dangerously attractive, and for goddess sake spurge on some new shoes and go dancing! Have a foot massage, go to the late night party, just don't drink and drive!

On the 22nd Mercury will line up with Jupiter. Keep the wallet at home, because your going to be overcome with the urge to spend, as if it were never going to have to be paid for! Sagittarius is known for promising more than it can deliver (signing too many times!)  and both Mercury and Jupiter are in the fire sign- bringing a bit of over the top energy. Use it instead to send out a lot of New Year's Wishes in the form of cards, (snail mail- keep the post office alive) and jokes at the office party. This is a great aspect for comedy writers, so flow until the ink runs dry, which won't be until after the New Year. 

Winter Solstice this year is on the 21st @ 2:23 pm PST, followed by a full moon the next day at zero Cancer. WOW-Z energy.  The last weekend of the year is sure to be remembered as full of feeling and with strong story telling memories. Food will be a center piece and THE FAMILY takes a new traditional path. The year of the female is almost here (2019) and she's going to really do some gardening! The weeds have to go! No room! She's planting the food that feeds - all.

Get ready for the feast of the feminine, her birth is imminent. She will arrive on the scene in a hot feisty manner. Surely to surprise all with her power of getting things done! So, you see, by going inward and inviting yourself to be free of boundaries that you have known too long, (male or female) you are allowing for true motivation from the heart to lead you and pave the way for real growth.

Mars enters Aries on the last day of the year. Very symbolic that the first sign of the Zodiac is in take charge Mars as the clock turns to 2019. Foretells of a HOT 2019, perfect condition for the horticulturalists to have a solid harvest right when it is needed.

May you have enough and then some in 2019.

photos c.2018 parker mcphinney

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