Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Y U B?

It is the time, to ask yourself some questions about your existence.

Y U B=  Why does your heart continue to beat ?  What is the meaning of your life?  And of course, in the time of Sagittarius... we got to ask......ARE WE HAVING FUN ?  Am I published yet?  Am I famous with myself?

Sun in Sagittarius is all about the glory of knowing it all; because one born under this sun sign is the forever student/all knowing professor. And if you don't know the answers to all questions, or mainly THE question, the next three weeks are an excellent time to do some searching. Traveling within that sphere of the heart and the brain. The pathways that unite the two. Because we know, from seeing the "Wizard of Oz" (surely he was a Sag!!!) having a heart with no brain isn't much fun, and a brain with no heart is rather dull, and really, we all are just trying to get back home....(to thy self) and that takes some big courage! And Sagittarius energy has plenty of that. It's ruler is Jupiter, infectious with "we can do everything, at all times".

The sun in Sagittarius alone won't make one an investigative, physiological, self inquiry bundle of expansive super galactic highway fool....No, we need Mercury in Sag to go for the mind-think- thus asks big questions scenario. And as luck would have it, (we are in the lucky season now, having survived the dark age of Scorpio) Mercury IS in Sagittarius.....!!!  And Mercury will be there for a much extended tour, as she/he (androgynous energy) turns retrograde on Dec 2nd @ 11:34 pm PST.  At the last degree mind you..... just when you were about to cross over into the land of 'get the job done, (Capricorn) - scream and halt happened.......RETROGRADE MERCURY! Burn that rubber! U-TURN.

OH, NO...... you beg...please not during the busy time for the post office....all those packages and potential gifts, tossed here and there and everywhere, except the address on the label. And the joy and glory of being able to RE-TURN, RE-VIEW, RE-ORGANIZE, RE-CALL all the reasons you just can't deal with the holidays!!!  How can I do self-inquiry when my least favor sibling demands to join us in Malibu for ....ever.... well, just for a week, but really, it will feel like forever.  Please say its not so!

 Would I lie to you?  With the sun being in 'seek the truth and you will be set free' energy, all I can say is:  Make it a journey to remember.  Rewrite your family dinner story, holiday shopping, joy of the season vibration. Use it !  The planets are here to help us carve a better understanding of  Y - U- B.... here... now.  In this moment, in this body, with this family. So find the humor in it all. Because really everyone likes to laugh. Play the clown this season, see the retrograde as a period to retrace your funny bone roots, and attach it to your current point of view.

Now, that we've got that stage set, I can drop the big bomb.... The day before Mercury does the backward shuffle, MARS OPPOSES URANUS...... now that's some out of the blue, didn't see that new invention morphing out of my soul center, energy.  Anything goes. And everything goes. Now I see you, now, puff the magic dragon  U B GONE.   Y?   Was it something that I didn't say?   Mars and Uranus together are some way restless energy....combine that with a Mercury (mind) retrograde, and you have - "yes, we are coming for the holidays". Five minutes later, "Well, actually, we are not coming, or maybe we are coming, but we are not flying, so if we can find a big enough rental to haul the entire family and pets too, then we will make it, if we can, we'll have to see, because actually, we just got some big news that changes our perspective on travel, and not just that, well, you know, everything is really already booked up.........sooooo....we'll see".

IT really is that kind of crazy making energy.  The yes, no, maybe.  What to do? BE FLEXIBLE.

This particular transit is great for multi-tasking!  Mars, with Uranus (oppose) both in a flag waving, bubble blowing salute to Saturn in Sagittarius.... He's just marching toward Capricorn, and before he gets there- they want to have a fun three-some, because you know...soon enough...its all going to get all SERIOUS.....so lets be flexible and fly around everywhere like a butterfly this holiday season...while asking yourself the meaning of  YOUR life, and what hat you really like wearing the most. The key is to unlock your want wish, but not the material one, (on that's OK, it has its place too) for this energy to work in your FAVOR, first you have to find the magical mojo that makes you tick, and then spread that happiness through your blood to your heart. Once you know your heart, its just a matter of time....because you become a magnet for that which you ponder 24/7.

Its really that simple.  We are not going to manifest what we aren't into doing/ being/ seeing with much passion.  So, why not just figure out what makes you walk on tip toes and smile and focus on the urge to be the happiest you can be.

Venus is going to add to this line up, but first she has to sit at 29 Scorpio and trigger the Total Solar Eclipse point!  The sensitive dates are - NOW- and the next three days.  The power of hidden money.  How to hide your money. Money and Power.  What the power of Money does to men. (and women)...and since Venus is in a female sign....and the sign of marriage...and art- ( how about that 450 million dollar painting of Christ? That'd feed some mouths!)  it will be about power marriages. Just read that Prince Harry is tying the knot. Venus square the Royal sign of Leo- Total Solar Eclipse point tells me- that its not going to go down a 'all smooth and roses path...there will be thorns, careful not to prick yourself'..... deep passions die hard. This one is about fighting for your love, even if it cost you the throne.I do not think Ms. Megan has a clue what she just signed on for.  So, if you sign on the dot, right now, its in blood. It'll cost ya.  Y U B  like that??????  (she asked).  For the answer- go deeper. Stir the pot. Get rid of the bad habit, and be free. Venus at the last degree is letting go - of something! Make it a bad habit you let go of.

By Dec 2nd Venus is in Sagittarius all chatty with Mercury and the Sun .  Let the questions begin!
Short story writing, armchair tales, pass the fattest foods around the table, and then work it all off with some sword fighting in the back yard. This is also the energy of:  - we love games- mind games- and real games- chess, cards, twister....they all will be welcomed at the parties. Engage your heart and your Mind with curious energy- talk to guests that you normally wouldn't. Ask people good questions to stimulate the conversation beyond surface chit chat.

On the 3rd of Dec we have a full moon that in a square to Neptune. So do your best to stay within boundaries of shopping budgets...(you won't).... this full moon is  'devil may care' and 'I don't'.... so really know that the lines are easily crossed and excuses are many, but the bill will have to be paid....at one point.... Its also the over sell energy that used car salesmen have a bad rap for.  Swamp land in Florida sort of deal....Do your homework.

On the 19th of Dec sturdy Saturn enters Capricorn. It was last in this placement twenty-eight years ago. Those born 1960-1962 are entering into their second Saturn return period........what do you want to be now that you are all grown up?  Its a big deal. Even bigger because its in the sign of Capricorn! The old goat only wants to climb to the top! Honor this HUGE shift by making a plan of your own. But before you can do that...............you must ask yourself........WHY ARE YOU HERE?

Make the answer a lasting one with a good ending.

Happy Holidays to one and All.

Jai Om Tat Sat.

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