Saturday, August 25, 2018


Life as Roses

Somehow, it's the end of August already! Summer has sped past so fast, I didn't even notice that I missed posting in July. Perhaps it was the three eclipses tying up my energy. July and early August were choked full of needed change, creative surplus, and redefining goals. I hope that the last two months have been fruitful.

The eclipse season has passed, but its never over! Those three eclipses- (20 degrees Cancer-solar, 5 degrees Aquarius-lunar, and 19 degrees Leo- Solar) will be activated at various times throughout the year, bringing to you change, if they triggered your birth map. They will continue to affect the USA in varied of ways, mainly our leadership and issues of housing and food supplies that aren't contaminated with pesticides. Continue to shore up your family relations (not always birth!), and make choices that give you security. Flourish your every day with some playtime, and explore your creative energy. Be kind to yourself and others. We are all children of the source. The sun gives to all (if you live in southern California all year!).

So, here we are on the day of a GRAND TRINE IN EARTH! The energy is practical and innovative at the same time. Even though the aspect is exact today, you can use this steadfast plow for the rest of the summer season. The time is RIPE for planting a new garden, one that can produce a sweet scent, have longevity, AND be a bit experimental to you. Strengthen your resume with some new elements. Walk down an unknown path and see what you discover along the way. Feed not just your body, but your soul too. Make decisions that support improvements in your life. The Sun in Virgo wants to make you the best you can be, and will shine a light on the areas that can be worked on now. So wherever Virgo is in your chart,  focus on that house and the opposing one.

On the 26th we have a full moon in Pisces at 4 degrees. This is a time to balance both reality and imagination. Don't stay in a fantasy world  and especially if none of the dreams are coming true! It is time to be honest with yourself about "wishful thinking". Yes, its true that every single thought must find a target, but make sure the aim is in your eyesight at best, and even possible at least. Use the full moon to rid  blocks in the way of your desires and dreams. If you want to paint, and you don't have access to paint supplies, then how do you expect to get your work in a gallery? That is what I am talking about, don't keep empty dreams. Learn to work with what is at hand and manifest bit by bit. Why is it that everyone thinks they will "sell the screenplay for millions" but they never try to just put on a production at the local community theatre first? Grand is only great when the steps are solid. Build those steps!

And the cosmos will help you concentrate on what actions come first for you- starting on the 27th. The planet that rules how we go about getting things done, (Mars) will station direct on that date. It will march forward in Capricorn, and soon re-enter Aquarius. The months it has been retrograde have given much space for contemplation of where and what you need to progress in life. Often a stroll down memory lane helps us understand who we once were, and what we NOW want to be.

As Mars moves direct it will square Venus (on the 8th of Sept) and mismatched desires could take place within partnerships and also in the area of authoritarian people in your life. Venus wants harmony, and often at all costs, but the asking price might be a bit too much on this day! Boxing match could take place and the odds are on either winning! Both Venus in Libra, and Mars in Capricorn are super strong placements.... If you have to do battle, come prepared.

A few days before (on the 6th) Saturn will station direct and having a full force understanding of "the laws" (universal or legal) will give you an advantage. Those that think that they can sneak around them will be sorely disappointed. It is always better to take the high road and play fair, because at one point dishonesty or covert behavior WILL be found out. That's a given with Saturn in Capricorn.

There is a lovey and refreshing New Moon on the 9th in Virgo  at 17 degrees, which is all powerful because of its relationship to both Jupiter (where CAN I travel now?) and Pluto (how transformed I have become!). It favors you truly embracing a stronger, broader, and STABLE path. This is a time when the vision can clearly be seen and the drive is there to structure your life in a way that until now hasn't seen the light of day.  This is the start of my life as "a bed of roses" can seem in reach!

Maybe you've been struggling with something and the solution finally presents itself. Or perhaps the support system is in place and your skills are ready to be put to test. One thing can lead to another and so I say do not be shy, extend your fences, even knock them down!

On the 9th Venus will enter mysterious Scorpio, so be adventurous in love. This year Venus will go retrograde in Scorpio in October, so love's going to take a tantalizing ride if you allow it. Venus in Scorpio is always ready to go where  no angels tread......and certainly she's not one for dual love, (casual) so make your intentions CLEAR at this start of any new 'relations'. This is also an excellent time to do research.  Let's hope it's not hiring a private detective kind!

Yes, life can be a bed of roses, just make sure the thorns are gone before you lay down.

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