Sunday, April 01, 2018


Cosmic Eyes

Venus has entered Taurus!  She loves being there. Such a way with expressing love she has in this sign.  The earth mother really comes out in all of us if we allow it to. Taurus likes the finer things in life, such as silk, comforts of good RICH foods, and fab art, and a golden voice. So we can invite into our lives, a bit of pleasure in the joys of indulgence for a few weeks.

Affection, blowing kisses, and romantic love; the eyes will be looking for it!  Venus lined up with Uranus on the 28th of March, and that is a love at first bite aspect. The climate is ripe for sudden falling in to smittenville.......That line up happened in the last degrees of Aries...and the new moon on April 15th will be at that same degree! This means a promise to research further ~love possibilities.

But it's not limited to love, Venus and Uranus together throw open the door of "out there" and progressive creative energy. Even though the aspect happened the last week in March, the New Moon in April is the trigger date. So pay attention to what comes to you mid- April. Don't fret about taxes - as at least Mercury will be direct by their due date!  The messenger turns direct on the 15th too! (taxes are due by the 17th - I'd wait until the 17th!)

Other exciting news in April is that on the 2nd, Mars in Capricorn will lock up with Saturn! NO SMALL DEAL.  Heels get dug in.  Saturn rules - RULES, and Mars just runs over everything in its way, so some rebel energy is happening in America.  By the 22nd Mars will be hanging with Pluto. I'd like to keep it positive- but Mars and Pluto usually mean - WAR.  Let's hope that some of the higher vibrations are manifested - and the war is done within the self, digging out the bad stuff - such as power trips, and ego over load.

Saturn turns retrograde on April 17th- so we will likely see the General (Kelly) leave Washington. As a matter of fact, there might not be anyone left there by the end of the month!  Or at least the shake up will continue. More drama.

We have a blend of  Aries and Earth energy for most of April- that is good for building a fire that keeps you warm.  Best way to do that is to ground yourself in reality.  What is the truth about your life right now that you are happy with?  Add to that. Look around and find the goodness that is there. Plant a garden. Go out in nature and listen to the birds. Sometimes the simple things in life are forgotten and they are really what helps us through strange unbalanced times.

You have to train the mind to find the inner light. This light only is noticed in silence. So give yourself the gift of LISTENING to the inner voice, then, you will manage no matter what the astrological weather is. This inner voice is sometimes called the "cosmic eye". It's seeing what isn't seen with the iris. Its the eye between your brows, that is the REAL seeing. Times like we are in, require that you see with this eye. Its the all knowing energy that makes the life full and happy in spite of troubles. WE all have karma to pay off, but by triggering open your cosmic eye- you'll find where the green lights are and fly forward!

Meditation is a great form to develop the inner eye. So is any discipline that requires undiluted focus.  Spend some time researching this for yourself while Mercury is still retrograde. Discover for  yourself if it is true or not.

Mid- Month when Mercury turns direct, all systems will be saying- GO!  NOW!.... and it will be time to certainly experiment with new path, new ways of seeing, and a make over for yourself.

So, look around and find the joy, look inside and find your wisdom. Look everywhere !  Leave no sight unseen or untried this month. Its a month that screams- EXPLORE!  But do so with firm footing.

Be like the child that is forever curious.

 The Universe awaits your searching.  All eyes are on you!

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