Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Pisces - finding the waterfall of peace

Pisces. Water. LOTS of water. Mystical knowledge, that which can't be seen or really spoken about, but is felt. Divine voice of a whisper, that engulfs the soul, where you feel only oneness.

That is one aspect of Pisces energy. It is offered to all, and many THINK they have found it- in drink or mind altering drugs....but the true waterfall of peace comes via grace and you have to be very aware to open the door in your super mind (beyond the chatty mind-the no thought space) to allow it in.  It doesn't give a calling card, or notice when it will arrive. One second it is not there, and then, it is, and once you've tasted it, nothing- NOTHING is as blissful.  It can arrive in odd ways...and for me the experience of a "waterfall of peace" came in an ashram in Southern India, and it was sheer grace. I will never forget the washing of oneness that came without even asking. It is like none other. It is not attached to anyone, or anything, it is our true nature.

This man speaks of it:

His talk reminded me of my own "waterfall of peace"...... I wish everyone to know this feeling of divine freedom and pure joy.

Right now we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chrion and Neptune all hanging out in Pisces. Seems like a good time to write about divine bliss. It can visit when you get real close to your very self, and listen to that higher voice. Sometimes it descends upon you~ because divine does what it wants!

The world is in much need of healing now.  And what better way, than to fly within to your center of being and connect to the divine freedom of gliding ....... in music, art, dance, or on the ocean, or climbing a mountain, or staring at a colorful fireplace keeping you warm inside and out. Each and every time we invest in getting quiet with the self, and have a dialogue with our best friend, that never leaves- (YOU) then when you have that kind of relationship with yourself, you can make space for choices that lead to the path of peace.

America needs some rest, peace and comfort.  We are in the middle of a learning curve, and many will not get or join the shift. But if you wish to graduate beyond school shootings, forever shopping, and closed minds...Pisces is calling you....... get centered, and make a pack to discover what will take you to the waterfall of peace. I know one thing, sometimes you can't really say what will bring it or when, but you can check off what ISN'T inviting it and eliminating that from your life.  That is a good starting point. In India we say- "Neti, Neti".... (not this, not this).

Another great thing Pisces is about- is compassion.

So- if you feel inclined- you can send a card to Stoneman Douglas High School, and support our brave teenagers, and teachers, who have been through a war zone.

Ms. Wolk-Rogers
Stoneman Douglas High School
5901 Pine Island Road
Parkland, Fla. 33076

I am sorry to say, that it looks like the battle of the AR-15 is going to continue, deep into Summer.

Mars rules guns, and this year, Mars goes retrograde this summer for several months. The retrograde period will begin in June-26- @ 9 degrees Aquarius. It will last until late August @ 28 Capricorn.
Retrograde means REVIEW.

America's women are going to be a force to be reckoned with. I mentioned this in the last blog.

The gun laws will change, but the heart has to change too. A country that loves a killing machine more than its citizens is in deep trouble. Hence, the best thing you can do-for yourself and your country, is reach that place inside that speaks to you of peace, and share it.

May Peace be upon you.

photo credit: parker mcphinney ©2017

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