Wednesday, January 31, 2018


LOVE and Eclipse Season

Credit were credit is due: Artwork: Tessla Queen.

Leo Full Moon- which happens to be a Total Lunar Eclipse and wow wow wow, bloody red, if you saw it in the early wee hours this am on the west coast.  I didn't ... it woke me, at the hour of bird song, but I only managed to look half -hearted for it out the front door (instead of the back, where it'd be).... and then returned to the warmth of my covers. Said my internal prayers and found it within.

That's what we have to do, now that its over..........(its never over~ just not 'seen').... we have to gather its juice promised, and forge forward with this pumping blood heart of our own.

Eclipses stir the pot.  They conjure up dreams and hope and wishes, and they release worn out stuff. Or they 'allow' for the release to happen. You can hang on to a thought, idea, person, place, job, etc. until your dying day, but the eclipse's job is to help you see where you've out worn your stay...when they are total lunar ones.  They speak the language of - 'what's new?'  'what have outgrown?'  'where do you need to move forward?' and most important- "WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?"........Full moons by nature always ask that we let go of something. Some 'light' is shed on what we didn't 'see' before. Now, its in clear we can decide. You see, the planets and lights- don't make things happen, PEOPLE do. But they can give details, and shower you with a feeling that maybe it is time to ACT. They encourage you to look in places you've ignore. They help you to see what needs to go to make space for what might have more meaning to you now. Or where an adjustment needs to take place in your behavior. Sometimes, its just a tiny seed that you see. You have to water it, feed it, tend to it, and watch it grow into a bountiful tree or flower giving off  a food or scent. other times for various reasons, it doesn't take root. You still have the effort you made as a learning experience, that can be added to your resume and lead you down another path. Nothing the universe gives us is in vain, and all is very complex if you desire to dig deep enough; ECLIPSES INCLUDED.

Every eclipse is followed by another one... full moon (lunar) is followed by new moon (solar). This year we have FIVE. In the Summer we will have a series of three. Solar, lunar, Solar.

Today, we are just going to explore the two that right upon us.

This Total Lunar Eclipse fell on the degree of 12 Leo. Where this falls in your birth chart holds key to where you can expand and contradict. The axis of Leo/Aquarius is one in which the ME vs Humanity is at play. What is your role in the entire play of the big production that is called- "your life"~?

How involved are you in your staring role? Have you given much thought to it? Or do you lazily go about your job, not much interested in how it effects the other players? You see, this is a give and take sort of combo. Aquarius is very much about the social masses and Leo is about- well- ME.  But without the masses - there is no paying attention to ME!  The audience is a needed part of the production. Ignore it at your peril.

 Soooooo, do you play to the audience, or do you try to win it over, or do you just go solo and sing in the shower? How much of you do you give to the we?  Its never going to be a 50/50 thing. That's in  some book or 1950's movie, but it's not in real world relationships.

 Sometimes you give 60 sometimes you get 80. Its always changing. What the eclipse needs from you - is review and reassessment. Adjustment to the relationships that help make up your life. All of them. The most important one is how you relate to you. Every one that follows, will be a mirror of that.

Of course, everyone is born with certain karma's that will and must be met. Karma is not good or bad. Its your attitude that makes it so. But no one likes to struggle, and the universe wants you to be the best you can be- TO BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE.

  So along comes the eclipses to push you a bit further, and have you reach for that which is slightly out of reach!  And if you make the effort, it rewards you. The reward that it is best known for is- "SELF-CONFIDENCE"... and then we get into the realm of Aquarius...which is what to do when you've grown-?  One option is helping others grow! So we all end up growing !!!!  It doesn't matter what you grow, but whatever it is, do it with heart.

This is the point of relationship. To help each other grow.

LOVE= learning to expand and giving space for others to do so.

Friendship is a main quality of Aquarius. I've always felt that the best relationships must have a component of friendship in them to have a long shelf life. This includes nations.

The Leo lunar eclipse has Venus right next to the Sun. So love is playing a huge role in how we shine these days. The ties that do not have the thread of love pulsing through will not flourish. And change they will and must.  This could be going to a job you hate, and finally, saying -not going to to this one day more! Or it could be waking up to what humanity needs and volunteering to help achieve that goal. The main factor is what has heart for us in the day in day out of our lives. Where is the love in your life? How to GIVE more to that! (did you notice I did not say- how to GET).  The Leo energy wants the love, but the love will come by giving.

In 1999 we had an eclipse in this exact degree.  Reflect back on that time period, what revelations you came to then, and if they still have value to you now. Can you build on something? Is a next stage appropriate? Did a cautionary tale happen back then? Did you learn ? Don't repeat a bad situation- change it. If a cross road is about to happen, use the time to make a healthy choice.

In two weeks we will have a Solar Eclipse at 27 Aquarius. The 15th of February. Day after Valentine's day. Ummmmm.... love day.

Is it over?  Has it just begun?

Perhaps its in a new phase and is thirty years strong!

The Solar Eclipse falls on America's Moon- EXACTLY.

The "female" is rising to a new level of opportunity. Do not even think to standing in her way, as to do so, is to stand in your own way. As she grows, you grow. Everyone has a female side, even the males in our world. Yin and Yang are interwoven. To deny one or the other is to not embrace wholeness. We are stronger as a community, as a world, when we share both.

Solar Eclipse is -  A NEW MOON.... what needs to begin ? How can I invite ALL into my circle? What groups do I wish to join ? What group do I wish to START?????

As of late-  we have seen much - 'us vs them'.... there is no room for that. And it will be dissolving. You can either come aboard the mighty ship of humanity, or you can sing solo on a wooden plank in the middle of the ocean- ALONE.  I think the party of all is where its at. And within the new group- there will always arise a leader..... and we start the process all over again, but with a new view, one of:

Individuality AND Humanity.

With them both- if you seek to share/find love, you have found the humanity in the individual, and the individual has love for humanity.

Then the world heart is pumping love.

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