Friday, June 22, 2018


Unraveling America

Seems as if life in America is unraveling.  We are now in Summer, and the lazy carefree days of this season do not quite fit that description. We just entered the zodiac sign Cancer for the next month. The benefits of cancer energy are a more caring country. Currently, babies and young children are being held in prisons in the hot desert of Texas. What crime did they commit? They came with their parents to pursue a better life.  Having escaped one horror to find another. Seeking asylum is not a crime in this country unless you are uneducated about our constitution.  The sitting president is. I doubt if he has ever even read it.

So, as our country's leader insults our allies, makes friends with a murderous dictator,  attempts to start a trade war, makes his main goal profiteering from his position in office, leaves the UN human rights council, the unraveling of how we are viewed by the world is seen everywhere and felt everywhere. What on earth is going on?

Astrologically, we are in a tense Venus opposition to Mars and the nodes are involved. The nodes are not planets, they are points that show the crossroads in the sky. The North node shows what we are to reach for. The south node shows the past. The north node is in the same sign as Venus, the south node the same as Mars.  So 'acting out' as we always have with force is happening. Only this time it is being met with HUGE resistance. America is also in her Nodal RETURN. This sets the tone for the next 18.5 years of how we need to grow in leadership.


We, as a country, have an opportunity to outgrow bad habits. To replace fear with trust. Action is manifested in the chart by Mars. It shows 'how' we go about getting things done. Mars is currently in Aquarius and will be all summer long. It turns retrograde on the 26th of June until  Aug. Time to  'redo' our ways of keeping safe, getting a job done, expressing our strengths, and showing our 'yang' side. We can do it in a more compassionate, brotherly love way. Both personally and as a country. The current climate isn't going to change unless hearts change. You can not force people to care, but you can through outreach, bring people in touch with other cultures, other races so that they learn like little children- that we are all human- all loved by divine.

There is nothing "CHRISTIAN" about keeping babies in camps.

This is a distortion of Neptune. Neptune is also retrograde- so do a check up on how you are walking your  talk. Look for spots of denial. Are you acting out of truth or fear, or even FEAR OF THE TRUTH. There is a lot of screaming about 'fake news'....but I see a lot of  denial about what is happening. Its looking like Germany 1930 in America 2018.

This is the time to really look in the mirror and see what you support. And get active with grassroots groups and the collective energy to stop this downward spiral before its too late.

Yes, AMERICA is divided. Pick up the threads and make a blanket of comfort.

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